Annie and Eddie Explore Their New Forever Home

Annie and Eddie Explore Their New Forever Home

Annie and Eddie in sunroom

There’s been a lot to do and see for Annie and Eddie since they came to live with us.  They’ve been keeping super busy investigating every corner of the house.  Annie has no fear. She is the first to explore new territory.  Eddie watches carefully but stays a safe distance behind her. Once he is convinced it is safe to proceed, he runs to catch up.  Today they met two very important friends.

Eddie Meets Bad Kitty

Eddie meets bad kitty

 Eddie met Bad Kitty while exploring the office.   Bad Kitty gave him a lot of advice and told Eddie he should always be on his best behavior as a cat ambassador and  not give in to the whimsy and shenanigans that might be suggested by Lazy Leopard. Bad Kitty warned that Lazy Leopard is stuffed full of mischief and an instigator of silliness.  Eddie told Bad Kitty he would do his best and then walked slowly and steadily  to the office door before bounding to the sun room.

Annie Meets Lazy Leopard

Annie Meets Lazy Leopard Lazy Leopard told Annie she had some pretty big paws to fill and she should always remember cats are curious and clever so never miss an opportunity to prowl about for a good caper.  Lazy Leopard warned Annie not to be mesmerized by Bad Kitty’s charm and talk of good deeds.  He explained that Bad Kitty is statuesque in his demeanor and quite honestly seems  stuck in a corner when it comes to always wanting to do the right thing.  Annie listened carefully and then jumped up onto the sofa with Lazy Leopard.  Annie thinks fun and whimsy is right up her alley so she began by doing her best to imitate Lazy Leopard.

Annie and Eddie Discover the Cat Power Tower

Annie and Eddie on the CPT

Both kittens  think the Cat Power Tower is perfect for them. Eddie loves playing on the hunting platform and Annie is in training to rule the backyard.  This was a lot of excitement for two young cats in one day.  When Annie curled up to nap beside Lazy Leopard, Eddie decided he had a lot to think about after meeting both Bad Kitty and Lazy Leopard.

Gracey’s Thinking Circle

And so he found the perfect place to contemplate the day as he thought very hard in Gracey’s thinking circle.

Eddie in thinking circle
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  1. boanderey says

    I saw the picture of Eddie in the thinking circle and got tears in my eyes.

  2. robin olson says

    Awww! Eddie in the thinking circle!!!!

  3. Oh I loved reading this post. Gracey’s spirit is all around in those wonderful pictures. Thank you for continuing to share your lives through your blog!

  4. So good seeing such happy kitties in a home filled with love.

  5. It warms my heart to see you opening your hearts and home to these two new cat ambassadors. They look like they are loving everything in their new home.

  6. Melissa White says

    I’m so glad that you gave those little kittens a good home!

  7. Barbara McIntosh says

    Both kitties are so adorable.

    • Thank you Barbara. They are both very sweet and loving too. Grayson County Humane did a great job socializing the kittens. You can tell they had excellent care.

  8. I love Eddie’s style…just look at him doing his own thing in the thinking circle with his feet kicked up in the air!

  9. Connie KittyBlog says

    several of the blogs I follow often joke that it is “so hard to see such stressed out kitties” when they see kitties so happy and comfortable in their surroundings..and it is one of the highest complements..

    These kitties look so stressed out.. 😉

  10. katboxjanitor says

    Thankfully they have some special mentors to help learn the ropes.
    This was a very sweet intro to the unique characters of Annie and Eddie.

  11. I love this! Thank you for such a sweet introduction to Annie and Eddie in their new domicile.

  12. They are just adorable. So fun to hear about their day.
    Sue B