’s Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week Sept 17-25

Our friend Jane at told me about a very important week starting today, September 17, 2011. This week is Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week.

You might not know this, but some pets are thought to be “less adoptable” than others.  I would be considered a less adoptable pet because of my feline diabetes.  But my parents don’t let my diabetes stand in the way of their love and affection for me, and I am super happy that they don’t.  I am the light of their lives, diabetes or not.

But other cats are not so lucky and because of silly superstition, our black cat cousins are one of the hardest cats to place in a forever home.  My brother Mercy is a bright eyed and shiny black cat.  He is super sweet and we love him to pieces.  When I heard that black cats were not being given a chance to go to a forever home I was super sad.

On a recent trip with the Iams and Eukanuba team, my mom and Flat Gracey, my stunt double,  had the privilege of visiting the Helen Woodward Animal Center and meeting the remarkable Mike Arms, the president of the center.

One of the adoption tips that Mike shared with us was near and dear to our hearts.  Mike talked to us about the “Adopt Me and My Shadow” event.  This promotion pairs two cats together for adoption and yes,  you guessed it, one of the cats is a beautiful shiny bright eyed cat like my brother Mercy.

Me and My Shadow Helen Woodward Animal Center

Me and My Shadow Adoption Event, Helen Woodward Animal Center

In fact, the cat on the left sure does look like me doesn’t she?

My next post, Generate More Feline Adoptions Tips from Mike Arms,  will be talking more about our visit to the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the unique point of view that Mike offers to help increase feline adoptions by as much as 10% just by making small changes in the way the cats are displayed for adoption.

I hope that if you or someone you know is looking for a new family member, that they will consider taking home a loving pet that perhaps another person might overlook.  I know that our Mercy was overlooked as a stray in the alley until my dad scooped him up and brought him home.  He has brought tremendous joy into our lives. My grandma really loves Mercy.  In fact he gets to have slumber parties at her house.

Thank you for helping our cousins in need.

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  1. I have 2 black cats, to me they have such individual and unique personalities, I love them!