Cats that Play Young, Stay Young Iams Senior Plus Giveaway

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Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Pearl, our winner of the Iams Senior Plus!

Iams ProActive Health Senior PlusIAMS is launching a national contest on its Facebook page in honor of their newest formula Senior Plus.  All pet parents of dogs and cats age 11 and older are encouraged to put their  best paw forward for the chance to win a year’s supply of food.  There are an estimated 33 million pets in the U.S. over 11.   This contest was created  as a fun and playful way to shine a spot light on those pets who don’t allow age to get in the way of the games they play, while educating consumers about the unique nutritional needs for pets 11 and older.

Stay Young, Play Young Contest- A Chance to Win a Year’s Food Supply!

Consumers can enter the contest on the IAMS’ Facebook page April 9 through June 3, 2012 by submitting a current photo of their dog or cat and explaining in 100 words or less how their pet refuses to act his or her age. Each week, IAMS will select and announce a winning cat and dog who will receive a free year’s supply of Senior Plus food. At the end of the eight weeks, a total of 16 pets will be featured on the IAMS Facebook page and all will receive food for a year! For more information, including contest rules and regulations, entry form and more, please visit

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A Friend of The Tiniest Tiger will win a Month’s Supply of Iams Senior Plus Cat

How to enter:

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating and make sure you don’t miss our next great giveaway.

If you are sharing your habitat with a cat that is 11 years or older  won’t you please share with us how you and your cat stay active and happy in a comment below this post.

The Rules:

I will draw a winner using random number generator and notify the winner via email or via facebook.  The message will have the subject line You are the Winner of the Iams Senior Plus from Gracey.  Contest closes, Monday, April 16, 2012. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I have 5 cats, my oldest cat will turn 12 in may, her name ishappy and she stays active by bouncing around allover the house and trying to sneak out and running around my yard, all of my cats are indoor but she refuses to stay in, though she always comes back, I alo play with my cats and they ahve plenty of toys.

  2. Well, we got Buddy, Pookie and Jack. They are all “caregivers” to my children and play with them in their own little ways. My oldest daughter is 2 and they chase after her, rough up a stuffed animal and play catch or play with the laser pointer and at night, they cuddle with me on my bed, with my toddler in her room, or underneath my newborns bed. Also, they like to help my newborn roll over by nudging her and letting her play “swat kittys tail” ( a few times she even “bit” their tail, but they came back again after “healing”). 3 kitties over 11, also help take care of the younger ones. Buddy bathes every single kitten and older cat in my home, while Jack defends the food for seniors only and Pookie, well, shes my pillow pet. 🙂  I love my seniors and I wouldnt trade them for the world!

  3. The oldest kitteh I have is my princess, Missy Mouse, will be 17 on May 12th 🙂 She is my little shadow and cuddle bug. When I am going around doing chores in the house she follows me everywhere and when I sit down or lay down, she is right there cuddling up against me. She is super spoiled.  Papa Mick Flynn is going to be 15 on May 17th. He loves his Turbo Scratcher and lots of chin scritches.  Cocoa is the next oldest and he will 13 on July 17th. His favorite thing to do is follow me around outback while I am filling the horses watertanks every morning because I sit with him and give him lots of pets and scritches. He loves to be cuddled, held, carried around and he even rides in the wheelbarrow (empty) when I am pushing it around. He even likes to attack the manure fork while I am cleaning up the pasture, paddock and pens.

  4. Our 14-year old Siamese, Max, carries his tennis ball upstairs to the bedroom and then calls until he wakes us.  This usually takes place around 3 in the morning.  Max is definitely a night cat!!

  5. I have and 11 yr old and 2 ~ 15 yr old cats(one has thyroid disease and one just was diagnosed as a diabetic). I try to keep them active by playing with them. They love to look out the window and watch the birds. Very nice contest.
    Sue B

  6. This is AWESOME!

  7. Nice contest. Earl Gray is 19 years young. He still gets the night crazies every once in a while, and every so often I see the kitten in him. But I’m glad he has slowed down. He is serene and a lot of fun to be around.

  8. Lucy Kiphart says

    We keep our kitties over 11 yrs old by playing with the mice and feathers on a stick…They love to chase the balls as we roll them from one room to the other and even the seniors chase them! They love to play still! Although Feather, likes to try & crawl across the floor  instead of getting up, she is a ham!! So we raise the feather in the air to make her get up on her feet.  We have 5 kitties over 11 now and Iams is their favorite brand! Thank you for the contest!! <3

  9. catnip!!!!!

  10. Magwhisk says

    Well, I share my habitat with Maggie, who will be 16 this month.  She is strictly and indoors kitty, and we have special times every day!!!  She still loves to carry my watch around, (or anything shiny that makes a noise for that matter…) and run up and down her special scratching post and fort I made her.  Then, we have evening cuddle times, where she lays on me, and purrs and I talk with her.  Then, we watch some T.V. and she continues to lay on my lap, for me to pet her.  Then, it is under the comforter when it is time to sleep…why? not sure, that’s just where she likes to be then 🙂  Sleeping in the bend of my knee, and I fall asleep rubbing her little head and chin 🙂  I so love having her as my special friend, and am very thankful for the years I have had with her!!!

  11. Laura Davis says

    I am sharing my habitat with 3 senior cats.  Owl and Piglet stay active with dragonfly-chasing in the back yard, and everyone enjoys climbing the ceiling-high cat tree in the dining room.  Pebbles will race Piglet to the top, because the top shelf if across the room from the heating vent, so it’s her favorite cozy spot!