Night Falls on The Tiniest Tiger’s Sun Room

It was a long cold winter here at my habitat.  Long gray days, cold temperatures and snow, snow, snow.  Spring arrived late even though the calendar clearly stated that the Spring Equinox was on Wednesday, March 20.  In fact, Spring was so tardy in our area that our poor friend Punxsutawny Phil was at risk to be sued for his false prediction

Gracey sitting in front of closed door copy

How I spend some of my winter days

that Spring would arrive six weeks after he saw his shadow. An Ohio prosecutor suffering from cabin fever  filed a  criminal indictment against the famous Pennsylvania groundhog over his “prediction” of an early spring but dropped the charge admitting that Punxsutawney Phil had a “defense with teeth in it” .

Winter gets tiresome for me too at my habitat, because my dad is overprotective of the sun room during the off season.  He is so protective he locks up the doors and refuses to let me out when the temperature dips too far below freezing.  This is super upsetting because  the sun room, is not only MY room, but it is my favorite room in my house.

This is where I spend time with Lazy Leopard and we visit with Bossy Backyard Blue Jay, the Maple Tree  Squirrel, and many other wild friends.  Sometimes I sit in front of the closed sun room doors and try with all my might to get my dad to open the doors.  My dad is super stubborn though, he really is.  Once he gets it in his head that it is too cold for me to be out in the sun room, there is nothing I can do.

Sometimes, when my mom and I are home alone, I get to sneak out into the sun room and nap in my heated thinking circle until my dad comes home and catches us in the act!

So when Spring finally showed up this week, I was really excited to get full access to my sun room once again.  When the weather is nice, the doors stay open and I can come and go,  in and out of the sun room any time I want.

Today, I don’t know how it happened but the sun seemed to call it a day before Lazy Leopard and I were ready to say good night!  Then Lazy Leopard told me we might as well carry on and call it a night too because it would be many many hours until the sun came back to visit. I found this a bit upsetting. I mean I just got out into the sun room  and the sun went to sleep.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger in sunroom at night

How many hours until the sun comes back?

So, I went inside and  snacked a bit. I visited with my mom in the office and  we played a little hide and seek.  Then I was ambushed. I got my ears checked and cleaned and I even got brushed.   All this and the sun is missing from the sky.

There was only one thing left for me to do.  Get a front row seat on my Cat Power Tower and wait for the sun to rise. Well at least until my dad calls me in and locks the doors.

Waiting for the sun to rise

Happy Spring Friends!!

May you bask in many sun puddles all Spring and Summer long.

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  1. katboxjanitor says

    Spring is playing hide and seek here, we get springy rain which keeps most of the outdoor critters under the trees and out of Marbles’ view.
    We have had a few days of lovely hours long sun puddles and Marbles has been taking full advantage. Based on the tufts of fur I am finding on her resting & thinking spots…the real Spring is here.

    I keep trying to brush Miss M…I hope I can come through without too many scratches. Sigh…

  2. You are so precious, Gracey. I am glad you finally get to spend time in your Sun Room with LL. I hope for your sake (and LL’s) that you both have all the sun your hearts desire 🙂 xoxoxo

  3. Gracey spring is late here too. I bet the sun will come soon and you can sit in your favorite room.

  4. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    Don’t fret, Gracey! The sun and warm weather will be here soon!!!! At least, I hope so!!! Then you and Lazy Leopard can spend all day in the sun room!!!

  5. Big Bad Baby Twinkle, Laaangorously reclining in her warm Kitty Kup, wipes a liddle tear frum her eye and sez “Meowmie – dat Gracey Kat is a real trooper!!!”

  6. Very sweet.