Gracey’s Super Easy Mashed Potatoes Recipe for Distraction

The Thanksgiving Menu Preparations

Preparations are being made in my habitat for Thanksgiving dinner.  This means all different types of foods are prepared at once and the smells wafting from the kitchen can be overwhelming!  A  cat’s nose has to work extra hard to determine the origin of these smells. And this is more difficult than you think, because the Thanksgiving menu is not all turkey and ham.  There are decoys on that menu like cranberry relish.  A cat must remain diligent and stalk the kitchen to determine the best time to ambush the table and snag a tasty morsel.

Gracey Stalking the kitchen

Stalking the kitchen

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Patience is a virtue, and we cats have that down.  I feel sorry for the dogs on these occasions.  They really just can’t seem to control themselves. Whimpering,  whining and yapping with no clear strategy in place, a dog is so obvious. We cat’s however, sit and wait, silently… silently… until the opportunity to strike.  But sometimes the waiting can even be a little tedious  for  felines.

Gracey Watching Turkey


To help you pass the time while waiting for dinner, I thought I would share with you how I contribute to the Thanksgiving menu preparations in our habitat.   I have perfected a super easy mashed potatoes recipe that all cats can prepare.  The look of surprise and appreciation on your parent’s face really makes all the effort worthwhile too.

Gracey’s Super Easy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Ingredients: Potatoes

Method: Mash

Using our Dictionary Version 2.1.3 (80.4) on the iMac I verified the method’s definition.

mash (ma sh)

noun a uniform mass made by crushing a substance into a soft pulp

verb reduce (a food or other substance) to a uniform mass by crushing it: mash the beans to a paste  [as adjective] (mashed) mashed bananas.

Locate: Find the potatoes in the kitchen.  I have found the best opportunity is when my dad goes hunting at the store and returns with a sack of potatoes.  He typically leaves the potatoes on the counter.

Prepare: Step 1) Pounce on the crinkle sack.  A special bonus is the sack makes a super fun noise.

Step 2) Pounce until the bag is flat.

Step 3)  Your parent can now open, pour and serve the mashed potatoes.

Recipe for Distraction in your Habitat

While my dad is still in that super appreciative mode and showing off my newly created dish to my mom,  this sometimes presents  an opening for me to nab a nibble of turkey.  I hope this recipe is one that you can follow in your own home this holiday season.

Gracey's Super Easy Mashed Potato Recipe

My recipe for distraction

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for being my friend.

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    Hey Gracie, I totally get your feelings about dogs and their so-called dignity. They even DROOL when they see or smell food. Nothing like kitty manners. I have never had either of my kitties participate in such creative cooking techniques!
    Did you have any cooking mentors? 😉

  2. You’re pawsome Gracey!! Do you get to enjoy your mashed potatoes or are they just for your parents to eat?

  3. You are *priceless*, Gracey 🙂 Hope you, your Mom and your Dad had a very happy and FULLfilling Thanksgiving. xoxoxo

  4. Great tip! You are so smart!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving , sweet Gracey…You are your family are so special to us!!! xoxox