The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure

Tiger cubs romping in the snow are super cute. And these Amur tiger cubs living at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium are no exception. The cubs are six months old and weigh about ninety pounds and as you can see in the zoo’s video, they are happy as can be frolicking together around their habitat.

Amur Tiger Cubs  Snow  Adventure  at  the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Watching my young big cat cousins inspired me. While in my heated thinking circle today, I thought perhaps I should feed my inner Amur tiger and venture out to frolic in the snow. After all, it is winter here in Ohio and my backyard is completely covered in white fluffy snow. The neighbor children are all suited up and sledding down the hills and they seem to be enjoying themselves. So I thought, why not brave the cold and pounce around a bit in the snow. So I left the comfort and warmth of my heated thinking circle and I went into the wild.

The Tiniest Tiger’s Snow Adventure

Dashing through the snow might not be for me.

Well, dashing through the snow might not be my favorite activity. Snow is super cold and wet. Thank goodness my dad placed a warm towel beside my heated thinking circle so that I could dry off my paws.

I am beginning to understand the tiger subspecies a bit better now. I mean, the Amur tiger is well suited to live and thrive in the cold and snow of the Russian Far East. The Sumatran tiger is one of the smallest tiger subspecies and is known to live in the humid jungles of Sumatra. It can get pretty steamy here in the summer time.

Maybe I am more Sumatran than Amur. I need to give this some more thought. I could be like the Bengal tiger slinking through the grasslands of India, or more like the Malayan, the South China, or the Indochinese tiger? One is not better than the other, they are all tigers and wonderful cats.

I think I will curl up and think about this some more.

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  1. You are so precious, sweet Gracey. We don’t get snow here, but I am sure the SDR Clan would react the same way, if we did.

  2. queencatlady says

    Gracey- you rock! I’d head back to my heated thinking circle too. Btw- do they make those for humans?!

  3. katboxjanitor says

    The Amur tiger cubs are adorable…and they seem to have a nice habitat which makes me happy for them.

    Your romp in the snow brought about some very wise thoughts, Gracey. So glad your heated thinking circle is there to help you figure out your roots.

  4. Marilia Bavaresco says

    MOL! Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat adventure!