Maneki-neko $50 Giveaway

Maneki-neko is Japanese for beckoning cat

Gracey and 3 Maneki neko

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner ImageSuper Hurrah to Jen, Patty and Sherrie!!  Congratulations and we hope your Maneki-Neko brings you great fortune and luck.

Meneki-neko is a popular Japanese figurine of a cute cat with an upright paw believed to bring good luck to the owner.  The figurine is usually made in the image of a calico Japanese Bobtail, beckoning with an upright paw and are on display in shops, retaurants, pachinko parlors, and many other businesses.   Sometimes Maneki-neko figurines are electric or battery operated so that they will have a paw moving back and forth. Maneki-neko is kind of like a cougar in that it is known by many names.( cougar, puma, mountain lion).  In English, Meneki-neko is called welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat and fortune cat.

This cute cat figurine comes is a variety of colors, styles and ornamentation but the most common colors are white, black,  gold and sometimes red.  It is thought that the white is for good luck, the black for good health and the gold for monetary good fortune.

Raised left paw attracts money

Meneki-neko can be seen with a right or left paw raised and sometimes, although less common both paws are raised in the air.  There seems to be some discrepancy on which paw raised means what but many believe a left paw raised attracts money.  This is why I chose a gold Maneki-neko with a left paw raised for our giveaway here on  The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club.

Which Maneki-neko attracted the most money?


One of these super cute golden cats attracted more money than the other two.  Do you know which one?

Maneki-neko boxes

Inside each of these boxes is one of the  little golden cat figurines and a bit of money.  All three look the same, but one has attracted more money and might even hold coupons and/or other surprises.  All three boxes look the same, but one  has $50 and the other two have less.  Can you tell which one is super lucky?

Enter to Win This Contest is Now Closed.  Winners will be announced soon!

Gracey and Maneki-neko Here is all you have to do

Tell me in a comment below this post which Maneki-neko you think has attracted the $50 and why.  Be clever, because you never know when good fortune might rain on you.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Sunday February 10 at 5 pm Eastern!

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say Meneki-neko $50 Giveaway .  Void where prohibited by law.

Disclosure:  The Tiniest Tiger is sponsoring this review and giveaway.  No compensation was awarded for this post.

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  1. Thank you so much for this giveaway! We can’t wait to receive our lucky Maneki-Neko! This is the first time we’ve ever won anything, so we are all excited!!! Thanks Tiniest Tiger!!

  2. Angela Miller Dejesus says

    The center one is most lucky!

  3. I pick the middle one because it looks like the one Gracey is picking too. ; )

  4. I think it is the cat on the left. It appears to be doing what our Lord commanded us to do in our good deeds, to not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

  5. I say number three, because in the photo with Gracey, it looks like he’s trying to scoot away! He knows he’s the lucky one and doesn’t want to get caught.

  6. I think it is the one on the right.

  7. I think it is on the right side because the raised right paw attracts money. Of course all three attract pretty Gracie cats.

  8. I think the middle one has the money and the ones next to her are keeping her safe.

  9. To the right of Gracie’s nose
    And in the sight of her green eyes
    Is the one that holds money close
    And yields the most surprise

  10. I think it’s the right one.

  11. I like the kitty on the left!

  12. Gracie wants to pounce on the center one, so she is saying that must be the one with the money but that is a distraction because the money is in the one on her left, the one on the far right as we look at the pic.

  13. @OwenandOzzy says

    Our baby sis, Olivia, thinks that Gracey is trying to throw us off….she says go with the left one…MOL…

  14. Maevis Belvender says

    so cute!!!

  15. April Maragelis says

    I thinkthe middle. Because it represents a balanced scale

  16. Malou Tan Alvarez says

    I would like to pick the middle Maneki-neko. Coz looks like Gracey wants to lick or maybe nip the middle cat

  17. Jennifer Piper says

    I am picking the middle cat Gracey! This is my year as I am a snake so I am hoping it will be a good one for me! I hope you have a good year too sweet kitty!

  18. I think the one on the right is the luckiest. Three is my lucky number and going from left to right means the one on the right is number 3, so for me that’s the one!

  19. Actually, they’re all lucky, but I’ll go with the middle one. All the best stuff comes to the middle one 🙂

  20. Danielle Murgia says

    The one on the left because it’s left paw is fatter than the two others. The fatter paw must means it is holding the money!

  21. The one in the center seems smaller than the other two. I pick the middle.

  22. Helen's Mogs says

    I think it’s the first one (on the left). Just a gut feeling.

  23. Something tells me the one on the right is the one!

  24. I like the one in the middle, she seems cozier than the other two!

  25. The right one. It looks at different direction.

  26. The right one. It looks in different direction.

  27. I think the box on the left as I look at the photo has the money, because a column of light is rising from it! Even if it doesn’t, I love the maneki-neko and would be happy to have them in the house to bring good fortune for the Year of the Snake!

  28. All mankei-neko cats are lucky because they are cats! The luckiest neko is closest to Gracey and money has nothing to do w. it.

  29. planetqueen says

    Gracey knows which one it is – in the second photo, she’s looking right at the one in the middle! Unless of course that’s the one with catnip in it…. =^^=

  30. Since we are in 2013 – I say good fortune can be found in # 3 – on the right….love Lucky cats and Gracey!

  31. I feel the first one on the left hand side [the left of me, where I am sitting] is the one with the money, but I would even be happy with the one who has nothing! They are so cute, just like Gracey!

  32. Sparky Miller says

    I think it is the middle one..cuss the one on the left and the one on the right are guarding it

  33. I think it is the left one because Gracie is gazing intensely at that one.

    annazed10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  34. Rayita my cat told me, go left !

  35. We feel it’s the one on the left looking at it from our view-it would be the one on Gracey’s right.

  36. Kitten Thunder's Girl says

    It is the box on the left. My Chinese fortune kitties told me so.

  37. Susan Igel says

    Sulu Kitty carefully studied the photos and chose the left box. He says the lid on the left box is slightly raised, as if there’s more stuff in it and you can’t close the box all of the way. He also wants to be called He Who Found The Box With The Luckiest Cat when he wins. He also wants to know if Gracey has a date for Valentine’s Day.

  38. Stacy Mantle says

    I think that the one on the far left (where the light shines in through the door) is the most luckiest Meneki-Neko – probably because it had its left paw raised when it arrived. What a fun contest! I could use some extra feline luck, so I hope I’m right and that I get “randomized”!

  39. connie skoruppa mcdonald says

    Since a cat’s whiskers are a pressure sensitive form of cat radar, and in the photo, Gracey’s right side (facing us) whiskers appear more forward and relaxed than the left side I will go with the Maneki-neko on the left. Generally the relaxed whiskers indicate a happy cat and the pulled back whiskers indicate an angry cat, and in this instance one might assume that Gracey is showing happiness toward the Maneki-neko with the extra money. But since I know how extremely sensitive cat’s whiskers and sense of smell are, I’m going to assume instead that the whiskers might be pulled back and less relaxed on the left because of the added prescense of the smells that undoubtedly linger on all handled currency. Okay that’s the scientific approach – lol Regardless – Gracey is, as always, too cute!

  40. I would say it’s the one in the middle, because it’s slightly out of line with the other two.

  41. Linda Meyers-GAbbard says

    I do believe it is in number one. Just a gut feeling
    I got after rubbing Gracey’s belly in the picture.

    I can be contacted at llmg1960 (at)(yahoo)(dot)(com)

  42. Purrs By the Bay says

    Since the cat with the left paw up is the one that attracts money, I will go with the opposite and say it is the cat on the right! 😉

  43. The kitty in the middle might just weigh a little, the kitty on the right looks a bit light and to lift the kitty on the left it takes a great heft. So I think the left kitty must have he extra cash =^..^=

  44. The cat on the left is speaking to me. Just like the cat that picked me at the shelter. She is currently on my lap making it hard to type.

  45. The one on far left….he looks fatter to me….lol

  46. The one on the far right

  47. Pat Ruppert says

    The one on the right, right?

  48. I think Gracey is the true Maneki-neko, as she brings good fortune to all who love her! I think the golden kitties are giving their fuzzy pal 3 paws up for her great works to entertain & promote her cause. The kitty on the right is Gracey’s biggest fan, and has saved all of his pennies, totalling $50, to donate to Gracey’s charity.

  49. I thought I posted, but I don’t see my comment! But anyway, I think the one on the left of the left…is the luckiest one. I really feel like Gracey isn’t happy with that one in the middle…she seems to be annoyed with it, like she knows it’s an imposter. And the one on the right is all out there like LOOK AT ME, so it’s clearly a decoy. So it must be the one to the left of the picture. 😉

  50. I think it’s the one to the right – it’s being coy and looking away from the others. Sneaky little thing – typical cat!

  51. Rose Welsh says

    The light from the door distracts
    from seeing the box with the most golden cat.
    I call on the great goddess Bast
    to show me the box with the cash
    The Center is fickle
    says She of the desert
    and gives the monied left box a whisker tickle.

  52. I think the one on Gracey’s left. He is standing alone looking important! And I am a southpaw like my tortie Chloe.

  53. I think it’s the one on the right, because he’s looking in the direction that Gracey isn’t! Sneaky Gracey! ^_^

  54. It’s the one on the right…because if the cat is facing ahead, it’s farthest left, and the left paw is lucky for money!

  55. I believe it’s the one on the right because it looks like Gracey’s whiskers are raining good things ($) down on it! ?

  56. Sherrie Swafford says

    I think it is the far right one. It seems to stand out more.

  57. I think it’s the far right one. she is looking away from the others. 🙂

  58. The middle one because Gracie is looking at it. It’s telling her money, money, money!

  59. Very intense eyeing MANEKI-neko will seek out the money.

  60. The one on the left…. I just have a good feeling about it. 🙂

  61. I think it’s the one on the right, Gracey, because it looks like it’s trying to just fit in and not be more special than thou. Am I right?

  62. The middle one…’s “always” the middle

  63. Lisa the Archer says

    The one on the left, because it’s sticking close to Gracey for safety!

  64. drag0nfire28 says

    the first one its just a gut feeling and i could really use some luck right now

  65. I think the one on the right. It looks the happiest. Tracey is trying to trick us by looking at the middle one:)

  66. I know Gracey…she’s directing me to the middle…..

  67. I think the farthest right one!

  68. Michelle S says

    The one on the right because Gracey is trying to throw us off by looking at the others. 🙂

  69. I pick the one on the right because in the first picture it appears Gracey is trying to hint everyone to that one! (Plus I am right pawed, so that’s got to be lucky, right?)

  70. Jennifer Hedrick says

    I believe its the one on the left he looks a little plumper than the rest

  71. Jana DaVee says

    I pick the middle one. Gracey seems to think that is the best one or maybe I am wrong and she is warning us against that one. But I am gonna say she likes it best.

  72. I pick the Maneki-neko on the right because cats are always RIGHT. davisesq212 at aol dot com

  73. Gracey’s right ear is trying distract us (pointing toward the left one), and because of that i think it’s the right one.. 😉
    love you, sweet~sweet Gracey!! <3

  74. The one on my right….looks lucky to me 🙂

  75. merrill lynn luchsinger says

    oh number three is the one for me 🙂 the one on the right

  76. I pick the third one because it’s on the right.

  77. The middle one, because he’s the cutest (no, really!)

  78. The one in the middle.

  79. I pick the kitty on the right because Gracey never looks at that one, obviously to trick us into thinking it’s not important. ^_-

  80. Barbara E. Mozo says

    One for the money

  81. I pick the middle one, because Gracey is kind of looking at the middle one. 🙂

  82. I am drawn to the one on the right. Just a hunch…

  83. I am picking the middle box because the beautiful kitty seems to be “drawing a bead” on it. 🙂

  84. I pick the middle one!

  85. Sparky Spitfire says

    middle! Gracey is sniffing it for a very good reason, I’ll bet. xox – thanks for the fun contest and the interesting info!

  86. The first one or the one one the left please .

  87. I say #3 because that is my lucky number. and I have 3+ cats 😉

  88. I think Gracey is the ultimate Maneki neko because she attracts a lot of friends and friends are fortune in life.

  89. I believe the box to the far left. I have a feeling about it, and it stood out to me more than the others.

  90. I think the middle one is the most lucky; see how the real cat leans in, in the second picture to give it almost a curious little sniff? Good luck attracts good luck, obviously! The cat would know the real luck. 🙂

  91. I think the first one to me it sticks out more than the others

  92. I say the 3rd…to the right

  93. The one on the right!

  94. I think it’s the one on my right!

  95. Stephanie Clark says

    The cat on the left! The vibe of his position just screams it!!! I just want him to pop out of the picture 🙂 Also he is positioned further back closer to Gracie so she has an eye on it better, meaning he has more value!

  96. Elizabeth York says

    The one on the left because he is in a position of support.

  97. The one in the middle is my pick, it looks like it has a secret. Nasu agrees.

  98. mavis shepherd says

    I pick the one in the center ,Gracey is headed to that one ,even Gracey knows a winner when she smells one!!

  99. I and my Diablo think it’s the left one facing us… there is a light coming from a window behind that seems to point to that Maneki-neko.

  100. I think it’s the one in the center because it’s the center of the attention, ours and Gracie’s. Also, it has one on each side of it, just like I sit with my girls, Portia & Ginger on each side of me when it’s time for loves. They would love to win the pretty golden kitty contest and use the money to buy treats.

  101. Sherree Smith says

    I think it’s the one in the middle because Gracey is guarding it closer than the others, and also because the one with the most money wants to keep the others on each side to protect it!

  102. I think it’s the middle one because Gracie is staring at it!

  103. I think it will probably be in the 3rd one, counting from the left…because Mila and Rerun are going to be 3 this Spring, and I don’t know what I would have done without them!!! They bring MUCH good luck already, and lots of love too 🙂

  104. Hi:) Not sure if this may be for US only? I’m in UK … so if allowed I pick the far right one & if not no problem – good luck everyone:) =^..^=

  105. I think it’s the right one, because she looks special to me! lol 🙂

  106. I would say the middle one!

  107. I’ll say the middle..I just have a feeling it’s the middle.

  108. The middle one has attracted the $50.00, it’s beaming with delight!

  109. I’m picking the one on my right side.We I sure could use some good luck!

    Linda Rogers (and Willow – merow)

  110. I think it’s the one on the right. He is trying awfully hard to look nonchalant.

  111. I chooDebbie Lse the middle one because it looks like she is staring at that one.

  112. Melinda Rogers says

    I say the middle one!! Maneki-nekos are so cute!!

  113. I think it is the one to me right that is turned away from the cat on the cat’s left because I think the cat was ready to pounce on it but got distracted by the picture that stopped it in its tracks!

  114. I believe it is the middle one, as plainly indicated by Gracie! I love Meneki-neko and collect them. I want the Meneki-neko more than the money!

  115. Barney&DharmasMommy says

    I believe that it is the Manei-neo on the far right with his left paw slightly raised up.

  116. I pick the one in the middle because Gracey really seems interested in that one. Plus it is in the center and seems to be looking right at me.

  117. The one on the far left, he has a most self satisfied expression:)

  118. I think it is the Maneki-neko in the middle is the winner! Gracey’s clearly most interested in that one! Thanks for the hint, Gracey! 😉

  119. Tess and I think it is the one in the middle Gracey seems to be staring at it !!!

  120. Pam rondeau says

    I pick the right one because he stands apart from the other two

  121. The one all the way on the right, that maneki neko looks a little distracted by money, facing away from the others. >^.^<

  122. I pick the cute one in the middle, cause that’s where I always like to hang, hugging my peeps! Middle.

  123. Loveswayfarm says

    goodmorning … guessing the one to the left #1 … seems to be hiding a bit to stay out of the limelight … maybe a a $50 hoarder xoxo

  124. Jaetta Hall says

    The 3rd one is the lucky cat!

  125. Debra Becker says

    My kitties tell me it’s the one on the left because his paw is raised just a little bit higher then the others

  126. My babies and I pick the one on the right – Gracey seems to be subtly hinting at it with her front paws!

  127. I pick the first one because I am the first child of 3 kids in my family 🙂

  128. Sarah Lynnae says

    I was going to pick the one on the right, but my Cadee-girl says she likes the leftmost one, so we’re going with that.

  129. Margaret Murray says

    I pick the third one, which is the one on the right. This one is in the last one in the row if you start from the left. It has given the other two the privilege of going before it and shown humility.

  130. Ah Gracey thou art a trickster, but I believe it is the Maneki-neko in the middle and the other two are the bodyguards.

  131. Ingrid King says

    Allegra and Ruby vote for the center box after activating their Super Maneki Neko Vision, which allows them to see through objects.

  132. Morgaine La Fey says to pick the middle one, I agree! >^.^< Lisa Anne

  133. I’m picking the left one because he seems to be smiling a little wider than the others 😉

  134. I think it is the one all the way on the right. He has a gleam in his eye!

  135. I vote for the left one, I know they are supposed to be the same but that one just seems a little cuter to me – I bet he’s hiding the money.,

  136. The maneki-neko on the right. (#3)

  137. #3. Poor thing. He’s alone

  138. The middle Maneki has the prize . The kitty’s paws seems to know the secret!!!

  139. I pick the 1 in the middle because kitty is looking right at him

  140. It is the one on the right because my cat sleeps on my right arm every night and I feel very lucky.

  141. Codatronca says

    I think it’s the Maneki-Neko on the right because he winked at me!

  142. PurrEver Ranch says

    #3 coz he is looking away

  143. I think it’s the one on the right. It’s a little farther away from the others and turned slightly.

  144. The one in the middle. Gracey seems to be focused on that one.

  145. The one in the middle…because Gracey is looking at it.

  146. The Maneki-Neko in the middle…beacuse he is in the Middle of Everything! 😀

  147. Lisa Mills says

    I’m going to guess the one your right when you filled them b/c most people are right handed. If you were facing them when you filled them then it’s the one on the right in the picture, but if you were behind them when you filled them then it’s the one on the left in the picture, Either way the one on your right =)

  148. Being that a raised left paw means money, I’ll have to go with the box on the left. (My left.)

  149. spookyshorty says

    I have believed in Maneki-Neko kitties for many years. I choose the one in the middle I just have the feeling about him.

  150. Jeanne Owens says

    I love Maneki-ekos. I have a few and would love to add another 🙂 I think I’ll go with my instinct and pick the one on the right.

  151. These Meneki-nekos are so cute! I think it’s the one on the left. He seems to be turned a little because he is being sneaky and hiding his money 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  152. My two kittys think it is the one in the middle. Gracey is looking at it because it is giving money and luck to all.

  153. We have a little calico snowshoe Siamese mix who is always raising up her paw like a Meneki-neko so I consulted her in this decision. The golden Meneki-neko on the left of the pictures is our choice.

  154. Jennifer Johnson says

    My cats and I believe it is the one on the far left

  155. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I’m gonna go with the middle box. Hope it’s lucky!

  156. erin finkle says

    It’s the one closest to Gracie – meow!

  157. My kitty says it’s the one on the right and it is super lucky like her!

  158. I think it is the one on the left. He is following behind because his pockets are too heavy with the money he got!

  159. I think the one on the left attracted more money.

  160. Rhonda Magnotti says

    my guess is the one on the left

  161. The one in the middle. Why? Because it is located in the center of a series of 3 and is a point of balance.

  162. Kelly Bellcour says

    The Maneki-neko on the left purred to me the loudest!

  163. We are pretty sure it is the one in the middle. We think that because it appears that is the one you are looking at in the photo, sweet Gracey. xoxoxo The SDR Clan and me 🙂

  164. I think it’s the one on the left. It’s just giving me a “vibe”.

  165. The one on the left because the cat is looking at it!!! 🙂

  166. I’d say the one on the right. It just seems to stick out more to me and I think it’s a habit for right-handed people to chose things on right sides more often. That might sound stupid, but I know I do that!

  167. The one on the left. Because the money cat has the left paw raised.

  168. It is the one in the middle

  169. I say the one on the right. My right. In the first picture Gracey has been fiddlin with it because it’s no longer facing front. In the second picture It’s been straightened back up for the close-up shot. In the last picture it’s either been fiddled with again or it’s the same first shot and Gracey will be denied no more. Hahaha. I’d be perfectly happy to just win the little Golden Neko! I’ve been trying to get my local Chinese restaurant to part with their old one! Happy Day to you all!

  170. Kristi Carlantonio says

    The one in the middle because she’s looking at it and creeping up like she’s going to attack it

  171. I think in the last pic it is the one on the right (my right), because that one looks like it is separating itself from the others!

  172. Left paw raised on the Maneki-nekos so I will go with the one on the left. Gracey’s left, not mine. ….the one on the right. Good luck everyone!

  173. i’d say the one on the right, cuz it’s putting itself forward 🙂

  174. My cat Chewy picked the third one. He nosed that one on the screen of the computer.

  175. I say it’s the one to the far right, because Gracey is NOT looking at it!

  176. Helen Hall Moran says

    I pick the first one because Gracey’s right ear is pointing to that one

  177. Wavie Barton says

    We will pick the first one the lid don’t seem to be as flat as the others and we would use the money for the feral cats we take care.

  178. Gracey is eyeing the one in the middle, so I’ll choose that one!

    The gold Maneki Nekos are adorable!

  179. I’d say the center cat, because the cat appears to be looking at the center Maneki-neko 🙂

  180. the middle one because the cat is lookin at the most

  181. I like the one on the right. I’m feeling lucky!

  182. I’ll pick the middle one, because that’s the one your cat’s about to lay its paw on in the last photo.

  183. I have never seen a gold one before. The money would go to help shelter cats, and maybe neko could help bring in money for my kitties dental work 🙂