Ultimate Blog Party 13 Post & The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Giveaway

Welcome to The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club!

Super Hurrah for Mary!  The winner of The Tiniest Tiger Hipster!  Don’t wander far, we will be hosting other exciting giveaways soon.

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club where small paws are uniting to make a big difference!

Ultimate Blog Party Post

Thank you for stopping by our community.  This is our first time participating in the 5MinutesforMom.com Ultimate Blog Party and we are looking forward to meeting new friends and learning about you and your site.

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

My name is Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger, and I am a domestic cat. I am a lucky cat because I live in a safe and loving home where I have plenty of food, fresh water and toys to keep me healthy and happy.  My  human parents rescued me from the dog pound as a wee kitten and  have provided me a safe environment in which to thrive!

But some of the members of my extended family have not been so lucky. Most of my big cat relatives are in trouble and at risk for extinction!  But if you take action and help your family and friends realize how important all animals are in the world, we can make a difference.

Our Conservation Cub Club  is where we  learn about  organizations and people that are working hard to protect our wild big cats and our domestic cousins  in need.  We also have fun, learn about new products, host giveaways and more.

Joanne in NamibiaThis is my mom, Joanne McGonagle.   She just completed a Master of Zoology degree and the photo is from last summer when she was participating in a wildlife count with the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.   We both write  here on The Tiniest Tiger and I hope you will visit us again soon.

We wanted to celebrate our participation in the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 by giving away one of our The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bags!

Secret Room Events Hipster photo

This one of a kind hipster features The Tiniest Tiger’s feline finesse quilted into the sleek black fabric creating a subtle yet cool cat appearance. The irresistible design combined with the hands free practicality of the cross body Hipster make this the perfect bag when you are on the prowl.  To learn more about our Triple T Studios handbags and accessories go to  triple-t-studios.com

How to Enter:

Here is all you have to do:

Tell me in a comment below this post what you think of The Tiniest Tiger Hipster and if you think you would like aDorian from Your Daily Cute hands free crossbody bag.

The Rules:

Contest closes on Saturday April 13 at 5 pm Eastern!  This contest is now closed.

Thank you for participating.

Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to Randomizer.com. The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Winner .  Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I love cross body bags. This is perfect!!

  2. Just stopping by from the UBP13. We hope you stop by our party for a slice of warm banana bread and cold milk.
    Hugs, Cathi

  3. Susan Ring says

    It’s the purrrrrfect way to safely carry your iPad on the plane!!!

  4. I LOVE crossbody bags, and I think this is the cutest one I’ve seen. Great size, too. I always make it a point to use a purse to leave my hands free, especially when out with my kids.

  5. I love cross body bags and this the cutest one ever!!!!!

  6. I love this bag, the cat design is great. I work at an airport and could have to keep all my “stuff” with me during the day, this bag would be great for me. I also take care of a large (over 15) group of semi socialized cats and am always campaigning for animal rescue and TNR. Keep up the good work and great postings.

  7. I’d love to have this bag, and I need me hands free since I’m always doing something!

  8. I like this bag and if I can’t win it how else could I have it?

  9. The bag is super cute! I am a total cat lover so I would wear that with kitty pride! =^.^=

  10. This bag is super cute and I would love to win it and bring it on all my adventures 🙂

  11. Marilyn Hamill says

    I have wanted one of these since I saw it last year! Perfect for shopping.

  12. I LOVE this bag, and it’s just the right size for carrying a trusty iPad! The quilting design is adorable, and the perfect accessory for a huge cat fan!

  13. It would be good for me since I have a bad shoulder from a car accident and find these bags the best…and of course, Kuro the Wonder Cat would approve!

  14. Hi Gracey! Spydee & Katie really love the hipster bag! I’m starting to volunteer at Austin’s no-kill shelter, Austin Pets Alive! I’m going to help bottle feed the babies, and I’m so very excited. They are so sweet, and tiny, and need us to help them get a chance to get their furrever homes. A hipster bag would definitely be put to good use and will be used only for APA! use!!! We love you Miss Gracey!! Hope you have a good rest of the night! Purrs, meows & headbonks!!

  15. Alicia De Dios says

    I love hipster bags as it leaves your hands free!! The kitties on it make it extra cute!! I would love to have one.

  16. I hope to win I haven’t won anything and my luck has been pretty bad lately. I love Gracey and all that she stands for. I love you gracey

  17. This Tiniest Tiger Hipster is the cutest bag I have ever seen, and I would be proud to wear it! I would love to have one!

  18. Colleen C says

    As a human concierge to four felines – I love this bag! It is so cute and I like the subtle reminder of my furry guys that I would get to carry with me. Please enter me in – and by the way – I found your blog through the post by @Iams!

  19. It’s an attractive bag that I could carry with almost anything.

  20. I love this bag! As the mommy of 3 cats, I love the cat print! And I love that you can conveniently wear it across the body!

  21. That’s a great bag! I’d love to use it at the theme parks!

  22. wagthedoguk says

    I think your hipster bag looks wag cool! Nice to meet you and your peeps. This is our first time at UBP too!
    Great that I found your blog too!

  23. Hi Gracey and Joanne – I love that hipster, I hear it’s a must have at any blog conference and since I’m going to one in July, it would come in handy! I see from your badge you are speaking there?! I better stick around and stalk you

  24. Love The Tiniest Tiger Hipster Bag ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  25. I am visiting from the #UBP13 but I have been following your Facebook page forever! Just wanted to say Hi!

  26. katboxjanitor says

    I adore my canine HIpster and have gotten so many comments & compliments. My ‘wardrobe’ would be complete to (some day) get a feline Hipster.

  27. Thanks for joining the party and that bag is pretty cute. Love crossbody bags because it helps to take a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Would love to win a fun bag!

  28. I think the hipster is a very practical color as it would match virtually any outfit in any season. It would be a wonderful bag for wearing as you don’t have a clunky purse hanging on your shoulder nor do you have to worry about setting down your wallet and forgetting it. I think it’s a perfect bag!

  29. Phoenixtl says

    Lovely & practical. Looks great for when you want to be out & about without being too loaded down.

  30. Have loved this from the moment I first saw it over a year ago. Now my sister has one and I’m a little jealous. I want one, too. Love you, Gracey.

  31. Love The Tiniest Tiger Hipster bag! It is beautiful and functional. Would love to win one. xoxoxo

  32. Wow… what a fun and unique blog! A master’s in zoology… very impressive.
    Thank you so much for joining us for your first UBP.

  33. Christine Beehler says

    I am looking for a crossbody bag for an upcoming trip, and since I have to leave my furbabies behind, I would really enjoy quilted kitties close to my body to remind me of them (and you, Gracey)

  34. Hi, I’m here through UBP2013 🙂

    What a great bag, I think it would be perfect for when I walk my pugs. Nothing like being hands free 🙂

  35. The bag would be great as i walk everywhere. And when i bring my babies to the vet i need my hands to carry them. As stephan weighs 22 pounds and cassie 11.

  36. Danielle Murgia says

    This is adorable! I would love to have a bag like this for doing errands or just walking my dog. it would give me my hands free to hold the leash and this could hold my keys, cell phone and mace.

  37. I love the style, fabric, color and especially the cat design of The Tiniest Tiger Hipster. I would love to have one because a crossbody bag is so handy and safe and because I love all cats, domestic and wild.

  38. I am also like your mom love all big cats and would like to own a white tiger if i can but since it is not allowed in the city i can only have my plush one. Gracey and Muffin love her too. Would love to win the hipster bag since when i buy them toys i can just put them all in.

  39. Theresa Spaid says

    I have 3 cats and I think big cats are so beautiful so I really like the looks of the hipster bag.

  40. Hands free is the way to go when you walk at least two dogs at once! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  41. The hipster bag looks really cool! I love the cat design. I would love to use it to replace my grungy old tote!

  42. I love everything about this bag. I would be so excited to get one

  43. I love it- color, style, everything! Of course the “secret kitties” make it best of all! I want one!

  44. Milene Mittelhauser says

    I got my hipster bag last year and have used it exclusively since then. I love it and dread when I wear it out.

  45. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    I want one because I now have to use a walker to get around and it would be wonderful to have a hands-free bag!!!!!

  46. Michele C. Hollow says

    I have one, and it is the best bag I have. Yes, it is very hip. I get compliments on it all the time. I like it so much that I don’t use any other bag.

  47. I love the idea of a handsfree crossbody bag. That way if you were in a crowded place you don’t have to worry about dropping or losing the bag and you can have your hands free for drinks and such.