Bring in The New Year with Bad Kitty’s Cup of Good Cheer Giveaway!

Bad Kitty's Cup of Good Cheer

In case some of you were wondering why my pal Bad Kitty didn’t have his own giveaway, it was because he wanted to wait and celebrate the New Year with his Cup of Good Cheer Giveaway!

Bad Kitty chose to giveaway a The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club Mug along with Hand Cream and a Lip Balm from Gracey’s Avon for Animals.  He chose the mug so that when you are enjoying your hot thinking beverages, you will also be reminded to care for all cats big and small.   He chose the hand cream to keep your hands smooth and soft  through the winter, so they will feel nice while  you are  petting your cats.  The lip balm is to provide protection against the elements so that you will be able to praise your cat without fail.  Kisses are ok too, but try not to overdo them.

Bad Kitty has several Cups of Good Cheer to giveaway. So the more comments we get, the more Cups he will give away so that everyone has a better chance to win!!  Super Hurrah!!

If you would like to receive one of Bad Kitty’s Cup of Good Cheer prizes,

Here is all you have to do:

Leave a comment here below this post on our The Tiniest Tiger’s™ Conservation Cub Club telling Bad Kitty what you are looking forward to sharing with your cat in the New Year.

The Rules:

This contest closes on January 4, 2012 at 1 pm Eastern. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email, so make sure you leave a full name and email address for me. I can see your email when you enter it in the Disqus comment area, but it will not be visible to the public.

Due to the weight and size of the package this contest is open to US habitats only.  I am super sorry.  Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. Aw man!!! I’m too late for the contest!!!! Oh well. I am looking forward to spending lots of cuddle time with Abigail and play time with Anna. My goal this year is to switch the two so that Anna will snuggle with me (when I am awake) and Abigail will play more.

  2. Karma Hurworth says:

    I’m sharing a brand new Kitty City, snuggles, and head bonks!

  3. I just want to keep sharing the love with my kitties!  The only good thing about a Minnesota winter is snuggling up with a good book and a couple of warm cats! 🙂

  4. Our kitty’s are getting homemade treats and homemade catnip toys and loads of attention and love.

  5. In the New Year, I am looking forward to sharing my dream of building an
    enclosure on our patio so my kitties can go outside without being in
    any danger!  While I dream of that, I look foward to many snuggles on
    the couch with them.  

  6. Lisa Acord says:

    Happy new year, Gracey and Bad Kitty! In the new year I plan to give my kitties more of the same that I always give them: love, pettings, treats, snuggles, cuddles, and proper medical care–always important!

  7. amneriscat says:

    Happy Mew Year, Gracey! I plan to continue loving my six kitties like the family members they are. Tummy rubs, cat toys, IAMS cat food, and a soft sleeping spot in the middle of the bed. =^..^=

    p.s.: This is a picture of my sweet Figaro. I found him under a dumpster fourteen years ago. He’s been spoiled ever since.

  8. Laura Davis says:

    Hi, Bad Kitty!  My kitties and I are crocheting this winter, partly for charity, and in the Spring, we’re going to spruce up Bounder’s memorial garden then refinish the redwood patio furniture so we can spend lots of nice summer evenings on the patio reading together!

  9. Nicolette527 says:

    I’m hoping to share my home with a kitty that has been hanging around my house for over a week now. 

  10. I plan to cuddle and play with my cats every single day, and to build a cat habitat/playroom in my screened-in porch so they can enjoy wildlife from the safety of their own home! I love my kitties so much!

  11. Trevor M. says:

    As it gets finally (seasonally) cold as we move into the New Year, I am presently sharing my little space heater more and more with my cat Peyton!  It’s a little funny, but she’s 16 this year very thin b/c of health issues so I don’t mind 🙂

  12. Kellygolf says:

    Bad Kitty has a bad rap.  He is strong, sturdy and ever vigilant!

  13. Lori Miller says:

    We will be sharing lots of catnip and play time as winter rolls in!

  14. Theresa Walczak says:

    I am most forward to sharing more play time with my cat “meow-meow”.  I’ve been busy trying to get my mom’s finances/business taken care of, and am looking forward to having better quality time together!!

  15. Hi – All our kitties are excited to have found your site! 🙂 Their Papa and I both plan to share lots of snuggles, hugs, kisses, treats, and fun with Squirt, Bobbie, Monkey, and Heidi all through the year! We are blessed to have our ‘babies’ and love them bunches! Thanks for sharing your Cup of Good Cheer Bad Kitty! 

  16. I’m not taking as many college classes this semester so I am looking forward to spending more time with my indoor cats, for play time and lounging/cuddling.  Also trying to make more time to spend with my outdoor feral cats, and finally buying them a heated water bowl, which I am psyched about.  Will also have to start a game plan regarding catching them when I can to retest for FIV since one tested positive.

  17. Always look forward to Gracey’s post !!! Love the picture of your Dad and Mercy 🙂

  18. cstironkat (Kelly Ann T) says:

    I’m looking forward to the fundraiser for the shelter next Saturday night. We are having potluck and I’m donating a basket for the auction. We have a great time each year and its a perfect way to extend the holidays just a little bit.

  19. Kandyce Moir says:

    I don’t have cats of my own, but I plan on continuing to volunteer at the local shelter. I always go in to play with the cats, walk the dogs, and regularly bring in food, treats, and toys.

  20. Amelia =^..^= says:

    Hi Gracey!
    My pet parent is in the kitchen, so I thought I’d sneak on here and say my piece! I am looking forward to lots of snuggle time with my mom! I have a cat-nip stuffed fish on the end of a string, connected to a pole and it’s one of my favorite toys! My mom says, she gets cat fish when she captured me for lovies when we’re done playing!
    Have a safe and pawsome new year!
    Your friend,

  21. Ashlie_bilodeau says:

    Nermal and I are looking forward to spring, of course.  I love having my coffee on the stairs when it’s warm enough and she likes sneaking out of the apartment to check out our yard and it’s birds.  We have snow and 60mph winds this last week so we could barely leave the house at all.  Hope spring gets here soon.

  22. I am looking forward to lots of “couch time” with my cat Josie. Happy New Year!

  23. I am hoping to share a new home with my kitties this year!  My husband has been laid off for over a year, but a new job opportunity is looking promising–if he gets the job we plan to move to a new home for us and our babies.  A must will be a large screen porch for them to enjoy!  They are all older kitties, and their favorite past time is napping in the afternoon sun. 

  24. I want to share health with her, she’s an elder and her kidneys are not working well. I’m sad and she has to take a lot of medicines and she hates it.

  25. Happy New Year Bad Kitty. I am looking forward to sharing with my three kitties our NEW Home! Yep, that’s right. We are going to be moving in April or May of this NEW YEAR!!  Thanks for a chance at receiving one of your Cup of good Cheer!

  26. Just cleaned out the 50% off cat toys aisle at Petsmart.  The kitties will be thrilled!

  27. In 2012, I will share lots of lap time with my kitties, along with some scratches and rubs.
    Happy New Year to you too! Jean H.

  28. Maranda mink says:

    I am looking forward to sharing naps on the sofa with my kitties. One sleeps on my chest, one on my legs and one at my feet:)

  29. my kitty will share fun times at work

  30. Knightdrk2 says:

    Hi Bad Kitty, I am looking forward to a New Year of snuggles with my three kitties Huxley, Hathor and Hermes.  It will be sad beginning the New Year without our Hemingway, we will spend time remembering him and the good times as we make new memories.

  31. I also have a Bad Kitty.  She likes to wake me up really early in the morning, apparently my ears have gotten incredibly dirty during the night.  Her sister though, good Kitty is content to snuggle all day.  My kitties sure did love the liver pate I made them while we were chowing down on our Christmas dinner.

  32. Hi, Bad Kitty!  I have five kitties at home to play with.  I am working on clicker training with the kitties at the shelter where I volunteer, and I think I will try it with one of my own pets.  Thanks so much for all you do!  Sharon E. Cathcart, fiona64 at livejournal dot com.

  33. I’m looking forward to everyone piling on the bed like a kitty fur quilt in the cold months, planting some tender green plants for kitties in the spring, and all of us hanging out on the screened back porch (their catio) when it get’s warm. We have four: Sara, Roger the Shrubber, Digit and Pixie.

  34. Well, Bad Kitty, I am really looking forward to sharing more and more love with Maggie and gang!  It is so easy, when they love you back too!  You know, my Dad has a kitty, “Baby” who was obviously abused before we adopted her…it has taken LOT’s of love and patience to get her to trust a little again…but we are very stubborn, when it comes to love, and will not give up! 🙂  Happy New Year, Bad Kitty, and of course, Gracey too!!!  xoxox

  35. Shari Burns says:

    I am looking forward to planting a indoor garden box just for my indoors-only cat, Cricket. I occasionally take her on short walks in the back yard & she really likes to nibble grass. I am planting oat grass & catnip & whatever else I can find that she can enjoy.

  36. KittieDanger says:

    I am looking forward to a new year with limitless possibilities with my family, especially my kitty family!

  37. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    Happy New Year, Bad Kitty!  I am looking forward to sharing more time, hugs and kitteh kisses with my kittehs in the New Year 🙂

  38. ILoveMyBabyBelle says:

    I want to share many fun days with my kitties this coming year!