Our Welcome Home Snowman

Our Welcome Home Snowman is Glowing Bright!

The holiday season is in full swing.  I can watch pretty twinkling lights outside my window at night and my window Snowman has come back to visit with me for awhile.  He shines brightly in the early evening and slowly changes colors from red, to blue to green. At night whoever is home first, either my mom or dad, they make sure they plug in the snowman to greet  each other. We have a code for the snowman’s colors, green is for my mom and me because we have green eyes, blue is for my dad because he has blue eyes and red is because we love our family and friends.

After the snowman is twinkling bright, my mom or dad scoops me up and holds me so I can see out the window and we watch as the car pulls into the driveway and wave  a happy welcome!  This makes us all laugh and I squirm to get down so I can run to the door to give a proper greeting.

Last year, our poor snowman wasn’t feeling well and he lost his glow.  We were super sad.  We thought about getting a new snowman but that didn’t seem right after all it wasn’t his fault  he lost his ability to twinkle.  My dad tried to find a replacement bulb for him, but wasn’t having much luck.  The snowman sat in the window with me, but he just didn’t seem like himself.
One day my dad decided to check once more while out  hunting at the hardware store and he couldn’t believe it when he saw the bulb that our snowman needed right there on the shelf. So he brought home a couple of the bulbs and carefully performed  minor surgery on  our snowman. We didn’t tell my mom.

A few nights later when my mom was at choir practice,  my dad said it was time for us to plug in our snowman so he could shine brightly  once again. And shine he did!

Then my dad scooped me up and we waited at the window.  When my mom saw us and the twinkling snowman her face lit up brightly too.  We all laughed and celebrated that our little tradition was back to normal.  I know this is a little thing, but sometimes the little things mean the most.

Please try to remember this during the holiday rush. Slow down and spend time together. This is the best gift of all.

I hope you liked my snowman story.  Do you have your own little traditions that make you feel warm and happy?

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  1. queencatlady says

    Oh Gracey, this is a wonderful story and really puts me in a holiday mood. You are such a lovely lady cat who has done so much to help others, I am so glad you have a loving family who adore you- your fans love you too sweetie. <3

  2. Loved your snowman story. That is wonderful he is glowing again.

  3. Thank you Gracey, I needed that story too…Very sweet! The little things do mean the most 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing such a sweet story, Gracey. Mom needed that today 😉

  5. What a beautiful Christmas story and tradition. I can see your sweet face, waiting and watching for Mom or Dad to come home to light up your friend, Snowman, to welcome the other home 🙂 As always, Gracey, you have put a smile on my face and warmed my heart. xoxoxo your friends at the Shadow Dance Ranch

  6. What a great holiday story. I try to slow down and unplug from all electronic devices at night and sometimes on the weekends. That means the TV too. It is so nice taking a walk or having a cup of tea with family and friends. I wished you lived closer, so we could share an occasional cup of tea.