True Nature of Cats by Purina One

By Joanne McGonagle

Discover Your Cat’s True Nature

Even though cats outnumber dogs living within homes, cats remain thought of by many as aloof, anti-social and not needing the love and attention that dogs are given.  Cats are mistreated and sometimes maligned because  they have been misunderstood. Stereotypes about cats sadly remain firmly in place so the team at Purina One decided to dig deeper and learn about the cat’s true nature and what makes a cat…a cat!

The African Wildcat   True Nature of Cats by Purina OneOur domestic cats roots can be traced back to the African Wildcat. So Purina One decided to go to Africa to learn more about our cats living ancestors so that we could all achieve a better understanding of what our own cats need to live their best lives.

I was thrilled to be asked by the Purina One team to join in the journey to discover the true nature of cats where we discuss and explore how to awaken, foster and nurture the natural instincts within our cat so that their lives will be enriched and in turn our own lives are better knowing that our feline family member is enjoying her life to the fullest.

I was in my final year completing my master of zoology with a focus on big cats when I first learned about the Purina One program.   I was so excited because The Tiniest Tiger children’s book compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between the big cats and their domestic cousins that share our lives.

Who was your cat born to be?

I really love the work that Purina One is doing to help uncover the true nature of cats so that more people will understand  not only what their cat needs but why they need to be who they were born to be.  By uncovering the truth about what the African Wildcat was born to be, Purina One wants us to gain a new appreciation for who domestic cats are today

I was fortunate to be able to visit Purina’s headquarters in St, Louis to see the new True Nature experience.  This video shows you the space that was created and you will meet Purina One team members as they discuss why this space and the true nature program is so important to them.

I hope you will join us on this journey.

Over the next weeks, we will be sharing with you what you can do to bring our your cat’s true nature.  I hope you will join us as we continue on the journey to learn more about the true nature of cats.

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  1. Can’t wait to see more! They are a lucky bunch of kittehs. Wish I could do more stuff for mine.

  2. That looks like a neat place. Can’t wait to hear and see more.

    • Thank you for reading, Sue. I think the True Nature of Cats program is a great way to help cat parents understand that their cats are just being cats and how to work with them to have super happy lives.