The Most Important Gift for Cats and Cat Parents.

At the start of this Holiday Season, our good friend Michele from Pet News and Views, told me about a book that she really likes , The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell. During all the hustle and bustle of the season including  the shopping, the lights, the glitz and the glitter,  I thought often about The Gift of Nothing.

Now as the shopping season starts grinding to a halt with the holidays just around the corner, many people are still scrambling to find more gifts, gadgets and goodies to make the season bright.  Some might even start to panic as the pressure mounts to find the perfect present. So, I thought again about The Gift of Nothing and how this gift, that is nothing, might  be the most important gift of all. And I have back up.

A new study by Kimberlee Weaver of Virginia Tech and Stephen Garcia and Norbert Schwarz of the University of Michigan, revealed that adding a less expensive gift to go along with a more  extravagant one actually reduced the impact of the nicer gift.  In other words, your loved ones will appreciate an expensive gift more if it is the only one they get!

The researchers found that while you have the best of intentions  following the “more-is-better” logic as the giver, the recipient unknowingly looks at the bundle of gifts and averages the value so that by giving more, you are actually giving less!  You could easily cut your shopping, spending and stress by more than half and still enjoy the same spirit of the season!

I thought and thought some more about The Gift of Nothing and I wondered, if more is less, could nothing be the most?

I needed to spend some time in my “thinking circle”  pondering this question.  While “thinking” I decided that you might like to see  The Gift of Nothing video:

I really love the time I spend with my parents.  And sometimes I need to remind them. Every day I go to the office to put my paw down.  I look at my mom and ask her to please come spend some time with me.   I  remind her that I am here living, breathing, purring. I want to play hide and seek and run around the habitat. I want to chomp chow while she  pets me from the tip of my nose all the way to the tip of my tail.  I want to feel her scratch me lovingly behind my ears and under my chin. I want her to scoop me up and hold me tight against her, and kiss me on the side of my head until I squirm and want down. I want to exchange the slow blinks of love! I bet  your cat wants this too!

It is fun to share with your family and friends the gifts that you think will make them happy. But please remember, what is most important, is the time spent with each other. I ask you to do your best to be truly present with your cat and your loved ones this holiday season and throughout the days to come. This means unplugging, stepping away from the computer and the smart phone.   Whatever it is,  99.9% of the time, it really can wait.

I have decided that the most important gift for cats and cat parents really  is the Gift of Nothing!

Nothing but each other, being still, being present, being together, sharing time, sharing love.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

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  1. What a wonderfully wise kitty. Truly giving the gift of one’s self and time is a very very priceless gift that can’t be matched by material things. Thank you so much for reminding all of us about this.

  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet story Gracey. You are a sweet, thoughtful kitty and I would love to spend time with such a nice friend! Merry Christmas to you, your Mom and Dad and the rest of your family!! Thank you for being my friend!!!

  3. Awwww…Gracey, you melt my heart with that sweet little face.  Merry Christmas to you and your mom and dad from Smoki and me..xoxo

  4. As if I could actually forget them, my two cats, Autumn and Earl Grey, always remind me that they are there and want attention.  Often times, it is in the wee hours of the morning, but I love them anyway.  By the way, that is a beautiful picture of you with the blue snowflakes in the window.  You are a pretty girl.

    • Thank you for loving your cats David.  I have tea time with my dad in the wee hours of the morning sometimes.  He doesn’t seem to mind and I love that time with him.  xoxoox

  5. Awwww, I really love this!!!  Merry Christmas, sweet little friend!!!  Thank you so much, for the reminder!!!  xoxoxox to you and your family!!!

  6. My 15 years old tabby, Lucy, is sick. She has a problem with her kidneys. The medicine is very expensive but we are managing to treat her. She got better when we started to give it to her. The best gift for us all will be her health.

    • Wishing  Lucy the best of health and sending you hugs and kisses.  Thank you for loving Lucy.  xoxox Gracey!

  7. I love the Gift of Nothing! This reminded me of the time I spent this morning with my Frankie kitty. He’s not one to be held or cuddled but this morning he was snuggled up next to me in bed, purring away. I decided getting up a little late was worth spending this time together. I don’t regret it at all!

    Merry Christmas, Gracey!

    • Thank you for telling us about your snuggle time with Frankie.  What a great gift for both of you. This brought a tear of happiness to my eyes. Sometimes it is easy to forget that just being together is more than enough.  xoxox  Merry Christmas, Heidi and Frankie!

  8. Elizabeth Flynn says:

    That is beautiful Gracey. Thank you for the reminder. Hugs and kitteh kisses to you beautiful girl.

  9. This is just adorable. Thank you.

  10. Thanks Joanne and Gracey. You have both given me the gift of friendship, which I deeply cherish.