“Will Kitty Play With It?” Win Your Own Home Version

A Game Show for Cats!

We cats are super smart with minds of our own.  You already know that we won’t just play on demand like our canine pals.  So Friskies created a new Game Show for Cats called Will Kitty Play With It? Here is an episode from the show with our cousin Rosie.  She is being put to the test with a  plastic bottlecap ringlet thingy.  What do you think? Will Rosie Play with it?

Let’s find out.


Home Version of the Game Show for Cats

Friskies sent me a purple “Will Kitty Play With It” box  to create our home version of the game show.  My dad put the box together and then he hid a potential toy under the box waiting for the big reveal.  Here is what happened.

I got super excited when my parents called me over and my dad was holding the string with the box attached. Being naturally curious, I waited for him to raise the box and show me my prize. Ta da! He raised the box and revealed a red cup that could hold water. I am not one to pout when disappointed so I put on my best face but if you watch closely, you will see me stomp my paw.

Would you like to play the home version of “Will Kitty Play With It? I have 20 purple boxes filled with small surprises to giveaway so that you can see if your cat will be a better contestant than me. Here is how to enter to win To enter, leave your address in the Rafflecopter below. I will choose 20 addresses at random. Your address will not be shown or used for any other purpose than this giveaway. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I have a cat who will play with almost anything. She’s nuts.

  2. I have one that might just play with it. sure would like to see.

  3. katboxjanitor says

    Marbles may want to play withinon the box rather than whatever is INUNDER the box.

    She is a kitty who embraces her inner crank…but quietly contemplates her options before she openly enjoys something. As she approaches 16 yrs old, I believe she has earned that privilege!

    I can’t blame Gracie for her sweet stomp

  4. noreen mary hedayat says

    Love empty boxes and foil rolled into balls ….

  5. What a great idea! Too bad you didn’t like your toy, Gracey. Bet you would have played with the milk ring though 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh! My fursister Smoki’s favorite toy is the ring thingy off of milk jugs! If I’m gone for any period of time, she gathers all of them up and places them in a pile either beside or in her food bowl. What a cute idea from Friskies!

  7. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    Who knew that something so simple would inspire such intrigue!!!!!????