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Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control

Hill's Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

No Need for House Cat Hairball Drama!

Today in honor of National Hairball Awareness Day, we thought it would be interesting for everyone to share their own house cat hairball drama. As we discussed in our post House Cat Hairballs, We Need to Talk, hairballs are the one cat issue that cause our parents grief.  With so many salient qualities, we felines might think  our hacked up hairballs might simply be overlooked. But, it is not only the ick factor we need to worry about, chronic hairballs can cause cats serious health problems and when we are sick, that causes our pet parents stress because they love us.

Two Things Pet Parents Can Do to Reduce Cat Hairball Drama

  1. Pet parents can help their cat by using a grooming brush to help remove excess fur.  Remember, cats spend about thirty percent of their time grooming, so this is a super important part of our routine.  And you know we cats are all about our routines.
  2. The second is to ensure your cat is eating a food with a perfect balance of fatty acids. Fatty acids are the fundamental building blocks for healthy skin and coat.

With the right nutrition and good grooming habits,  cats can celebrate a retch free  National Hairball Awareness Day, and our parents will be able to go through the house barefoot again.

Enter to Win Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food for your Feline

How to Enter:

Tell us about your house cat hairball drama!  Post in the comment section below your most dramatic encounter with house cat hairballs.  Try to keep your story to 100 words. You may add photos too for added drama.

I did not include photos in this post because many of you visit while drinking your morning thinking beverage and I know that hairballs images are somewhat sickening  to humans from observing my dad.

The Prizes

First Prize Will Win 10 bags of Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food of their choice.

Second Prize Will Win 6 bags of Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food of their choice.

Third Prize Will Winn 4 bags of Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food of their choice.

The Rules

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for your participation.

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This contest will end Friday, May 4, 2012.  Please, only one entry per household.  House Cat Hairball Drama entries will be judged by a panel of cat owners selected by Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger.  Winners will be notified either by email or through their facebook page depending on the contact information you leave with your comment.  Please watch for an email from Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger with the subject line Winner of the Hill’s Hairball Control Food.  Void where prohibited by law.

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Disclosure: We received no compensation for this post. Hill’s Science Diet is providing the Hairball Control Food for this contest.

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  1. Imagine my surprise on learning I had won 2nd place in Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food! Thank you so much! Hunter, Onyx and Tigger wanted me to also send their thank you also as it is greatly appreciated. I’m sure it will help reduce the screams and paper towels and mops, to say nothing of the carpet shampooing! Thank you very much!

  2. Being owned by three cats, you can imagine the surprises I have had!  Hunter, who has long black fur, has perfected the projectile hairball throw and can easily send it five feet across the room!  He especially likes doing it on the carpet so it leaves a nice path to the point of deposit!  Onyx, also black long fur, is very lady like, makes several small deposits in more than one room.  Tigger, a red tabby with short fur, leaves us one deposit in a darkened hallway!  We have learned to not set foot in there before we hit the light switch!

  3. Joan Chavez says

    Whenever I hear that distintive hacking and gagging sound, I am sure Buddy is about to relieve himself of another unwanted hairball.  I wish he would pick a place that was easier to clean but of course, being a cat that rules, he has a mind of his own. I would really like to win the Science Diet Hairball Control mainly for Buddy but it would be for me as well!  MOL1

  4. Chewbacka the cat would be a great price winner. He is a long haired black and white cat who has furballs. He got his name after the Star War’s character. He has made the roaring sound and also his face the way the fur stands up, makes him look grumpy. If he had the same fur color at the Star War’s character, they would look like relatives.
    The worse thing, is the booby traps of fur balls when you are not watching and step in one barefooted, yuk, yuk, yuk!

  5. I have 5 cats and 3 are long haired when I went to go on the computer I had a surprise on my mouse pad a hairball from 1 of the long haired cats probably spunky or happy

  6. BlondeBuckeye55 says

    Love my Sweetie of 14 yrs! I found out after her retching for about a month that she had IBD! I felt so bad for not taking her to the Vet early! A lot of caring and stepping in hair balls in the middle of the night have subsided because of a wonderful Dr. & all the meds that I her Mom have giving her! Hopefully we have her for yrs to come!!! Love you Sweetie!

  7. Meowmie Ace says:”It has been my VERY GOOD FORTUNE to always be wearing SOCKS when I have trod upon a wet and skwishy hairball-usually at 2 am while trodding down the hallway in a sleep-deprived state. And when THAT happens, I usually divest myself of said sock and sleep-walk back to bed, leaving the entire mess to be cleaned up the next morning after I am truly awake. Since I have two cats (one with medium long hair, the other with long-long hair that spans two adjoining states)  who lick lick lick themselves morning noon and night, my home could sometimes qualify as a hairball factory.”

    • Super Hurrah!  You are the First Prize  Winner: The prize is  10 bags of Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Food of their choice.  Look for an email from me,  Gracey

      • Big Bad Baby Twinkle and Sweet Haaaairy Cee Cee wae their pawz and jump upandown and upandown and yell “MEOWIE ZOWIE!!! We Dun Wun!! THANKYEW Miss Gracey!! Hey Meowmie — YOO are gonna hab KLEEN socks for a LOOONG time now!! Heeeheeeheeheee!!!”

  8. Lynnewellen says

    I had 3 cats at the time. Figaro the oldest was a black medium haired guy who hated being brushed so even with regular doses of petromalt  he would hack them up. He always seemed to manage to do them on furniture or the carpet of course. Then he would go off and hide for awhile it upset him so. The mother cat Tigger if I didn’t clean it up fast enough would start cleaning it up for me. Ewwwwww.

  9. Pamela C says

    Moi (I’m Peachy) never has hairballs. A while back one did invade the privacy of, Prince, my brother’s bathroom. 14 months old now, we started short haired.  Mom cleaning placenta, afterbirth was the sole abominable thing of our childhood. But then, the girls grew out of puberty and into adulthood as full figured long haired beauties. One day out of nowhere this fluffy wet ball of hair invaded our bathroom, not belonging to moi!  FRIGHTENERS!

  10. Seriously, you want the discussing details?  How’s about I just tell you that 2 mornings this week our newly acquired rescue kitty has left me nice messes to clean up when I got out of bed. 

  11. The main problem I have with hairballs is the cat we call the Pouncenator (an alias to protect his true identity).  He loves Pounce.  The other day one of my other cats hacked up a hairball, but we had just had our morning treats so there were several Pounce in there along with the hairball.  I could barely hold back the Pouncenator as he was quite intent on gobbling the Pounce out of the throw up.  I envisioned him mentally asking the barf cat “uh, hey are you done with that?”

  12. Not sure which is worse, when they hack them up in the main traffic way where I am bound to step on it (Shamus) or under the middle of the bed (Kael) where I can’t reach it and end up having to take the bed apart to clean it up 🙂

  13. My Eddie has the worst hairball problems. I remember the first time she coughed one up. I had never had indoor cats until Eddie and her siblings (two brothers and a sister), so I had never seen a cat cough up a hairball. On cartoons and such, sure, but I thought that was just a made up thing for laughs. Sheesh. She started hacking one day and coughed up this huge gray hairball, I thought she had caught and swallowed a mouse at some point, then coughed it up. That was 12 years ago, and she continues to teach me how real hairballs are. 

  14. OMG, hair balls, only learned about them about nine months ago, with my latest cat, Puss Puss. She was a stray. I got fur ball jell, which cats are suppose to love. Just put it on their paw, she licks it off, job done ! Puss Puss did lick it off but did not want to know me for three days after. Wont be doing that again. As I live here in Ireland, we cant get Science Diet, Fur ball control, any other suggestions ??? PLease.

  15. (thanks for not sharing your hairball photo, Gracey 🙂  You are right, some of us snack while we read your articles~lol! )
    Hairballs are very common to us as well… as cats feel the need to remind us of how pretty they are, the constant grooming, while making us proud cat parents, comes with the price of occasional hairballs!  I think we have all felt the sensation between our toes…(now I am getting a little too graphic)  Anyway, we are more than willing, to try a product that might reduce that problem.  Thanks for having such fun contests!!!  

  16. tannawings says

    The sound of cat hack in the middle of a cold winters night… getting up minutes later and suddenly finding that cold wet lump is now stuck to your sock like glue! The joys of being owned by cats 🙂

  17. 2pokies1guy says

    My twin girls;aka “The Pokies” have had hair balls in the past. As a result I did some reasearch and everything I read suggested Science Diet food would eliminate or drastically reduce cats from getting hair balls. So I purchased your product and the hair balls stopped. Wow!!!!! Thank you Science Diet!!!



  18. Ah, hairballs. Mr. Furfeather is quite unimpressed by hairballs, gacks it up and goes on his way. But Miss Kalypso is the hairball drama queen-she gacks, and gags and wheezes and tries to convince me she is dying and backs around the floor until she finds the most visible spot to deposit it, usually on the carpet, occasionally in the middle of the bed. I think she is more grossed out by hairballs than I am. 

  19. Our hairball drama was when 1 of our 3 cats decided to crawl under my husbands pillow to cough 1 up and it wasn’t found until that night when we went to bed and he stuck his hand under the pillow right in to it.

  20. I have 5 cats and no hairballs. I would like to keep it that way, that’s why I want to win.

  21. I have 7 kitties and buddy, our senior of 12 years of age, HAS to bathe EVERYONE…. its cute cause if i come out of the shower or bathe, he licks me too 🙂 Just imagine daily hairballs…. yuck! I can brush some of the kittys and 2 of them HATE the brush, dunno y, maybe their previous owners did something 🙁

  22. That awkward moment when one hears the distinctive retching and heaving during a dinner party with neighbors and thensomeone steps in it. True story!

  23. I have two kitties. Somehow my girl never seems to get hairballs, but my boy Boots? Omg. They are both short-haired, so I don’t know how he gets so bad. He has finally allowed me to start brushing him, (sometimes) but we definitely need more help!

  24. I have 2 cats and MANY hairballs!  My domestic shorthair doesn’t have many, but my mediumhair tuxedo cat regularly has hairballs.  I have to watch where I’m walking in the apt so I’m not unpleasantly surprised!  I groom them with furminator, but not as often as I should 🙁

  25. Lucy Kiphart says

    HAIRBALLS! Oh can we tell you about hairballs! Having 11 kitties and everyone grooming everyone, there are at least 3-4 hairballs a day left for me when i come home from work! We groom our kitties, at least the ones that will allow us to.  It does seem to help, but with the kitties having that rough tongue, they still have hairballs. We would love to try this!!