Gracey’s Adoption Story: The Dog Pound Where I Was Found.

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When I was a teeny tiny kitten, some mean people  didn’t want me, so they drove to the local Dog Pound and

dog pound sign

I was put in the drop box even though it said NO CATS!

plunked me down in the drop box, even though the sign said NO CATS! I don’t have  a very clear memory of this, because I was so young I wasn’t even weaned.  I remember being super cold and shivering inside that dark and smelly drop box.

The dog warden at the time was very nice. His eyes popped when he opened the drawer and found me inside. He didn’t have the heart to put me back out in the wet snow,  where it was even colder, so he picked me up and  told me he might lose his job over allowing me to stay, but then he said that would be alright too. His wife had told him to try to find another job because they already had taken home most of the dogs that were brought to the dog pound.  He said he was  just too kind-hearted for the job the county wanted him to do. He dried me off with a towel and placed me down in a big cage with a cold cement floor. He apologized for not having any cat chow, and then he said that I looked too small to eat it anyway.  He scratched me behind my ears and said maybe someone will come here soon and take you home with them. Then he added,  I sure hope so for both of our sakes.

Dog Pound

The Dog Pound where I was found.

I don’t know how much time went by, but the sun was still out when my soon to be mom and dad came into the dog pound. They were helping a friend look for his missing dog.  While my dad looked through all the cages, my mom saw me sleeping all alone in the cage and she said to the dog warden, “Oh my!  Is this your kitten?”  He said no, but that kitten can be yours.  That would keep both the kitten and me from getting into more trouble. My mom smiled and she reached down and scooped me up. She looked into my eyes and said, “Hi sweetheart.  Would you like to come home with us?”   I melted into her arms. She tucked  me inside her coat before my dad came back with no luck at finding their friend’s dog.

My dad said, “Well who is this?” and my mom answered, “This is our new kitten. What do you think?” And my dad said, “Well, you couldn’t get any cuter than that, could you?” Super Hurrah! I was going to a home.

When we got to my new habitat, the first thing that happened was me being washed in the bathroom sink!  I know I was filthy and I even had mud impacted in my nose but I was not and am still not that fond of sitting in water. My mom was very gentle with me and she told me how they promised to take good care of me. But she kept scrubbing and scrubbing  my nose. I looked at her, and squinted my eyes  until she realized all that remained was the stain on my pink nose.  I have dark marks on my pink nose just like a Tiger!

Then  she got out a hair dryer, and with the diffuser on low, she blew warm air on me until I was completely dry.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger happy in my loving habitat.

Then she laughed and hugged me saying I was so soft that I looked fluffy as an Easter chick.

My mom made me nice meals of warm goat’s milk and baby oatmeal.  To this day when I smell oatmeal I get super excited and hungry.

That same afternoon, I got to curl  up and sleep  where the sun was shining on a chair.  My mom said to me, ” You are the tiniest tiger, what am I going to do with you?”  I peaked out of one eye, and winked, I was so tired I fell right  back to sleep. I knew right then that I was home to stay.

I began to grow and thrive in my new habitat.  My parents were super lucky to find me.  I am pretty sure that my coming into their lives was one of the best things that ever happened to them. They smile every time they look at me, even when I have been mischievous.  I have toys, and blankets, and to be honest, the entire habitat is really all about me.  It really is.  They even tell me  every day, how much they love me and how happy they are that I am sharing my habitat with them.

I know I am super lucky too because I live in a  home where I am loved , and I feel safe and secure everyday.  I wish all my cousins could live in a safe and loving home too.

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  1. I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Awww Gracey you are a lucky tiger and your mommy and daddy are the BESTEST! Thank goodness for that sweet man at the Dog Pound. 

    • Thank you Tamar.  I am super lucky, you are right.  I don’t know what would have happened if there were a different dog warden that day. ~shiver~  

  2. This is a wonderful story, Gracey, thanks for sharing! Wouldn’t it be great if all shelter stories could end with a happy new beginning like yours?  <3

  3. Wow! What a great story and so many awesome folks that made sure you made it okay.

  4. Your story always makes me smile!  My three kitties are all rescue kitties also, and just like your parents, my husband and I do everything we can to make sure they are safe, happy, and very much loved.

    • Thank you Barbara.  You being my friend makes me smile.  I am so glad that your three kitties are living the good life too.  xoxoxo Thank you for taking such good care of them.

  5. What a great story, Gracey!!  You’re very fortunate to have a mom and dad who love you so much!!!

  6. Yeah, I think you are a very good fit with them humans, even if you do sometimes have to chide them about being slow to fill the food dish.  *snickers*

  7. Every adoption story deserves a happy like this. Beautiful.

  8. Awww!  Last week, a kitten came out of our shed in our yard.  She was so friendly!  My husband was trying to look for a place for her to go, but the only place was the animal shelter and we didn’t want to take her there!  She’s sleeping as I’m writing this and her name is Sweetpea and is a beautiful tortie with some red tabby on her neck and face and is our new girl kitty.  It took a while for the boy cats to warm up to her, but I think that we’ll all be one happy family!

  9. Heartwarming story, Gracey.  I just love happy endings…xoxox

  10. Heartwarming story, Gracey ….I like happy endings xoxox

  11. Our baby Tribble has a similar story. We got her at a shelter when she was 3 months. They were taking care of her, but she climbed and purred all over me the first time I picked her up. She napped on me for two whole months when she came home. Her toys are now everywhere. Her play boxes and scratch tower have their own areas. She gets nip, treats, scratches, and affection almost hourly. (hourly affection, not treats.) She wakes me every morning for kibbles. Watches her daddy every morning so he knows to get ready for work. She even runs up to the door at night when she hears his keys! We love her SO much and are happy she decided we could be her parents.

    • Super Hurrah!  I help my dad get ready for work too.  And when I hear his keys I take off running for the door too.  I am so glad that Tribble is in a safe and loving home.  Thank you for taking such good care of her. xoxoxo

    • My cat Toffee does that too but it’s just me and her she wakes me at 7:30 every morning telling me to feed her and again at 10:00pm to feed her again she’s on a special diet b/c when I got her 2 yrs ago when she was 5 she had spent her whole life with a woman who didn’t treat her well in the sense she over fed her low quality cat food so she was 18 lbs when I got her.  She also comes running and expects me to pet her the min I walk through the door and if she  hears me in the hallway talking to one of my neighbors she starts crying telling me to come home. She also will come running to the door when someone knocks on it and expects anyone who comes into “her house” to pet her and give her lots of attention.  She doesn’t like treats or toys except for her cat nip mouse and her lazer pointer I’ve never seen such a strange kitty as my Toffee and I love her to death!

      • Super Hurrah for Toffee!  Thank you for loving her Meghan.  Sometimes I demand a lot of attention too.  

  12. Oh, I’m loving this story. You even brought a tear to my eyes. I’m putting this on Twitter, FB, etc.

  13. Kitten picture?

    • Hi Becky.  I added my mom’s favorite kitten photo of me.  In this picture, I am hiding between the sofa cushions.  Even though the flash made the image super bright, it is still her favorite.  I hope you like it too.

  14. Gracey, I always love reading your story!!!  Makes me so happy for you!!!  xoxox

  15. I always cry when I read this story.