Help The Tiniest Tiger Celebrate The Dog Days of Summer!

The Dog Days of Summer are here and  it has been plenty hot around my habitat too. As you might know, Bad Kitty and I have been cleaning out the office and we have found quite a few items for our Dog Friends.  So, we thought we would Celebrate The Dog Days of Summer by giving away prizes to our Friends that share their habitats with dogs too. Our Friend Carol from Fido Friendly and Stacy from PetsWeekly helped us out because they know a lot about dogs!  Here are the prize packages:

Behind Door Number 1  The Dog Days of Summer Travel Pack.

Dog Days of Summer Travel

Dog Travel Pack!

This is pretty nifty. You will be getting an Eco Carrier, along with a Bergan travel bowl, a Eukanuba blanket, A bamboo care Disposable Waste Bags & Dispenser, a Petfinder bandana, Zorbit-up Amazing Absorbent Sheets (in case of an accident)  and Evercare Travel Pet Hair Roller , a nifty laser toy to keep the dog’s mind busy, and the book Second Chances, Inspiring Stories of Dog Adoption by Joan Banks to keep your mind busy. AND


Behind Door Number 2  The Dog Days of Summer Book Bag

Dog Days of Summer Books

The Dog Days of Summer Book Bag

This is super nice too.  You will receive  Every Dog Has a Gift , true stories of dogs who bring hope & healing into our lives by Rachel Mcpherson and The Adopted dog Bible by Kim Saunders.  You will also receive this great bag with the Every Dog Has a Gift book cover image on the front.  This is a super nice bag.  And


Fido Friendly Magazine

Behind Door Number 3  The Dog Days of Summer INNOVA Treats and FREE Chow!

Dog Days of Summer INNOVA

Dog Treats and Free Chow from INNOVA

Oh yea.  I bet your dog’s mouth is watering just thinking about this prize.  You will receive a bag of INNOVA HealthBar Baked Dog Treats (26 oz) and a Coupon for a FREE BAG of Innova Dog or Cat Food up to 6.6 lbs.  And


Fido Friendly Magazine

It is super easy to enter.  Here is what you have to do:

1) Upload a photo of your dog in the comment section below this post.  You will see where  it says +image.  Click on that and then you will be able to upload your photo.

2) Tell me how your dog and the cat that shares your habitat get along.

3) That’s it!!  Super Easy.

4) Remember! Upload your photo of your dog and tell me how your dog and the cat that shares your habitat get along here below this post.  Just below where it says comments.

Friends, I apologize for the repetition but I wanted to make sure our Dog Friends understand.

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  1. Bamsemums (Teddy Bear) is an 8 year old newf. He lives with me near Akersriver in Oslo. He believes he is the “King of Akerselva” and if you look at the picture, he looks royal:-) He enjoy walks along his beloved Akerselva, but mostly he enjoy to sleep on his veranda.

  2. Hello! My name is Pearl. I am a six year old white Boxer. When my Mom adopted me from Tulsa Boxer Rescue she already had three cats, Jules, BusyBee and Shizzle. They had never been around a goggie before so we all had a lot of adjusting to do. I try to play with them sometimes but they aren’t always in the mood. I let them sleep on my goggie bed and even drink water from my bowl! Sometimes I pretend to be asleep and they come up and sniff me, shhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell them I know! (Thanks Mom for typing this for me since I don’t have thumbs!)

  3. Hello! My name is Pearl, I am a six year old white Boxer. When I was adopted, my Mom already had three cats, Jules, BusyBee and Shizzle, so we all had a lot of adjusting to do. They had never been around a goggie before so it was up to me to show them I wouldn’t hurt them and we could get along just fine. Now I let them use my bed and even drink water from my bowl! I try playing with them sometimes but they aren’t always in the mood. Sometimes I pretend to be asleep and they come up to me for a sniff, shhhhhhh! Don’t tell them I know!

  4. Finally i got the picture loaded! this is Gyro and three of the cats Boogie, Bo and the beautiful (RIP) LadyBug. His story is below.

  5. Finally i got the picture loaded! this is Gyro and three of the cats Boogie, Bo and the beautiful (RIP) LadyBug. His story is below.

  6. Gyro shares his home with four cats Boogie, Bo, Bali and Maizey May, the photo is one I took 2 years ago for our Christmas card it shows him with three of his room mates (we have since lost the beautiful white LadyBug to heart failure).  He gets along so well with all of them and can be found sitting on the cat tree with them or curled up napping near them.  He does get his breaks and time to be a dog when he goes outside or on a roadtrip with us but he is happy to be part of a cat family. 

  7. I am teddy!  I am the baby of my house and I love my mom more than the cat does.  The cat of our house is sort of mean.  She likes to chase me, trap me in rooms and steal my food.  She attacks mom a lot too so I am constantly having to get out of bed and go protect mom from the crazy, mean cat.  The cat is only happy when I am at daycare and I am only happy when it’s just me and mom.  Our bad kitty really IS bad.

    • Congratulations! You are the winner of the Book Bag!  I sent you an email.  Super Hurrah!

      • Thank you!!!  Teddy and I are excited.  Nermastaphalese, our kitty, is not as happy!  Always such a grump!  I will have to get her some soft kitty food so she can celebrate with us!

  8. Hi I am Sammy dog and this is my buddy Tigger .  We share our home with my brother dog Winston and Tigger’s ten brothers and sisters.  We all get along pretty well.  Sometimes I forget that the first rule is NO CHASING CATS IN THIS HOUSE and take off after them, haha, but then I remember, oops. I have decided its my duty to break  up the hissy fits that those cats get into sometimes.  I have to remind them that we are all brothers and sisters. I don’t know who said that dogs and cats can’t be friends.  Not only are we friends, we are FAMILY!

  9. Elvis and I have three brother and sister cats.  We share our house pretty well. We sometimes have small fights but we quickly learned scratches hurt so they stay high up when we are out and when we are in the crates they hang out on the floor.  It works for us

  10. Lorettadykema says

    Hi I am Molly and I share my habitat with Shadow and as you can see we get alone real well.  Shadow is my best buddy.

  11. Bella and Emmett says

    We are family
    Lookin’ at my sister and me
    We are family
    Get up ev’rybody and sing

  12. Oreo/corlyn & ted :-) says

    Oreo here…I don’t share MY habitat with a cat…I share it with a RAT! terrier that is!  Her name is Aka and she was rescued from the middle of Main Street and saved from the pound.  My Mom seems to be happier about that at times then I am, but I do tolerate her because I know that I was once a puppy who terrorized an older and very patient adult doggy.  We barely fit in our 2000 sq ft dog box that my Dad and I live in with my Mom now that Aka has moved in but thankfully they have a crate for her to sleep in so I can get my 23 1/2 hr nap in each day!  As you can see by our picture I am patient and mature and she is…lively and animated!  She has been here for about 4 months now and Mom and Dad had to take her to school to learn…well I don’t know what she learned but I had a little peace for a couple of hours a week for 8 weeks!  I’m getting used to her as long as she remembers who this dog box belongs to!

    • hahahaha! Ok Oreo, it is ok if you don’t share your habitat with a cat.  Thank you for sharing. My mom is in school too, maybe they Aka is studying big cats too!  

  13. This is The Cog (Kyra) and Cheiss at and I know we can’t enter, but we just love to show off this picture! There is also one of Kyra and Roscoe, our beagle. The Cog rules our house (and website) and we all bend to her will. It’s just as it should be…

  14. Krissy Bernhardi says

    This is Shanti dog, she shares her habitat with Magic Kitty.  Magic Kitty rules the roost, but the two of them put up with each other and don’t get into fights.  He would gladly share any treats he wins with the cat……….he swears he will!  : )  

    • Hi cutie Shanti dog.  Thank you for sharing your story.  Magic Kitty should rule the roost, I mean, of course in a nice way.  xoxoxo

  15. Lila gets along with her brother, Tommy, just fine. He’s always been respectful that they have the same mommy and that she has really awesome stuff he’ll borrow too, just like her using the cat’s bean bag chairs. He’s very bullied her and she lets him even have some of her dog food. I have several photos of the two of them together. He’s a little bigger than she is but when he has a coughing fit for a hairball she is the first to run over to him and ask if he’s ok and she only barks on him when she’s deep asleep and he comes to snuggle and startles her.
    She’s from a rescue. He’s from the county shelter and never a squabble between my two strays.
    I have other interesting photos containing the two of them if anyone would like to see what they do to each other. He’s never even smacked in play. When I’m eating and she sees him on the floor in front of me she will stay even with him because I haven’t told him to go away, four feet from the couch. I love how they cooperate.

  16. Danielle A Engle says

    I adopted Misty Woo 15 days after she was rescued from a puppy mill auction. Lucy and Jazz, her two new feline siblings, taught Misty Woo to trust me. She watched them interacting, playing, accepting treats and cuddling with me. Since the early days, the three have formed a bond. Lucy watches over Misty Woo when there is a thunderstorm. Jazz teases her with toys. Misty Woo brings in the wonders of the outside world to share with Lucy and Jazz. She is now trained as my service dog so she has lots to share. All three figure out beforehand who is going to convince the human (me) to pass out more treats.