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Miss Moderncat Speaks Style at BarkWorld

Kate and Gracey

Miss Moderncat and Gracey being Stylish!

Project Runway has Tim Gunn and We Cats Have Miss Moderncat!

Project Runway has Tim Gunn and we cats have Kate Benjamin, founder and editor of the super popular cat style blog  Kate, also known as Miss Moderncat,  has an impeccable eye for spotting the latest trends in design for cats and cat lovers. Kate  keeps us up to date on all the latest products, architecture and art. She is more sophisti-cat than crazy cat lady as she selects only the feline fabulous items from among all the cute cat things.

Kate uses her natural talent augmented with her interior design degree from Cornell University. She also studied

interaction design at Arizona State University. CBS Sunday Morning featured Kate and her nine cats in their Phoenix home on the annual design episode in a segment focusing on pet design. Kate has been interviewed by The New York Times, USA Today, NY Daily News, The Pet Elite and Animal Wise Radio about style and design trends for cats.

In 2009, Kate began her own product line, Moderncat Studio.  The line include toys for the modern cat as well as beds and scratchers handcrafted and tested by Kate and her cats.  You can also find Kate writing for Catio Showcase, a blog featuring safe and sylish cat enclosure ideas and she is the creator of Cattoo Design, a website showcasing photos of reader’s cat-related tattoos. There is even a line of temporary cat-themed tattoos for those not ready  to go for the permanent ink.

BarkWorld is for Cats Too!

When BarkWorld decided to make sure that cats and cat owners knew they were welcome, it is no wonder they chose Kate to speak about pet lifestyle products at the National Social Petworking™ Conference, October 25-27, 2012 in Atlanta.

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Gracey Accessories Bundle Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to Amy D, the winner of the Gracey Accessories Bundle!

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Cat Only Pet Insurance Plan

Cat Illness Plan  and Take Your Cat To the Vet Week

Because it is take your cat to the vet week, I wanted to talk a bit more about why it is super important to make sure that your cat gets checkups. I just had my checkup at the Morris Veterinary Clinic and with the help of my Thundershirt for cats I for the first time remained calm and both my carrier and I stayed clean.

We cats instinctually hide illness and injury from our parents. We can’t help this, it is wired into us from our wild ancestors.  Survival of the fittest.  We don’t want to be an easy target so we cats are very skilled at covering up when we don’t feel well.

By the time a cat shows symptoms, they could be very sick.  I am living with feline diabetes so I need checkups and ProZinc injections twice per day.  My parents are attentive to my condition and at times might even be classified as helicopter parents, because they hover over me so much.

First Cat Only Pet Insurance Plan

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Take Your Cat to the Vet Week! The Tiniest Tiger Visits Doctor.

Thundershirt for Cats means Successful Vet Visit for Gracey

Super Hurrah!!  My Thundershirt for Cats training really paid off.  For the first time…ever…. both my mom and I made it all the way to my doctor’s office and back without any accidents or anxiety attacks.  I have been in training for a few months, wearing my Thundershirt for Cats during big spooky storms and on the scariest holiday for cats, the 4th of July.  All of this training was leading up to the big event…. a trip to visit my doctors at the Morris Veterinary Clinic.

Now, I love my doctors at the clinic, every one of them.  They are super nice and I know they are truly concerned and take excellent care of me, so it is not visiting them so much as it is being confined to my carrier and having to be transported in the car to and from the clinic. ~shiver~.

My mom loads me up into my Pet Taxi and  places some training pads in the bottom of the carrier.  Then she

Gracey in Pet Taxi

The waiting is the hardest part.

carries me carefully to the car and places me in a seat with a seat belt looped through my carrier in case of any sudden stops. I always face in a direction where I can see her and she talks to me.  We listen to Andrea Bocelli while we drive to help keep us both calm.

The Dreaded Car Ride to the Morris Veterinary Clinic

Now on an ordinary car ride to the Morris Veterinary Clinic I begin to panic.  About ten minutes into the journey my stomach starts to toss and turn. I vocalize my distress to my mom and she tries to calm me down but after another ten minutes we cross a set of railroad tracks and the when we go over the bump, I am known to have an accident or two in my carrier.  It is most unpleasant and embarrassing.

Due to my embarrassment, I begin to panic about what has happened and most often cry out in the most pitiful way.  This causes my mom’s heart to race and I can see the worry on her face as she gently reassures me that we are almost there and everything will be alright.

When we arrive at the clinic, the staff is on standby.  I am typically whisked out of my carrier and showered clean. It is most unpleasant for everyone.  After my bath, I am ready for my check up. But because I am so wound up from the experience, they can’t get an accurate glucose check on me.

Dr. Teresa and Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

See how well behaved I am?

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Cat Proofing Your Computer

SurDoc enables cat paws to pounce about the keyboard stress free.

Our parents love us and we must admit they have our best interests at heart. And if we are honest, we cats sometimes prance, poke and pounce at times that are inconvenient for our parents and our computers. Our enthusiasm for the internet comes at a price when we accidentally press random keys at an inopportune time.

Our friend Romeo the cat reminded me that it is super important to have a backup system in place for all of your photos, stories and contacts. Imagine how super sad your entire family would be if you lost all of your memories that you have stored on your computer. As we know a slip of the paw can cause problems and stress on our parents which in turn stresses us.

So, is offering a free 30 GB of storage using the coupon code CATPROOF. is an online service that will bring peace of mind and restore harmony in your habitat. You will feel free to pounce about the keyboard and your parent will not have that super spooky wide eyed open mouthed expression on their face as they begin to say Noooooo because SurDoc will have your information safe and secure.  ~shiver~ Just thinking about that face makes me nervous.

Here are a few tips on cat proofing your computer

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Is Your Cat a Tree or Bush Dweller?

Sometimes I like to jump up to the top of my Cat Power Tower and survey the land. Other times, I like to sneak inside my Kat

Gracey napping on top of Cat Power Tower

Napping on top of my Cat Power Tower

Kabin and watch from down low.  I like having both options available to me at all times in my habitat.  When the sun room doors are closed and I can’t get access to my tower, I resort to jumping up behind the sofa and watching the front yard birds from the bay window.  Because of my love of both high and low places, I think I might be part leopard.

Leopards are Both  Tree  and Cave Dwellers

The leopard uses trees as observation posts,  and has been observed dragging prey several times its own weight up into a tree to cache the carcass for later meals.  The leopards’ scapula is uniquely attached to its muscles allowing the spotted cat to be   proficient at climbing and has a  locking wrist enabling  the cats superior tree climbing ability.

Even though I am not as good a climber as my big cat cousin, I like to think of myself as a leopard when I am sunning myself while napping on top of my tower.  There are times that I prefer to observe from the ground and our leopard cousins also prefer lower level living at times.

Leopards are tree dwellers

A leopard napping in a tree

While leopards are able to haul their prey up into a tree, perhaps  a more preferred method is one in which gravity works in the cats favor, and that would be dragging the carcass down into a cave. There have been references made in scientific literature about leopards using caves, including specific descriptions of caves that are leopards lairs. According to Charles Brain, author of the book The Hunters or the Hunted? An Introduction to African Cave Taphonomy, leopards use caves as retreats, feeding places, and breeding lairs.

I Feel Like a Bobcat in my Kat Kabin

Even though leopards also lurk about the ground, when I decide to curl up inside my Scratch Kabin I imagine that I am a bobcat out in the wild.

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