Fancy Feast Giveaway! Be First to Try New Flavor!

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Congratulations and Super Hurrah to HArvey 2210, Batmans Mom, Monica H and Trish. You are the winners in our Fancy Feast Giveaway!

I have sent each of you an email to the address you posted with your comment. Please let me know where to send your Fancy Feast via USPS asap!

Fancy Feast GiveawayIs your Cat a  Connoisseur?

Fancy Feast is giving Friends of The Tiniest Tiger the opportunity to be among the first to let their finicky feline try the  new flavor in their Elegant Medley line.   The Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp with Wild Rice in Gravy won’t be available in stores until June 30, but you have a chance to try the new Tastemaker contest winning flavor nowl

You Can Win Free Fancy Feast for your Cats!

Yesterday, Fancy Feast gave away 17,500 cans via their Facebook page, and the cans flew off the page pretty fast. If you missed your chance, no worries because  the nice folks at Fancy Feast have given me 24 cans to share with you. So I thought I would split up the case and offer 4 Friends of The Tiniest Tiger the opportunity to win 6 cans!

How to Enter:

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating.  Stalk our page for another exciting giveaway.

Just leave a comment here below this post here on our The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club. You can tell me whether or not your cat is a connoisseur , a finicky feline, or will eat anything put in front of them.  I consider myself somewhat finicky with a sensitive palate.

The Rules:

The contest is open until March 17 at midnight.  Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say The Tiniest Tiger Fancy Feast Winner.   Void where prohibited by law.

Don’t forget to participate in our Leaping Leprechaun giveaway too. Pounce here!

Fancy Feast  also gave me 6 cans of the new Elegant Medley flavor to try.

I will be sharing with cats in my neighborhood.

Leave your comment below this post!  Thank you for being a part of  The Tiniest Tiger community.

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  1. I was told that I couldn’t give Fingers food with gravy because it’s bad for diabetic cats.  Only pate.  Is this true Gracey?

  2. My cat is definitely a connoisseur! And she loves fish-flavored cat food!

  3. My cat is definitely a connnoisseur! And she loves fish-flavored cat food!

  4. My tiny cat, Minnie, is 18 years old and will eat anything I put in front of her.  She wasn’t feeling too good right before Christmas, so I started adding canned food to her diet.  She eats an entire can by herself, then eats her dry food, and goes around the house to finish off whatever the other 6 cats didn’t finish.  She would love to try the Elegant Medley flavors.

  5. Bruce Wager says

    My cat Mr Huddy Husdon eat this  fancy feast! Each and every day he just can get,anoth of it! And I know he will be happy trying and new one, he will jump for joy

  6. Teddy will eat anything, but Sophie is very picky!

  7. June Buggie is a finicky eater- he prefers to eat food that others are trying to consume. 

  8. Christinepalmier says

    hi Gracie,  my cat Domino will eat almost anything in front of him except if I put is meds for his arthritis in the cat food. he  needs that med very much since now he won’t jump on med w/ me since it hurts to jump down. thank you. 

  9. think my kitties would just love to try this new flavor as they love ALL of the other medleys.

  10. My two rescue cats LOVE Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers! Can’t wait to let them try this!!

  11. My five fabulous felines thrive on Fancy Feast. My 12 year old, Greyhawk is a finicky eater.

  12. My four are all rescues and will eat any cat food that is given to them. Living out on the streets, they know what it is like not to have food on a regular basis.  Would love to spoil them with some very fancy cat food!!

  13. veggie burger does not like wet food, but chunk loves it! she gets so excited when she hears a can open. it’s like the batman call light of the cat world.

  14. Danielle Murgia says

    Reese’s is picky.  He only eats fancy feast and meow mix cups.  Last time I bought him the organic cat food he wouldn’t eat it.  He especially likes “fish” flavors.

  15. my Bernice will eat anything and grabs her bowl when it’s filled, saying “mine”.  But Marigold is a true foodie.  She waits patiently then takes the bowl with the fanciest fillings.

  16. Carogonza1 says

    Oh my cat is finicky!

  17. My cat is one of those finicky eaters – she won’t eat anything unless it sirts there long enough that she knows nothing else is going to come. Then, she’ll dig in and eat it. She also favors seafood and is reluctant to try chicken – unless, of course, it’s the only available option.

  18. Sharon_collette says

    my 18 yr old is very finicky about his food he only wants the best:-)

  19. Sharon Lake says

    Toothpick will eat only Fancy Feast! I had tried so many different types of food and he would only eat the tuna of one brand! Then I tried Fancy Feast! He eats very well these days!

  20. My cats love new flavors and love Fancy Feast!

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Super Hurrah! Monica H you are one of the winners in the Fancy Feast New Flavor Giveaway!  Please look for a message from me.  xoxo

  21. My kitties are oh so picky. Fancy Feast is one brand I can usually buy — a new flavor gives me reason to hope! : )

  22. I have 4 cats and they will only eat Fancy Feast Gourmet, and they prefer the fish flavors.

  23. Dee_gantt says

    My cat is a finiky eater he likes or loves Fancy Feast TUNA AN CHEESE, he will not eat anythuing else in the moist i have to get him that,

  24. Since my cat Shizzle was diagnosed with bladder stones recently, he can only eat canned food. He loves to try all the flavors!

  25. The SDR kittehs are somewhat finicky, but with so many of them, someone is bound to like it!

  26. Meganstrawbridge22 says

    My cat loves everything.  But he goes really crazy when i open a can a fancy feast.  most times i can’t even get the food on the floor without him basically eating it out of my hand!

  27. Medusa154 says

    My cat Pico is finicky but he loves ham , bacon, turkey!

  28. Robbin Seuling says

    My five cats love Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys.  It is the only kind we buy. 

  29. sounds great!!  I bet my Bing Crosby kitty would enjoy a treat!

  30. My kitties Pixie & Lil’ Bitz just love Fancy Feast. I hope they can try the new flavors

  31. I have 3 finicky kitties. I need a fancy feast for them

  32. Carol Woods says

    I have 1 “Pretty Kitty”. He is very finicky and spoiled but he loves almost all flavors of Fancy Feast as long as it’s not the ground up consistency.

  33. My two boy cats will eat anything with great joy. My girl cat is much more selective.

  34. My kitties would love to try this fancy cat food, since they usually have to have the lower priced canned.  They are miffed.

  35.  My two furgirls have shared 3 cans of Fancy Feast daily since they were 6 weeks old. They will be two on Saturday! They are finicky. There are some flavors of Fancy Feast that they don’t seem to like as much as others – but usually anything with fish in it is a HUGE hit.

  36. Briley has a very sensitive tummy. He is on a dry-food-only diet, but if we win the new cans of Fancy Feast, he says he will be very happy to donate them to our local rescue group! 

  37. my baby Jazzabelle will eat anything put before her.. She is very adventurous, always climbing as high as she can..

  38. My cats Alley, Blue and Bosley are finicky eaters.  BUT….give them something they love combined with a sunny spot on the floor and they are happy campers! 

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Super Hurrah! You are one of the winners of our Fancy Feast Giveaway!!!  I have sent you a message

  39. Michele Reshetnik says

    My Cat Spookie (15 years old) absolutely loves fancy feast! It would be a wonderful treat for her!

  40. Peggy Gorman says

    I have 3 cats that are Fancy Feast  connoisseurs! They love Fancy Feast !!

  41. I have 3 cats…one who eats anything put in front of him (Ashes 3.5 years), the other that east most of what I put in front of him (Felix 2 years)…and the oldest who turns her nose up at most canned food I give her (Raven, 12 years)! Lately, the only thing she’ll eat is Fancy Feast – but not ALL of the flavors. 

  42. Noelle Merecki says

    My two girls have the most different taste pallet. But they both go nuts over fancy feast, especially if gravy is involved. >^..^<

  43. My cat Bowie has become pretty finicky the past several months, not wanting to eat his regular food. I’ve been adding samples of other diets to his food to try to reenergize him to eat. He can even be a bit picky when it comes to canned food.

  44. Sadie LOVES anything with gravy…Zoe will eat anything put in front of her.  They both LOVE other Fancy Feast varieties.

  45. Flalleykats9 says

    Eat anything put in front of them. I love fancy feast when I have a sick kitty just the right amount of food for them.

  46. My 5 cats Bubu & Sisi (13yrs) Tinkerbell (5yrs) and Felix & Onyx (4yrs) ONLY will eat Fancy Feast. They are finicky at times, but mostly just give them a can and life is awesome. For everyone in the house.

  47. Roxy and AlleyMalibu adore Fancy Feast, they know it totally rocks!!!

  48. My cats will eat anything-especially my kittens that are growing up quickly. Thanks for the opportunity.

  49. Earl Gray is fussy. When I found him, he was eating garbage–really anything he could find on the streets. He stunk. Then I started feeding him better food, and he scarfed it down. Now, he is incredibly fussy. He gets a special diet for his thyroid, and I occasionally put gravy over it.

  50. I have 3 cats. 2 are very finicky and 1 is a garbage disposal (will eat anything)! 

  51. MsPhoebecat says

    Ms. Phoebe is a bit of a finicky eater, with a preference for all and any thing seafood. She would love to try a can of the new kind, and share it with her fur brother and sister. Well, I can’t say love to share- I would have to make her! <3<3<3 We love you Gracey and Mercy!

  52. Only 1 of our 3 kittehs is kind of picky.  But all 3 of them absolutely LOVE Fancy Feast!  🙂

  53. Batmans Mom says

    Batman has very refined tastes.  Willing to temp her with a new flavor though.

  54. Well, Enzo hasn’t been eating since he’s had a virus, but perhaps some of this stinky goodness would perk up his appetite.

  55. Lisadee75 says

    My kittys would it!

  56. Jamiemb76 says

    My fur babies are finicky! They will only eat elegant medleys. They wake us up in the morning and trip us as we come in the door from work. They know ehen they ate getting there fave treat.

  57. I have an 8 year old boy who is a finiky eater. Last year he lost a lot of weight because he would refuse to eat but Fancy Feast Elegant Medley Salmon Florentine always got him interested again, at least for a little while. It is expensive but he is worth it.

  58. Bethcunard says

    My kitties are happy to eat Fancy Feast! They are rescue kitties and until they were rescued,were lucky to even have food.

  59. Sharon Gilbert says

    My cats will eat anything.  They love Fancy Feast products!

  60. Kenna Nauenburg says

    My kitties are HUGE fans of Fancy Feast!  Every time I go into the kitchen, they think it’s to give them their beloved “gushy food” (obviously, the kitchen and I exist only to feed them).  It doesn’t matter what the flavor, they nom up five cans within ten minutes (I’ve got eight kitties).  It amazes me because they don’t even fight over it.  They share, and they float back and forth between plates so that they can sample a bit of each.  

    Fancy Feast sure has a permanent place in our home!

    PS…The commercials with the kitten and her couple make me smile and bring on happy tears 🙂

  61. My Maine Coon cat is very picky and will only eat Fancy Feast.  My orange tabby only eats dry food and treats.  Gotta love cats!

  62. I have a connoisseur, a finicky feline, and one who will eat anything put in front of them and what ever they can scope out on their own too, lol. They love fancy feast wet and dry!

  63. Kshane004 says

    My 4 cats are very picky. My 20 year old, almost toothless, loves the gravy, whats left over I have to mash up and make more gravy….and repeat until all gone.

  64. when I adopted my two kitties, I was given a bag of Science Diet. I’ve never had pets before and I was lucky to have friends who did. They recommended Natura Petbrand, so the kitties have been on Healthwise dry food since then. Every once in a while they get wet food as a treat. And what can I say, they *love* it!!!

  65. Shadow loves anything new and would love this flavor. Leo doesn’t really care for tuna as he is very finicky.

  66. I have a mix of old and young cats, most of them have a discerning palate.  The new flavor sounds delicious and my kitties would love to sample!

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Super Hurrah! You are a winner in The Tiniest Tiger Fancy Feast giveaway.  xoxox  I have sent you an email.

      • Thanks so much!!  I replied to your email with my info, and today got a second request for my info.  I will re-send but thought I would message you here in case my emails are not getting through.  Thank you.

  67. Both of my cats are finicky – one more so than the other.

  68. Three (Sherbert, Shadow, Cookie) out of my four cats will eat anything you put in front of them, whereas Indie will hardly eat anything that isn’t her dry food… Weirdest cat I have ever seen when it comes to food.

  69. Kayla Roche says

    I would like some for our cat, Koko. Koko is an old cay that prefers wet cat food over dry cat food.

  70. Amy Sikes says

    I have 4 cats – two scarf down their Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys the second I get the stuff into a bowl!  The other two don’t like wet food that much to start with, but they don’t seem to mind Elegant Medleys too much.  I’d really like to get some of this for my Chronic Kidney Disease kitty.  There aren’t many foods she likes anymore, but she LOVES Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys!  🙂

  71. Stacie Regelman says

    I have two kitties, one with barely any teeth.  My girl has an understandably hard time eating the chunkier varieties of Fancy Feast, but she loves Tender Liver and Chicken Feast!  The youngster can have some of his and then a little of hers. 

  72. My 2 cats are bipolar I guess–sometimes finicky, sometimes connoisseur!  But all the times lovable 🙂

  73. Chattykatz says

    my kitty family of 3 are connoisseur’s of FANCY FEAST … i divide one can among the 3 and usually have to watch closely b/c Miss Kitty & Clem clean their bowls fast-fast & then hurry over to see if there’s any left in McGee’s bowl!!  and there usually is b/c he takes his time and SAVORS the flavor!!!

  74. My kitties with exception of Dirky are not picky at all.

  75. 2 of my 4 cats are finicky eaters. The other 2 will eat anything and eat it like there is no tomorrow : )

  76. My boys really like gravy or sauce.  The girls eat it all!

  77. Hi Gracey, my name is Keiko and I’m a very finicky feline.  My momma keeps trying to get me to try new brands of cat food, but I turn my nose up unless she gives me my Pro Plan or Fancy Feast and those have to be either chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna or trout.  I’d love to try the new tuna and shrimp.

  78. Codyhaylee2 says

    mondo will eat anything

  79. Well “Hmmmm Let’s see>  I have 3 furry ones & I think each one of them fit into the 3 categories you mentioned.  Honey Pie is the one that eats anything; A Cappella is a connoisseur & Captain is my finicky kitten.

  80. Pipercatmom says

    My cats are extremely particular about their noms but have never turned down a FF flavor!

  81. Josie Tyrrell says

    Mine loves all the specialty foods. Thanks

  82. Nursemillertime says

    Kayleigh is a true princess in that she will only eat certain foods. Fancy Feast is perfect for her…no scooping it out and leaving anything to go back in the fridge. She can have it all!

  83. Xashemoorex says

    My little guy is very finicky so he would very much like something new to try ! 😉

  84. Coasterjen says

    Please send some Fancy Feast to my Five Finicky Felines 🙂

  85. All 5 out of 7 are finicky eaters… the youngest will eat anything

  86. Well, Chloe will pretty much try anything, even took a cherry out of my bowl once to see what it was… But her sister Anna is more finicky about what she eats.  

  87. 2 out of 4 cats are super finicky!

  88. Alisa_kaye says

    My older cat, Cleatus, is such a sweetheart but is very finicky and can now only eat soft food and he would LOVE some Fancy Feast, please 🙂

  89. Ellen Wexler says

    My four cats are great eaters and are excited for the chance to win some Fancy Feast. Thank you.

  90. Both are finicky!