Feline Adoption Tips from Mike Arms

A few weeks ago, my mom and Flat Gracey, my stunt double, had the privilege of  meeting Mike Arms, president of

Helen Woodward Animal Center

Helen Woodward Animal Center

the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego. The Helen Woodward Animal Center is an amazing, private, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of animals.

You might recognize the name from our participation in the Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Last year our small paws united to provide 32,375 meals for our cousins in need! The Helen Woodward Animal Center has partnered with Iams to make the Home 4 the Holidays a worldwide movement!  Get ready to pounce again this year

Mike Arms is a super smart big hearted animal lover and  is leading the way by setting the bar for animal centers. Notice that he does not use the word animal shelter, he uses the word  animal center.  The Helen Woodward Animal Center is an all-inclusive “center” that provides for the community’s animals, people and education of children.

Many of you volunteer and/or work at animal “centers”.  Mike offers some tips for generating more feline adoptions in this short video.


Mike shared som great tips about feline adoptions didn’t he?    I really like the idea of never putting one kitten in a cage.  Mike tells us to put two kittens in a cage that you match from the same litter and give them names and

No kitten left alon

No kitten left alone

identities with pair names like:

“Peanut Butter” and “Jelly”

“Peaches” and “Cream”

“Bonnie” and “Clyde”

“Heckle” and “Jeckle”

What do you think of “Grace” and “Mercy”?

By pairing the cats, the family that comes in to adopt  “Bonnie” won’t be able to leave “Clyde” behind looking sad in the cage all alone.  This one tip will increase feline adoptions by 10%.

Mike also told us that their volunteers really make an effort to spruce up the space that the animal is in.  They place matching bedding, and matching pillows.  It is super important to create a warm friendly environment.

We were invited to visit The Helen Woodward Animal Center by the Iams and Eukanuba Team.

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  1. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Those are some really great tips and I love the name pairings.  I also think *Gracey and Mercy* are a purrfect pair.  Thanks for sharing this with us Gracey.  Love you 🙂