Out with New Year’s Resolutions! In with Gratitude!

Happy New Year Sign for 2012

My mom and I spent some time reading together and what we learned was that we are not going to make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2012, but rather we are going to make a list of all the things for which we are grateful.

We learned that the majority of humans do not stick to their resolutions and that leaves a lot of unfinished tasks cluttering up their minds acting as a constant reminder of incomplete goals.  And the human subconscious remembers the unfinished tasks better than the completed tasks, moving them to the forefront while accomplishments are moved to the back burner.  This is no good because these dangling remnants  increase stress and start to chisel away at self-esteem!  Whoa! Sometimes I am more than super happy to belong to the felidae family.

Research shows that individuals with a sense of gratitude, are less materialistic and more satisfied with their lives. We learned that a grateful person is likely to shift focus from seeking what one does not have, to being thankful for what they already possess. This grateful focus generates a sense of contentment with one’s life. If you would like to read more about what we learned you can find the entire post Reject Resolutions for 2012! Bring on the Gratitude! on my mom’s site From Freezer to Field.

For this reason, Bad Kitty and I decided to make a Gratitude List in celebration of the New Year and to leave the resolutions behind with the old year.

Our Gratitude List ( in no particular order)Bad Kitty and Gracey ready for the new year

Shelter in a happy home

Loving parents and family

My brother Mercy

Great friends from over 57 countries

Clean water

Plenty of food

Lazy Leopard

Bossy Backyard Blue Jay

Hill’s Science Diet Low Allergen Treats

Warm and comfortable places to sleep

Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Leopards and all big cats

The Lion Guardians Project


Rescue and shelter workers everywhere

Wildlife conservation programs

Thinking circles

Fun toys.

Sofa slankets

My Cat Power Tower

My sunroom

Fage yogurt

Prozinc Insulin- because it keeps me healthy

My doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic

Smart Cat Boxes

Bissell  for helping me clean up my messes



The internet

My iPad



Gosh we can just keep going…will you help us add to the list?  What are you grateful for?

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  1. I will always be grateful for my guardian angels (my animals). They give me purpose. And I am grateful for all of my family and friends. I have been very blessed.

  2. Sebastian Palmer says

    I’m grateful for blanket tents on the couch, freeze-dried salmon treats and my Mom & Dad.

    • Blanket tents are awesome! I am so happy that you are in a home with loving parents too. Happy New Year Sebastian!!  xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for sharing Gracey. I normally don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but it’s good to know about the effect of gratitude. I’m going to make a list too!