Bissell Total Floors Pet Giveaway from Gracey

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah and Congratulations to Sherree, the winner of the Bissell Total Floors Pet!

Thank you everyone for participating.

Win a Bissell Total Floors Pet from Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Powerful, Multi-Cyclonic vacuum with the odor elimination power of Febreze®!

Bissell Total Floors and Gracey

Enter to Win a Bissell Total Floors Pet!

  • Includes a Febreze® filter to eliminate pet odors and leave your home smelling fresh as you vacuum
  • Contains brush roll switch to turn off the brush roll for safe use on hard floors
  • Includes Pet TurboEraser® Tool and Pet Hair Fabric Tool
  • Edge cleaning convenience

Super Easy Pet Hair Removal

The Total Floors® Pet has an edge cleaning port to hold the crevice tool allowing you to clean along edges more easily. No need to bend over to clean  because the powerful suction diverts to the edge of the vacuum cleaning along the walls where pet hair  likes to accumulate.

Pet Odors Vanish!

Total Floors® Pet also includes a Febreze® vacuum filter which eliminates pet odors, leaving your habitat smelling fresh as you vacuum!

The Total Floors® Pet comes with the TurboEraser® Tool and Pet Hair Fabric Tool. The TurboEraser® Tool is great for use on furniture and stairs for picking up pet hair. The Pet Hair Fabric Tool is designed for such things as drapes or bedspreads,  and for cleaning up the hair from our Thinking Circles.

Bissell is so nice, they gave me a Bissell Total Floors Pet to giveaway to a member of our community. It is super easy to enter.

Bissell Total Floor pet bed

Clean the Hair for our Thinking Circles With Ease

How to Enter: This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating.

Tell me in a comment below this post what is the hardest thing to vacuum in your home.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Friday, June 1 at 5 pm Eastern

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say Bissell Total Floors Pet Giveaway .  Void where prohibited by law.

Febreze® and related trademarks are owned by the Proctor & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio and used under license by BISSELL, Homecare Inc

Disclosure: We were given a Bissell Total Floors Pet  for review and the giveaway.  No other compensation was awarded for this post.  We are a member of the Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers.

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  1. This would be helpful for us.

  2. candie ann ellis says

    My hardwood floors due to dust. Ugh. Fingers crossed
    Candie ann ellis

  3. I have so much cat hair all over my house i don’t think a tornado could get it all up !

  4. My old leather chair is the hardest thing to vacuum! Everything gets into the cracks and crevices, especially cat hair and doggy paw dirt.

  5. The hardest thing to vacuum is the furniture. The fur seems to get woven into the fabric.

  6. I need this bad…i got 4 cats 2 which are long hair….i am chocking up hairballs…please help…

  7. Cynthia Downer says

    Everything! Lol to be honest, our vacuum cleaner recently broke. It’s not THAT big of a deal because we have all hardwood and tile floors, but we do have an area rug that is desperately needing a vacuum, and the cracks of the hardwood floor still need to be vacuumed soon.

  8. The hardest thing to vacuum in my home is the 72 inch tall cat condo. It has 3 top shelves and a house and some more shelves all with carpet. With three cats one of them a Persian it catches a lot of hair. The vacuum I’ve got now was give to me about 4 years ago and is going down hill. So I could really use a new vacuum.

  9. the toughest is under my coffee table my vacuum sucks and not in the good way im always going back with a broom to get what i missed.

  10. Great giveaway! The hardest things to vacuum are some of the various cat beds we have around for our six furbabies.

  11. The hardest thing to vacuum is the dog hair off of the couch & loveseat.. yuck.

  12. Corners, corners, coners!

  13. RoseRed22 says

    My hardest thing to clean is the edges…and this vacuum sounds like it would do the job very well..Hope I win!!!

  14. My furniture and all of my carpets and yes…the stairs because of the cat and dog hair.

  15. Trying to vacuum German shepherd hair off my twill fabric couch

  16. The hardest thing to vacuum in my home in the carpet. Dirt and hair gets in and just won’t come out.

  17. Kelly Ann T says

    The hardest thing for me to clean is the carpet because of the dog hair that will not come out with my old vacuum.

  18. Lois Conkle-Anderson says

    The hardest things to vacuum would be, dog hair, cob webs, all the carpet, orphan babies litter box spill over, and dirt dragged in from outside. Help!

  19. Michelle Spayde says

    The hardest things to vacuum are the pet beds, love seat, and cat trees!

  20. Donna Pyne says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum is my furniture. The cat hair sticks to the couch and loveseat like glue. And the cat hair seems to still be on the carpeting after I vacuum too. So, I’m having to go over areas multiple times and it seems like I still don’t get all the cat hair vacuumed up…It’s SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!

  21. Mary Barboni says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum are the cat beds and as a matter of fact, the cat hair!! I have three cats.

  22. I have 2 German Shepherds and 15 cats so it’s hard to say what is the toughest to clean. Probably dog hair is the toughest problem, there is enough dog hair on the floor to make another medium sized dog and it seems to be everywhere. With the weather getting warmer now the cat hair is beginning to appear everywhere so I guess between cat and dog hair we will just all have a protective coating of animal hair. I could really use something that is strong enough to clean it up.

  23. The hardest thing to vacuum is the arms of our chairs. The cats like to lay there so they shed on the arms.

  24. Kandyce Gould says

    The hardest thing to Vacuum is the sofa, hard to get all the cat hair, just about everywhere gets hairy, I could use a new vacuum!

  25. We are the proud guardians of six rescued cats. Aside from the dried hairballs we find neatly tucked just out of sight on our furniture, and the seemingly endless beach our floor becomes daily around our litter boxes,without a doubt the most difficult vacuuming task we encounter is the thick fur coat that adorns our bed and couches.

  26. hvoulgaris says

    Hardest thing to clean??? The floors hands down. I have four kids constantly running through the house (not to mention all the kids from the neighborhood) and two small dogs, who think they own this place. Sometimes it is harder to clean up their messes than it is to clean after the kiddos, especially when Dodger decides to find his way to the top of the counter and eat what ever is there. I swear that dog is part goat.

  27. Cat hair and more cat hair!!

  28. I never seem to be able to get my vacuum under furniture like couches or bed. I am sure there are plenty of dust bunnies hiding under there. 🙂

  29. sue heeman says

    We have 4 cats, the most difficult I would say is getting cat hair off the furniture and the cat perches,,,,,,never ending!

  30. paula weintraut says

    I love my Pup but he crawls in bed and sleeps with his head on the pillow like a person! so adorable need to sweep up the hair everyday! need a good vacuum

  31. My couch!

  32. Honestly the lack of quality in our vacuum is dirt poor, no pun intended, so next to everything is difficult and we have to go over the same spot multiple times before it even makes a dent.

  33. Que Banh says

    The hardest thing in our home to vacuum is the old rug in the basement. The cat hairs get embedded in the carpet & is really hard to get out!!

    hainam AT shaw DOT ca

  34. Brittany says

    The stairs!! So hard and covered in dog and cat fur.

  35. fangirljen says

    Under the bed.

  36. oh… the toughest thing to clean is hair!! my longhaired cat produces a lot of dust bunnies! everyday!! thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!!!!

  37. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is the steps. I need to use attachments but nothing is long enough to reach. I plug the sweeper in at the top of the steps – I plug the sweeper in at the bottom of the steps – NOTHING reaches the middle steps. I have pulled the sweeper down on myself twice trying to stretch the attachments! Frustrating!!!! Cat – furry dog – daughter with long, long hair – lots of hairy steps.

  38. The hardest areas to vacuum are the cat tree and the edge of the walls in the kitty room near their litter boxes. I currently have 15 foster cats and kittens along with my own 3 resident cats and it is near constant cleaning to keep everyone happy and healthy. Anything to make the task quicker and easier is greatly appreciated.

  39. The hardest thing to vacuum is the kitty litter.

  40. Hardest thing to vaccum in my home are my throw rugs in the bathroom, kitchen and by the doors.

  41. Lantana H. says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum are the places my cat likes to lay. She lies on the couch, bed or office chair and her fur covers everything. It is so hard to keep it clean.

  42. Pet hair. My vacuum balls the hair up so at least I can pick it up.

  43. The hardest thing for me is getting under everything.

  44. christy butler says

    With 4 cats this is a must have – we love our bissell but it is time for an upgrade.

  45. Shannon kitten says

    not sure if this is open to canada…but if it is the hardest spot for me to vacuum is getting right up against the wall. I always end up with a line of built up dust against the wall

  46. In my home it is cat hair. I am allergic but I love my cat so much. If i had a super duper vacuum that got all that hair floating around it would most definitely help. Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. Hi Gracey! The drapes are hard and under the furniture is impossible cos our vacuum is too big to reach.

  48. hardest thing to vacuum is the top of the couch cushion where kitty likes to sleep

  49. cat hair is the hardest! thanks for the giveaway!

  50. chelsea r says

    The hardest to vacuum has got to be the couches.

  51. catchatcaren says

    the hardest thing to vacuum is our Sheltie’s fur! It’s everywhere! Our cat doesn’t shed as much as he does!

  52. Kevin Sunley says

    The stairs.. our cats spend more time on them than their cat trees!

  53. GourmetPens says

    Without a doubt, the most difficult thing to vacuum in our household is the cat trees. We have five cat trees (I know, my cats are spoiled), all of which are at least 4′ tall, and the biggest one is 8′. They are a huge pain to clean!!

  54. Furniture! If I ever find a decent machine to efficiently get cat hair off furniture, I’ll be the happiest woman alive.

  55. jansfunnyfarm says

    The area carpet. Run the vacuum and the carpet is still loaded with pet hair.

  56. The stairs and baseboards.

  57. I don’t know why they call Leonardo a ‘domestic short hair’ because he has the longest fluffiest fur I’ve ever seen that wasn’t actually on a Persian.

    What’s the toughest challenge this waving, wafting cloud of discarded fur and dander presents? Humm … let me wipe the cat fur off of my keyboard and tell you. It’s everywhere, and though I’m a cat person I am not a ‘cat lady’ (yet) and I would prefer if my house was not viewed through a patina of fur. The biggest challenge? Under the sofa, he hides under then. That cool little tool on the Bissell might help with that.

  58. Since we are Persians and have lots of fur, everything is hard to vacuum around our house! We have little cotton ball floof all over everything and our expensive Kirby just doesn’t get it all!

    Truffle and Brulee

  59. The couch, four cushions, two pugs, ugh!

  60. Dog hairs are almost impossible. I can vacuum the same spot over and over again and never finish.

  61. Marcia Belknap says

    Everything because the Hoover Windtunnel I have isn’t worth a darn!!! I have 3 dog’s that shed!

  62. Janice Cash says

    Definitely the dog and kitty beds never can seem to keep them hair free, would be an awesome to win this!!

  63. I’d have to say the hardest to vacumn is the whole house! With 3 dogs and 3 cats, there’s plenty of “fur” to be vacumned up daily! 🙂

  64. Cat hair out of the kitty cups (cat beds).

  65. Cindy Vercelloni says

    The sides of the couch and arm chair where the cats rub. That’s definitely the hardest. (The cat trees are no fun either!! LOL!)

  66. The hardest thing to for me to vacuum is my couches! I have 3 dogs and 2 cats, and they have claimed all furniture as their own. Removing the pet hair is a daily challenge and chore! Not to mention the smell that seems impossible to get out of the couch fabric! This vacuum would be my most useful and important piece of household equipment !

  67. The couch is the hardest. The hair seems to just dig into the weave and my vacuum is old and it doesn’t pick up much even on the carpet. The attachments aren’t any good for this either.

  68. Princesa22 says

    I love the edge cleaning possibilities of this vac. The Febreze option sounds like a real plus, too!

  69. In my home, the flight of steps that lead upstairs to our bonus rooms.

  70. Debra C. says

    the couch with all the cat hair on it

  71. Diana_Camden says

    In our house, pet hair. We just married, so we brought our two pets with us. A rabbit and a dog. They shed quite a bit, but we love them. This would be an awesome product to win, thanks for the chance!!

    Diana C

  72. The hardest thing to vacuum is my furniture. it has a nubby texture that is like a lint brush….it “grabs” cat hair and holds on to it! help!

  73. living room rug

  74. Pet hair off of oriental rugs. With 7 cats, I haven’t found a vacuum yet that does a good job of cleaning them well!

  75. my couch as my three rescued bullys like it alot, lol

  76. The Couch, my three rescued bully’s like it alot, lol

  77. the dog hair that gets stuck along the wall behind the bed!!

  78. The stairs and our indoor (indoor/outdoor) carpeting.

    Thank you for the contest!!

  79. The hardest thing to vacuum is my comforter & couch. My little furr-child’s hair is all over them.

  80. Norma ditto says

    The hardest thing to clean is all the dog hair on my sofa

  81. Definitely the stairs are hardest to vacuum.

  82. The hardest things to vacuum are imbedded hairs in rugs and under furniture cushions.

  83. The hardest thing to vacuum is definitely all our couches and chairs

  84. The living room furniture and under the beds are the hardest places to vacuum in my house.

  85. cat hair/fur.

  86. on the couch, doesn’t matter how many times I do it, there is still fur somewhere!!!

  87. The stairs!!!!

  88. The office chair. Skitty and Peachie like to sleep and spin arounddddddddddd and around. Their fur sticks to it like velcro.

  89. Cat hair everywhere!! The cat trees are the most difficult, but since my vacuum is from 1993, pretty much everything is impossible since the vacuum barely works.

  90. Has to be my basement stairs they have a turn in them which makes it hard to manipulate a cleaner around.

  91. Doxidogs says

    All my carpets, I have pets and of course they shed.

  92. All the cat hair

  93. The corners and little nooks and cranies are the hardest for me!

  94. Kimberly_SavingMoreThanMe says

    The hardest thing to vacuum in my home is the stairs especially since all 5 of my fur-kids like to sleep, play, chase each other, etc., on those stairs. The cat hair gets everywhere! 15 carpeted stair steps…ugh!

  95. Patchycat says

    We have three dogs & nine cats, so the vacuuming is constant. So I’ll say everything is hard to do when you have to go back over it again…and again….

  96. Hardest area for me to vacuum is the corners and small places in the bathroom

  97. My cat beds. the hair sticks like glue.

  98. I have a hard time vacuuming cat fur out of the couch and sides of my mattress box spring, because the detachable hose on my old upright just doesn’t have enough suction to clean and pull out the fur from the fabric.

  99. The carpet edge along the wall.

  100. Mainly the inside of the cat/kitten tower type places for them. The tops arent to bad cleaning but the inside walls/tops..

  101. The baseboards and corners are the hardest for me.

  102. shazzcats says

    By far the amount of cat hair from my cats i vacuumed the other day it looks exactly the same i’d have to do it once a day for a week to get it up !!!

  103. I have a beautiful Blonde long hair dachshund plus two short haired ones as well. There is hair everywhere! I certainly would put this sweeper to good use!

  104. Julia Jasinski says

    Hardest part is the corners!

  105. Marilyn H says

    My rugs. The pet hair bonds with them.
    moggiesten at america online dot com

  106. amyorvin says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is probably the cat/dog beds or my mom’s room.

  107. My living room mainly because it is small and has lots of furniture and having a shedding dog doesn’t help.

  108. Monica Stewart says

    The hardest thing to vacuum in my home is definately the stairs!

  109. The toughest things for me is the carpets my vacuum does not like cat hair that much

  110. The hardest thing for me is under the beds. My vacuum is so fat I end up moving the bed back and forth all over the room. A king is not light

  111. The dog, cat and rabbit chase each other behind the couch. Then I have to pull the couch away from the wall and try to clean and deodorize the entire length of the wall. If I weren’t an animal lover, I might not be able to keep up with the chore. help!

  112. Rhonda Best says

    The cat tree is the hardest to vacuum. It has several levels and hideouts!

  113. I am definetly interested in this(Even though i’m not alone lol).No way i’ll win it.

  114. Denise O'Leary says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is probably the couch. I have a blanket on the couch but the dog hair still seems to get on it and its so so hard to vacuum off.

  115. Scott Rosebery-Davis says

    I have an incredible time vacuuming the stairs…if only they made some durable, deep-cleaning suction slippers for my babies (pet family)!

  116. Pet hair that blows off the lineoleum bathroom floor and plays hide and seek behing the toilet bowl. I look stupid trying to vacuum it up especially when the air conditioner clicks on at the same time and moves a small clump of hair around.

  117. Everything! lol I swear I can make a small dog, each day from the amount of hair my Pyrenees mix looses. I have no idea how she has any hair left between shedding and getting brushed. I’m glad the Lab mix and the cat don’t shed like she does. The stairs and around the dog crate are probably the toughest though.

  118. My living room furniture! My 2 cats love to sleep there and the hair gets embedded in! Thanks!

  119. folkartnmore says

    Cat fur on/embedded in furniture!

  120. Hate the stairs, we have a lot of them!

  121. Dust and pet hair from under the beds, under furniture, under the appliances and especially dust behind the clothes dryer!

  122. Undereath the king size bed is the hardest place to vaccum – the hardest thing to vacuum – the fur bunnies that seem to be everywhere. I have three shepherd mixes – who I love and adore, but don’t adore their shedding. I’d have to vacuum hourly to keep it fur free! My current Bissel pet vac is good but it’s tired and definitely over worked!

  123. My floors, I have a lot of pets, three live in and the rest go in/out. Two Cats, trooper and scooter, Cody, Katie, and Rickie ( inside yorkies) ,Max (chow huskie mix-17), Chester ( Belgium Shepard-13), Liily Mae-13 mix, Skeeter -13 Dotson ( dads dog we adopted when daddy passed away. So a good vac is a must!

  124. Marilyn Conway says

    Hardest to vacuum? Pick any: sofas, cat bed, bedspread, office chair, bathroom floor, carpeting.

  125. The hardest thing to vacuum is my sofa will little tiny Daschsund (Weiner Dog) hairs all over it 🙂

  126. Another vote for the stairs.

  127. lint

  128. disqus_nraQMqwMcH says

    The hardest thing to vacuum would have to be my late father’s recliner. my kitty baby has taken such a fancy to it her fur is matted all over it. I try my best with a damp cloth to keep it clean. This Bissell sounds like the answer to my kitty fur problems. Thank you for this contest and I have my fingers crossed. 🙂

  129. Jodi Smith Barnes says

    We have two shi tzu’s and since my motor vehicle accident August 22, 2011 I have been disabled. It is difficult for me to get down on the floors to spot clean pet
    vomit areas & the accidental potty areas. We have a Dyson and it does not do a very good job.

  130. I have to go with everything: carpet and furniture. There is dog hair everywhere no matter how many times I vacuum!

  131. The hardest thing to clean in my house are the couches, the cat hair just seems to stick to them, literally!

  132. Under the couch cushions. The hair and crumbs and stuff that gets stuck there.

  133. everything! i dont have a good vacuum!

  134. pkiepper says

    The Walls

  135. Geraldine says

    My furniture because of the constant stress on my back from bending over and the repetitiveness of the job.

  136. My carpets cant get all the cat hair up 🙁

  137. Everything, when you have pet hair! ;o) Crevices and steps are the most difficult.

  138. My rugs! Kids,Dogs and husband! lol

  139. The entrance mats are hard to vacuum as the dog hair clings to them.

  140. momofmany says

    The hardest thing is the curtains, carpet and beds..I have four cats two dogs and four kids, between all of them I can never keep the fur/dirt away. We have to vacuum daily but it still doesnt help, the furballs are always eveywhere.

  141. The furniture and drapes! My vacumn just will not get all the fur off. I end up having to use a lint roller and even that doesn’t get it all.

  142. deb colangelo says

    hardest thing for me to vacuum is edges and corners. my vacuum says it gets into these areas, but… i always have to take out the old vacuum hose to finish the job.

  143. The stairs are the most challenging to vacuum. I now take a damp paper towel & run it along where the carpet meets since that is where hair tends to hide (and along the baseboard it gathers). There’s nothing better then vacuuming your carpets & knowing they are clean!
    Thanks for the chance!
    wenmun at

  144. The hardest thing to vacuum in my house would be the stairs and the chairs the pups sit on. There is dog hair deep in the seams of the couches, and I’m afraid to look underneath the furniture!!

  145. Hardest thing for me to vacuum is under the edges of the furniture that is too heavy for me to move. Seems like there is always a never ending supply of cat and dog hair under there!

  146. Cara Anthes says

    The toughest thing for me to vacuum is the living room chair that all my critters use as their bed. There is a long haired cat with very fine hair, a short haired cat with very coarse hair that pokes through the material, and the shetland sheepdog with 5″ long hair.

  147. The hardest thing to vacuum in the house is the cat hair and kitty litter. So it’s the whole house.

  148. I have a lot of trouble clean my couch and chair. Plus the carpet of course. It takes forever.

  149. The cat post and under the beds are the hardest places to get the cat fur off of!

  150. Hardest things to vacuum is cat bed and stairs !!!!

  151. Furniture is the hardest to clean

  152. CORNERS! Hate them.

  153. Furniture as the hairs weave into it. With three cats and two dogs we have lots of it

  154. the hardest for me is all the dog beds that i have around..its hard!!

  155. under the bed

  156. Every where can be a pain. We just moved into a new house with hardwood floor. We have 6 cats and a dog Fur is flying everywhere and dust mops don’t cut it. Please help.

  157. Hardest thing is the hair from my three dogs. One big fluffy chocolate lab and 2 fox terriers. That’s a lot of hair, but they’re worth it!

  158. Rich Lawrence says

    My hardest thing to clean up is my 4 Chihuahuas fur on the carpet.

  159. Laurapoole says

    The hardest thing to vaccum in the house is the cat bed with all the hair on it I have to take a roller to get the hairs off the cats bed !!!

  160. Sherrie Spotswood says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum are my 2 cats, Zippy and Baby Girl.

  161. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is everything becuase I am 37 weeks pregnant and my feet hurt!

  162. Under my kids beds… they keep storing stuff under there and I have to pull it out, dust it and then vacuum….:)

  163. The hardest thing to vacuum is the cat tree. It needs to be done every so often so the fur doesn’t get out of control, but all of the crevices makes it hard to get it truly clean.

  164. The hardest thing is to vacuum the couch.

  165. The hardest thing in my house to vacuum is our dog’s hair!! It sticks to everything and is almost impossible to remove!

  166. My two cats love to watch birds from the windows, so my curtains are the hardest things to vacuum.

  167. Everything! My dog sheds constantly and it gets all over the floors the furniture and I even find her hair on top of my stove. I need help!!!

  168. Theresa Jenkins says

    I have a lot of hard surfaces but I also have quite a few rug runner and area rugs …and with 5 grandkids here everyday every surfaces is hard to clean with a a hand me down sweeper from my grandma!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Patty V. says

    the hardest thing for me is getting the cat hair off my microfiber couch. Its everywhere on the couch. The sides and back of the couch are the toughest for me to clean hair off of.

  170. Amber Carpenter says

    Vacuuming is a challenge our entire condo is carpeted and with a toddler and a spiteful pug there are plenty of messes to clean up lol.

  171. Marie I. says

    I have six little babies. Their hair is everywhere. I have a hard time getting their hard off of the furniture.

  172. The toughest are my couches because I lost the attachment thing years ago, and would love to win this as a replacement to my vacuum which is older than I am… seriously it was my mothers lol

  173. I have twelve cats and Bissell products work great on cat hairs……..

  174. The hardest thing I have a problem vacuming in my home os STUBURN PET HAIR! I swear it sticks to my carpet like VELCRO! Bissell-Please HELP! I NEED this amazing vac like you wouldn’t believe! Between the pets and our 4 young children, our house is a Bissell’s dream-come-true!

  175. carlilekidsnk9s says

    The hardest thing to clean in my house is the stairs. I hate stairs, but would love a new vacuum!

  176. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs so I have pet hair everywhere and everything is hard to vacuum because I have either a dog or a cat in my way everywhere I try to vacuum, it would be great to be able to get all the pet hair off my furniture because my current vacuum is not working good and I need a new one but at this time cannot afford one.

  177. The most difficult thing to vacuum at my house… well, I’d say its a tie between the stairs and the spot on the couch my cat, Jupiter, likes to sleep on. His fur tends to accumulate right on the edge of the stairs leading to the second story, which larger vacuums cannot reach because of the railing and the couch is leather so we try to be careful about how to clean it.

  178. The hardest thing to vacuum is all of the carpet near the walls. I have to take out the vacuum wand and go around the perimeter of the room by hand.

  179. Louella Davis says

    Grass and sock lint! But my vacuum isn’t working right!

  180. My stairs! I have two different types of vacuums, and neither get the pet hair off.

  181. All the pet hair that gathers in the nooks and crannies on the stairs, chairs, everywhere!

  182. crumbs under edge of kitchen cabinets

  183. My couch, it is always so hairy!

  184. The stairs are so hard to vacuum, and it also doesn’t help that my vacuum is terrible.

  185. lisa leonard says

    pet hair and odor the couch and chair it is hard to get all the hair

  186. I would have to say that the hardest thing for me to vacuum would have to be cat hair that in a location that the cat frequents such as his bedding. The more fur there is, the harder it is to get up.

  187. The hardest thing to vacuum is the pet hair on my stairs. No matter how hard I try to remove the pet hair with the hose attachment it never seems to fully remove every singe piece of pet hair.

  188. Rick2012 says

    By far, our stairs to the second floor are the hardest part of our house to clean. Backbreaking!

  189. I have 3 dogs. So i need a good vacumn to get rid of hair and odor from the dogs

  190. The stairs!! My two cats stay on our basement level and love to sleep on the stairs. Their fur gets ‘ground-in’ to the carpet as the rub and twist against the steps.

  191. I have a geriatric beagle, a Great Dane and two cats. Hair is the hardest to get up. Plus the odors that come from them. The Danes sofa is hard to clean also.

  192. Theresa G says

    Having two cats in our home, the floors are a continuous challenge to maintain. Being in an older home, years back our kitchen has a very low pile carpet, and we have carpeting throughout the house. So with that said, the floors need daily vacuuming sometimes twice.

  193. My furniture! Cat hair everywhere!!!

  194. Chloe Goodson says

    Cat hair on the couch!

  195. Cat hair under the piano is the most difficult to vacuum.

  196. I have three long haired Pomeranians……I am always haveing to vac and clean my carpets but I desperately need a better machine.

  197. ~ Real tight on the finances the past 5yrs, I’ve had to cut my 65lb, very long haired dog’s hair with a scissor. Takes me 3+hours, hard to do with fibromyalgia, and before you know it it’s grown back and full size dust RABBITS everywhere.. Then I have my med size pup who also has long hair; luckily he doesn’t shed. Then there are the cats. Biggest problem is the, ” dust/hair RABBITS” everywhere.~

  198. The hardest thing to vacuum is underneath beds where my pets sometimes hang out.

  199. My long curvy stairs… Lugging the vacuum from landing to landing. vacuum falling over when I’m using my pet brush attachment!! HELP

  200. Ladyshoe says

    The footstools! I have a Tan GSD that leaves patches of hair on the edges where me vacuum can’t get too! I swear she does it on purpose to get me back for brushing her.

  201. Nancy Hayes says

    I can’t find a good vacuum. It sucks the wrong way!

  202. I find the high traffic carpet areas to be the hardest because the carpet is so packed-down.

  203. The hardest thing to vacuum is the screened back porch–or the ‘cattio’ as our four cats tend to think of it. Not only is the carpet covered in cat hair, there are leaves, etc., blown in when the door is opened.

  204. couches and bed and I have a broken machine that I cant afford to fix with 3 cats its driving me nuts to use other things to clean with !

  205. michelechollow says

    Earl Gray’s hair gets embedded in the dinning room carpet.

  206. Sherree Smith says

    The hardest place I have found for removing pet hair is in the seams–the seams of couch cushions, seams in their cat beds, etc. I haven’t found anything that will clean hair uot of seams except stripping tape for mailing boxes! I use strips of it–I stick it to the hair and pull!

  207. robinruinsky says

    Pet hair and the litter that gets tracked from the box is the toughest to vacuum!

  208. I struggle with cat hair that gets caught along the wall! Especially under the bed.

  209. Leisa Sample says

    My hardwood floors because the ceiling fan blows the dog and cat hair into the corners and around the edges of the furniture and my vacuum seems to only disperse it to different areas! 🙁

  210. Shannon S. says

    I have the hardest time getting cat hair of the arm of our microfiber recliner! She loves sitting in the sunshine there!

  211. The furniture,stairs,pet condo’s,pet beds and carpets.

  212. The hardest thing to vacuum is all the hair on the carpet. I always find hair on the carpet and floor and it’s very difficult to vacuum them especially when there are furniture like tables and shelf around the house. Some spaces, like under my bed for instance, is even too small for my vacuum to go in so I dare not imagine how much dirt are in there.

  213. The hardest thing to vacuum is the fur from my three cats.

  214. Pretty much everything–need a better vacuum.

  215. I have carpeted stairs and a Pyrador…they don’t mix. Haven’t found a vacuum that will get all that hair on the stairs.

  216. david spencer says

    With 4 cats in the house I’d have to say cat hair is the hardest to vacuum up.

  217. The hardest thing to clean (have 4 cats) are the area rugs coming from garage and outdoors in house and the ones going up the stairs. There are indents to wipe your shoes and all the cat hair get stuck there.

  218. The hardest thing to vacuum in our house is living room carpet.

  219. the kids play room I do daycare and no one can make a mess better then 5 kids and a puppy. Its cookies and paper,hair chips, crackers, well just say its a mess

  220. tdancsok says

    Dog hair from the couch and crevices!

  221. Pet hair from my three four-legged feline children. Hardest thing to vacuum is the bottom of the curtains where they sit in the window — and the sofa — and the carpet — and the cat bed — and . . . . . . . everything in the house that is vacuumable.

  222. The cat trees with all of their curves and crevices! And there are SOOOO many of them because we want the kitties to have lots of places to play and nap.

  223. all the fluffy down type hairs from my yorkies.. they seem to float thru the house.

  224. The cat is the hardest thing to vacuum. He won’t stay still and he hates the noise. LOL
    Seriously though, the carpeted steps. I can make a whole litter with the hair left there by Mr. Jeeps.

  225. My biggest problem is vacuuming the upholstered furniture. The cat hairs seem to actually weave into some fabrics and are almost impossible to remove. I have to admit that if I’m rushed for time I just hit the spots where the hair is really obvious. The Turbo Eraser on this Bissell sounds like it might be the answer to my problem.

  226. The hardest spot in my house to vacuum is my floor rug in my livingroom. My springer spaniel/Lab mix likes to lay on it and when he gets up my dark red rug turns to a spotted black and red color. It takes me about 3 or 4 times to go over it with my vacuum cleaner.

  227. The carpet along the walls

  228. Melissa Y says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is the couch! Dog hair gets stuck in the fabric!

  229. Definitely the cat condo and around the baseboards. Kitty hair is next to IMPOSSIBLE to vacuum when it scoots into crevices.

  230. The toughest thing to vacuum is everything because I do have 3 kids and a cat. The things they leave behind I need several of differnt tools like dust broom, bare floor vacuum then a regular vacuum. I would LOVE to just one tool for all of my floors! B-)

  231. lynn wishon says

    I live in a split level house with 2 doggs and the new carpet is almost flat on the steps from the dog hairs. This would be the right product to fluff them fibers. Good luck to me.

  232. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is the bedroom carpet–too much to vacuum around with my clumsy vac!

  233. Everything!!! I have COPD so my hubs does all the vacuuming! He’s relentless about it! But our vacuum (a Hoover) does a lousy job so he has to do it over and over again. Then he gets crabby. Makes for a very long day!

  234. My furniture!! My vacuum isn’t powerful enough to get the cat hair off.

  235. We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who shed horribly all year round. They love my sofa, which is covered with dark brown microfiber. Their hair sticks to it like glue. and the only way that I can get it off, is to actually put my old vacuum cleaner up on the sofa and vacuum it like I would the floors.

  236. linda carmine says

    With three feral cats the hardest place to vaccuum is under the beds where they like to play and hide.
    Linda Carmine

  237. Tracey D says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is Everything… my vacuum is losuy!!! And Tomy the cat, can’t help the fact that he was born with beautiful long white fluffy fur!! I can go over it and over it, and its still there!

  238. oh and my red couch that the cats lie on…….

  239. My vacuum does not pick up anything anymore…, cat hair everywhere

  240. Renee Dethlefs says

    Bellas dog house, my whole house ,cuz my vaccum is from the 50’s. Lol runs though belt like kids eat candy.

  241. The creases in the couch

  242. Kate Cotto says

    I agree with the “everything” comments! Trying to keep the hair of two shedding dogs off the floors, our bed, their bed, the drapes, etc because we have a 2 year old is nearly impossible! Plus, we have a lousy vacuum now so that’s certainly not helping things! Maybe one day they’ll invent a child/pet friendly fabric spray to keep the hair from sticking! One day……

  243. I find the stairs the most difficult because i always feel that something will fall down them , wither the vacuum or me

    oliviatheservicedog at hotmail dor com

  244. The stairs, cat trees, and the mats in front of the litter boxes are the hardest to clean.

  245. vacuuming up cat litter around the litter box is the hardest thing for me to clean!

  246. For us, it’s the couch after the three cats have sat on it for hours and embedded their hair into it.

  247. cat hair, dog hair, sand.

  248. the hardest thing to get up for me is pet hair, almost impossible!

  249. It’s hardest for me to vacuum up the fur in the nooks and crannies.

  250. pam arnold says

    My dog and cat hair is the hardest for me to get up i brush all of them and vacuum but the hair is still everywhere, but i love them all would take the world for any of them

  251. I have a problem with fur along the walls and corners. I have arthritis and 4 cats and 3 dogs. I wish there was an easier way to clean these edges.

  252. The hardest thing to vacuum in my home is the couch. The dogs lay on it and leave fur everywhere. Because it is cloth, the fur sticks to it like glue and makes it even more difficult to vacuum up.

  253. The corners of the bedrooms.

  254. Sondra Brazier says

    The hardest thing to vacuum in my house is all the Cat hair.

  255. cat hair!!

  256. Stephanie O'Leary says

    I have 4 “tiny tigers,” and the hardest place to clean are their pet beds. They’ve all got a simulated sheepskin-like texture that they love to grind into, and the hair gets so imbedded it’s practically impossible to get out with a vacuum of any kind. I’d LOVE to have a pet hair vacuum that could do the job in a reasonable amount of time (i.e., a period that wouldn’t require me to pack a lunch! xD)

  257. the pet hair that collects in corners and the stairs

  258. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is my huge couch. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and their hair sticks to my couch and does not vacuum off easily. I spend atleast 20 minutes a day cleaning the couch or it looks like a dog bed; and the pets are not allowed to get on the couch.

  259. hardest thing to vacuum in the house is where floors and walls meet!! ewwww is all I can say lol

  260. Justine Pinckard says

    trying to get all the cat fur off of my microfiber couch!

  261. BobW51599 says

    The most difficult thing to vacuum in my home is the fur that both of my dogs shed. It gets EVERYWHERE. I have one dog who believes that his domain is the top of the couch. It’s a chore to get the fur off of there, to be sure!

  262. toni / rctees says

    AWESOME giveaway!!
    Having mainly hardwood floors…the cat hair rolls around like tumble weeds…not a pretty sight…then there’s the couch…I always have a cloths roller handy in case a visitor decides to sit.
    ? toni/rctees

  263. bakersman says

    I am always trying to clean up where my little dog likes to lay. A powerful vacuum would be fantastic thing to clean those spot areas as needed. Thanks

  264. The hardest thing to vacuum are the stairs. The fact that my cat loves laying on them doesn’t help, even worse is when the dog decides to chase her off of them and she gets scared and sheds even more hair!

  265. I hate vaccuming the couch and the recliner chair.

  266. Brenda Deshong says

    the hardest thing to clean in my home is the furniture with cat hair on it it’s impossible to clean. and the stairs also.

  267. The hardest place under the bed. You lose power when using the attachments. I don’t move the bed all the time so its hard to tell if its really clean or not.

  268. behind all the doors, along the walls!

  269. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is the microfiber sofa my cat has claimed as hers in my bedroom. The cushions can’t be removed so it makes it super tough to the corners and cracks cleaned up!

  270. Tanya K. says

    the hardest things to vacuum up is pet hair and dust balls. Especially up tight against the walls.

  271. The toughest thing to vacuum in my house is the edges! Edges around furniture and walls!

  272. The cat’s bed and their kitty condo are the hardest things to vacuum.

  273. Barbara Tunstall says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum is under my bed. My dachshund runs under there and plays, has a great time and leaves me with the mess to clean up!

  274. Up against the walls/baseboards and in corners are the most difficult to keep clean!! I actually use a little hand held whisk broom to get up close in these areas! This Bissell looks awesome, and I like Febreeze too! Thank you for this opportunity!

  275. Anonymous says

    The Stairs are the hardest to clean! How does all that hair get in the weirdest places!

  276. right now, the whole house is hard to vacuum because we have that new ‘frizea’ carpet and my old sweeper will not glide over it. It is a good workout pushing that thing, but when you just want to get it done, it’s frustrating. Haven’t had a new sweeper in years, could REALLY use one! (and the cat hair is getting bad with the weather warming up now too!) (or facebook)

  277. Between where the carpet meets the walls having to cats & two dogs…the fur is drawn to these edges and takes for ever to clean these edges

  278. Serenityblizz says

    The stairs and behind/under furniture are the hardest things to vacuum.

  279. Cat hair on the couch – Lil never sleeps in her bed – always on the couch.

  280. Hardest thing to vacuum is definitely the sofa and cushions. The cat hair just sticks and does not come off!

  281. Under the beds and stairs!

  282. I have two dogs so it has to be the PET HAIR!!

  283. The hardest thing to vaccum in my house is the back/top of my new sofas.. they are woven material that seems to get my Minnie Mows hair woven right down into it.. She sits there when she watches birds out the window!

  284. Around the cat litter box

  285. Everything is hard to vacuum in my house cuz we have 2 dogs that shed constantly.

  286. The hardest thing to vacuum in my home are the blackout roman shades covering the windows. They are faux suede and the cat hair sticks like glue. All seven of our cats love to roam the windows.

  287. My whole house because my vacuum is really old and doesnt pit up good! Thanks

  288. The stairs, the stairs and the stairs. Oh, and the stairs.

  289. The hardest thing for me to vaccum would be my couch! That is where the cat lays all the time and it’s covered in fur!

  290. My furniture is the hardest things to get dog/cat hair out of! By far!

  291. My daughter’s rm…it is always a mess seems and so much to pick up and vacuum around. Thanks would love to win:)

  292. it’s my foot stool, Chip’s favorite lounging area!

  293. The toughest spots in our house are the stairs and the edge of the carpet. All the dog hair seems to find it’s way into these tight little spaces and attract every speck of dust in the house for company. A machine with a nice long attachment hose would make life so much easier.

  294. I love my animals, I don’t love their hair. I have two Jack Russells and one cat. They all love to lay on the couch, run around the living room, and get into stuff they shouldn’t. Trying to vacuum the couch, the floors, the whole house is such a chore.

  295. Chad Tackett says

    Stairs are definately the hardest!

  296. The hardest thing to vacuum is the back of the couch. (My dog thinks this is her personal look out spot).

  297. Believe it or not it is my hard wood floors. Because I have to do them 3 times a day to keep getting up the pet hair that I missed!

  298. heather mcdaniels says

    This would be wonderful my carpet cleaner just broke recently and I need a new one desperatly my son has terrible indooor and outdoor allergies so I have to keep it very clean

  299. Cathy H. says

    Definitely the stairs! That attachment looks like it would be perfect for vacuuming the stairs. Another problem would be the fringes on throw rugs that catch all kinds of pet hair and things they track in. Being able to turn off the brush roll would make this great for touching up rug fringe.

  300. The hardest thing for me to vacuum is the living room carpet. The cat hair sticks to that thing like velcro and unfortunately our vacuum blew up this past weekend.

  301. Bonnie L says

    The hardes thing to vacuum is the steps…dog hairs so hard to pick up!!

  302. Jessica Kultti says

    I have the hardest time vacuming the stairs. I have 21 carpeted stairs in my house. The hose is not long enough to get all of the stairs vacumed, and it is such an awkward area to vacum. I know there must be a solution to this problem!

  303. the hardest thing to vacuum in my home is the saltillo tile floors!

  304. My Couch with pet hair, cuz I need a new vacuum! Thanks for the chance!

  305. Hardest thing to vacuum in my house? My bed! Both cats love to lay up near my pillow and I get a mouth full of hair when I sleep.

  306. I have 2 indoor cats and so I have alot of cat hair all over my couch, in the carpets, basically it’s everywhere, I feel like I have to vacuum everyday just to keep it under some sort of control that my house is not overtaken by cat hair. It seems like this year they are shedding more than ever. considering shaving them.

  307. MamaBoop says

    All the carpets, I have two cats and a dog and they all shed!

  308. The hardest thing to vacuum are the floor boards/baseboards. Hard to get to, and hard to get all the dirt picked up.

  309. Carmen F says

    The toughest places to clean in our home, are the areas between the baseboards and the carpeting! The dog fur is impossible to get up! We have to scrape the area with our extender nozzle to form a pile of fur, then vacuum! We have a Norwegian Elkhound…, always shedding!

  310. Its all hard work, we have a mastiff and a border collie, and 3 cats…. I love my animals and rely on my bissell shampooer, would love the chance to try a proper pet hoover. Being a full time carer for my hubby makes money hard to find x

  311. Dog hair on the couch

  312. The pet hairs on my furniture are the hardest things to vacuum up it’s seems like once they are in the crevices & cushions it’ll be a miracle to get everyone of them.
    shariwrigh (at) aol (dot) com

  313. The itty bitty corners in the trim, corners in the stairs, and hmmm… The dog? 😉 hee hee!!!

  314. laura carey says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is behind the beds,argg,having to get down behind those things is brutal!!

  315. Fabric blinds

  316. The stairs!

  317. the hardest thing to vacumm in my house of 4 cats is the stairs!

  318. The hardest areas for me are my carpets, hair always clogs and burns up the belt on my vacuum

  319. I find my stairs the hardest to vacuum ~ there’s so much surface area and not anywhere to precariously hold the vacuum while I do them

  320. The toughest thing for me to vacuum is the couch and the very edge of the carpet by the walls where cat litter gets stuck! 😉

  321. Hardest thing to vacuum is my wood blinds after my cat, big boy Baby Cakes gets behind them to check the birds at the feeders. He leaves hair all over them. Still love him so much!

  322. Toughest thing to vacuum? Probably the daybed in the den. Not sure why, but the cover on it is a cat hair magnet and it’s always so tough to get off.

  323. The toughest areas for me to clean is under the kids beds and behind the couches, Our cat loves to hide in those areas and I cant ever get it clean without moving everything around (very time consuming) and you still cant get all of the hair off.

  324. Magwhisk says

    Well, the hardest thing here to vacuum, is the area rugs on the wood flooring…also, along the walls, where kitty hair runs and hides 🙂 xoxox Thanks for another fun contest!

  325. Adopted Mom to Chazz says

    Blank ets …my furbabie is a nester & the hairs get matted in his blankets OMG so hard to alumni

  326. The corners and the crevaces are a pain

  327. the toughest thing to vacuum in my house is the couch where my kitties sleep!

  328. The hardest thing to vacuum in our house is the crevices between the couch cushions. The cushions are attached.

  329. The hardest place to vacuum is the top of the back couch cushion where the black cat likes to sleep.

  330. One of the toughest things to vacuum is the back of the director’s chair where ‘alpha’ cat Tiger sleeps.

  331. Ruthi Corsaw says

    The hardest thing for me to vacumn is the cats! ;o)
    Seriously though it would be the up against the walls. naturally my vacumn doesn’t quite reach all the way so it means using the hand tools both before and after the main vacumning to be sure and get it all.
    Thanks for having this neat contest!!
    ps this maybe a duplicate comment as disqus seems to have eaten my 1st one. Please delete one of them if that’s the case.

  332. For us it is the area rug in our living room. It is wool, and beautiful, but cat hair does not want to leave it.

    eastcoastgirl09 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  333. We have a 3 story house and all the stairs are the hardest to vacuum. Next would be all the cat furniture on all those 3 floors!

  334. JessicaP says

    What is not hard to vacuum in my house? I have 5 dogs so I am constantly cleaning. The hardest things are the couch and chair along with the carpet around the baseboards. I own a Bissell vacuum, a Bissell upright carpet shampooer and just recently the Bissell ProHeat (which I totally adore). I would love to win this because it would certainly get used!

  335. Mighty Lambchop says

    The hardest thing to vacuum in our house are the window seats for the cats. It’s awkward to reach and is the worst fur magnet!

  336. The hardest thing to vacuum? How about everything! With the number of pets and foster pets that occupy my home I empty more pet hair from the vacuum bins than most people can even conceive of in a year!

  337. For me its hardest to get the furr off my couch & loveseat. Especially since they are my cats favorite spot! But my boyfriend is allergic to them so they have to be furry free when he is over & steam cleaned yearly. The Bissell Total Floors Pet would be a God sent in our home to have!!

  338. The hardest things for me to vacuum in our house are the stairs and the cats loft area…they have several mats, trees and litter boxes in the area ….not ot mention the couch in their room….

  339. The toughest thing for me to vacuum is the cat hair that gets in the air condition return, mix that with Bulldog hair and I have a day long project.

  340. Cats~Goats~Quotes says

    The cat trees are the hardest to vacuum, followed by the sofa. Hard to lift that vacuum up!
    This is a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  341. Shelly_H says

    The toughest thing for me to vacuum are the cat’s beds–it’s impossible to get the fur out of those things!

  342. Hardest thing to vacuum? Easy: the stairs!!

  343. The hardest place for me to vacuum is the spot on the couch where my Brutus sleeps. I put my vacuum on top of the couch to vacuum and burned a hole in the upholstery. Brett noticed right away, still hoping Nate doesn’t.

  344. Hardest thing to vacuum is the kitty condo. Full of kitty furs!

  345. The top levels of the cat tree houses are taller than I am and the vac doesn’t reach!

  346. It’s tough to get the cat hair off the couch.

  347. Granuaille says

    The stairs and the hallways, for sure

  348. Everything because I have a lousy vacuum…

  349. Debbie Becker says

    With 5 cats everything is hard to vacuum! But the stairs are definitely the hardest!

  350. Having four dogs and a cat, the hardest things to vacuum in the house are the stairs and the edges of the rooms. Hardest in that they require a lot more work than the rest of the carpet.

  351. right now, that would be the stairs and around the banister, but we are moving, and my two children, and my two fur-babies and i would absolutely love to start fresh in our new home with this vacuum!! i have been wanting this vacuum, but money is tight right now… this would be a dream come true and a true stress reliever for me if i won this!! ~fingers crossed~

  352. The hardest thing for my vaccum to get is all of the kitty hair on the carpet. I constantly have to stop and remove hair from the roller. We certainly need a new vaccum I just haven’t picked one out yet. We love you Gracey!

  353. The hardest thing to vacuum in our house is the hair from 4 cats where the baseboards and carpet meet!!! I could knit a sweater from all the hair along the wall in our living room/dining room (longest wall in the apartment)!!! It’s crazy and even with the “crevice tool” on our present vacuum, it’s a pain AND since I have a back issue, it’s also painful! I’d love to win this AWESOME looking/sounding vacuum but I wish every one luck! Also, thank you to Bissell and The Tiniest Tiger for a great give away!!!
    Lisa Anne, Morgaine La Fey, Wrath, Kherridwen & Yin ^.^< <3

  354. Perry the Cat says

    The hardest thing for my momma to vacuum in our house is the carpet, duh!! Especially when I decide to try to dig to China in my litter box! She takes out the scary machine that makes loud noises so often (& for so long) I can’t bear that old thing any longer! She must win this new, shiny, Brissell Total Floor Pet vacuum for my sake! Meow!

  355. Jennifer D says

    The hardest thing to vacuum is the cat furniture. Gracie loves to scratch the carpet part (of course not the sisal part meant for scratching) and it spreads little pieces of carpet everywhere. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  356. The hardest thing to vaccuum in my house is the stairs! Legions of cat fur balls, seem to collect there, and I am left having to use a broom ! My baby’s are worth it, but it sure does leave a mess with 3 cats, a dog and 2 ferrets!

  357. the hardest thing to vacuum is corners and crevices and the entrance matt and schlepping the heavy vacuum around and switching attachments from carpet to laminat…..should I go on?

  358. Cindy Huber-Badour says

    The hardest thing to vacuum in my home are the cat trees and condos. Seven cats sure shed a lot!

  359. The hardest thing to vacuum in my home is my entire house! With 5 kitties and a doggy, we have a lot of kitty litter/fur all over the place. Oh how we could use this vacuum to help us out!

  360. Moggie C. says

    The hardest thing for me to vacuum is the carpet. My vacuum is getting older and doesn’t pick up hair (both pet hair and people hair) as well as it used to.

  361. Julie Bradshaw says

    With 12 kitty cats and 2 dogs, the furniture and the stairs are the hardest to vacuum because of little corners and crevices 🙂

  362. Ingrid King says

    What an awesome giveaway! The hardest thing to vacuum in my home? Everything. I hate vacuuming! But I bet with this machine, it would be a joy :-)!

  363. The hardest thing to vacuum in the house is — the Floor! This is where Willow (red tabby maine coon) likes to sleep. The area in front of the fireplace where she likes best is a shade lighter because of all the hair on the floor. This is also the place where she gets her catnip. It takes our current vacuum several tries to pick up everything that my fur-baby leaves on the floor.

  364. Linda Miller says

    As they say, cat hair is a condiment in our home, especially during shedding season! Carpet and hardwood, it all needs vacuumed!

  365. the whole place. About 10 years ago the landlords put their old carpet on top of the carpet that was already in here. Add to that shedding cats and dirt tracking feet,is just disgusting, Don’t even want to imagine what may be buried in the layers.

  366. HI Gracey. Pretty much everything is hard to vacuum but the most hardest to get really clean is our sofas. They are suede so on the surface it seems to come right off but once you lift the cushions, all the hair is clumped together and seem to hold to each other by static electricity.

  367. All my carpets are hard to keep the cat hair off but; the worst is the all the areas the kitties lay on like the couch or cat climbing toys. Thanks for the giveaway.

  368. The hardest thing to vacuum in my house is a chair that sit right in front of the living room window. The cats love it, but it is a fur magnet! I would love the Bissell Total Floors Pet because I could use it for my hardwood floors, upholstery and drapes!

  369. The hardest room to vacuum in my home is my bedroom,I have a doggie door and they are in and out all day.I have also adopted a stray cat that found her way in to the house.I would love a good vacuum that would pick up the pet hair.

  370. The hardest thing in my home to vacuum is my living room. My current vacuum doesn’t pick up much and there is tons of puppy and cat hair all over that mine doesn’t pick up. The living room is the busiest place in the house and I would love a vacuum that picks up animal hair and other things really good. And the fabreeze in this vacuum is super cool!!! I’d love to have this also because my cat was being territorial and going on my floor and even after shampooing, still needs some stuff done. The Bissell would make my life so much easier and my house a lot cleaner!

  371. Everything in my house is hard to vacuum! With the two cats, there is always hair hair hair on the wood floors and the carpeting. Spring shedding season is worse.

  372. Hmm… the hardest thing to vacuum in my home would be… under my bed. I move the furniture when I vacuum so that I can clean under it, but my bed is too big and my bedroom too small. So, naturally, that is where my new puppy decides she wants to take a pee every morning!