Leaping Leprechauns! Gracey’s St. Pat’s Giveaway!

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Super Hurrah for Shirley Lalonde, Malia Ragan, MomFrog Lorita, Milene Hollon Mittelhauser and Maria Goldberg the Winners in our Leaping Leprechaun GiveAway!!

Please respond to my messages asap so that I can get your prizes on their way to you!!

Leprechaun with GraceyShaker

Bad Kitty and I have decided it is time for some St. Patrick’s day mischief. And who better to help us out than a few leprechauns from Irish folklore. Leprechauns enjoy partaking in mischief too, so we thought we could use their help in spreading some St. Patrick’s Day cheer!

This game is super easy.

When you spot a leprechaun on our The Tiniest Tiger Facebook page, come back here to tell me if you believe in leprechauns or not and why.

For example: I believe in  leprechauns  because one sock goes missing from the dryer and we don’t have a dog to blame.   hahahahaha, this is of course just one example.

The Rules!

Every comment gets 1 point.  And if you upload an image of a leprechaun or your cat, you will get 3 entries in the contest.

Winners will be chosen by random number at a random time after a leprechaun facebook sighting.  This means you could win more than once!.

The contest will conclude on March 17th at the stroke of midnight. This Contest is now closed. Thank you for participating.  Stalk the page for more exciting giveaways!

The Prizes

Custom made GraceyShakers from moderncat!


The Tiniest Tiger's Conservation Cub Club Mug mug

The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club Mug!

Super Hurrah! May the luck of the Irish be with you!

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  1.  Now i do believe i love this Leprechaun.

  2. Mowzers! We spotted a Gracey leprechaun! they must be real!

  3. I believe in leprechauns. What else explains those moments when your furbabies are calm and then, all of a sudden, something you can’t see catches their attention and they run out of the room. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone! 

  4. Julie Bradshaw says

    I believe in Leprechauns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  (I’ve seen the footprints!)

  5. I’m a believer! I just read that taking food away from leprechauns is a good way to incur their wrath: 
    http://www.slate.com/articles/life/explainer/2012/03/leprechauns_cultural_history_did_they_start_out_scary_or_cute_.html  Is that why my furry leprechauns unraveled the toilet paper in BOTH of our bathrooms today? 😐

  6. I believe in leprechauns, santa paws, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, unicorns, and a few other things…

  7. I believe in leprechauns because something sets off the traps in my classroom every night.

  8. Marilyn Hamill says

    I don’t believe in leprechauns!  The Easter Bunny, maybe.

  9. We believe in Leprechauns! Have a whole house full of them.  Just ask Keely.

  10. I believe that leprechauns have taken over both my furbabies! Even the usually calm one (my gray lady) has become especially mischievous this week! Looking for a pot of gold (or catnip) in the hopes that it will be enough to make them stop destroying my blinds! :/

  11. I believe in leprechauns because no matter which pair of shoes I choose to wear, one is always missing…and kitties can’t run with shoes in their mouths!

  12. Laura Davis says

    I believe that leprechauns are the ones responsible for shoving one shoe of each pair under my bed or dresser, so I can never find them both at once!

  13. I believe in leprechauns because the beauty of Ireland is truly magical. My dream is to visit there someday! 

  14. Patsy Allen says

    I am the tiny tiger.

  15. I believe in Leppie’s-have a lot of one sockers here lately. Fun trying to find them and see who has been around them. Tiny bit Irish!~~~~

  16. My grandmother’s name was Maggie Murphy, so of course I believe in leprechauns. 


    • thetiniesttiger says

      Super Hurrah! You are a winner in the Leaping Leprechaun Contest!!!  I will be contacting you via Facebook messages.

  17. Nancy Foulke says

    I believe because I am a tiny bit Irish!!

  18. Stacie Regelman says

    I think leprechauns hide my earrings at night because it couldn’t be my precious kittie’s doing.  It’s okay, I always find them on the floor.

  19. Yes, I believe in the wee fairy folk. The Chair of my husband’s department is a leprechaun straight from Galway, Ireland. And of course, here are my own very mischievous wee folk, my furbabies Daegan (Gaelic for “dark-haired”) and Liaden (Gaelic for “gray lady”).

  20. Laura Workman says

    I believe in leprechauns! Aren’t they the ones who put the pimentos in olives? ….no wait, that’s gnomes.

  21. My brother’s name is Shawn Michael Patrick O’Neil … can’t get any more Irish than that.  AND … he’s definitely a leprechaun!!!  I do believe!  🙂

    • thetiniesttiger says

      Momfrog Lorita! Super Hurrah! You are a Leaping Leprechaun Winner!  I will be sending you an email. xoxo

  22. I like fairy folk, and once I went on a trip to Malaysia and found a colony of dragonflies. I swear they looked like sprites! I can imagine.

  23. Throttlegirl says

    I believe in leprechauns, I’m sure someone will lead me to the gold someday

  24. Of course I believe in Leprechauns! I’m Irish 🙂  And so is Conamara 🙂

  25. Being of Irish descent, of course I believe in Leprechauns and so does Smoki O’Ragan.

  26. Bhardigirl says

    I believe in leprechauns because I hope to meet one at the end of the rainbow with my pot o’ gold!!  

  27. Cat #1 is Caramel, Cat #2 is Little One, Cats #3 are Tit-Cue which is french for Little Butt she is on the left and on the right is Pogo.

    Even tho we no longer have them i love cats so much and miss my fur babies so much.

  28. I believe in Leprechauns, because of unexplained things in the air that only the cats seem to be able to see! I will post my favorite little Munchkin, Maggie!

  29. Allison Colony says

    I believe in leprechauns simply because too many unusual things happen in my life (unexplained noises/knockings, etc.) – can’t be caused by my cat and I don’t have a dog!  I saw a leprechaun on the FB page, along with Gracy disguised as one, and another one on this page above the description of the contest.    🙂

  30. I think they are 2 unless Gracey the leprechaun counts and if so there are 3 of them. lol

  31. Nancy Foulke says

    Yes I believe in Leprechauns!  Of course I’m a tiny bit Irish too!