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Bad Kitty’s Book Bonanza!

Bad Kitty and I were told to clean up the office. I must admit  we had made quite a mess of things lately. While we were cleaning up our toys and vacuuming up my “fur tumbleweeds”,  Bad Kitty put on a bandana and said, “I know how we can make some more room in our office!  We will have a Book Bonanza!”

We will have a Buy One The Tiniest Tiger Paperback

Get One The Tiniest Tiger Coloring & Activity Book FREE!

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Lion Guardians

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Lion Guardian Project that we learned about while we were in Kenya.

Our big cat cousins, the African lions, are struggling for survival. This is hard to imagine when just 50 years ago, more than 450,000 lions roared across the African continent. The lion, an iconic symbol of wild Africa,  has disappeared from over 80% of their historic range.  Today with only 3500-5000 wild African male lions  remaining the Lion Guardians might be one of the lion’s best hopes for survival.African Male Lion

The Lion Guardians project  was started in 2006 in collaboration with local communities and the Maasailand Preservation Trust in response to the killing of over 200 lions in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystems since 2001. Lion Guardians across the ecosystem play a vital role in the monitoring of carnivores. They conduct weekly spoor surveys for density of predators and their prey, monitor lions in their areas using GPS units and telemetry receivers, and assist in lion hair and scat collection for DNA analysis. Each Lion Guardian uses a cell phone to report sightings of lions or any illegal activity.

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INNOVA Coupon Giveaway!

Gracey's cousin Mercy


My cousin Mercy is super lucky. Not only was he rescued by my parents from the back alley when he was just a tiny kitten, but he does not have any food allergies or feline diabetes so when I receive super exciting food products in the mail to review, I rely on Mercy to test out the delicious food and treats.  I try not to be envious of him, but if I am completely  honest, I am just a little bit.

Mercy gave his approval for the Innova cat treats that came in the box.  He said they were super tasty and they are made with chicken, turkey, eggs potato, rice, apples and carrot. In fact, he gobbled them up pretty quickly.

Innova was the first holistic, natural pet food on the market when it started in 1993. The #1 ingredient in Innova products is always high quality protein. Their food contains no artificial colors or preservatives, meat by-products, fillers, wheat, corn or soy.  I know that many of you have expressed concern over the ingredients in your cat’s food, so knowing that this food contains only what your cat needs  needs and nothing that they don’t is great news, isn’t it?

Innova dog and cat food is produced in Fremont, Nebraska, right in the heartland.  There are over 100 quality control checks that are conducted throughout the manufacturing process. All ingredients are tested for safety and nutritional value even before they enter the plant.  Because Innova is dedicated to  manufacturing standards, you can feed your cat with confidence!

The nice folks from Innova sent me Innova Coupons for a FREE BAG of Cat or Dog food up to 6.6 lbs!  They even sent me the envelopes with the stamps already on them to make it super easy for me to drop the coupons in the mail to two lucky readers!  See, their quality checks are in place even in their coupon giveaways!

Innova Products for CatsSo, here is all you have to do.

Leave a comment here below this post about why you would like to try a free bag of Innova for your family member.

Leave your comment by  July 31, 2011.

The recipients of the coupons will be drawn by random number generator on August 1, 2011 and will be on their way via Mailman Phil and the USPS.  Hurrah!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageThe Winners of the Innova Coupon Giveaway are Rose Saunders and Elizabeth Flynn!

Super Hurrah!

*Innova gave us the coupons for one free bag of Innova cat or dog food up to 6.6 lbs.

Small Paws Unite for St. Francis Animal Rescue Center

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”

Francis of Assisi

This quote is one of my favorites  by Francis of Assisi (Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, 1181-1226) who is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. We have this icon hanging in our office to remind us to try and do our best for all of earth’s creatures both big and small.

The purpose of The St. Francis Animal Rescue Center is to rescue unwanted, abandoned and homeless cats in the York County and South Mecklenburg County areas and care for them until the cats can find  homes.  They are a no-kill, cage-free shelter that provides food, housing, veterinary care, immunizations and spaying or neutering for the animals in their care.  They strive to find good, loving permanent homes for the almost 100 cats that currently reside at the shelter. Additionally, they want to increase community awareness of the extent and gravity of the problem of homeless animals in the area.

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by since we all chipped in to help our cousins in need at St. Francis Animal Rescue Center. A lot has happened over the last few months and the good news is that Charlene has found a

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Please Help The Tiniest Tiger win BEST CAT BLOG!

Friends, I am excited to tell you that while I was on safari, our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club was nominated as a finalist for BEST CAT BLOG in the Dogtime’s Pet Blog Awards.

Dogtime's Pet Blog Awards

Pettie Winners will receive $1000 donation to a shelter of their choice and ours is PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary!!

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Gracey & The Pope Social Media

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Pope BenedictToday the Pope was very interested in catching up on the latest social media trends.  He had a lot of questions for me about Facebook because he knows that I chat with my Friends via The Tiniest Tiger’s Facebook page.

I told him that we all care for cats big and small, and he reminded me that we must care for all earth’s creatures.  I assured him that we do care for all living beings.  Then I got a nice scratch behind my ears.

You can also follow the Vatican News on twitter.  I don’t know why but when I think about the Cardinals tweeting it makes me laugh.

The Pope has a lot of people offering up their advice. I don’t know how he can sort it all out.  There is a lot of information in the digital world and in the printed material world too.  I was getting sleepy listening to so many different topics.  I was afraid that I was going to yawn and I didn’t want to give off the appearance that I was bored or tired, but I really was tired. [Read more…]

Gracey & The Pope Visitors

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Pope Benedict, Arch Bishop Timothy Dolan and Matt Lauer On this morning, Pope Benedict was introduced to Matt Lauer of the TODAY show by Arch Bishop Timothy Dolan.  Matt was told how fond the Pope is of cats and he brought him a gift that was suggested by Arch Bishop Dolan.

Pope Benedict really liked the gift.  It was a beautiful Steuben Glass Curious Cat!  That was a great choice.  Gift of Stueben Curious Cat given to Pope Benedict by Matt LauerDon’t you think?

Later that same day, everyone was busy preparing for another important visitor.  I am pretty sure you will recognize the Pope’s next guest.  I was even allowed to hang out in the background during the formal photograph. [Read more…]

Gracey & The Pope The Apostolic Palace

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Pope Benedict from the balcony We arrived at the Apostolic Palace but there was no rest for the Pope.  He is very busy and he needed to prepare to address the people in St. Peter’s square.  I really had a bird’s eye view.

St. Peter’s Square is really beautiful and full of energy.  I even saw several of my cousins running around the square. The Pope told me to stay close by so I didn’t get lost in the crowd.  I am not used to seeing so many people.

After the Pope delivered his message, we went back inside so that he could take a bit of a rest.  He had a nice cup of tea and I had some water and chomped a little chow.

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Gracey & The Pope The Arrival

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Pope with Cardinals Friends, as you can see, when  the Pope and I arrived, many Cardinals surrounded us.   Boy,  these Cardinals don’t look a thing like the cardinals that Bossy Backyard Blue Jay  hangs out with in the backyard of my habitat.  Although, I can see  a little resemblance with the red caps and belts.  Everyone looked very happy to see the Pope and  maybe a little perplexed when they saw me  exiting the aircraft.  But this Pope loves cats, so maybe the Cardinals just took my visit in stride.  They were super nice to me while we waited for our ride.

I was a little nervous thinking about riding in the car.  I don’t like to get into my ~shiver~ cat carrier so I wasn’t sure how I would like being in the car  without a carrier.

Pope Benedict in carWell, let me tell you, this car was alright. It rode super smooth.  Everyone was making sure that I was made comfortable for the ride.  I got my own seat and everything. They were really making a fuss over me.  I could get used to this.

The next stop will be the Apostolic Palace.  I wonder if I will be allowed inside?

Stay tuned to find out what happens when we arrive.

My story will continue  on July 7!  xoxoxo Gracey

Gracey & The Pope The Journey to Rome

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Gracey and The Pope

Friends, as members of our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club we care for all earth’s creatures, both big and small. Even though we focus most of our attention on cats, we should not lose sight of  loving and caring for all living beings.

I  get super worried about our cousins in need waiting at shelters for loving forever homes. Sometimes they don’t get to go to forever homes but they go to the Rainbow Bridge before they even get a chance to love and live.  I felt the need for some inspiration so I  asked Chico, if he could arrange a visit with his papa,  Pope Benedict.

Pope Benedict in airplane The next thing I knew, I was being whisked away on the Pope’s private plane.  He even let me bring my  thinking circle because he knew I would need to be well rested and my mind clear for all of the activities  during our visit.  It was so nice of the sun to shine in through the windows making me feel warm all over.

Pope Benedict loves cats. He even stops to chat and feed homeless felines also called strays around Rome.  There are no pets allowed in the Apostolic Palace but the The Vatican isn’t saying whether Pope Benedict brought his two cats with him to live at the Vatican. One of his cats he found as a stray on the streets of Rome when he was a Cardinal and the other is Chico.

After a long nap, a few snacks and some nice conversation, we were ready to land.  We had to wait for the stairs to be brought over to the airplane so that we could disembark from the aircraft.  I  was surprised by the  red carpet on the stairs.  It sure makes it easier to climb down without worrying about slipping and sliding.Pope Benedict exiting airplane It was a little windy in Rome when we hit the tarmac. Hey, those are some nice red shoes!

As soon as we were on the ground, lots of Cardinals began to gather.  There was a flurry of activity all around us.

My story will continue on July 5th.  Stay tuned. xoxoxo Gracey