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Project Pet Slim Down

My parents might say a lot of things about me like; I am mischievous, talkative and smart but one thing I am not, is a fat cat.  I am the perfect Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger and the Scaleweight for my body type.   There was a time when I was a bit too thin when I was recovering from pancreatitis, but now I am wearing my 7 pounds well.  My brother Mercy, well…. ok.. he is also at a good weight for his body type.  Weighing in at 10.4 lbs. our doctors tell us he is in great shape.  He is just a bigger cat than I am, bigger boned and he really is. He is not just saying he is big boned to try to cover up the fact that he might be a bit chunky from all of those treats my grandma gives him.  But Mercy and I are in the minority of cats in the United States. Did you know that 55% of cats in the United State are overweight or obese?

In fact, it is not just cats, dogs too are overweight too even with all that in and out bathroom business and organized walking they do.  It has gotten so out of control that there is now an Association for Pet Obesity Prevention and the 2011 Pet Obesity Study found that 93 million cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese.

Friends, it is time that we all face the numbers on the scale.

Because we might need a little help getting started Purina teamed up with Target to create Project:Pet Slim Down. Purina created this online program to help your cat and dog lose weight. Cats and dogs at a healthy weight enjoy happier lives and Purina made it a mission to help every pet parent enable their cat and dog to achieve that weight.  Here are a few tips:

Project Pet Slim Down

You can help your overweight cat play  to fitness.

Calorie burning doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple—and rewarding—as spending more time playing together. Excess weight is a problem shared by pets and owners—and so is a less-than-active lifestyle.

Even if you can’t spend more time with your pet, you can make your shared time more active. Go to and check out tips on fun and fitness with your pet. You can also visit to read inspiring stories of cats and dogs that have lost weight with the help of this program.


A fit cat is not only more healthy but happy.

Improved health is an important benefit of regular exercise/activity for pets. But, according to a survey commissioned by Purina1, the biggest benefits noted by owners surveyed are emotional. Owners also play with their pets to reap emotional rewards, such as fun, stress relief and bonding.

Increasing your  cat’s activity can be enjoyable for both cat and owner. The key is to focus on your pet’s instinct for fun.

Cats love the thrill of the chase so playtime with a laser or feather toy is a great way to turn fun into fitness.

Think of cats as sprinters, not marathon runners. They prefer to play in short bursts of energy vs. sustained activity. Take every chance you can to make your interaction with your cat more active. For example, you can “feed” your cat’s instinct to hunt by using a feeding toy or treat toy. You can also hide small amounts of kibble in various places throughout the house so your cat has to “hunt” for her food. Indulge your cat’s love of looking down on their surroundings by putting perches in your home. She’ll get lots of exercise jumping on and off. You can also place several kibbles or treats on top of the perch to encourage activity.

Pounce on over to the Project Pet Slim Down program for more tips and to track your progress.  You can also trim down your spending at Target with  Purina coupons too.  Get Purina Coupons

Enter to Win a $25 Gift Card to Target from Project: Pet Slim Down from Purina

How to enter:

Just leave a comment below this post telling me why your cat or dog might need to shed a bit of weight.

The Rules:

This contest is now closed.  Thank you for participating.  We will have more contest soon.

 This contest will end on May 5, 2013. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages.  Make sure you are watching for an email from me. The subject line will say $25 Gift Card for Target Winner.  Void where prohibited by law.


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  1. My girl Tess is at her ideal weight too Gracey !!! She loves to play …

  2. We named our cat Piglet for a reason. Even when he was first born, he would push the other kittens off of mama’s teats. He is still the first one to the bowl, and his swingy tummy shows it. We have been able to get him to exercise a bit more lately, since adopting a younger cat who is very playful.

  3. I actually switched to Purina Pro Plan when I realized that Meow Mix was pretty much like giving my cats McDonalds every meal. Boy, did it make a difference! Several months later I noticed they had lost weight.

    So glad I listened to ppl saying to look closer at the ingredients in cat kibble.

  4. My cat has gotte. So fat over the winter that he can’t climb up the cat stratching post. He lays on the floor under it. I feel so bad for him. He wi. Be seeing his vet for a nice weight loss program

  5. We have a small (boned) cat who, when we found her, as a kitten, was abandoned & starving, but now she just wants to eat constantly! We have her on a diet of 1/8 of a cup of dry food/4 times a day. But, she tries to eat so fast like she’s starved! She is going to be 4 years old next month and weighs about 15 pounds.

  6. Nicolette Beach says

    My cat Sinatra is pushing the scales at 20 pounds. Although he has a big frame, he is definitely very overweight. I’m trying to exercise him more and feed him less because I want him to have many more years with me!

  7. Just leave a comment below this post telling me why your cat or dog might need to shed a bit of weight. I have a very small chihuahua who is getting a tidge plump. and because she is so small in stature, it is bad for her joints and overall well being. I’m working her out now, walking her to try and shed the pounds but she’s not thrilled about it. LOL

  8. sandy weinstein says

    i have 3 min. schnauzers, the baby, now 2 1/2, still has her baby fat. she has a little rolly polly tummy. she needs to lose abt 1lb. i cant figure out why she cant lose this, b/c she does not get treats and i measure her food, and she gets plenty of exercise. she does not look fat, but just a little pudgy….i like to keep my dogs on the lean side. my 2 older girls are fine.

  9. LyricInTime2803 says

    My younger dog, Shiloh, is at an ideal weight. It’s very important as he does agility and extra weight could really hurt his joints. It’s a constant battle with my older dog to stay at an ideal weight, though. It’s even more important for her- at 11yo, she has arthritis and keeping extra pounds off will not only keep her happier and healthier, but hopefully keep her with us longer. But unlike high-energy Shiloh, Cheyenne is very low key and doesn’t like to exercise. She has not interest in agility- or running in any form, doesn’t care to play with toys. So in addition to many walks throughout the day, it’s my job to find more creative ways to exercise and keep her weight down.

  10. Melissa Wetterow says

    Last year I adopted a kitty that was abandoned at my job. She is a Siamese mix & has the prettiest blue eyes! The vet said she wad fixed & declawed & about 7 years old. I named het Saki. 🙂
    Saki was very malnourished & debydrated. I have 4 other kitties & they have always had a food bowl down so they can eat when they want. Poor Saki has doubled het body weight surpassing healthy to now being over weight. So we are trying to find a way to get Saki to lose a few pounds & keep all the other kitties happy too!

  11. Most of my kitties are approaching their ideal weight because I’ve been feeding them wet food almost exclusively, but one is still quite overweight. He’s getting older and has arthritis, so losing weight would make him feel so much better.

  12. I have 2 cats. One, who is 5 years old, is quite active and a very healthy weight. Unfortunately, my other kitty, Foxy, who is 12 years old, has been very overweight and inactive since she came to live with me from the local Humane Society. I cannot use continuous feeders as she’ll just eat all the food at once. I’ve tried using food formulated for weight loss, but she refuses to eat it. Now I feed them twice a day (breakfast and supper), carefully measuring out a limited quantity of food for each one, trying to restrict Foxy’s intake.

  13. I have three kitties, and they are all on a diet. Maggie has made progress, and is down .9 pounds; Deidre lost .4 pounds at her last weigh-in (she has the least to lose); but Yuan GAINED .4 pounds! He is the most active and frisky of them, too. It perplexes me! I am trying to switch them to a raw diet, and I have found raw foods that the girls like, but nothing Yuan has gone for yet, so that could be part of it, too. We’ll keep trying!

  14. My kitty Charlie who is 11yrs could lose a few pounds to help keep him healthier. He has a few health issues that made him very sick last month so we are trying make sure he stays healthy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. My kitty Star is a great weight according to my vet – she eats duck and pea just like Gracy! I hope she never gets overweight, but if she does I’ll have to help her get back to her youthful self!

  16. I have three cats, two are healthy weights but one, marmaduke, weighs about 19lbs. He has a food intolerance so finding food that he can eat is very hard to do. We try to engage him in playtime but he has never been one to play very much. It’s hard to monitor how much food he gets vs the other two cats as well but he really needs to slim down.

  17. My baby is 18 years old and a bit of a chunk because he creep feeds. My other baby is a rather petite little girl who is a very dainty eater and needs her food at all times. They are dry food kitties only except during special times.

  18. My cat Charley is overweight. He’s about 16 pounds. Our vet suggested that he should be between 12-13 pounds. We have 3 cats, so it’s very hard monitoring his food intake. My 2 girls are slim and fit. Charley does love to play and races around the house, but his weight doesn’t seem to come off. We give him Light food and only a few treats every other day.

    • Congratulations Dina!!! You are the winner of the $25 gift card!! Watch for a message from us with the subject line $25 Gift Card from Target Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger community.

      • Thank you so much! I just received the prize today. I’ll get a photo and share it on FB. I’ll get Charley in the photo as well. 🙂

  19. I have 5 loving kitties, 15yrs old, 13 yrs, 10 yrs, 5 & 4 so from older to still a bit of a kitten! Finding appropriate entertainment for each age is sometimes difficult

  20. Kristina Squillace says

    Bella is gettin kinda old and needs 2 maintain her health.

  21. Conamara really needs to lose some weight. She is trying to do better, but it is a very slow process. Keep your paws crossed for her, Gracey. xoxoxo

  22. Having a Corgi, I am constantly watching his weight. I do a pretty good job managing it, though. 🙂

  23. Stormi's Mum says

    Our dilute tortie, Stormi, (aka Butterball) could really lose some poundage. She is only about six years old but she doesn’t play much. She is my “lovey lap tumor” most of the time. Maybe some new toys would help?

  24. When I rescued my cat Red he was skin and bones, barely weighing 5lbs. Now 2yrs later he weighs in at 13lbs. My vet says he would be ideal weight if I can help him lose 1lb. Working on it by limiting treats and lots of play sessions.

  25. katboxjanitor says

    Miss Marbles is within a half-pound of her “ideal” since she has almost reached the grand age of 16 I have been extra vigilant since she has arthritis and needs to take her glucosamine in treats and duralactin on some wet food in addition to her kibble. I wish I could manage my own balance of activity as well as I manage hers!

  26. At less than a pound when rescued, our Digit was the smallest one in her litter. Now she weighs over 14 pounds! It’s like when she arrived at our house she did a Scarlett O’Hara: “As God is my witness, I’ll never go hungry again!” Although the weight gain seemed to happen quickly, we know it will take time and patience for her to lose weight.

  27. Jeanne Owens says

    our dog has a bad habit of helping herself to people food and the cat’s food, and the vet said she needs to lose some weight.

  28. My cats are all fit and REALLY playful. I thouhht my cat Mystic was getting too thin but the vet assured me she was still just fine

  29. my cat is fat and lazy ,last time i weighed him he was 5.8kg and nearly everyone that comes to visit us says “wow your cat is fat ” i always dissagree and sometimes i even feel sad for them i think he really needs it… thanks 🙂

  30. My Mama Kitty has gotten pudgy since as she gets older. She is now 14 years old and has developed a habit of cleaning everyone’s bowl if they leave anything behind.

  31. My kitties are getting older and too many treats have made them a little plump. Losing a little weight would help out their health all around and help keep them with me a little longer.

  32. Actually, My Timo & Tuula are both at the perfect weight according to their Vet! We play alot and watch how many treats they (and I!) eat

  33. Our 12 yo cat is Miss Rosie. We promised her previous owner that we would take her if something happened. She has lost a lot of weight since we have gotten her. It is some times hard to ignore her begging for food but we have succeed and she does look good.

  34. My Piney is pudgy. I just think she is an emotional eater. Happy, sad, scared of storms….she goes to her bowl!

  35. Charles Boy is paunchy because he eats what others leave behind. Hard to say if he is truly overweight because he is a cobby cat.

  36. My cat, Boone, gained some belly fat, even though my other cat is normal. And he used to be the smaller one. Sometimes I’m afraid he hogs the food from her since he is territorial, but I’ve been trying to keep an eye on them to make sure they both eat well.

  37. Cheryl, mother of 5 cats says

    Tyke is quite chunky (about 16 lbs); a nickname for her is Plumpernickle. I don’t let her jump on anything; I leave steps or strategically placed shorter items to help her to get up on my bed, on the table where she can look out the window, etc. I don’t want her hurting her hips. She prefers crunchy dry food, which of course is full of carbs. She’s a picky eater. I work all day, so there’s not a lot I can do to help her lose weight. Any help or advice is appreciated.

  38. Danielle Murgia says

    My dog Sissy may need to shed a few pounds because she does not get her 3 walks anymore because I am not home very much. It is due to working. I have increased her walks and decreased the amount of treats she gets.

  39. Lori McMurdy says

    My cat Mango, nickname Pudge, is the laziest cat. He has been lazy from the first day I brought him home from the shelter as a tiny kitten. Took him 4 hours to come out of the carrier! I can’t get him to play and when he does he lays down. He lays down to drink water sometimes! He weighs about 24#!!! Maybe I can nine him the purrfect toy to get him to move 🙂

  40. Fizzy is overweight. Since we moved into an apartment she can no longer romp in the yard. She loves to play with certain toys and could use new ones as well as some catnip. Toys that would get her to be more active would be really nice. Our other cat, Cheetah is a trim 9lbs and quite active. He loves to play with crafting pompoms!

  41. Spikey Diaz says

    3 of my 5 kitties need to slim down. One needs to gain weight. It’s tough getting them to eat out of the correct food bowl when I don’t have enough food bowls (or enough rooms to separate them into)…. LOL!!

  42. Laila and Minchie says

    Laila sure could lose about 4 pounds. She takes after our Mom. LOL!

  43. My cat has been “Plump” since she was born. She is now 50 years old in cat years and has gotten less active. We do have her go up and down the stairs for exercise other than that she doesn’t do much. She doesn’t like to go outside even in a fenced yard or on a leash. She definitely needs 25.00 to go buy better cat food.

  44. My kitty is a recovering diabetic. Unfortunately, her diabetic food causes weight gain but it’s the only thing she can eat for the rest of her life. She loves to play so a new toy or two would be great! 🙂

  45. My dogs and cat are all actually good weights, but their mommy could lose a few pounds. 😉

  46. While two of my boys struggle to keep weight on, two others are beginning to look a bit pudgy. Talk about a frustrating situation in a multi-cat home!

  47. Well my tigger he is 16.5 pounds and he doesnt eat dry food but he is heavy cat.

  48. I lost one cat, Webster, at only 8 years of age due to heart disease. He had struggled with his weight his whole life. Now I have another cat, Betsy Jo, who is 7 years old and even heavier. I’d like to help Betsy Jo slim down and live a longer life.

  49. Well, Gracey, one reason a couple of our cats need to “shed” a bit of fluff, is because the Vet has recommended it…their chances of illness will decrease…so, we are trying to limit their food intake…not starving them, just feeding at proper times…Thanks for the great read…(dad would have enjoyed also 🙂 xoxox

  50. Candice S. says

    I actually have two three year old sister cats (Pudge & Bunny) who were born with abnormally short stubby legs and stubby tails.They are both extremely overweight (have been since they were kittens) and waddle when they walk and snore very loud, especially Pudge. I’m very concerned about them suffering from weight related health problems down the road if they don’t get the extra weight off.

  51. Patchycat says

    Slinky Cat used to be slinky. Now the vet says she is an 8 lb cat trapped in a 14 lb body.