Gracey Accessories Bundle Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageCongratulations and Super Hurrah to Amy D, the winner of the Gracey Accessories Bundle!

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My Gracey Accessories™ Are Here!

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger with accessories.

I am thinking about a great giveaway.

I have been busy directing the photo shoot for my new line of Gracey Accessories™.   They were just delivered to my habitat and I think they turned out just terrific.  I sure hope you like them  too.

We started  Triple T Studios™  to create uniquely designed handbags and accessories. Fashion with a Passion™ for global conservation. Our goal is to be able to support our friends the Lion Guardians and many other global conservation programs. We were in Namibia at the Cheetah Conservation Fund for a few weeks this summer and we have a lot to share with you about our experience there too.

Triple T Studios launched our first product, The Tiniest Tiger Hipster on the red carpet for the 2012 Academy Awards. The bags with the feline finesse quilting were a big hit in Beverly Hills and were even chosen by The Humane Society to be a gift for the presenters at the 2012 Genesis Awards!

Now we are preparing to rock the red carpet once again during the Red Carpet Cat Emmy Event! Stay close by for upcoming details about this super fun event.  You might even want to sign up for our free newsletter so you don’t miss any of the Red Carpet Cat Opportunities!

But back to the new Gracey Accessories! I thought maybe the best way to help me get the word out about our new products would be to host a giveaway here on our Conservation Cub Club.  I took my time to make sure that the fabric was just right so the accessories complemented the cat quilting of the handbag line.  So, I designed the Gracey accessory fabric to have just a bit of whimsy and fun to tuck inside the more sleek and sophisticated hand bag line.

The Gracey Accessory Fabric

Gracey fabric

Gracey Accessory Fabric

The Gracey Accessories include:

The Gracey ID/Key

Gracey ID/Key

Gracey ID/Key

The Gracey Coin/Camera

Gracey Coin and Camera inside view

Gracey Coin/Camera- inside view

Gracey Cosmetic Bag

Gracey Cosmetic

Gracey Cosmetic- Inside View

and the Gracey Pen and Brush

Gracey Pen and Brush inside view

Gracey Pen and Brush Inside View

More images and  the size and other details are available at our Triple T Studios store. Here is the link:

The Giveaway!

I will be giving away a Gracey Accessory Bundle!  One of each of my new products; one Gracey ID/Key, one Coin/Camera, one Gracey Cosmetic, and one Gracey Pen and Brush.  Super Hurrah!

Gracey Accessory Bundle

Gracey Giveaway Bundle

How to Enter

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for participating.

Pounce on over to Triple T Studios and  leave a comment below this post  telling me which accessory you like the most and why.  You can also tell me which hand bag is your favorite, because you never know what might happen.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Friday September 7 at 5 pm Eastern. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say Gracey Bundle Winner.

Contest is open to all my friends all over the world!  Super Hurrah!

Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I’m in love with the cosmetic bag but I really love the hipster bag the most. All of the bags are really nice and you did a wonderful job on the fabric!!

  2. Your new bags are adorable, Gracey! I think the coin/camera bag is my favorite, as I think my phone would fit in it nicely.

    I really like your new Canine Hipster Bag. You’re a big cat to make one for the dog lovers too.

  3. Luv the bundle Gracey! Thanks for showing Cat style!

  4. CandyCat Blogger says

    Hi Gracey- luv your products, I guess I like the coin/camera or brush/pen bag best. Thanks!

  5. I love everything about Gracey and all her merchandise and I plan on getting the hipster .

  6. I like the ID/key and the coin/camera. I actually like everything Gracie and enjoy her blogs, videos and fb posts

  7. Favorite accessory is the Gracey ID/key, because sometimes you only need to carry your most essential things in a small package! favorite bag is the bucket tote, because sometimes you need to carry lots of essential stuff and the bucket tote holds alot and has several compartments to keep things organized!

  8. Caroline Wren says

    Love all the accessories but I think my favouriteis the coin/camera because it would be so useful. My favourite bag is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster, brilliant shape and size and goes with everything.

  9. Congrats on the new line of fashion! They are going to be all the rage!!!

    I love them all but I really love the ID/Key bag. It is the perfect size to fit in my purse or to be carried alone on a quick run to the store 🙂

  10. They are all so cute. I love the fabric with Gracey on it 🙂 I’d have to say my fav accessory is the ID/Key, and my favorite bag is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster.

  11. Gracey, the so cute fabic makes everything adorable!!! If I must choose one fav (too hard!) it would be the ID/key because I can take it everywhere all the time and people would ask me where I got such such a cute little thing and I would tell them all about you!

  12. Kenna Nauenburg says

    Oh Gracey! I love them all, and I’m so thrilled to see this. I really like the Gracey pen and brush bag, but all of them are awesome!

  13. Rachel Shubin says
  14. They are super amazing !! Do we have to pick just one??

  15. Love all of you bags, Gracey. I can’t pick a favorite. Have a great time on the Red Carpet!

  16. Gale Langseth says

    So glad to see that the Tiniest Tiger will be on the red carpet!!! Much deserved, I think! As for which of the accessories is best, that’s hard to answer, since I already bought the one I fell in love with first, the Tiniest Tiger Hipster. But I’d have to say that the Tiniest Tiger Tote seems to be good for toting about tiny tigers! >^.^<

  17. Gracey, I love it all, but like The Tiniest Tiger Tote best!

  18. Oh, Gracey!!! I love your giveaway items, the material is really beautiful…and the bag I like the best? The coin/camera bag! I am tired of trying to rely on the coin bag I have now. It isn’t nearly as sturdy as yours!!!

  19. My fave is the Gracey Pen & Brush bag. …And the handbag I’m coveting is the Tiniest Tiger Hipster!
    Paws crossed.

  20. It’s hard to pick, but I’ll have to go with the cosmetic bag. But, of course I would be tickled pink to win anything! My favorite bag is the Tiny Tiger Hipster.

  21. I like the ID/Key accessory because it’s simple to varry when I’m making a quick trip to the store. Your hipster bags are really great, too!

  22. I love the coin/camera bag! It would go great with my hipster and being a photographer it’s perfect for holding my point and shoot that I take with me everywhere! But I love them all! They are all super cute!!

  23. katboxjanitor says

    Ooooh, the Giveaway bundle is so very cool! I have a couple friends who would love them and since I am unemployed I could use this set as holiday gifts to spread the message AND 1 or 2 items for me.

    And I gotta say I LOVE love *love* the The Tiniest Tiger Hipster. I have been looking for an overshoulder type bag that could cope with my busy, service dog raising lifestyle!

  24. Definitely love the cosmetic bag!! Great way to keep me organized which I need bad. Also in love with the hipster bag! Great design Gracey!!:)

  25. Loving the cosmetic bag, but my girlfriend would love it even more. She’s so unorganised, maybe something pretty will get her motivated.

  26. I love the material with Gracy’s face on it. My favorite accessory is the ID/Key, and my favorite bag is the tote.

  27. These are fabulous! If I had to pick just one, it would be the cosmetics bag.

  28. they are all adorable, but the cosmetic bag would be my choice to help keep me organized 🙂
    the princess hipster is awesome, i’d wear that everywhere!

  29. Love the Gracey Pen and Brush pouch!
    That or the Hipster!
    Either to help my little kitty art! So frikkin cute!!

  30. Love the Gracey cosmetic pouch. It would make an awesome “wristlet” that would hold all of my miscellaneous purse junk that I carry in my Tiniest Tiger Hipster! It is my favourite bag of all time, but a Gracey hipster to match the cosmetic pouch would give it a run for it’s first place status!

  31. I really like the Gracey Coin/Camera because it looks like a nice place for my camera to live, instead of the sock it currently lives in! Also my camera case would come to lots of places with me which would help raise awareness for feline conservation!

  32. Like the ID/Key and the Princess Gracey Hipster. It has to be big enough to carry ID for all of us but not so big that one of the family decides to sleep in it.

  33. Hi Gracey!

    I like the Gracey cosmetic bag the most because it has the moos space for all my stuff I like to carry around with me. My favourite bag is definitely The Tiniest Tiger Hipster – I am still hoping to get to use that as my bag out on the town!

  34. fabulous new products… love the Gracie-print =^..^= coin/camera size is my favorite, but all of them look very useful and pretty too!

  35. I loved the ID/Key! Can I put a pic of my cats?
    The bag I liked most wasThe Tiniest Tiger Hipster! Difficult to pick, they’re are all cute!

  36. I would like to win the Cosmetic pouch because I always carry one in my purse, and my current one is pretty old. My favorite handbag is the Princess Gracey Hipster because of the kitty fabric 🙂

  37. kittyladynm says

    Princess Gracey Hipster!!!!! It is the purrfect fit for me!!!

  38. Trevor Moon says

    They all are sooooo cute! I esp. like the coin/camera purse 🙂

    Because wearing this would make my hips look like the hips of a PRINCESS!!!! 😉

  40. Love all of them! I would pick the cosmetic bag. Love the new print and it is so spacious! Just got to have it:)

  41. I love them all. If i had to pick I would chose the id/key

  42. I love the hipster and the coin id bag but the truth I love them all.

  43. Love the fabric and all of the bags, but my favorite is the ID/Key bag, so handy. I also love the Princess Gracey Hipster bag.

  44. Cheryl Charlton says

    First of all I love the fabric and I love cats and dogs. The bundle is all beautiful, I would love any of them. As for the bags I love all of them and since I am in a wheelchair all of them would suit me fine. I can’t just pick one

  45. Barbara Downey says

    Love the fabric! Would love to have any one of these!

  46. First off, I love the fabric! Very cute. 🙂 My favorite accessory is the cosmetic bag. I travel a lot as a costumer and performer so I’m always in need of more cosmetic bags! And I adore the Tiniest Tiger tote. 🙂 No one can have too many tote bags.

  47. Wow so pretty Gracey! My favorite would definitely be the camera one, as I use my camera for taking pictures of rescued kitties and using them to find them homes! You look just like my kitty Momo, you’re both soooo pretty!

  48. Oh Gracey! I love all of them cause they have YOU!

  49. Gracey! You model the credit card holder so well! I love it! And I love the Tiniest Tiger Hipster! So cute with the kitty embroidery.

  50. Melissa Wetterow says

    They are all adorable!!! My favorite accessory is the coin/camera bag! Always need something to stick my camera in so when I am done with the picture taking I can put it in my purse & not have to worry about it getting damaged.The Princess Gracie hipster is adorable but I have to say the Tiny Tiger Hipster is fantastically awesome. I have been trying to save my pennies to buy myself one!

  51. Julie Bradshaw says

    The id/key is my favorite because I am always losing my keys. With fabric that adorable, I’ll surely be able to track them, plus it would look so cute in my TT Hipster 🙂 I am also loving the TT Bucket tote.

  52. I love all of them! But, I really love the coin/camera bag for holding our phone!

  53. Love the fabric, so cute. I like the id bag for holding my bus pass. Would love any of the choices.

  54. Love the coin/ camera bag. Would love to have it to accesorize with my hipster bag!

  55. Hmmmm… Tough question, guess I would have to pick the cosmetic bag. I love to be organized and that is the perfect size for what I carry daily in my bag. Plus it’s so cute! I also love the bucket tote, gorgeous!

  56. Oh WOW! I absolutely adore this print – it is brilliant!! I think that among the choices, I would have to say I like the Cosmetics Bag best, since it looks like the perfect size to use as a handbag organizer or even to hold my sunglasses. Sweet! As for the purses, I believe my favorite is The Tiniest Tiger Hipster since it is the perfect cross-body size and has so many secure, zippered pockets, which I love! THANK YOU for the awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  57. PAULETTE Smith says

    I really like the coin/camera bag. I own the tiniest tiger hipster bag, but that tote bag looks really inviting.

  58. I am thinking that the coin/camera purse would be great to tote my blood glucose tester and a few diabetes supplies. Love the hipster bag,too. Proud mom of MichaelFrancis, a 5 month old (neutered!) kitten, Madeline Pullara

  59. queencatlady says

    Oh Gracey I have been waiting for your accessory line to come out! Super Hurrah!! I love the cosmetic bag and the brush & pencil one too! Out of your handbags, I love the smaller hipster bag as it is just the right size for me! Thank you for these great products and all you do to help our cousins big and small. You are top cat! <3<3<3

  60. Cynthia Downer says

    I like the Gracey ID and key handbag most!

  61. I like the Id/key case and it would come in handy for small bag I carry..Sometimes I stuff too much in my everyday bag and everything gets lost. Love the colors too!! psss I like everything in the set!!

  62. These are fabulous!

  63. I love everything Gracey I love the hipster and the coin Id and the camera case

  64. I like the coin/camera case because it would be perfect for my camera and the Gracey-themed fabric is the cutest!! My favorite bag is the hipster.

  65. I love being able to help all the cousins from the tiniest to the largest!! I love the cosmetic bag and the hipsters!!

  66. Sherri in St Paul says

    I love anything with Gracie on it, and I love knowing that it helps all our cat cousins, too!

  67. I love it when you do give-aways (heck, I just love you, Gracie!). I’m not going to enter this one since I already won one this year. My cats are still playing with the toys you gave them. One of these days, I’ll post the pix on fb.

  68. I love the Gracey pen and brush. I just love little bags that I can keep my treasures safe and secure. I love Gracey. WHat’s not to like when you can love Gracey, support a great cause, and have an awesome item made of her awesome fabric all in one?
    I love the TTT Hipster bag. Been trying to win one for a long time. No luck yet though. May have to break open a piggy bank soon. Would have bought one already, but have had to use all my pennies to help my new kitten who had cancer. He’s doing better now, thank goodness.

  69. I love them all, but the Gracey Pen and Brush is my fave because I’m a writer and an artist, too. The Black Gracey Hipster is my fave TTT handbag, esp because I love the embossed fabric and the just right size!

  70. I like the coin/camera accessory. I always drop change in my purse and then have to empty everything out to find it. A little purse like this is just what I need! I also like the tote bag the best. It would be great for taking my shoes and lunch to my work place.

  71. Amelia =^..^= says

    *sigh* I never win anything. But, I will say, my favorite is the ID/key holder. The whole set is so precious, but the ID would fit in both my pet mom’s purse or jeans pocket. And the cosmetic bag would be a great treats carrier for me for when we travel! As always, super design, you’re one talented feline!
    Kibble kisses =^..^=

  72. I like the TT Tote. Wondering if it is lined with the pink/black Gracey fabric? I too would like to have access to just the material.

  73. Martha De La Rosa says

    Hi Gracey! My favorites are the cosmetic case and the hipster bag. Love your blog 🙂

  74. I like the Gracey ID/Key because it’s small and I need something small like that for my bag.

  75. Susan Miller says

    I like the ID/KEY holder for it is so cute and just what you need when ya want to carry a purse for a quick trip to a corner market or just flat out don’t feel like having to carry a purse.

  76. These are really cute! I like the cosmetic bag the most. =)

  77. Hi Gracey! Wow, I love them all! They are all so beautiful and functional. I think I like the TTT Bucket Tote the best (actually I think my Mom would like it the best and it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for her). I also love your *Gracey Fabric* so much. The SDR Kittehs still have their mod kicker with the *Gracey Fabric* that they love to play and cuddle with 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. Great line I love all graceys products.

  79. The Tiniest Tiger Bucket Tote is very nice. I am putting myself through school at 40 years and have no money for a bag to carry things like pencils, pens, phone, etc, .. Would very much like to win this to help out as my old bag is falling apart and not sure how much more “sewing” I can do on it.. LOL You have wonderful products.. thank you for the opportunity if possibly winning one of them.

  80. I like the camera bag. I like the hipster bag the best, but since I already have one, next I think I would like the bucket bag.

  81. But Gracey, I want the FABRIC!

  82. Deanna chiappelli says

    I also love the cosmetic bag and the hipster! They are all so cute It’s hard to decide!

  83. I love the cosmetic bag! I also love the Tiniest Tiger Tote – it would be perfect for when I go shopping for kitty treats and food!

    nlbourassa (at) gmail (dot) com

  84. Laura Davis says

    My favorites are the cosmetic bag and hipster handbag. Every stylish kitty mom should have Gracey gear!

  85. What wonderful products you have created! I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them included in a future gift basket to the stars! While they are all great, if I had to pick a favorite, I guess it would be the ID/Key bag. I have a small ID/coin purse that I carry with me always, so that is something I would use every day. I am also in love with the bucket tote! Being a scrapbooker, I am always on the lookout for strong yet fashionable totes for carrying my scrapping supplies. I also want to let everyone know that I have purchased several of The Tiniest Tiger items–the book, coloring book, t-shirt, key ring–and each of them have always been made of high quality materials and are always something you can be proud to either wear and/or give as a gift!

  86. Sheila Smith Sasser says

    They are all fabulous, but I like the Gracey ID/key. I have the hipster and the tote handbags and love them both! They are awesome! Love your picture on the new ones Gracey…. now I can show everyone the sweetest Tiniest Tiger!!

  87. I love the Gracey Id/Key. All of them are awesome tho!

  88. I’m a bit confused but here goes: I think ALL the accessories are GREAT!! I would LOVE a hipster….jus sayin… thanks!! AND GOOD LUCK with the new line!!

  89. I love the TIniest Tiger Tote. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  90. I like the Gracie ID/Key because I love the size and the black trim above the bag. It was the first one that caught my eye. I love the little kitties on it, as I have 3.

  91. Pet News and Views says

    I where my hipster everywhere I go. I love it, and get so many compliments on it. I like the Gracey ID/Key, and all of the other items too. Now I’m heading over to Triple T to enter.

  92. I like all the new accessories, but if I had to pick one, I like the ID/key best. It’s pocket-sized, and because you can attach your key to it, it’s perfect for the “grab-n-dash” situation where you want your absolute essentials (key, ID, cash/cards, etc.) but don’t want to drag around the purse or bag. And, you can put a picture in the ID window instead, and if it’s small enough, still have Princess Gracie’s face all around the edges. ;D

    As for handbags, I’d have to choose the the Tiniest Tiger Hipster. I like the look of the “layered” pocket & zipper, and I prefer cross-body bags to over-the-side-shoulder; they don’t fall down my arm when I’m in a hurry! lol….

  93. They are all great but if I don’t win I will be back for the coin purse!

  94. Definitely the camera bag, which would look great with the bucket tote! good luck with the new products!

  95. The Id/key bag! The pattern on the bag is so cute. When Im running out the door and don’t need my whole purse this is perfect to attach to my keys.

  96. Theresa (& Prudence) says

    The camera/coin tote! I have the Tiniest Tiger Hipster (& love it!) so the Tiniest Tiger tote is my next favorite! Thanks!

  97. LOVE the pen & brush! Great for us writers * artists! >^..^<
    Dr. Jane Dusek

  98. I like the Gracie coin/camera accessory. The perfect size for phone and drivers license as a quick grab out of my full purse. I would love to by Gracie fabric by the yard.

  99. I’d like the pen/brush, and another hipster!

  100. I like the coin/camera bag a lot, but the coin/key bag would also be very useful. I think I like the hipster bag best. Have a happy day, you cute little kitty!

  101. The pen and brush bag because I am a huge pen freak and carry with me several at one time! The Tinniest Tiger Tote is my favorite tote! I actually like them all though! Thank you Gracey for the opportunity to win!!

  102. I love the cosmetic case! and the Tiniest Tiger tote would be very helpful when hauling cat stuff to adoption events!

  103. Tess and I love them all 🙂 !!!!!

  104. Ellen Wexler says

    I love the hands-free Princess Gracey Hipster, perfect for taking my dog hiking and holding my camera. The Tiniest Tiger Hipster is also wonderful to be able to throw on for hiking. Thank you for the chance to win!

  105. Really love all of them Gracey, But Willow has decided on the Coin/Camera/Treat bag. Love your new design.

  106. I would like to have the coin/camera bag the most because I could really use a coin purse, and I love the Gracey fabric!

  107. I love them all! It is so hard to chose, but I guess my fave would have to be the Gracey Cosmetic Bag. You are awesome!

  108. My favorite is the ID case, I find those to be very handy, and I think it’s so cute with the Gracey fabric. PS Have already ordered one of these:)

  109. Hi Gracey, I really like the style of The Tiniest Tiger hipster. I think it would work great with the coin/camera bag. I sure could use them when I go to Shipshewana, IN for my shopping vacation that’s coming up at the end of September. I hate to carry my big purse when I go to flea markets. It’s get’s in the way of the big tote I use to carry all my great finds in. By the way, Gracey, I visited the Exotic Feline Rescut Center at Center Point, IN last month and all the tigers were talking about what a great little tiger you were. 🙂

  110. I like them al, but my favorite is the camera bag. It would be perfect for carrying my small camera.

  111. Well, I love ALL of TTT’s items (especially my Bucket Tote!!). I would really like the Gracey Pen and Brush because I am a teacher and I always use pencil cases for my Sharpies, colored pencils, sharpers, etc. I think the Gracey Pen and Brush would double as a perfect pencil case. BTW, I also knit, and I think the Gracey Cosmetic Bag would work perfectly for my knitting accessories!! Hurrah for double duty! For my next TTT handbag, I am dying to try the hipster. Finally, I am absolutely certain 🙂 the Gracey ID/Key holder would go amazingly well with my Bucket Tote. In fact, ANYTHING with Gracey’s face on it would go great with my TTT Bucket Tote!! One entry please and thanks!! 🙂

  112. Renee Austin says

    Love the idea of the camera case so mine isn’t always bouncing around in my purse. This is a really fun fabric design! The hipster is my favorite bag, but with my tiny start up bare-bones cat business, I carry my laptop everywhere-and in hand, and my accessories in old paper bags until they wear through. Definitley on the shopping list. Someday….

  113. Bonnie Wilson says

    I love the Gracey ID/Key because of the clear pocket and the lobster claw clasp – what a great little purse to clip-on to the zipper of my purse!

  114. I like the coin ID purse, but probably like the camera case the best.

  115. Billie Renee Knight says

    Gracey, I love the coin/camera bag. It is the perfect size for my thumb drives where I keep all my lesson plans and school work safe. I also love the Princess Gracey hipster – it has almost as much character as you do! The fabric is fantastic.

  116. Danielle Murgia says

    I like the coin and camera bag the best. It would be great for carrying around a small camera when I am traveling. It’s just the right size and has the cutest pattern on the front. Oh, and by the way I *love* the tiniest tiger hipster! That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it would be a great bag to carry around all the cat food coupons! Reese’s says “hi”.

  117. I adore the Gracey Coin/Camera! As much as I photograph my cats, what better way to store my camera!

  118. Oooh, Gracey, this is tough! I love the ID holder but the pen and brush case is nice too! And I love love love the Tinest Tiger Tote. All three would be great when I start school again in January!

  119. I like the camera bag because I don’t have a safe way to carry my camera. (I’m still hoping on winning a black hipster bag, someday, too! ) I like the new fabric.

  120. I love the print fabric…pretty tiniest tiger!! The Cosmetic Bag could serve so many functions, it’s my favorite- it has the most pretty kitty pics on it! The Tote Bag is awesome, too- I love the subtle cat textured print. Looking forward to watching the celebs strut this great line of bags on the red carpet!!

  121. Ashadowdncr says

    Gracey ID/Key is my favorite! It is just the size I am looking for to replace my wallet that is falling to pieces. Oh and that Princess Gracey Hipster is the cutest bag yet!

  122. Pamela Anderson says

    ID/key is my favorite. Although pen/brush is a close second. Because they are cute and practical. And from Gracey

  123. I like the hipsters because they have one long handle, like my purse. I love the cat motif, it would go purrfect with my 5 kitties. Love them.

  124. I would love the coin/camera bag because I love to take photos and it’s a great, stylish bag to keep your camera safe so you can always have it close by and ready to snap a photo in an instant. I could just clip it on my belt and go! Of course, always showing Gracey’s face/logo with pride! Congrats on the new line.