Annie and Eddie’s Adoption Day

Annie and Eddie’s Adoption Day!

Saturday morning Paul and I loaded up the vehicle with a carrier, water and snacks and headed off to Grayson County Humane Society.  Since June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, we decided  we would do just that x 2.  We have a home, and many cats need a home so we thought, we might as well adopt a couple of cuties and bring them into our family.  Annie’s photo grabbed our attention one day while Gracey and I were reading through some facebook posts. I told Gracey that Annie looked like she had spunk.  I like to think that Gracey had a paw in choosing these little cats to come and share her habitat with us.

Grayson County Humane Society

Grayson County Humane Society

Grayson County Humane Society  in Lietchfield, KY is a wonderful shelter. We were so impressed with Donna and her team at Grayson.  You could tell all the love and care that each and every individual animal was receiving at the shelter.  There are nice big runs for the dogs to get outside and play as well as a big cat room for the felines to enjoy time out of their cages.

Annie and Eddie in their cage

Annie and Eddie waiting for their forever home.

Our first look through the door, we could see Annie and Eddie waiting inside for their forever home.  Donna said she thought they knew their new parents were coming because every time the door opened they  lit up with hope.

Annie and Eddie see us first time

When we opened the door, both cats looked our way and began to purr and reach out of the cage toward us. When Donna opened the cage, Annie flew out into my arms. She was purring like a cheetah and snuggling up against my neck. I was relieved because I have to confess  I was worried they might not like us. Our friend Paris from told me that was a silly thing to worry about because why wouldn’t they like us? I don’t know why I had this fear, but it washed away the moment Annie jumped into my arms.  Then Eddie sprang out of the cage into Paul’s arms.  They knew we had come for them.

Annie ready to come home

We put the kittens back into their cage while we completed the paperwork and chatted with Donna and her team.

Then it was almost time to get the kittens settled into the carrier for the drive home. Annie was ready to go. When we opened the cage door, she pounced out into my arms. I carefully placed her in our carrier.
Eddie cried out loud. We think he thought he was being left behind. Eddie’s sister had been adopted and he was left behind once before. Little Eddie went to the back of the cage, laid down and put his chin on his paws. I think I saw tears forming in his eyes. I said, “Come on Eddie. You too!”

What about me Eddie

Hey, what about me?

We opened the cage and Eddie flew through the air into Paul’s arms. Paul placed Eddie into the carrier with Annie and they laid side by side with big bright eyes looking out at us. We thanked Donna and her team for everything they do and headed out to the vehicle.

Paul placing carrier in jeep

Precious cargo on board

Paul carefully placed the kittens into the Jeep and secured the carrier into place.

Annie and Eddie going home

On our way to our forever home

All settled in and ready to head home. Paul and I took turns driving so one of us could sit in the back seat with Annie and Eddie.

Welcome to our family. We promise to let you live your best life.

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  1. I’m so glad these cats got adopted together! Both of them are such sweet and beautiful cats. My cat Catcher has an expressive face like Eddie’s. I found him free to a good home on Craigslist. Anyone could have got him and he is special. He is polydactyl so I feel like he is a rescue even if he wasn’t at a shelter.

  2. Annie and Eddie are very fine felines and you are fortunate to have them in your lives — live long and prosPURR, Annie and Eddie! (Looking forward to many pictures and stories of them!)

  3. So happy they have a forever home!

  4. BorisKitty says

    OMC dey are ADORABLES! I knows Gracie did hab a paw in pickin dem out! Concats to everybuddy and welcome home Eddie and Annie!

  5. TXLadyPatriot says

    Awww, Joanne, that is wonderful! Annie & Eddie are definitely going to have a wonderful life! They are adorable! 🙂 ~Diane Milligan

  6. Congrats on your new additions. I’m sure Gracey had a hand (or rather, a paw) in this match! 🙂

  7. I think that Gracey guided you to Annie and Eddie too. What a touching story – sniff. I am looking forward to reports of your loving adventures with these two little love bugs!

  8. Jean Shea says

    What wonderful news! Congratulations, I wish you all nothing but happiness and great blessings in your time together. But I am confused is Eddie the kitty formerly known as Porter or another kitty? Either way, I look forward to your posts. I do wonder if Gracey stayed with you long enough to direct you to Annie and then Eddie. How wise she was/is.

    • Jean, yes, Eddie is the kitty formerly known as Porter. We named him after our dear friend who was Hazel’s pet parent. He loved Hazel so much and we brought her into our home when he became too ill to remain at home. Ed is how we found Gracey too. We thought Eddie was the perfect name for our little guy.

      • Jean Shea says

        Oh, that makes it even better! I know you are enjoying Annie and Eddie and I look forward to updates. You have done Gracey proud.

  9. Amy Palmer says

    I’m so happy for you all! Annie and Eddie will have the best home ever. Congrats!

  10. Of course it was all pre-arranged–what would you silly humans do if we felines didn’t organize it all for you?! Now if we could only get our human to stop crying and hugging us, it’s so hot. It’s so nice to meet you, Annie and Eddie, and we look forward to getting to know you.

    • I think Annie and Eddie were chosen by Gracey. They have both her mischievousness and her sweetness.

      • The day I lost my Lucy to FIP, she sent her mama, who belonged to a neighbor and was about to give birth yet again, to my garden. Those are the five black kitties who share my life now, blood relatives of Lucy, and I see a bit of her in each of them. Our kitties take care of us, forever.

  11. What an awesome adoption story! I look forward to getting to know Annie and Eddie!

  12. WarmFuzzy's Shelter Sanctuary says

    How absolutely fantastic !

  13. Connie KittyBlog says

    Oh my. I can’t believe I’m crying over this.. ;`) i am so happy for Annie and Eddie.. and congratulations to you both on your new little ones..

  14. Riley0100 says

    This made me cry (especially the part about poor Eddie thinking you weren’t taking him)! So very happy for you and for them. What a wonderful life they will have. I truly believe Gracey had a paw in this. xoxo ChristyB

  15. I am sure that Gracey helped these kittens pick you.

  16. *sniffle* I’m so glad you brought Annie and Eddie into your home — although it sounds more like they adopted you! 🙂

    And your description of Eddie’s reaction brought tears to my eyes.

    Welcome, Annie and Eddie. You’ve found yourselves a wonderful, loving forever home. *hugs and pets*

    • Thank you JaneA. Poor little guy thought he was going to be left behind. No way was that going to happen. They are both helping us mend our broken hearts.

  17. This is fantastic news! 2 new kitties get a home, you have two more sweeties to love. Yes Gracie would be very proud. The human heart is capable of loving each cat in it’s own unique place in your heart. Congratulations on your new additions.

  18. Ingrid King says

    I’m crying tears of joy for you, Paul, Annie and Eddie. What a wonderful beginning for your lives together.

  19. Jennifer says

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you and little Annie and Eddie! Gracie is smiling down on you from heaven, I’m sure she gives her blessing! 😀

  20. Sam Hays says

    Welcome home, Annie & Eddie! You are so blessed to have Joanne & Paul as your mom & dad! I’m sure Gracey and her legacy will live on strong in both of you. Congratulations! <3

  21. boanderey says

    I started crying. This is so cool!

  22. Shirley Lalonde says

    This story make me bit of a crying baby because i know that Gracey wanted you both to have Annie and Eddie. You are right Joanne Annie does looks like she has spunks and it is my imagination or does Annie look a bit like Gracey?

    Welcome to your new home Annie and Eddie and i am sure you will love Bossy Blue jay and Lazy Leopard too and no need to worry because you both have a most beautiful big sister looking out for you from heaven.

  23. RumpyDog! says

    Oh boy! Oh boy! I’m so excited to get to know Annie and Eddie! They are the luckiest kitties around!

  24. Sherree Smith says

    I am so excited to read this! I always said Gracey was lucky to have you for parents and this proves it! And it is EXACTLY what Gracey would have wanted! Welcome to your new home, Eddie and Annie–you will now learn what Heaven on Earth is like! <3

  25. Welcome Annie and Eddie! What cuties you are.
    Sue B

  26. Retta Shanahan says

    Welcome Annie & Eddie! Gracey picked out some wonderful parents for you!

  27. Barbara McIntosh says

    So happy for all of you! So glad you make the decision to adopt Annie and Eddie, and I look forward to hearing more about these two sweeties. Gracey will be happy.

  28. Kimberly_SavingMoreThanMe says

    Awww!! Welcome home Annie and Eddie! You are two special kitties because Gracey guided your mom and dad right to you <3

  29. Cathy Cowan says

    Aren’t they lucky?? And you are lucky too, to find them. Gracey is beaming down from across the bridge right now!!

  30. What a great home. Annie & Eddie are 2 lucky cats. I am so happy for you.:

  31. Oh, Joanne and Paul! i am SO happy for you, and for Annie and Eddie, and i know that Gracey is too!May you be blessed with MANY happy years together! *HAPPY DANCE all over the place*

  32. Allison Colony says

    So glad you both could help out these precious kitties – I’m sure they will be very happy living with you! I know they won’t replace Gracey, but they will be wonderful new family members for you. I’m sure Gracey will be happy that you took in these new little friends!

  33. I love it! Welcome to your extended family, Annie & Eddie! 🙂


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