Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free & Natural Cat Food Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to our Winners! Marcia Ann, Katie Lynn, Terra, Susan, Joyce, BJ, Monica, Eric and Alison.
The tiniest Tiger and Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance

New from Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Grain Free & Natural  food for cats and dogs.

The newest food options for your cat and dog will not be available until after the New Year, but  the folks at Hill’s Pet Nutrition wanted to give members of The Tiniest Tiger community a  chance to try  the new Ideal Balance™ dinners!

I know you must be excited because according to our Curious Cat Survey™,  88% are concerned about the quality of your cat’s food and  77% like to learn about new healthier food options for your cat!  I am super excited to hear what you think of the new dinner offerings.  Here is a bit about the new foods.

Hill's Pet Nutrition Ideal Balance Grain Free

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free

Hill’s Pet Nurtirion created their newest food for cats and dogs, Ideal Balance™ Grain Free with all natural ingredients  in perfect balance.  Ideal Balance™ Grain Free varieties offer meat first, no corn, and of course grain free.  The Chicken and Potato Dinner varieties will be available for both adult cats and adult dogs.

Hill's Pet Nutrition Ideal Balance

Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Chicken and Brown Rice Dinner for Kittens, Adult and Senior Cats

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is also introducing new options for kittens, adult, and senior cats with the new Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Dinners.  The Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner’s ingredient panel’s first ingredient is chicken. The dinners are made with vegetables like carrots, peas and broccoli. The dinners do not contain corn.

These products will not be available at retail until after the New Year, but as a members of The Tiniest Tiger community we have been given exclusive access to these new foods!

9 of you will receive one 15 lb bag of the Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Adult Feline delivered right to your door.  This is a $49 value including shipping and handling.

For our cousins in need too!

I asked Hill’s if I could send some Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ dinners to our cousins in need and they said sure!  So we are sending eight 15 lb. bags to our cousins at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary and  eight 15 lb. bags to our cousins at St. Francis Animal Rescue Center! Super Hurrah!!!

Here is all you need to do:

Leave a comment below this post here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club telling me  why you would like to try the new Ideal Balance™ grain free & natural dinners.

The Rules:

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating.

This contest closes December 22 at 1 p.m. Eastern. I will enter all names in to Randomizer.com. Each bag is a $49 value (including shipping &Handling.) You will be notified by email so make sure you leave a full name and email address. Because our exclusive access expires on December 31, 2011, winners will only have 2 days to respond or I will need to draw another winner.  Void where prohibited by law.

Increase your Chance to Win by:

Visiting our friend Michele at Pet News and Views.  Michele also has early access to the new foods and you can increase your chances of receiving a free 15 lb. bag of Ideal Balance™ by leaving a comment  at Pet News and Views.

Ready?  Leave your comment below this post for your chance to receive a free 15 lb. bag of  Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Adult Feline Dry Food.

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  1. Sharon and Comanchee says

    I’ve got a very active 6yr old bordercollie who id love to try this food on.But if there is a pet in need id love for you to pass my boy up and give it to another furbabie. Thanks Sharon

  2. Lauren Caccese says

    We have a dog and a kitten who LOVE Science Diet. I would love for the kitty to try the new grain free food! Thanks for the chance!

  3. jessica smith says

    Both of my Chihuahuas love Science Diet. They both started gaining some weight this past summer so I did some research on Science Diet and bought a bag and within one month, both were full of energy again and had lost some weight! I have recommended Science Diet to several friends and family members who all use it now!!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Meow! Othello the Cat has a new heart condition that prevents him from flying on the airplane to visit his girlfriend Rosie for Christmas. He would feel better if he got a bag of new SD food from the Hill’s Santa!

  5. We already use SD canned and dry foods but would LOVE to try the grain/corn free food as I think it’s healthier for our cats.

  6. My mother is “taking care” (read has adopted) of my cat because my husband is very allergic to them.  This would be so good for her.

  7. Terrie Williams says

    Three of our four cats eat regular science diet, and always have.  But Rosie cannot – she doesn’t tolerate the corn well.  I’d love to try this grain free/corn free food for her.

  8. Whiskers and I are very excited about this new grain-free food from Hill’s Science diet. We both need to reduce our grain intake for the new year. Thanks for sharing this offer with us Gracey and Hills.

  9. I’d like to win the new Ideal Balance dinners because my kitty needs to lose weight so she doesn’t become diabetic. She’s an indoor cat and doesn’t get much exercise.. 

  10. Allison Colony says

    I have a senior cat who has now lost some fur in a couple of small patches, and has had dry skin for years, not to mention the shedding (she’s got long fur).  Though she is currently eating the Hill’s Hairball Light dry chow, I’d like to see what a new diet like this could do for her.

    Allison Colony

  11. I’d love to try this! Teddy has stomach issues, and I think the grain-free food would really help him! 🙂

  12. I have two rescued cats who would love to try Ideal Balance. We currently use the adult and kitten formulas.

  13. Hi, Gracey! This is your friend Briley from New York again. I saw you are doing a giveaway for new grain-free food from Hill’s Science Diet. I think I would be an excellent candidate to try this new food. I have had tummy trouble for a long time. It is hard for me to digest foods and a lot of times I throw up right after I eat. My nice dad has tried many different foods for me, including a sensitive stomach formula. Sometimes I do okay for a while but the problems start up again. A grain-free or corn-free option could be just what I need to stay healthy and happy! 🙂 

    • Congratulations! You are one of our winners. Please watch for a message from me through Facebook.  xoxoxo

  14. I have three cats, 2 are rescue cats and one was a beautiful gift.  I am a full time student and would like to give my kitties the best food possible, but I would like someone who is less fortunate than I am to have good food for there babies.  Thank you for letting me post this

  15. Elizabeth Petry says

    I would love to give my DLH Calico/Torbie, Portia a great quality food…since she has been having some allergies….

  16. Zoe and Sadie get tired of the same ole bowl of bits to the point they play with it around the house!! They would enjoy trying something new!!

  17. Cassie Kitty says

    Pick me! Our newest kitten came with a bag of Hills Kitten food and we would love to keep her on it! She’s getting really big and eating a lot more now, so I hope we can win it!

  18. I have seven kitties that I have rescued, all are neutered of course. I am unemployed (and looking for work). One boy is becoming diabetic (he is 6 yrs), and another is 18, she is hyperthyroid. 
     I would love to be able to feed all these deserving babies the best food.  

  19. I’d like to win the new Ideal Balance™ grain free & natural dinners because it look really healthy for my 5 indoor cats. Also, I help feed my neighbor’s cats, so I need all the help I can get. Thanks for the chance!


  20. I have been feeding science diet to my cats for over 10 years and wouldn’t use anything else.  

  21. I feed my dogs ONLY S.D., but I also feed several strays & rescue & find new homes for them. I go thru alot of Cat Food. A FREE bag would really help. Thanks

  22. Now this sound yum- you must have thought about us kitties and knew we’d just pounce on this food! Thanks for making it for all of us!

  23. Hills Diet cat food is so good for my two furry people – I worry constantly about what they eat, Ollie has a pre-diabetic condition and Lucy has a sensitive stomach so I’m constantly checking and rechecking their foods – when I found a canned food they both loved, I stopped looking – but they insist (and need) the dry food – a big bag would be such a wonderful Christmas present for the Oliver-man and Lucy-lady.

  24. Morgen Marshall says

    I read tiniest tiger daily, and LOVE grain free foods for my cats! One even has a serious celiac-like allergy to wheat.

  25. With 4 cats(all former strays) and a dog (a rescue) we appreciate any help with the pet food bill!

  26. Elizabeth Flynn says

    We would love to try this new Hill’s food as well!  Thank you Gracey.  I am also glad to hear the PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary and St. Francis Animal Rescue Center are getting some for the kittehs! They are both so deserving.

  27. My littlest kitty, Frankie, seems to be intolerant of grain-based food. He not only gets the runs but he gets really bad gas! I am forever on the search for a grain-free food that all three of my kitties will eat (12 yr old, 4 yr old and 3 yr old).

  28. Kelly Mckillips says

    My 14 year old Cat would Luv to try this brand …Hes a indoor Cat…Time for a change of food  🙂

  29. My three rescued kitties would love to try this grain free and natural dinner as they do much better on a grain free diet. Thank you!

  30. Glad to hear Science Diet coming out with a more natural product.  Have to try it when it comes out.

  31. Amanda Munyon says

    As a non-cat owner, if I somehow win a bag of the food, I would like to donate it to my local shelter. I’m glad to see that Hill’s has created a new line of all-natural pet food. I used to feed my dog Science Diet but moved on to different brand because it wasn’t all-natural. This would definitely give me reason to try the Hill’s brand again!

  32. Some of our kitties are kind of picky, so maybe this food would be both good for them and something they would eat and like. Sounds good to me, anyway…

    • Congratulations! you are one of our winners! Please look for my message sent to you through Facebook.  xoxo

  33. jennifer sprinkle says

    i am looking for a good food for my boys

  34. I would like to try the New Balance diets because I try to get the best for my cats.  They are picky about what they eat.  But I want to feed them natural food that is better for them.  

  35. Elena Lormand says

    i would love for my beauty to eat healthier.

  36. So wonderful that you’re able to send some food to Purrever! I love Purrever. What a big heart, taking care of the elderly kitties no one else seems to want. If I could I’d adopt an elderly from the shelter but I can’t have any more cats here. Someday I hope to be able to do that. 

    My Grandkittygirl, Beatrix, can eat only grain free food and as I’m sure you know this stuff is expensive but for her we spare no expense. It’s not a joke when I say she eats better than we do. 😀

  37. Lisa Anne Mayfield says

    Having six kitties makes it hard to change cat foods, financially. However, I’d love to feed them something healthier than the stuff I buy at the grocery store. Also, they can be picky so just buying a bag to try is out of the question. Despite that fact, I would love to try this new food and see if they’d like it and make it worth the money to buy it for them, they deserve better nutrition!!! >^.^<

  38. Lisa Cochran says

    Our household would love to try Ideal Balance.  We love Hills Science already and this sounds like a great addition to their choices.

  39. if it’s science diet they will love it

  40. My pets are getting older and deserve the have the best now more than ever.


  41. Grain free is the way to go! All those carbs in other dry foods are not good for my current diabetic guy .. and they add to the chances of my other 3 getting it own the line I hear. If I win, may I have my bags equally divided between my 2 favorite kitty sanctuaries too? Same as yours: PurrEver Ranch in TN and St. Francis Animal Rescue in SC. Thank you! 

  42. Becky Hendricks says

    We are very fussy about what we feed our gang of five cats. We always read the ingredients to make sure the first ingredient is meat or fowl or fish and not grain. So this food is definitely the kind of food we want for our cats.

  43. I would like to try the newest product by Hill’s. I have four dogs, all strays and rescues. My daughter has two cats, both strays. We live in a county that kills 20,000+ ( and thats down 50% from 2007) a year. I reccomend nothing but Hill’s and always choose a shelter dog! Mike Martin, Bexar County Texas

  44. I would love to win this …  the guys are set in their ways with their food but they would LOVE to share this with UCAN, where mom volunteers.  There is a homeless client there that would certainly appreciate this.

  45. Nancy Foulke says

    Thanks for thinking of the shelters too.  We have two cats over 10 years old, one is overweight and the other has severe asthma and we feed and take care of 3 feral kitties.  All of them would benefit from eating a healthier diet.  Being on a low fixed income we could never afford to purchase this product but would love to have our kitties be able to try it.  Thank you.

  46. I’d like to try the new Science Diet because instead of giving it to the cats in my habitat, I’d instead give it to a local shelter group because shelter cats need to be healthy, too!

  47. You are THE BEST for sending 8 bags to St. Francis Animal Rescue – they do the best for the cats they rescue – they feed them, doctor them, love them and then because they are all loved so much, they are found forever homes – and sometimes, the forever home is at St. Francis – but thats ok because this is a shelter that has no cages and no restrictions – its simply surrounded by love.  I’d like my Ollie and Lucy to begin eating healthy – please, please help them win this giveaway.

  48. I would love to receive one of these free bags of Ideal Balance cat food so my Goldie Nugget could try it out. She is my over weight kitty cat that is looking for a well tasting food that will help her to loose some weight. She would also share some of this with her sisters Pudgy and Callie.  Thanks Gracey

  49. DanetteDugan says

    I have 3 adult cats and they LOVE Science Diet… Rain, Jazz-Man, and Max would love to try the new food…and I am very happy to hear that is is ALL Natural! 


  50. Banananutmufin says

    I would love to try a possibly healthier food option for my 4 furry children.

  51. I would like to see if grain free really does make a difference. 

  52. I want my girl and boy to have healthy food.

    • Congratulations! You are one of the winners. Please watch for a message sent from me through Facebook.  xoxoxo

  53. We have four wonderful furbaby felines, three adopted from no kill shelters & one from animal control. Since they provide us with unconditional live and companionship, they deserve the best nutrition! Thank you! Amy B.

  54. Several of my cats are getting older, so it would be nice to try out the senior formula for them.

  55. I would love to try it for my cat because I want to have her on the best food available. This soundsl like a great food and it is all natural.

  56. I think that the boys and girl would really benefit from the Ideal Balance.  They currently eat the Optimal Care but it would be nice to try the grain free variety. 

  57. I would like to try the new Ideal Balance for my “tiny tigers”.  I currently feed Hills, and my cats are healthy with gorgeous coats, but I’d like to try the no grains version too. 

  58. I would like to try the kitten formula for our little foster kittens.

  59. I would like to try it because my little girl Sabrina, has a very sensitive tummy…regular dog food makes her have a tummyache 🙁 my kitties already eat Hills Science Diet Prescribtion CD since my little boy has a tendency toward pee pee problems. Anything for my babies 😀

  60. I would really love for my two older cats and my 9-month old kitty to be able to try this new dry food.  Sounds like it would be very nutritious and not full of empty calories as some foods are.

  61. I would love to try the new food my two cats have very different tastes one is to skinny and never seems to gain weight and the other is a very big boy a maine coon cat whom I rescued I really watch what they eat but nothing ever seems to change.  My big boy got very sick last year from bad food and had us very worried for a while but is back to his same old friendly self 🙂

  62. Hi,
    I would really like to try this new food I have a cat with IBD he also can’t eat grains so this sounds like something he might really enjoy. He’s 13 years old and I have such a hard time keeping weight on him. 

  63. With 5 cats of various sizes, ages, and proportions I’m always trying to find some kind of balance between the foods to help deliver everything to everybody.  I free feed due to crazy work schedule so individual feeding is out of the question.  This sounds like a food that would help deliver the most balance to my sweet boys and girls!

  64. Terra Fagala says

    My 11 yo and two 4 yo cats have always eaten HSD. Their favorite flavors are turkey-n-giblets and gourmet turkey entree. They also devour HSD adult light dry food. They are healthy, happy felines. I have debated switching to a grain-free, corn-free, by-product-free cat food, but I trust HSD and have remained loyal, despite the recent movement to natural food. My 11 yo has some sort of allergy, possibly a food allergy, and bites/licks spots of fur from his skin, so I hope a grain-free, corn-free product will help alleviate his allergies. I have been anxiously awaiting a HSD natural product, and it’s finally here! Please consider the Fagala felines as the winners of Ideal Balance. They look forward to sampling soon! Thanks. 

    Colby, Tony, and Leo’s mom

  65. isahrangme isahrangme says

    i am keeping my cats diet healthy. i try to keep the food mostly animal protein, and definitely grain free. i also like to give them different types (in case some brand discontinues, and i have to stop feeding that specific one, my cats won’t be shocked by new food). so i would love for them to try hill’s

  66. I have 5 cats that used to eat Science Diet and loved it but then needed natural food, I cannot wait to let my 5 cats try the new science diet so they will be happy again!

  67. I am always interested in trying healthy, grain free alternatives.  Harmony has a sensitive tummy so I think it’s important to keep trying to find something that she can tolerate well that she will also like. 

  68. I will try the new food when it comes available to consumers. I’m am a Hills buyer and am glad that they care about what their consumers needs. It shows that they care by answering our requests.

    However if I’m chosen as a winner, I’d like them to donate the food to another shelter.

  69. Elizabeth Flynn says

    Hi Gracey.  I have been switching over all the kittehs dry food to Grain Free these past few months. It is interesting to say the least, as some like one and and not the others.  So far have not found one that they all like. Conamara won’t eat any of them yet 🙁  I currently have about 8 different kinds we are trying and we would like to try Iam’s new product too. Thank you so much for telling us all about it and I will keep an eye out for it at the store 🙂

  70. I have three cats all gathered off the street at young ages (Two are mother and daughter). I would very much like to try a more natural type of food than the ones that are on the market now…in other words, more feline oriented. For much too long, the animal food industry has been trying to tell we humans that our animals should eat like us…..they are carniverous….we are omniverous….why should they? Thank you for this unique opportunity!

  71. Josie Tyrrell says

    My cat Toby is 3 years old that we got from a rescue and he has already had surgery for crystal stones in his bladder. All natural food will be very good for him. Many thanks.
    My name is Josie Tyrrell and my e-mail address is josie.tyrrell@videotron.ca.

  72. My two boys are very sensitive to food. I’ve been trying to find the right balance for them and this sounds like the purr-fect fit!

  73. We have seven kitties, and just recently our youngest (1.5 year old) was diagnosed with kidney disease. We are so sad, and now concerned that the foods we are feeding them lead to this problem because of the dyes and fillers. We are searching for better foods to keep them healthy.

  74. I just adopted 2 darling kittens and this looks very nutritous. I would really love to start them out right by trying this cat food with them…Thanks!!

  75. Pooh is only allowed to have grain free food, so looking forward to trying this product!

  76. Both of my babies have been having an awful lot of upset bellies lately. Hopefully a food change to something gentler would be better for them.

  77. Angela DiGeronimo says

    This food looks great Gracey.  I wonder if it would be a good hypoallergenic option because it’s grain free?

  78. Tiffany Knoll says

    My husband and I eat organic and natural food.  I believe that my furry babies should eat the same.  There is so many ingredients in food that we don’t even know what it is.  I don’t want to feed my cats anything if I don’t know whats the ingredients are.  The same goes for our food too.  Ideal Balance would be great new addition to my childrens dinner. 

  79.  I would like to try it just to feed my cat Healthy food !!

  80. I also have 2 indoor only cats and one of them is diabetic so I have to be super careful about what they are fed.  They are on rd right now but I would love to try this new iDeal Balance food for them.  They love the rd so I’m sure they would love this too.

  81. I really need to try that! I have a cat with digestive problems and, I think, a grain free food will be better for her!

  82. I have 2 indoor-only cats. One is on Science Diet RD canned and they are both on SD dry as well. I would love to try this new iDeal Balance food. I am concerned with the amount of grains and other ‘junk’ additives in my cats’ food and that’s why I only feed SD. This new food sounds wonderful and healthy. 


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