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The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to Sue and Tahirih!  They won the signed copies of Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Daddy!  Thank you to everyone that participated.

Happy Book Release to Jackson Galaxy!

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy

May 10, 2012 was  the release day for  Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean, by Jackson Galaxy star of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell. Earlier this year, we talked tiger with Jackson about how his love for cats goes back to his youth when he was enamored of the big cats.

Today, Jackson, a cat behaviorist opens up his life, heart and soul in his new book, the fulfillment of a promise Jackson made to Benny his cat, that he would tell his story.  When we spoke with Jackson a few days ago, he  hoped readers would obtain a better understanding of how their own cat sees the world and if the reader is not already sharing their home with a cat,  that the book would motivate the reader to adopt one!

Jackson credits Benny  with saving his own life.

The book is about me and a cat named Benny, meeting each other at a busted up point in our lives, living a life together under incredible challenges, healing one another.”

The bond between Jackson and Benny is obvious as you will see in the book trailer below.


Jackson would like readers to gain an understanding of the concept of  Cat Mojo, an advanced appreciation of your cat and a fully developed bond.   The ultimate goal is to end  cat overpopulation  and to achieve a world where homeless animals do not have to die needlessly. Jackson wants to be part of that solution.

Cat Daddy inspires you to do better for yourself and for all living beings.

In the book Jackson lays his life wide open for everyone to read.  He and Benny piece their lives back together one step at a time showing the reader that everyone that struggles has the power to recover and live a better life. A testament to both the human and feline spirit.

Cat Daddy inspires you to want to do better not only  for yourself, but for all living beings.

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  1. OMG!! I won! I am super excited. Really looking forward to reading Jackson’s story. I am sure I will need some tissues as it sounds very emotional. Replied back to you on Facebook Gracey.

  2. My gang (3 male, 2 female) was getting along quite well. My youngest- Pandora, a calico – was the most aggressive, but rarely took it too far with the other cats, usually just instigating minor skirmishes. In Dec. I fell in love with a tortie kitten at our HS – home she (Zoe) came. Things seemed to go reasonably well at first, but within a month, Pandora developed a pathological hatred for Zoe. This is not ‘normal’ cat fighting, she attempted to kill her – going for her spine and gut. She’s now on kitty anti-psychotics and I have had to convert a room to a ‘saferoom’ and they now take turns – one day in, one day run of the house. This works, but is not really a solution to the problem; they both like the room, but neither likes being kept in it. The room’s door is screened/chicken netted, so they can see and adjust to each other without physical contact, but Pandora’s attitude has not altered. How can I help fix this?

  3. Monica Holley says

    Hi Jackson. I’d like to know what I can do to keep my 2 male, neutered kitties (one is 16, the other is 7 and grew up with the older one.) from urinating on my kitchen counters!! They both live indoors, but I do let them out for several hours of exercise. I clean the litter box everyday. I also have one cat who follows the same in/out deal, though he is out the majority of the time, and comes in at night to sleep. He has also been here since a young kitten. My other 3 kitties are strictly outdoor boys. I have tried the Feliway products with no success. I am at my wits end & don’t know what to do anymore. Thank you and congratulations on your book!!!! Monica

  4. Hello Jackson, Love your work! My question is for our 2 yr old calico (spayed) girl. She is a purrfect cat except that she insists on waking us up before the sunrise (4-5 AM ish). We play very actively with her each evening and before bed, and during the day if we are home. What are your best hints to help us sleep later if at all possible? She is so insistent and begins scratching at the door/furniture if we try to ignore her. Thanks

  5. I have a cat who will happily use his litter box, until we are forgetful and leave something soft (like clothing or a bathmat) on the bathroom floor. Sometimes on the kitchen floor as well, but never in the carpeted rooms. Is there anyway to stop this behavior? I would love to be able to use a bathmat again!

  6. Dear Jackson,
    Is there any hope for a 7 year old solitary kitty like me to EVER get along with another cat?
    love, Katie

  7. Erica McClellan says

    My one cat chews on plastic bags from the grocery store? How can I get her to stop?

  8. Hi Jackson! I love your show and was wondering if you found it easier to “train” a cat or the human? I have been wondering this ever since I saw the episode of the couple where the husband was shooting the ping pong gun-ball at the cat and was just amazed at how you kept your cool with him. In most cases it seems like the cat isn’t doing anything wrong… it’s the human who is the problem. Thank you! ~Christine

  9. Question for Jackson: I realize it’s safer for cats to live indoors. In the UK, almost all cats seem to be indoor/outdoor cats. Do you think indoor-only cats feel the loss of not being able to go outside?

  10. My calico Callie is a nervous nellie.We are a house of Husband ,wife & Callie.When company is over she hates the commotion. I can move on the bed and she will startle.12 yrs. of this.And she is the most pampered spoiled head of house.We tried the calming plug-ins.Some help.

  11. Dear Jackson, Why oh why does Leonardo (my neutered male tuxedo) think that the appropriate way to wake a sleeping person is to bite them on the ankles or wrists? It’s really vexing.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. Jackson your show is great. I have had cats all my life espescially very multi-cat household. I have been blessed that my cats get along [minus a few squabbles here & there but no fur-flying kind] have 1 cat that is very opinionated & was right from the start & another [he died of lymphoma in july ’11] was a prankster.
    My question is: Do you see that a lot in multicat households? I don’t mean hard to handle cats but cats that have strong opinions & know what they want, like, dislike? & Cats that are just full of pranks [no mean streak at all]
    I am very happy that you are trying to help multicat households or even single cat homes make it work out so they won’t end up in a high kill shelter.

  13. techeditor says

    Our cat was a stray we found as a kitten when we lived in San Diego, California. Because of the climate there, it was not a problem to install a pet door so she could go in and out as she pleased. Now we live in Michigan, and we don’t want a pet door because the climate here gets too cold.

    MY QUESTION: Do you think we should let her out here? She would not be able to come back in until we let her in.

    My sister lets her cat out, and he just cries at the door when he wants to come in. But we live more country, and there are many wild animals here.

  14. BorisKitty says

    How do you exercise a 6 year old cat when two 9 month old kittens won’t let him play? Da monsters ALWAYS gets in ma way when I am tryin to play. I needs to werks off sum xtra weight n dems grrrls won’t lets me!

  15. How can I trap 3 kittys and mama cat( all over a yr old) who the next door neighbor feeds and so do I? I dont want to have them taken away but would like to take them in as ours even though we already have some cats. I cant bare to think of them being destroyed and I think they are too smart for any traps and they are so wild they run at any sight of us

  16. catmommie says

    I LOVE your show Jackson, you give such great advice! Thank yu for making me want to be a better cat mommy

  17. I would ask Jackson what cats get most attached to in his opinion. I have heard that cats get attached to places more than people. Is this true? I always worry when I have to put my cat in her carrier to take her to my spouse’s parents when we travel or when she went to stay with my sister. Do cats get stressed when they are taken from one place to another and do they miss people?

  18. I love your show Jackson & have leanred alot form it. Smeaggy is my cat that I rescued from an unsafe house. He is neutered has made us happy for 10 years now. The only problem we have had is when our grandchildren or other children visit. He won’t let them come to near him & if they do he growls & hisses at them. Even now one is 16 & he still hisses at him & I just can’t figure out why?

  19. I would ask him for tips on how to keep June Buggie from being so mean to me!

  20. Annie Pie says

    I very much miss having a cat in my life. However, my husband says we shouldn’t adopt one (or two if I have my way) until we’re done with our traveling. We’re retired and may go off for two to three weeks about once a year. And we travel on weekends several times a year. How upsetting is it for a cat to be left? Would it be better to wait?

  21. I would ask Jackson what is the best way to handle the situation of when a cat keeps jumping on counters and the dining room table, despite the fact she knows it’s allowed? Thanks for the chance to win Gracey! <3

  22. toni/rctees says

    My Abby is very shy…a lot like Jackson’s Caroline. I would like to get one or two more kitties.
    What would be the best age / sex to incorporate with her (indoors) …and I also have an older pup??

  23. Jessica_cat rescue says

    Soo glad you made a show for cats, they don’t get as much credit as dogs. Love it! Thank you. Must have a copy of the book. How did you become a “Cat Daddy?”

  24. My overweight cat seems to get tired and loose interest very quickly when we play. Can you think of any other ways to help him slim down aside from cutting back on his food and playing more times a day?

  25. I have a one cat whom is about 1 and 1/2 years whom spend his day picking on my 15 year old cat whom is small cause he had thyroid disease. And just one look and he runs~terrified. He is a bully but; otherwise a wonderful cat. They used to be friends until he needed to be fixed and his personally changed to a bully. What can I do to make my senior cats life better? I love his show and so look forward to reading his book.
    Sue B

  26. Jackson, How do we get some of your music to play for our cats?

  27. Why is my little tortie girl who was grooming other cats at the shelter so aggressive with my cat at home? Do I need to just let them duke it out for dominance or is there another way? We didn’t just throw them together and they were fine for a couple days and then all hell broke loose.

  28. What can I do to curb aggressive behavior? For example, a younger playful 8 month old cat attacking his 4 year old sister.

  29. Lori Morin (Love All Cats) says

    I would love to ask Jackson, what is the best way to help Raven with her stress, she is a loner but lives with three other cats – she does not like them invading her space. I would love to learn a few tips on how to get all the cats to coexist peacefully. I don’t know what a one cat household is, and I do not like to think that Raven is constantly freaking out by the others. Maybe I anthropomorphize poor Raven when I think that she’s feeling anxious or has social phobia – but I’ve always felt that Cat Mojo with Raven – I have social phobia myself and being afraid of people; Raven, being my “soul-cat” is afraid of cats (as well as people) I’d just like to learn to help her cope and to connect more successfully with her.

  30. My cat constanly licks me. I often have to put her off of my lap because sometimes she just won’t stop. She’ll also lick me in the morning when I’m still sleeping to try to wake me up. What could be the root of this licking behavior?

  31. Regina R. Davis says

    Jackson, I have some friends who have adopted a few cats over the years and each time, when the fur child does not turn out to be as well behaved as they want, they give the fur child away (after having them 5 or 6 years). I’ve always thought that they do not spend the time and care needed to train their fur children (although they insist they do). It always bothers me when this happens and I feel sorry for these cats who must feel lost and abandoned when they’re abruptly taken from the only home they’ve known. These friends have recently adopted another one and I would like to know how to help them (in a loving and sensitive manner) understand the needs and feelings of a fur child and what it does to them when they’re not raised properly or are abandoned from the only family they’ve known. Regina R. Davis

  32. Nancy Foulke says

    We have an orange tiger stripe male cat who thinks he is a dog who loves to be patted hard like you would a big dog and then kick himself in the face when you quit! Why does he do this? He also has other dog behaviors as well.

  33. Teresa K says

    How much too much? We have 2 cats, one is more aggressive and it is hard to tell when it is just tussling. These confrontations never get to the point of yowling or hissing, but a lot of pouncing, and the more docile cat might cry out if bit too hard. The docile one often will retreat to his perch to avoid bullying. What are my options to calm the aggressor down?

  34. Jackson, my kitty has an obsession with water she broke a pitcher full of of filtered water on my floor, is this normal??

  35. What is the best way to integrate a cat into a household with a dog and a 19 month old boy?

  36. lumi maymi says

    What is the best way for me to introduce my cat to my new significant other? I am moving into a new place (with my significant other and want them both to get used to each other)

  37. Our youngest (nearly 3 years old) has an awful habit of knocking cups over. He has broken numerous cups this way and it’s pretty frustrating. How can we get him to stop?

  38. lisa flores says

    How do you successfully I integrate a high energy sphynx into a new home after someone has isolated in one bedroom for months?

  39. For Jackson:
    Question: 2 Males/Ragdoll-Siamese blend – Father(4)/Son(2 &slightly bigger than dear ole dad) – both altered almost a year ago. .. and hate each other! What can I do to quash the tension between this Father & Son?
    Thank You.

  40. I have a three legged male, rescued as a tiny kitten racing across four lanes. Not only was his left leg dangling, his eye showed symptoms of Horners Syndrome. Long story short, he’s a great little buddy. However, vets have advised me to amputate. Kettner (named for the San Diego street we found him on) is now over two years old now and gets around fine. He’s an indoor cat. Should I have it removed? He has NEVER had feeling in it.

  41. Catherine LaRochelle says

    My question: I am the happy pet parent of four spayed female cats. I have a large home with plenty of space. Even though my cats are happy and well cared for I get teased and called a crazy cat lady. In your opinion how many cats are too many?

  42. how can I get my 2 females to get along better. Princess is 10 and Ringo is 8. They have been living in the same house for 6 or 7 yrs. Princess used to hide in the basement until Ringo and her boys went to bed. She comes upstairs now, but she is a stalker and there is alot of hissing and growling when Ringo tries to go to other rooms. I have 9 cats and we do have some others that don’t see eye to eye. But Princess and Ringo are the worst at getting along.

  43. Hey Jackson I know you usually deal with cats that are aggressive but I have a cat that is too affectionate. Don’t get me wrong I certainly rather have the overly affectionate cat! Anyhow my question to you is what should I do with our cat, Skillet who wants affection so much that he is super annoying and will even try to trip you when you are walking to get attention. He gets PLEANTY of affection but he is insatiable.

  44. Dawn Turner says

    What would be the best way to get a highly scared cat to trust you? Yes, food has been tried and some play, also, but he is just not coming round.

  45. What is the best way to introduce adult cats to avoid territorial issues and marking

  46. Rebecca Thummel says

    I would ask him how I can stop my 8 month old cat from being aggressive. It’s mainly when or after he is playing. He bits, nips, and sometimes draws blood

  47. Jackson, one of my 3 cats (all rescue) was thrown out of a car as a kitten. No broken bones, just a scraped up little face. She is fine and about 4 years old now however, she hides whenever anyone comes in the house. Even people that come over regularly. Some of my friends didn’t even know we had a third cat. She is fine with residents of our household and the one “outsider” that she came to was my son who was visiting from Pennsylvania (I think she thought he smelled like/looked like my other son that lives with us). What can I do to make her feel more secure??

  48. Trudy Jewell says

    My question would be: Why on occasion does my cat go crazy and act like he is being chased by demons. His fur will twitch, and his tail flicks and he will run, then stop, then lick his fur, then run again. Quite crazy-like.

  49. Are all bites warnings. or are some playful? How can we tell the difference and/or know when it’s escalating from playfulness to aggressiveness?

  50. I have 9 cats. My question for Jackson would be :”How do I keep the cat I bottle-fed as a kitten from being picked on by the other cats? She thinks she’s a person, not a cat, and she does not like cats.”

  51. A good friend, and one of my pet sitting clients actually, is getting ready to move. We’re talking a trip of about 9 hours with six cats and three birds. Any suggestions on how to make the move/drive easier on the kitties? We’re both thinking talking to the vet about sedation might be a good option, but some say that’s not a good idea either.

  52. Jackson, I rescued a “surrender” kitty at the Nashville Animal Control. Purrl is a wonderful cat but she bites! Unfortunately, the previous owners (it seems) played rough with her, thinking it would be funny to use their wiggly fingers as “toys”. I have used some behavior modification techniques and found one to be wildly successful on getting her to stop biting ME….BUT she still bites my other cat…who is a big sweet neutered (of course!) male. He is all confused about why she wants to hurt him. He LOVES it when she licks, licks licks his head but after about 3 or 4 licks she BITEs…HARD! She will also run behind him and bite the crap out of his back leg/ hind quarters. How can I get her to play nice with Mister Meow? help! Thank you and good luck with your book! 🙂

  53. I would ask him the best way to try to integrate an outdoor cat into our four indoor cat family. Would she ever be happy being inside? We have a cat that appears to have been left behind by their family. She came into our yard exhausted and hungry. We’ve been feeding her for about a month now and consider her part of the family even if she stays outside. We will try and make her as comfortable as possible regardless.

  54. Kristen B. says

    What is the best way to introduce a senior cat (who has been a stray unloved kitty most of her life), into a home with 4 younger, domesticated cats?

  55. My question: “How can I help a formerly feral cat and a traumatized former shelter cat accept each other enough so they can live in the same house together?” (Currently, the shelter cat – my foster fail – still has to live in his isolation room.)

  56. After losing a 17yr old kitty-daughter, how do you convince a stubborn, non-cat lover, loved one/spouse that you NEED another cat in your life? (It’s a good thing I work at an Animal Hospital or I would be lost.)

  57. Love Jackson’s show. Can’t wait to read his book.

  58. Since I have worked in vet clinics in the past and still do so on occasion, what’s the best way to get cats through the stress of being examined, having blood drawn, and getting injections? We only have literally minutes to calm/reassure a cat in this situation. (That’s what I’d ask the Cat Daddy! 🙂 )

  59. awe just watched the book trailer, saw and felt the emotion you feel about your beloved cat Benny. What a blessing you both found each other, and had that time together. =^..^= ?

  60. I’ve never watched his show (I don’t watch a lot of TV); I do, however, like the message of adoption and ending the overpopulation. Will he be giving any proceeds from the book to any type of cat rescue?