Help The Tiniest Tiger Feed Our Cousins in Need! Each Comment = 50 Meals!

Super Hurrah! Our 2011 total is:

47,025 Meals to Feed our Cousins in Need!

Thank you for uniting our small paws to make a big difference!

Iams Home 4 the Holidays 2011 is Underway!

It’s One of  The Most Wonderful Times of The Year here at our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club, because we are able to help feed our cousins in need!!

Iams Home 4 the Holidays banner

Helen Woodward has partnered with Iams to make Home 4 the Holidays a worldwide movement. This year’s goal is to adopt 1.5 million animals and donate 5 million bowls of food to shelters in need and we  can be a part of this movement again this year!

Last year we did a super terrific job by providing 32,375 Meals for our Cousins in Need! Everyone pitched in andIams Home 4 the Holidays Donor Alumni Badge helped by leaving a comment and uploading cute photos of your furry loved ones on The Tiniest Tiger’s facebook page.

In fact, we did such a great job last  year, our Friends at Iams are doubling the donation from 25 Meals to 50 Meals donated when you post a comment here on our Conservation Cub Club below  this post.  That’s all you have to do honest!

Here are the ways you can help feed our cousins in need.

Each comment is worth 50 Meals:

Many of you know that I am super passionate about helping our cousins in need because I too was an abandoned and unwanted kitten. Then my parents found me at the dog pound and I knew they were the ones for me. We made

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger. photo by Images by Miss Mindy

eye contact and it was love at first slow blink!

When you leave your comment, will you tell me  how you knew that your little furry friend was the One for you. When was the moment that your heart melted and you  knew you had a new member of the family?

Each photo uploaded is worth 100 Meals:

So because you know I like to play games with you, here is another way that you can feed shelter cats and dogs. Each @Iams tagged photo will generate 100 meals for our cousins in need!!!!

  • “Like” Iams on Facebook.
  • Go to The Tiniest Tiger Facebook Page
  • Upload a photo of your pet with a caption that says Dear @Iams, I am lucky indeed, and want to help feed my cousins in need!
  • Make sure the photo is tagged with @Iams to select their page. That tag is what will generate the 100 meal donation.

Generate an additional 50 Meals by visiting our Friends at Pet News and Views!

Join our Circle of Love and Double your donation by visiting our Friends at Pet News and Views you will generate an additional 50 Meals when you leave a comment.. That is an additional 50 Meals.  Please only one comment per reader.  Thank you.

Each Rafflecopter entry is worth 25 Meals!

I know I have a flurry of activity on this post for you to help feed our cousins in need so I have not posted anything shiny to distract you! But to get you even more excited our Friends at Iams are giving one of our participating Friends a “New Pet Parent Holiday Kit” This kit will come complete with a bed, dishes, scoop, leash, collar, food, picture frame and more!  And the winner  can choose whether you would like the cat or dog kit!  Every entry in our Rafflecopter  “New Pet Parent Holiday Kit” giveaway will earn an additional 25 Meals!

Holy Cat! This means if you are able to participate in all of our activities each Friend could donate  250+ Meals!

Super easy and fun too. Will you help me feed our cousins in need?

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  1. Momfrog Lorita says

    Always love helping our cousins!  Our Miss Katie is a rescue, and you can just tell how happy she is to have a loving, forever family.  Hope our comment helps feed our cousins.  Meow, meow, purr, headbonks from Sassie, Spydee & Katie … oh, and Mom (Momfrog Lorita) too!  🙂

  2. Linda Isabel Ritaoja says

     Both my cats were strays, one a wild cat of about 3 months of age and the other one a one-year-old abandoned cat the first stray adopted. Now they are like best friends and brothers — I´ve never seen people behave in such a loyal way as these cats treat each other.
    I simply adopted the little wildcat in order to save his life, and he in turn adopted a friend in order to help him out. It seems as if he is so clever that he knew I´d help his friend in need. I´ve seen how both of them enjoy their life and that´s enough for me to know they are right for me.
    The intelligence of me cat is staggering. Once I left for a week and asked my friend to go over to my home and feed my cat and let him in and out. She didn´t find him in the morning or at noon when she went to my house, but in the evening there was somebody miaowing outside her door. He had found the right house, thr right floor and flat and went round to her on his own. He had only been there once with me, about 5 weeks earlier. He returned every evening until I returned about a week later.
    Friendship between animals is wonderful and is best described by veterinarian James Herriott in his short stories about his life in the English countryside.

  3. C. G. Priest says

    Oh where to begin…..I have so many….It started out with a frightened little girl,who I called precious, that wandered up to my back porch. She was a stray,lonely little girl that just wanted a home;well she found one. She had some babies and the love continued. I have taken in all strays that have wandered into my life; I never have turned away any that were hungry or just looking for love. To date, I have 20 that i take care of…I have other stories on the few that stay inside(girlie, for one),I found her in the bushes one day,but it took 2 months for her to gain my confidence. She looked like someone had just dumped her,skinny with her flea collar hanging off her neck. Well, after feeding her away from the house, she finally accepted me. She eventually decided she wanted to stay inside. Today she is the “Queen” of the house—after 10 years, she is truly happy and very healthy!!!

  4. Feed animals, dont forget to spay and neuter too.

  5. Thank you, Iams, for feeding kitties in need! The attached pic is a kitty I feed. For a long time, I thought she was a stray and called her “Smiley” cat. She showed up one day with a collar and a tag that said her name is Oreo. She has lost the collar, but still enjoys a snack at my house.

  6. I think that peopl.e involved in this scheme should be commended for all the energy and time they put into their committed dedication in favour of cats in dire need of attention. Contrary to an unconcerned society, these people/volunteers are decidedly the guardian angels of cats in need – let’s do our little bit and help them too.   

  7. Hopefully this is where I type my comment to feed all those cousins! Mr. Shadow was a stray and we fed him and then we decided to make him officially ours. 🙂 So I am glad to help those shelters in anyway possible! They helped me get my Mr. Shadow!

  8. Deejbluerealty says

    I have 5 kitties at this time, and love every one!!  Each one was not planned, and we were able to take them in and give them a home.  I just lost 2 kitties last month, Teeny and Nighttime. 

  9. Twonthesaddle says

    Most of my kitties were unadoptables from the humane society. Most of them are special needs and I wouldn’t want them any other way. Probably the biggest standout is Blizzard, my deaf, three legged boy. He was very mean to everyone at the humane society except me. When I decided to take him home, he just stepped out of his cage and into his carrier as if to say “It’s about time, mom!

  10. Jannie_2004 says

    Fantastic concept – glad to have helped in some small way.  🙂

  11. Feed those cousins!!  🙂

  12. All it takes is a comment to help feed cats in need? No problem! Thank you for letting me help.

  13. Gotta Feed the babies!!

  14. for all the cats not as fortunate as my little one I think what Iams is doing is wonderful

  15. My little Lilikins was in a shelter when I met her. She came home with me and we have been soulmates ever since.

  16. Our cats are our joy and our life. Bless you for your work.

  17. Hooray for Iams!  It would be great if every cat food (or dog food) company contributed to help animals in need.

  18. Lorie Huston, DVM says

    Leaving my comment to feed hungry kitties. Thank you, Iams!

  19. I met Jamaal at my vet’s office where he and his littermates were being bottle fed after being born in a local shelter and rescued with their mother. At that time, my Webster kitty, 8 years old, was suffering seizures of unknown origin.  Jamaal was his exact twin and the vet was hoping to entice me to take Jamaal home with me when he was ready for a forever home.  I thought my house was already full with four cats.  Sadly, Webster passed away from heart failure that week.  He was the only male in the house and the house was not only sad without him, but also out of balance.  After about a month, I called to inquire about the little kitten and was told he was now in a foster home and would be available for adoption  as soon as he was old enough to be neutered, which was another 4-6 weeks away.  As soon as he was ready, I went to adopt him and was told he had bonded with his sister.  They were the only two kittens of that litter to survive.  I went home that day with the two bonded siblings and they are the happiest, most active cats I have ever known. 

  20. Save the animals! Shame what happened in Iowa the other day, praying for all those poor animals<3

  21. Hope my comment helps feed lots of beautiful kitty cats!!

  22. I knew my kitty was the one for me because she slept right next to me every night.  She was a stray kitty from the hood and I had her for 18 years.  She’s in heaven now, but I’m sure she’d love to see you donate 50 meals to her kitty friends here on earth.

  23. cant believe a comment is all it takes but here it is…glad to help.

  24. I would do anything for the kittehs! My abused rescue girl Annie (my pic) is laying in her bed, my rescue boy Hugo is on the couch, both probably dreaming about noms 🙂

  25. Kiefer Williams says

    Dear @Iams, I am very lucky indeed, and want to help feed my cousins in need! Purrs, Kiefer.

  26. Angie Settlemyre says

    All of my fur babies are pawsitively perfect and the little loves of my life!

  27. KashemereKatt says

    When I picked up that frightened 4 week old kitty, I just knew she was going home with me.  Her brothers werten’t letting her eat & she was so scared.  We just fell in love right then.  Once she realized she was now an only, the charming little glow just emanated from her little face.  She is the love of my life.  Don’t know what I would do without her.

  28. Tinkerkats says
    My sister donated to this cause for my birthday.. And I’m very grateful she did…  I’m deffinately an animal lover and i own two twin black cats Salem and Sasha who r 14 yrs old in human yrs.. Will be 15 yrs in Jan this coming year.. They make my whole world better and they r the most awesome cats in the world.. I’ve had them since they were weened off their moms milk and will have them till the end of their lives hopefully a very very very long healthy loving life.. I can’t stand to see anyone suffer and i think the same of and animal as a human all animals.. They all have a heart they all can feel, they all have love to give they all have personalities and they all are vulnerable just like us.. Keep that in mind… And spread the love…………… and caring…………..

  29. I knew she was my soul mate when she licked my hand. <3 you, MiMi kitty, the constable. 🙂 

  30. I hope you get many comments!!!

  31. Shadowcatzrule says

    Feed the kitties!

  32. Orangeblossombreezes says

    I knew my Connor was the one when I picked her up at 4 weeks old and she curled right into me and purred 🙂

  33. Maggie Tabby is happy to comment to feed kittehs in need! She says meow to all today (and then zzzzz because it’s the perfect day to sleep!) 😀

  34. I’d finally convinced my hubby that getting a cat would be a wonderful
    experience (I grew up with cats, he didn’t have any pets). We’d gone looking at
    the PetSmart as they were hosting a local shelter adoption day, to see if we
    could find “the one.” Everyone was crowded around the pen on the floor that
    housed the tiny kittens, but no one seemed to notice the wall of cages that had
    kitties that were a little more grown. We went over there and the kind shelter
    worker pointed out Oliver and said that he was her office buddy and would sit on
    her lap while she took care of shelter business.  She got him out of the cage,
    handed him over and he started to push away. I thought he didn’t like me, but he
    wanted to curl up in my arms and he started purring immediately after getting
    comfy. We held another kitty or two, but Oliver got mad each time. Between the
    snuggling and vocally telling us to put the other kitties down, we knew he’d
    picked us. That was just over 8 years ago and he couldn’t have been more right!

  35. Go Gracie!! You rock!

  36. I’m always happy to help a furry friend in need!  My cats are my family, and each of them is a rescued kitty, once homeless and hopeless and now living with high life with toys, beds (especially mine) vet care, food, and all the love they can stand!!!  Please spay or neuter your pet.  Don’t shop; adopt.

  37. I knew I was going to adopt Anna before I even saw her. The boys had both just passed and both Abigail and I were so sad. I knew Abigail needed a playmate whether I was ready or not. Some friends had a few stray kittens that had been dumped at their house. They only had 1 female and that was what I wanted so there really wasn’t much choice involved. At 6 weeks old she was so tiny that she ofen slept in my hands. I knew Anna was mine as we continued to bond during our first few weeks together.

  38. The first time I saw Abigail she ran out from under a bush and chased a leaf. She was an adorable stray that just had to be rescued! Luckily a lady in the building was able to bring in her trap the next day. When she called to ask if we wanted to see the kitty before she went to the shelter I knew that if I saw that little cutie again I was going to adopt her. Sure enough I got down on the floor with Abigail and she was so cute and adorable I just had to adopt her!

  39. We found our dog’s photo on Petfinder. She was a scrawny little spotted girl with curious eyes. When we went to the shelter to meet her we were so happy she was still available that we didn’t really think twice. We’ve had our battles, and still do, but it was the best decision I have ever made!

  40. I think it’s love at first sight for all our furry little friends, isn’t it?

  41. Bludgerhex194 says

    I have 12 rescued cats that have come to me under various circumstances and 2 recued ferrets. 4 of those cats came into my care as kittens that had to be bottle fed (quite a demanding duty). I knew each little beastie was right the moment it found me because I am a strange believer in fate. I have grown to need each of them far more than they have ever needed me. Each has, in his or her own way, molded me into an increasingly better member of my own species. All my babies are, of course, spayed and neutered as I believe: “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

  42. Thank you to all of you who are supporting this initiative.  One more good reason to continue to feed Iams to my sweet Rudy boy!

  43. Thank you Gracey and Iams!  <3

  44. dallas albury says

    this is awesome!!!!

  45. My pittie girl was “removed” from a bad situation and needed a home and I needed to save a new furbaby.

  46. Anything to help out our fuzzy friends! 🙂

  47. Wow — this is great!

  48. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Hi Gracey.  Thank you and @Iams for supporting and feeding the shelter animals that are in need. You are so kind, caring and loving to all animals 🙂  You are the BEST!

  49. The staff new I was the One for her when I was aggressively trying to get out of the cage to jump on her. When I finally was able to be in her arms, I couldn’t help but climb all over her and show her how happy I was to be right there with her. *Smile* We have been inseparable ever since!

  50. Helping to feed the sweetest babies of all – cats!

  51. I knew my black boy Elrey was the one for me when all I could see was little pink tongue from underneath the shed where he was living in the middle of winter. Took awhile but we finally coaxed him out and gave him a nice warm loving home.

  52. Rachel Rosenberg says

    All of my pets mean the world to me; my family has had more than I can really count. After a while they stop being pets and start being family. Sadly, we lost our home about 5 months ago and had to give up three of our four dogs. I felt like I had lost my best friends. One went to a foster home (they decided to keep her!) and the other two went to a no-kill shelter/humane society. I miss them every single day, but I can only hope that they’ve been adopted out by someone who will love them just as much I we did and more.

    For all of the pets in shelters, the abused, the abandoned, the lost, and the sadly-surrendered, I hope and pray that each and every one of you has food and finds a home very soon.

  53. Commenting for the tigers!!  I hope you raise TONS of food for them!!

  54. I love all my fur babies I have ever had. I have 2 sweet as can be girl kitties and I love them so much. They are the only children I will ever have. They will be 4yrs old in the Spring. They get special diet dry cat food, friskee’s can food and sometimes Iams can food as well as treats.

  55. My cats are my daughters and I love them more than I can say. ♥ You rock, Gracey!

  56. The last 3 kitties were not planned…one was given up by a friend who had to move and had a daughter who was allergic to Ziggy, but since we took a pair of kittens from our vet right before, how could we deny Ziggy? He is a love, and the kittens are now goofy Jude and Ewan, partners in crime!

  57. Josie chose me by showing up at my house and refusing to leave! After trying in vain to find her a home, I took her in after my oldest cat passed away. That was 10 years ago. She is so sweet and happy, and she purrs all day long.

  58. After losing my first kitty Cheeseburger to cancer I never thought I would have another – Mr. Jingles, Tony Cat and Cheeze have proved me wrong. Mr. J was adopted from a rescue group who got him from a shelter. While looking at the cats up for adoption he reached his paw through the bars of the cage and touched my arm – enough said 🙂 Tony was in a local newspaper also up for adoption from a town shelter. He had been left by his previous owners in the house when they moved. 🙁 Cheeze was discovered also in the newspaper by my daughter – he was already named Cheeseburger and we knew it was meant to be. I cannot imagine not having “my boys.”

  59. My kitten’s chose me. I walked in the door- and there the littlest kitten looked over at me, meowed, and raised her little paw at me, I went to the cage to pet her, and my little boy ran over…. and seemed to say me too (maybe it was meow, but I heard me too)! So I brought them both home! 

  60. The 3 MusCATeers are the highlight of every day for me…Raven, Ashes & Felix are a trio of wonderful characters in my house – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! 

  61. I have had rescue pets for years and am so blessed to have them in my life – I actually feel like they rescued me, because they made my life feel complete!

  62. I knew I had to take Katy home when I saw the poor thing on the street corner cuddling and kneading her dead sibling as if trying to wake him up 🙁 now she is a big happy cat of 9 years and she has a new sibling named Mia whom I adopted after they brought her to the vet clinic I volunteer in.

  63. Samuel Stevens says

    We rescued TWO abondoned baby kittens that were two young to be weaned yet… so sweet and  they needed us! And then we fostered a dog for a while and then rescued a dog that was going to be taken to the shelter – 6 weeks old – purebred mother that was impregnated by a neighbor dog of some folks. Our Sophie is going to be 4 in Feb and we would be lost without her!
    THANK YOU for being such angels and helping shelter animals this way!

  64. All my babies found e .the only time i went to look at a shelter for a companion to my then solo cat we didn’t get there in time.a few months later Mitten was brought to me.a semi -feral from NJ beach,today he is 15,still skittish w/everyone but he is my big gentle boy.

  65. I love every single one of my 11 fur-children!  I am a failed foster mom 🙂  The bonding at bottle feeding gets me every time.

  66. I actually didn’t choose my animals, instead, they
    chose me. Some homeless cats came to me and I started taking care of them. I
    feed them, took them to the vet when they needed it, and I loved them. I took
    care of the ones that never made it to a shelter. I took care of them so they
    would never have to go to a shelter in fear that if they ever did make it to a
    shelter maybe they would never be adopted and ultimately be put down. I support
    all shelters for all the hard work they do and for trying to give animals a
    forever home.

  67. Virginia P says

    I knew Jillian was for me when she meowed outside our motel room door all night.  Any kitty that persistent will fit into our family perfectly.

  68. We always joke that she would roll over at any robber that entered the house, because she’s such a sweetie that it’s the truth! 

  69. Over the past 15 yrs, we’ve adopted 4 dogs, 10 cats and 2 turtles – some
    of whom have passed on. Our most recent addition was Calamity Jane the
    cat who I adopted 2 wks ago after our snuggly boy, Buddha, died
    suddenly. I stopped at Hillside SPCA in Pottsville PA on the way to my
    mom’s house ‘just to look’. I told them I liked cuddly, Maine Coon cats
    or mixes. Calamity Jane was the second cat they showed me. She’s a
    charcoal gray & white long-haired beauty who def. has the
    personality of a Main Coon – chatty, cuddly & likes people. I knew
    she was the one when she nearly fell asleep in my arms. Plus, her name
    was perfect. We got a cat named Wyatt Earp earlier this year from his
    owner who could no longer keep him. It was kitty karma!

  70. One of our cats came from a Scottish Fold cattery and she was in my heart as soon as she was born. Our other two cats we rescued. One that you guys helped place and I saw her on your Facebook page. She was so tiny and pitiful looking I had to go get her that day. 
    The last one, someone emailed me a link to his PetFinder page because they had posted that he would be terminated if he wasn’t adopted soon. 
    The two rescued cats seem to have separation anxiety while our Scottish Fold seems to think she’s one of the children and not a cat at all.

  71. All of our animals are rescued. Bree and Brock are our two most recent additions! I shudder to think what could have happened to them if they weren’t brought in to our home. Thanks for all the help you offer to animals, Iams!

  72. I love my cat, Sox.  I knew she was mine because every time I come home she is at the door waiting and meowing for me.  She goes to bed with me every night and sleeps right by my side.  What a great thing you are doing, thank you!!

  73. Cindy Smith says

    My father in law rescued a lab mix out of the street and I knew when he brought him home and he laid flat out on his back in my arms and fell asleep that I would love him forever.

  74. Joonbug_007 says

    The newest addition to my family was just a ball of fluff when I met her.  My sister rescued some two kittens and needed to find homes for one of them (since she was keeping the other).  She brought them to my house, knowing I couldn’t say no to such an innocent little ball of fuzz – so happy to just be sitting on my lap, purring away.

  75. Great idea !!

  76. Hi Gracey,
    Bella is my little black beauty 🙂 I knew she was meant for our family, when I first held her at the rescue. She melted into my arms and purred up a storm. She was 14 weeks or so old, but her purr was so loud. We actually went that day to look at orange kitties, but Bella stole our hearts and we took her home.

  77. I knew my cat sox was the cat for me when I couldn’t turn on my xbox 360 without her coming up to sit on my lap. She has a sensor in her brain that can tell when im playing an important game because everytime I am, she comes a running.

  78. This Is fabulous! Thank you! 😀

  79. My husband had a car towed several miles and when the tow truck stopped he heard a sound under the hood of the car. When he opened the hood he saw a gray kitten so small it fit into one hand. That was our Daisy Mae (DayDay) and she has been with us for about 5 years. She’s still very verbal and we’re glad because that’s what saved her life!

  80. Thank you for providing meals.

  81. Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. Lynda Joyce says

    I loved my little Lucy from the moment I saw her.  But it took her months to decide she loved me too!  Now she is my little love bug, dishing out the head bonks & purrs for me!!!  We’re both lucky and thank you for helping other kitties!

  83. Simonnewalvisch says


  84. Darthrainville says

    Nice work, Gracey!  Thanks, IAMS!

  85. Thank you Gracey!!!

  86. Thank you Gracey!!!

  87. Vanimaelda says

    All of our pets have been rescues. What you are doing is great. THANK YOU!

  88. We spent over 3 hrs at the shelter looking for our new family member.  Many were very reluctant w/us…finally Munchie settled on my lap as I massaged her head & the choice was made!!!

  89. Good work!

  90. We spent over 3 hrs at the shelter trying to choose our new family member…so many were reluctant to come home w/us!  Finally our first choice actually calmed down in my lap for a minute as I massaged her head & that did it!  Munchie was willing to come w/us!

  91. Thank you for helping the animals.
    Sue B

  92. Piglet, Owl, and Pebbles were all born at our house, as was their older brother Bounder, who is now gone.  I picked bounder out as a keeper the first time I laid eyes on him, the day he was born.  Piglet and Owl won over the whole family while they were still nursing.  Piglet would latch onto a teat and then splay his front paws out so no other kittens could nurse.  Owl’s been a lovebug since the beginning and none of us could resist.  Pebbles, our mini-mountain lion, picked us, and we are glad she did!

  93. Thanks, Gracey and IAMS, for all you do to help animals!!

  94. Hawksong312 says

    This is really good work that you are doing. 🙂

  95. I think that you are doing a great job?

  96. Yay for feeding and saving lives of all animals!! :]

  97. Gracey, Oreo, Aka & I are so happy that you and Iams are working together to help feed all of your cousins…kitties and canines!  Oreo and Aka are both rescue doggies and we’re so glad to have them in our lives!

  98. Happy to help!

  99. Susan Collins says

    When we went to the humane society looking for a cat, we hard a hard time making up our mind.  There were so many and we could only take one.  Turns out, he chose US.  When we walked by the cage of a tabby cat about four years old and near the end of her “time clock” at the shelter, he reached his paw through the bars of the cage and touched my son’s cheek and it was love at first pat!  His name was Gabby so we kept that name and he has lived happily with our other three rescues for 17 years now.  We have one Siamese, Bear, who is 23 YOA, Gabby who is 17+, Peanut who is 13+, and Max, who is 8.  I love them all.

  100. That is one beautiful cat on your home page!  This is great, glad food will be provided to the homeless.

  101. This is awesome! We have four kitties, all but one of whom were rescues, and they bring so much joy to our lives! Our baby is 8 months old, and he loves kitties, too. 😀

  102. Clo_lehmann says

    Good work you guys are doing 🙂

  103. Every one of the 10 kitties who have been a part of my family are all rescues or strays except for my first two, Cinnamon & Domino, whose owner couldn’t keep them. Stormy was next, she picked my snow-covered car to sit on after a blizzard tho it was surrounded by cars that had been cleared, how could I resist? They are now waiting by the Rainbow Bridge 🙂 Misty was the tiniest kitten who was found stumbling around a parking lot one misty morning (she gave herself her name!). After Cinnamon’s passing, I went to a shelter to see about adopting a pair of kittens…and ended up with FOUR! Toby’s sister had been adopted but he was left behind due to his extra toes! No way was I leaving w/out him! Rocky, Smokey & Lita are siblings who were in the cage next to Toby’s. He & Rocky reached to each other when Toby was lifted out so I figured ok, so I’m getting 3. Well next thing I know, Lita clumsily walks to the front of the cage, she was sooo tiny & all black I didn’t even know she was in there! Well, I wasn’t about to leave one tiny sibling alone! The latest two, Trixie & JJ, started as fosters whose eyes were so infected, they were completely stuck closed. By the time their treatment was done & their eyes were healthy, I was too smitten to send them back! All are indoor only & spayed/neutered. Rescue kitties rock!

  104. Gracey you are the best! You do great work reaching out to all your FB friends and raising awareness for our animal companions in need!

  105. I have three kitties that came to me at different times: a friend and I found Deidre under the hood of an abandoned car one day when she was a kitten, meowing her head off, frightened and dehydrated.  We think she was scared up there by the ride-on lawn mower that was mowing the lawn of our apartment complex!  Maggie chose me at Maxfund no-kill animal shelter, where she had been waiting for over a year for me to come and find her!  It was fate as I was looking for a cat WITH claws so they wouldn’t be intimidated by Deidre, my alpha with claws, and NOWHERE was it marked that Maggie was declawed – not in her vet paperwork, not on her cage (they had private cages and a free-roaming room) – other cats had big signs advertising it.  I brought her home and realized a while later that she was declawed in the front!  It was such luck that they didn’t have any signs up for her and I ended up bringing her home, because I love her so much!  Yuan chose me at PetSmart where they offer space to local shelters – and it was meant to be, because I was the second of three people who put in an application for him.  The first person’s spouse went to a shelter the same day he put in the application for Yuan, and since she had already taken home another cat, they decided to not take Yuan too – I was very lucky!! 🙂

  106. Catwoman1656 says

    I have 4 fur babies of my own. 2 that were shelter cats, one was my neighbors cat that had to fend for himself, and my littlest love Charger, who my boss found in a brush pile.  They all have their own personalities but i love them all the same.

  107. Commenting to help feed animals 🙂

  108. Hi, Gracey.  So glad I am able to help out by posting here.  I also shared the information on Facebook, so I hope that you get lots of visitors.

  109. If you’ve never rescued a pet you just don’t understand the extra value they offer. Somehow, rescued pets know what you are doing for them. Strangely intuitive they know they have a short time left to improve their life situation and when they find their forever home, they are forever grateful. I encourage all people who are looking for a pet to check the inventory out at local shelters and on It will break your heart to actually see how many wonderful, cute, smart, trained pets that are available for you. I will be forever thankful for whatever cosmic forces sent me to the SPCA in 1996 when I found my mutt Reba after having purebreds all my life. She was about 5 months old, she was housebroken and she has made me laugh every single day since. Reba celebrated her 16th birthday on Saturday and she’s a finalist in the OCNJ 2012 Dog of the Year Contest. Doing my best to get her to her 20th b-day!

  110. Happy to help feed the precious animals….

  111. One of my babies Chewie, was left behind in an apartment after his people moved out. He has moved in with us and is slowly adapting to having a very playful brother and sister. He has one eye and a crinkled ear that makes him look constantly grumpy, but he’s my only baby who will let me shower him in kisses.

  112. Because some adults will not be responsible and get their pets spayed or neutered, let’s get together and take care of as many of these little ones as we can. We chose them (or they chose us) and made the decision to take care of them so let’s DO IT!!

  113. Jennifer Lamb says

    Hi, Gracey! Victor and I are happy to be able to help feed hungry kitties. Now he says he’s hungry, too, and I need to feed him. 🙂

  114. Melanie Nalepa says

    Happy to help! -^..^-

  115. This is amazing Gracey!  Way to go!

  116. Jennifermoralesinc says

    Anything I can do to help feed some animals in need 🙂

  117. I hope you get WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more comments!!  Best of luck from the Albuquerque Cat Action Team!  We are on Facebook so come by and “like” us!!

  118. Cat lover, I’m glad my comment can help!

  119. I didn’t! Each of my cats entered my life as one of my rescues and through the years one or another has “ended up staying”, apparently because they were meant to be here. It’s always worked well for us.

  120. My three cats wonderful were adopted from shelters. They are wonderful companions- sweet, affectionate and funny. I am a photographer and my cats have given me a second career. I create colorful, whimsical cat art designs which Is ell as cards, prints and collectibles. My George looks a bit like Gracey.  Please have a look at my art work in my Etsy shop and let me know what you think!

  121. Not too sure if i told you about my only kitty girl ?she adopted me jumping on my shoulder.a kiss from her sealed my will be a year at boys pack haven’t yet convinced her its ok to play with them but i keep hoping at last the “marking” seems to have stop.hopefully for good!tough year.she is so sweet with me!<3

  122. I knew that Sophie was the cat for us when she let my littles, age 3 at the time, hold her and she gave them a kitty kiss! She’s the best kitty every and sleeps with one of the kids every night.

  123. kstout6821 says

    I adopted my little guy from the CASPCA 5 years ago… he was in a cage with 6 week old kittens, but was twice their size. I thought for sure he was misplaced.  As I walked by, he looked up from play fighting with one of his smaller roommates and looked right up at me with those gorgeous green eyes. I couldn’t resist, I knew right then he was coming home with me!

  124. I’ve been blessed with being picked by rescue animals and can’t imagine life without our four legged companions.  Every home should have at least one dog and cat.

  125. My current kitty was brought to me by a coworker who found her as a stray. She had obviously had a home once because she had been declawed. Jeni already had 7 cats and as I had lost my pet companion of 11 years quite recently asked me if I would take Baby (show Jeni called “Daisy Mae”). She brought her to my apartment and I was in love the minute I saw that sweet little brown tabby face! Baby is also part calico, and has the most beautiful coat. I wish I had named her Josephine (for her Coat of Many Colors) but I kept calling her “Baby” and the name just stuck. We have been together for over 4 years now, and she is sitting beside me as I type this.

  126. Sophia Smukalla says

    hoping all the hungry kitties out there get all the num nums they can eat.  meow.

  127. When I got my girls Angel and Silver I’d gone to my vet’s because he also ran the county shelter.  I sat in the cat room for about half an hour then felt tiny paws touching my long hair.  I turned around and there they were one on each side of my head patting me.. I was honored because THEY picked me!

    • I forgot..our love fest and partnership lasted 21 and 22 years respectively and I’m still convinced Silver died of a broken heart missing her sister.

  128. Carolinemueller76 says

    I knew my kitty cat Morris was the one for me,because he chose me. I had wanted a girl cat but that little guy kept asking for me to pet him and following me around. It’ a decade of unconditional love this December.

  129. To be honest, I picked my dog William almost entirely on instinct. When
    my mother finally caved into my want to adopt a dog, she was eying a
    puppy, but beside the fact that a puppy wouldn’t fit our easier-going
    lifestyle, I felt guilty picking a pet who would most certainly find a
    forever home in the very near future, instead of adopting one of the
    older dogs who may not have that opportunity. So I went into the room
    where the smaller adult dogs are kept, went over to William’s kennel,
    and decided that he was the one! Of course we asked around to find out
    about him before we officially went through with the adoption, and
    luckily everything we heard about him was great. About a year and a half
    after adopting him, I can safely say that he was the perfect pick. (:

  130. This is great! I am so glad that Iams is doing this. Thanks, Gracey! 

  131. What a wonderful thing to do for needy animals for the holidays! And let’s hope that they get forever homes very, very soon!

  132. Fifty meals is a generous offer.  Thanks IAMS.

  133. Rhondarogers802 says

    Thanks for helping the animals in need!

  134. Thank you for doing this! Our cat, Tolkien, means the world to my husband and I & I don’t know what we would do without her.

  135. I think it is wonderful what Iams and you are doing. It is so sad to be a homeless animal. I have been trapping and fixing a small colony of cats that lives in the parking garage where I work.

  136. Elizabeth Flynn says

    This is such a great thing that @iams is doing for the animals in need.  Thank you Gracey and Iams. You are both pawesome 🙂

  137. monkey's mama says

    Thanks for doing this! I found my current kitty when I found his mom as a pregnant stray. It was meant to be before I even met him 🙂

  138. Great program! I love my rescue cat 🙂

  139. Leslie Wier says

    I don’t know what I would do without my kitties Zeus and Lady, they bring so much joy to my life.  One is a shelter kitty and another abandoned.  I only wish I could take in more 🙂

  140. That’s great! Food for the animals in need!!

  141.  My little Winston brings me so much joy every day. I am so lucky to have him in my life! Thank you for helping the little ones in need <3

  142. Each person can make a difference!

  143. Thank you for participating in this program and helping your cousins in need! All my kitties were strays who just showed up at my door, but there are so many more in shelters who need homes too. 

  144. Thanks for doing this, and thank you Gracey for getting the word out!!!

  145. All my pets were rescued form kill shelters. PLEASE spay and neuter your pet!!

  146. I adopted my cat Toby from a shelter when he was 11 months old. I knew he was the one for us when I put my fingers in the cage and he nuzzled up to them giving love. We then took him out of cage and he was so loving that we just had to take him. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s now 3 years old. In July he had bladder surgery for stones. Very expensive but hubby and I both refused to just let him die. We love him and he returns the love all the time. What more can you ask for.

  147. We heard about Harley Davidson Quinn on Facebook and drove 250 miles (each way) to collect him from North Wales =^,^=

  148. Wannabacowgirl2 says

    I luv animals n will do what I can every day to help them!!!

  149. Angelajbutz says

    Let’s feed as many animals that we can!

  150. I walked into a pet store that was hosting a rescue organization.  They had this beautiful grey cat – older and with funny-looking ears. He was inquisitive and cute for an old guy 🙂 The rescue lady told me he had been found in a housing project – they called because some kids blew up his ears with fire crackers. So he was deaf. I knew then that I had to take him home with me and show him the love he deserved. He lived quite a while despite some medical issues and we brought a lot of joy to each other. I still miss my Pie.

  151. nice of you to help feed the other not so lucky animals.. thanks

  152. Purreverranch says

    Thank you Gracey & Iams for helping those of us in need. We love you to pieces & purrs.
    LOVE rita & “the herd”

  153. I adopted my cat when she was 5 months old; I was looking for a younger kitten but mine was adorable and I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I was the one who ended up getting her, though, because she took a lot of patience- she seemed fine in the cage but was so shy and timid for months after we got home. She’s come a long way though!

  154. We had a beautiful long-haired calico cat named Missy.  She had diabetes.  When she died from complications of the disease, we swore we’d never get another cat.  But my husband made periodical trips to the humane society and, one day, while he was there, a lady and her daughter brought in a box with two kittens.  One was a tiny calico.  He fell instantly in love and told the society people that he wanted her!!!  Well, she was too small to neuter so we brought her home to fatten her up!  Long story, but 12 years later, we still have our Cali!  And we love her dearly!!!

  155. We brought in Momma and her litter from outdoors in our apartment complex when the kittnes were about 3 weeks old. We knew we wanted to keep one and find homes for the other 4 babies.  With 3 older cats in the house we had to make sure everyone was going to get along so we watched them for the next few weeks. We debated between the little black female who became our Salem, and her brother who was named Lil Man. Over the next few weeks we noticed the other cats warming up to Salem and one day even curled up napping with her. That decided it 🙂  The pic below is Lil Man when they were kittens and Salem checking out the new shoe box:)

  156. Gracey you are an amazing kitty helping all your cousins in need.  All of my cats have been either rescues or adopted from a rescue.  In fact the first cat ever in my life was a calico named Patches.  She was at a feed store and when my mom saw her, she had to bring her home.  When she brought me home from the hospital, Patches would sit by my crib and watch over me.  She didn’t think my human mother was really good at being a mom because she would let me cry so when I would cry, Patches would jump in my crib with me.

  157. Wow Gracey, you sure are busy. What a great contest. Love, Your cousin Earl Gray–a rescue who was left on my mom & dad’s front porch with a badly broken leg. I have a plastic and metal joint in my leg cause my parents took me to the vet when they found me. I’m fine now–jumping on counters and other places I’m not supposed to be on.

  158. I can not only tell you the moment I knew the Tux was for me, I can show you the image. This is her at 3 weeks old. She hissed at me and gave me a good inkling of the tuxitude she has demonstrated faithfully for 15 years. Sorry it’s out of focus, but I was lucky she sat still long enough to get the pic.

  159. Happy Holidays to all and hoping to generate bunches of meals!!!!

  160. Every comment posted here generates 50 Meals for our Cousins in Need!  Super Hurrah!!!!


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