Start Treating Your Cat Like a Dog! Temptations Giveaway

Cats deserve treats too!

Did you know that dog owners are twice as likely to treat their dogs than cat owners?  Because dogs are bigger babies,Temptations Cat Treats are for Cats! I mean are not as independent as cats, many pet parents are so preoccupied with the  whiny canines that they don’t even get time to think about treating the cats!

Well, we cats say no more! Just because we cats are like the A student that always brings home a perfect report card without having to study doesn’t mean we don’t like attention. We understand the dogs require lots of tutoring just to get along but that doesn’t make it ok to take the cats for granted. We like attention too even if we don’t always drool and beg for it.

It is time  as a pet parent you start treating your cat like a dog!

Cats like treats too.

Did you know that Temptations® Treats for cats are the leading cat treat on the market? They come in a wide variety of types and flavors too so even the most discriminating feline  palate will find one that they will enjoy.

One of the benefits of treating your cat is that it is the perfect way to connect with your cat and create a playful bond. Cats like to stalk and hunt, so why not place a few treats inside a puzzle feeder or a treat ball to bring out the wild in your house cat?  Don’t let your cat become bored, and inactive because you didn’t think your cat likes to play.

Did you know that by treating your cat you cannot only build and strengthen the cat/parent bond but you can also reinforce behavior?

Beginning of For Cat Eyes Only!

When you want a treat, just do whatever your parent asks you to do.  It is really that easy.

They might say “scratch the post instead of the sofa” so you think well that is easy enough so when you pass by the sofa and scratch the post you get a treat!  Your parent might say, “let me trim your nails” and you might think let me bite your fingers, but then you think about those delicious crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside Temptations® and tough out the trim!

My brother Mercy likes to hide, but when he hears the shake shake shake of the Temptations® bag, he comes running like a trained puppy.  My grandma is happy she knows where he is, and Mercy gets to chomp a treat.

End of For Cat Eyes Only!

Because I want you to start treating your cat like a dog, the nice folks at Temptations have given me lots of samples for you to try.

Temptations Treats and GraceyHere is all you have to do:

Leave a comment below this post telling me if you treat your cat and how often.

You can go to the Temptations page and  check out all the different cat treat flavors and then tell me which one you think your cat would enjoy the most.

The Rules:

Due to the power outages this past week, I am extending the date for this contest to Monday, July 9 at 5 pm Eastern.

Contest closes on Tuesday, July 3 at 5 pm Eastern

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winners will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say Temptations Giveaway .  Void where prohibited by law.

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Temptations Cat Treats provided me with samples and coupons.  We were also sponsored to attend BlogPaws by Temptations.  We received no other compensation for this post.

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  1. Our two cats both love the classic catnip flavor and the hairball control. We give them some of each everyday. Our orange kitty, Cheetah, will actually try to chew thru the empty bags to find more treats or if the bag hasn’t been opened he will “open” it and scatter treats everywhere so he can get them.

  2. I treat my kitties every day. I yell ‘snackums’ and all three
    come running!

  3. Cynthia Downer says

    I treat them almost every day. Our foster Bengal, Jet, gets treats because we train him. He knows “paw” – now that’s treating him like a dog, but in a good way! We give our cats treats while we train him because we don’t want them to feel left out. They aren’t nearly as inclined to learn tricks for treats, though.

  4. Oliver LOVES the chicken and Lucy’s fav is the tuna – so what does a mom do? She buys both for bedtime snackies!

  5. My cats love the temptations treats. They really like the seafood flavor. i will have to try the free range chicken. They love chicken and I bet they would love these.

  6. Kathleen Martin says

    I have 6 rescue kitties and we have set treat times. 1. When momma gets home 2. When momma gets up. 3. Before bed. Therefore I buy a LOT of Temptations for my fur family! We don’t buy any other brand. Favorite flavors are catnip and dairy for all of them.

  7. My two girls adore the Temptations Dairy treats,and get “treated” every morning before I leave for work. It’s my way of making them feel special. All I have to do is simply say “milk treats” and they come running out to the kitchen to see me. I place a few nibbles in front of them, gently pet them and say “Have a great day ladies, I’m off for the day,be good, and I love you”. Routines do help strengthen the bond,and a happy cat is a good thing!

  8. My cats love ALL of the Temptations treats, yet they usually just swallow them without even chewing! The funny story on the back of each bag always makes me smile. My kitties get these treats everyday. Today’s flavor is the Tasty Chicken Flavor in the 6.3 oz bag.

  9. The Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs get their Temptations treats almost everyday. Their favorite, paws down (or up), is Chicken flavored. I did see a new flavor. I think it was called Free Range Chicken, but they haven’t tried it yet. Thanks for the chance to win Gracey. xoxoxoxo

  10. We have 5 cats…they love love love temptations..dairy is a big hit lol

  11. Sherree Smith says

    My kitties love, love, love the Temptations Dairy treats! They demand them every day! And I do mean demand–if I fail to give them their dairy treats, they have been known to get into the pantry and steal the bag, chew it open, and help themselves! Temptations is one item I don’t dare run out of at this house!

  12. I give treats everyday. Otherwise the tribe starts giving me those stares…

  13. Bradley and Lacey have to get their treats otherwise they will open the cupboard and start pulling everything out until they find them and then pull the bag open together. Naughty kitties lol

  14. Betty B. says

    i treat my kit kat almost every day

  15. Deborah R Rossavik says

    I treat my cat every day. such treats are cat treats when i can get them, the yoghurt containers when i am finished and i always leave a little for her cat milk, and when she is really good she gets a dalop of whipped cream. i also planted cat mint and nip in the garden for her she is a Norwegian forest cat and is very much loved.

  16. My cats love temptations treats! Dirk particularly acts crazy for them. I’m sad to admit though i don’t treat my kitties enough. I only occasionally buy these.

  17. My Mandy loves the catnip mix ups….she has the morning,noon and night…..loves the them

  18. kathy shane says

    My 9 cats get these treats all thru the day. However our 18 pound orange cat Kevin will bite my leg until I give him some treats. Needless to say, I wear long pants in the house.!!!

  19. Sheila Sasser says

    Chester and Marya get treats occasionally only because I have not found any good ones.

  20. My cats Spartacus and Katrina love the chicken or dairy flavor. They cry at me when they want them or come running when they hear the sound of the bag!

  21. I give my kitty treats when im gone from the house for a long time. We love the Temptations treats because we are watching our weight. I think we would like to try an indoor formula. We have seafood right now.

  22. My 2 girls would love anything with fish or beef, they adore fish & beef. they are so so good & are my dogs bestest friend. my 2 girls are sisters & when 1 gets a treat the other 1 does too, they are so good & love their treaties!!!

  23. I treat my 8 cats as often as possible, and they would definitely enjoy the indoor salmon or indoor chicken flavors..

  24. because me and one of my cats are from Alaska, we’d like to try the Wild Alaska Salmon flavor with the other cats we share space with. Maybe this way they get to experience a little of Alaska too! We do treat our cats, if we have to distract them, or we notice they haven’t had a treat in a while or have been especially good.

  25. I have the only kats that don’t like fish…so it’s cheese, beef and lots of crunchies. In fact, the dog thinks she needs treats when the cats get treats and vise versa.

  26. Kelly Ann T says

    I give Yoshi treats everyday and he likes the Seafood Medley flavored cat treats.

  27. He gets “morning Treats” as Breakfast in Bed, and a few in the late afternoon, and a few more before bed time.

  28. My two get treats often, however they don’t think its a treat if they have to do a trick for it. Their favourite temptations flavour is dairy.

  29. Tuna is both my cats favorite but lately they have been partial to catnip flavor

  30. My four cats have me so well trained! I dole out treats every morning right after they have breakfast. I always buy several flavors and mix them together for the perfect kitty cat smorgasbord! I have yet to find a flavor of Temptations they don’t like!

  31. My cat Jake gets Temptations every day. Beef is definitely his favorite.

  32. My kitty loves these treats! I usually give her some when I get home from work, and then right before bedtime if she acts like she wants them. Her favorite is the Tantalizing Turkey!

  33. Candycatblogger says

    My cat demands treats each morning and right after work, of course before WE eat! She has a special ” treat” bowl right on our kitchen island, and it better have some snacks in it or else she head-butts or swipes at us. Once she has her treat, she is so happy! I know Candy would love some free-range chicken flavor temptations! Thanks T T!

  34. I keep a bag of Temptations in every room of the house! They are the only treats Mongkut will eat and I discovered that if I keep some by my bed,he’ll let me sleep longer in the mornings!

  35. MyKinKStar says

    Treats are my way of spreading the love and a way to calm my clutter down a bit until meal time.

  36. jevgenia says

    My two kitties know that treats are disbursed in the kitchen daily when parents get home from work 🙂

  37. Sharon Gledhill says

    My 5 kitties get snacks everyday !! Their favorite ones are the Chicken Temptations but they will eat all other flavors also. They know that in the mornings before I leave for work it is “Snack Time”. They all line up on the counter and wait as I give out snacks. I do not dare leave a bag out because if I do they will find them and eat them.

  38. All my cats get treats at 2pm and right before bed. Their fav is Temptations and its the milk flavor. So this would be great if i win, they can munch out lol, I have 5 cats that are rescue/adoption, love my furballs!

  39. My kitty gets treats every night at bedtime. I think that she would like the Catnip Fever Mixups the best, though her favorite that she has tried thus far is Tantalizing Turkey flavor.

  40. susan loesch says

    Daily! Dentabotes are the favorite!

  41. We give our cats treats daily,especially my hubby who wants people to think he doesn’t like We have 8 rescues that we love very much.

  42. Oliver LOVES his Chicken Temptations and he has them when I go to bed. I keep the bag under my pillow and as I walk up the stairs at night, he streaks past me to get their first. Sits on the bed so patiently and if I take too much time before lifting the pillow, he will walk over and stare at it.

  43. My kitties get treats all the time! They know where we store them, and are always trying to find them! We actually feed them Temptations treats, and they go nuts over them. They get a handful of treats everyday, just for being cuties and snuggle buddies. 🙂

  44. SkittlesMama says

    I give my Cat Skittles treats everyday. He seem to love the milk and chicken flavors the best.

  45. My babies (indoor and barn) get only Temptation treats. Seem to be the only ones they like. They all get treats daily. As a matter of fact my youngest bengal lets me know he’s ready for treats as soon as I get out of bed. Their favorite flavors are either the dairy or the chicken.

  46. Cassie LOVES the Temptations “crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside” treats. They are like M&Ms for kitties. She demands to get a treat every time the dogs get a treat. I’ll show you some video soon. You would really like it, Gracey!

  47. I have to give pills every day to my senior-citizen cat, and if I don’t give the others treats to keep them busy they pester me because they think she is getting something good that they want! Of course I give her some too after her pills! Love to try the Surfer’s Delight Mixups.

  48. FaRADaY: We all turn our noses up at treats over here (mainly because it messes with Mommy’s mind!)
    Maxwell: But we’re all for Equal Treatment!!

  49. PrestonSpeaks says

    Hey now Gracie we don’t need alot of tutoring..we are just smart enough to trick our rents into thinking we need treats to do what they want us to do . We are very good at manipulating them hehehe. you cats need to be more like us!


  50. Our kitties go to Dad’s recliner and ask for their treats twice a day (morning & evening). They must have really good internal timers because they KNOW what time is “treat time”. They LOVE Temptations, especially the Hearty Beef and Savory Salmon flavors! Their favorite word is “TREATS!”

  51. have a family of 6 kitties(2 that were adopted, and ended up with a son) they all get treats, as soon as the bag is open, they could be dead asleep and running to the sounds.we have to hide the treats in the cabinets due to if they are left out, the treat bag ends up with several holes and no treats 🙂 they get more treats than the dogs do!

  52. Pat Ruppert says

    Every time my cats hear the pantry door open, they think it’s treat time. They all get treats every day. They enjoy the Natural Temptations Salmon flavor. Even my finickey Cornish Rex loves them

  53. I give Enzo treats (“candy”) for letting me trim his nails and use the furminator on him. He doesn’t seem to be effected by catnip so he would probably like free range chicken the best.

  54. Jen Hendee says

    They don’t get commercial treats that often ($$) but they get to share things like yogurt and fish when I have them… I’m sure they would love any flavor, but have had the free range chicken here before and it was wildly popular!

  55. Pet News and Views says

    Earl Gray is my only cat that doesn’t eat treats. He prefers fresh tuna.

  56. We just adopted two kitties. We treat them every day! Everyone enjoys their “treaties”!

  57. kitty mom says

    I give treats to The Crew, mostly because if I don’t they start counter surfing looking for their own treats..

  58. My kitties get treats every day. Sasha and Fionnlach get their bedtime treats, but they have to perform tricks for them. I have both cats and the dog lined up to perform. All three sit up, high five, spin around and more. I think they would love the free range chicken treats! >^..^<

  59. pumpkinpuddy says

    We get treats every day. But mom’s been holding out on us. We didn’t know they had Free Range Chicken Flavor!