Cat Artist Back by Popular Demand! Gracey’s Gallery is Open.

Gracey the Cat ArtistWelcome Friends to my art exhibit.

I am Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and the artist.  When I unveiled by first painting, A Cat Artist’s Interpretation of an Amur Tiger, created on my iPad using Paint for Cats, I was overwhelmed by the compliments and offers to purchase my work. I appreciated your kind words and worked hard to create more works of art to show you.  My first art exhibit’s success motivated me to keep painting and sharing my interpretation of the world around us.

Creating art requires patience, planning, observational skills, bursts of inspiration and lots of thinking.  These are all cat characteristics aren’t they?   I took my time in selecting just the right color combinations to convey my interpretation of what inspired me and then unleashed my creative energy  to get the paint on the canvas.

I hope you enjoy my paintings.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask and share.  Thank you for visiting.

Welcome to Gracey’s Gallery!

My Inspiration:

Tiger in IndiaBengal tigers live in India and are sometimes called Indian tigers. The Bengal subspecies  is the most prevalent of the remaining wild tigers. This image of a Bengal tiger with a beautiful turquoise sky in the background caught my eye and inspired me to paint.

My Painting: Bengal Tiger in India

Gracey Art Bengal Tiger in India

My Inspiration:

HydrangeaIt is summertime  here at my habitat and when I look out over the back yard I see the hydrangea in bloom.  This summer they are putting on a colorful show and even though I can only admire them from afar, these beautiful flowers made my paws want to  paint.

My Painting: Hydrangea

Gracey Art Hydrangea

My Inspiration:

Wyoming Yellowstone National ParkThere are many beautiful places in our world, one of them is  Yellowstone National Park.   The orange mud flats  are spectacular aren’t they?  This really put my paws in motion.

My Painting: Orange Mud Flats in Yellowstone National Park

Gracey Art, Orange Mud Flats

My Inspiration:

Blink Ketchup and Mustard BottlesDo I need to say more? hahahahha.  Lazy Leopard and I were feeling silly one day and this just cracked us up. Art can be fun too.

My Painting: Catsup and Meowstard

Gracey Art  Catsup and Meowstard

My Inspiration:

Male leopard in South Africa

One of my favorite big cats, the gorgeous leopard. Awe inspiring beauty and mystique. I love leopards don’t you?

My Painting: The Adaptable Leopard

Gracey Art  The Adaptable Leopard

Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery

I would love to know which painting is your favorite and why it stood out from the rest for you.

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  1. Gracey I like them all but if I had to pick it would be a tie between the Bengal tiger and Catsup. Almost ended up with coffee on the computer on that one LOL! Voted for you every day for the Pretties so far and will keep voting until it’s done..I read your blogs to my little girl Athena. She’s a Tortie/ Gray tabby who is 2 1/2.

  2. Kourtney says

    My favorite is definatly the orange mud flats it’s very lovely.

  3. I really like the bengal tiger painting. The lovely spalshes of orange on blue are wonderful. Plus I really like that you can see so many individual paw prints. Very inspiring, Gracey!!

  4. Christina says

    The finalists for the 2012 Petties have been announced! Congratulations on
    your blog Conservation Cub Club on being a finalist in the Best Blog Post Category for the
    2012 Petties.

    Voting is now open! Please email me at
    so I can provide you a Petties finalist badge to place on your site.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



  5. We love it, Gracey!!

  6. PetsWeekly says

    Gracey, you are the most talented feline I’ve ever known! Cassie and The Cog want to know if you can teach them to paint as well as you? They were just impressed! Cassie loved the Bengal Tiger (the colors were such a beautiful match). The Cog thought that the Adaptable Leopard was the best. Will you be selling these works of art for charities?

  7. PS. I nominated you in both CATagories in The Petties.

  8. All of your artwork is so beautiful, it is difficult for me to pick just one favorite. I love them all for different reasons. I guess if I really have to pick a one “favorite”, it will have to be “The Adaptable Leopard” because it is so serene and I love Leopards too! Great job on all of them, Gracey (and LL too, for your contribution). xoxoxoxo

  9. My favorite…the Hydrangea. But all are quite lovely. “Meowstard”…hahahaha

  10. Favorite…the Hydrangea. ” Meowstard” hahahaha

  11. I absolutely LOVE the Orange Mud Flats one, and the “Catsup & Meowster” title just tickles my fancy!

  12. Pet News and Views says

    I have two favorites: Bengal Tiger in India and Yellowstone. I’ve been to Yellowstone, and it really is that pretty.

  13. Just beautiful Gracey – you are quite the talented artist!