What’s Your Dirty Little Secret? Confess & Achieve Lift-Off

Tell Bissell Your Carpet Confessions!

You and 5 of your Friends can Win Deep Cleaning Prize Packages!

One Person will be the  $2500 Cash Grand Prize Winner!

Psssst! What’s Your Dirty Little Secret?  You can tell me.  And to make it even easier, I will go first.  When I am a

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger with Bissell

I am equipped and ready to Clean!

little upset with one or both of my parents, I throw my litter out of the pan. And if they have done something that really gets my fur up, like leave me alone too long,  I poo on the bedroom rug.  There, I have said it.  And when I poo on the bedroom rug, it really gets their attention. (Oh and I am still working on cleaning up the aftermath of my unfortunate temper tantrum when I peed in my mom’s suitcase. Stay tuned for my black light test coming soon.) So you see, even me, Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger can be a little messy.

But what helps keep me out of trouble when I misbehave besides the fact that my parents don’t seem to have any short-term or long-term memory of my rotten actions is that   I have Bissell to help clean up my messes.

And now,  our friends at Bissell are launching another time saving, carpet cleaning, pet mess clean up assistant.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE LIFT-OFF®!  hahahha. I have always wanted to say that…. but seriously…

Bissell Homecare, Inc is launching the new Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner.  If you submit your carpet and upholstery confessions via Bissell’s Facebook page from November 7 – December 2, 2011,  you will have a chance to win $2500  and  prizes!

Here are the details:

Entrants will submit their carpet and upholstery confessions via BISSELL’s Facebook page, and BISSELL will choose one grand prize winner. The grand prize will include a BISSELL Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner for the winner and five family members or friends. In addition, the winner will receive a $2,500 gift card and the full suite of BISSELL Lift-Off® Products, including the Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner, Lift-Off® Multi Cyclonic Pet Vacuum, Lift-Off® Steam Mop and Lift-Off® Floors & More. Five runners-up will also receive the full suite of Lift-Off® products. To enter, visit www.facebook.com/bissell.

Here is the dirt on carpet cleaning:

Bissell Infographic

Do you and your carpet and upholstery share a “dirty little secret?”

You can tell me. I am listening.

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  1. Barbara Butler says

    my dirty little secert is my cat callie love her but she makes messes sometimes and we have to clean up after her but we love her so we do our best at the mess  up of hers.

    • Thank you for loving Callie.  We all make messes, my parents and me. Just not the same type of messes.  

  2. Dawnscandlebiz says

    My golden retriever is scared silly of thunderstorms and has had accidents on my sons carpet. She is always so ashamed of herself, that I don’t have the heart to scold her.

  3. My dirty little secret is my rescue kitty, Ginger loves to get into the dog food and will leave me little puke surprises in our bedroom walk- in closet. Why she chooses that closet I have no idea and unfortunately the carpet is a light cream color, with intermittent dark spots, I mean patterns, lol 🙂

    • Oh my!  I leave little surprises sometimes too and I choose the bedroom rug.  I don’t know why, but I do.  Have you tried the new product called Stomp by Bissell?  

  4. Carolyn Caffrey says

    My pool little Yorkie is 14 years old and he will just be walking and leave a puddle in his trails  Not sure he even knows it’s coming out.  🙁  I also have 2 cats that are 17 years old and I’ve never caught them not using their cat box but my daughter says she has.  Using my Bissell is like a “gift” from up above, so needed so often, thank goodness I have it.

    • Awww Carolyn, accidents happen and that is why my parents are super happy that Bissell is there to help them clean it up!!  xoxox  Thank you for loving animals.

  5. Thanks for letting us know about this contest, Gracey!  With 3 cats plus a foster, I have LOTS of dirty little secrets! 😉  Good luck to everyone who enters!

    • Super Hurrah Amy!  We are rooting for you.  hahahaha I bet this Bissell will help you clean up those dirty little secrets.  We are rooting for you!!!

  6. Yay! I entered! Siouxsie, Thomas and Dahlia are experts at “recreational puking” and I haven’t been able to remove the stains with any of the products I’ve tried. Also, I live in a basement apartment and my wall-to-wall carpeting smells dank and musty. 🙁

  7. We entered, Gracey! My dirty little secret is that I have nasty sneeze accidents that come out like rockets! I’m always very sneezy cause I caught that nasty herpes virus in the shelter, and Mommy finds my accidents all over the house: the chair, the couch, the rug, curtains, you name it, I sneeze there.  I hope we win!