Cat Art Exhibit. Welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Gallery

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger Cat Artist Welcome Friends to my first art exhibit.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

After I  displayed my first painting, A Cat Artist’s Interpretation of an Amur Tiger, that I created using my iPad and the Paint for Cats app by Hiccup, I could not believe the outpouring of support for my art.

I truly appreciate your kind words  so I thought I would try to paint some more of the things that inspire me. This required a lot of thinking time and play time with my TipsyNip Tickle Pickle.

It took me quite some time to find the right color combinations to convey my interpretation of what inspired me and to then get  the paint on the canvas.  I sure hope you like my paintings too.

Welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Gallery!

My Inspiration:

Jaguar photo by Patrick Meier

Jaguar Image courtesy of Patrick MeierMy Inspiration

One of my favorite big cats, the Jaguar. The perfect balance of strength and beauty.  This image was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Patrick Meier.

I love all the tones of green along the river bank.

My Painting: Jaguar in the Jungle

My Inspiration:

Pink Nose and Toes

Image courtesy of rethinkPink by Kathy Hackman Hutchinson

Sometimes humans, including my parents squeal when they see cute little pink noses and toes on kittens and cats.

I myself have a pink nose but I have a bit of a stain just like a tiger.

My Painting: Pink Nose and Pink Toes

Pink Nose and Toes Painting by The Tiniest Tiger

My Inspiration:

Lions drinking water photo by Greg du Toit

Image courtesy of Greg du Toit, Wildlife Photographer

Last July we had the amazing experience to visit Kenya. We loved everything, the sights, the sounds, the smells. We all know how important water conservation is for the survival of all species from the biggest to the smallest. This image reminded me of the importance of drinking water for all earths creatures.

My Painting: Lions Drinking Water

Lions and Water The Tiniest Tiger Painting

My Inspiration:

full moon in the night

As the sun sets across the savanna and even in our own back yards, nocturnal predators begin to prowl.

My Painting: Night Hunt

Night Hunt painting by The Tiniest Tiger

My Inspiration:

Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip Products Tickle Pickle

Image courtesy of TipsyNip Organic Catnip Tickle Pickle

Whoa! This is my interpretation of what happens when I play with my TipsyNip Tickle Pickle. I have heard some humans discussing that they wonder what we cats see and feel after playing with some potent nip.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand meows.

My Painting: Too Much Nip!

Too much Nip Painting by The Tiniest Tiger

Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery.
I would love to know which painting is your favorite and why it stood out from the rest for you.

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  1. Those are pawsome Gracey.

  2. Judy & Lucy says

    We like the pink nose & toes. 1 because i wuv pink & 2, its my favorite!! 🙂 Can you print des out Gracey?

  3. Judy & Lucy says

    I love all of them Gracey!  Can you print those out?  You should tell your Mommy to print them & sell them! I know they would sell!! All proceeds could go to the CCC!! Love you! xo  Judy & Lucy

  4. OMC dat iz a pawsum exhibits. Keep up da great artworks.

  5. Marilia Bavaresco says

    MOL!!!!!! I really love your inspirations!!!!!!!

  6. Nursemillertime says

    All of them are strikingly beautiful! I guess if I had to pick one, I would go with Pink Nose and Toes. I’d love to see what can be done with shades of burgandy, black and white. What a wonderful idea to sell them to help out our cousins! You have such a caring heart, Gracey!

    • Thank you Nursemillertime! I will investigate this color combination.  Do you have an inspiration image?  We have a super terrific caring community of friends.  xoxo

  7. They are all good. I like Night Hunt the best

  8. My favorite is Pink Noes and Pink Toes! Not only is pink one of my favorite colors, but one of my kitties has a pink noes and pink toes. 😀

    • Thank you Stefanie! That is so sweet that you favorite color is also the same color as your kitty’s nose and toes.  

  9. I like Too Much Nip. When my cats Digit and Sara get catnip it’s all Haight-Asbury around here…

    • Thank you Melissa!  I love your expression it’s all Haight-Asbury around here. Do you live in San Francisco?

  10. These are all so beautiful, Gracey, but I think my favorite is the *Jaguar in the Jungle*. Keep up the great work. I am glad I will always be able to say that I knew you before you were a famous artist 🙂

    • Thank you Elizabeth.  How is Peanut Butter doing?  I am thinking of her and sending out positive thoughts and prayers for her and you.  

  11. All of your artwork is wonderful, Gracey!  Very hard to choose a favorite, but I will pick “Jaguar in the Jungle”.  The various shades of green really evoke the feel of the jungle.

    • Thank you Buddysmom!!  The Jaguar in the Jungle is very popular.  The green colors are very soothing  to the eyes I think.  xoxox

  12. Oh Gracey, they are all so beautiful! I guess I would have to choose the Jaguars in the Jungle as my first choice. Perhaps it is because it is the first one that I saw. However, I would buy all of your prints if they were for sale. You are a talented artist with a real visual sense!

    • Thank you Denise.  A good Friend suggested we sell a few as a fundraiser to help our cousins in need.   xoxox

  13. I love Jaguar in the Jungle! I can almost see that jaguar’s eyes peering out at me!

  14. Donna Wilson08 says

    Every one of them are great!!!

  15. I like Pink Nose and Pink Toes.  Bromi likes Too much Nip.

    • Thank you both!  Do you squeal too when you see little pink noses and toes?  Bromi has a good eye. 😉

  16. I don’t know which one is my favorite! They’re all great! Though I have to say I do like Night Hunt a lot though. I guess that might be my favorite. It just captures the title perfectly! 😀

  17. Too much nip! Cats are sometimes all over the place and this painting reminds me of my tiny tiger Morrie! Good job. 🙂

  18. I love Night Hunt.  It does indeed make one “paws” and reflect…  I’m an artist too, and am working on a piece in shades of black. gray and white. 

  19. My favorite is also Pink Nose & Pink Toes! There certainly IS a change in you after some catnip, Gracey! WOW! Those are some bright colors in Too Much Nip. I really think you may have a future in this, Gracey.

  20. Very beautiful Art picture…..that’s different from the cats’ best Arts!    My favorite picture is Jaguar in the jungle but I like all of the beautiful pictures!   Thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh my, how lovely!!!  I LOVE the Too Much Nip!  Keep up the great work!!!  

  22. Lilibeanus says

    My favorite is pink nose and pink toes.  I am one of those humans who squeal at the sight of both pink noses and pink toes.  I also like Lions Drinking water…the colors are very nice.

    • Thank you Lilibeanus!  My parents squeal too.  hahahahha.  I like the Lions Drinking Water too.

  23. Pink Nose and Toes…it just “felt” the most like what it is…if that makes sense 🙂

    • Thank you Ellen! I am glad that you felt something for the painting.  That is super exciting.

  24. Night hunt…it caused me to pause and reflect.

  25. Hmmm, it’s very difficult, but I’d have to say “Night Hunt” is my favorite, followed very closely by “Jaguar in the Jungle.” 

    • Thank you Janet.  Night Hunt is one of my favorites too.  I love the greens in Jaguar in the Jungle.