ASPCA Adopt a Cat Month Gift Pack Giveaway

ASPCA to Host Top Ten CATdown in Honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


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Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Ann! Our winner of the Adopt a Cat Month Giveaway!

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In order to inspire the public to consider adoption as their first option during Adopt A Shelter Cat Month, the ASPCA will be hosting a virtual Top Ten CATdown on The hour-long live stream event, which will premiere tonight, June 25th at 7pm EST, will be reminiscent of MTV’s classic video countdown shows from the ‘90s. During the CATdown, ASPCA will showcase ten funny and cute videos of cats rescued by top celebrities—including Dancing with the Stars’s Carrie Ann Inaba and Good Morning America’s Dan Harris.

You can tune in tonight at

During the event, the ASPCA will premiere these hilarious videos, interview special guests, and educate viewers about the importance of cat adoption. The goal of the CATdown will be to make a difference in the lives of millions of shelter cats around the country by spreading the adoption message far and wide.

There will also be a trivia Twitter party happening along with the live stream with the hashtag #CATdown. The party will feature questions about famous cats in pop culture, with a grand prize being a year’s supply of Fresh Step cat litter.

ASPCA Adopt a Cat Month Gift Pack Giveaway

To help celebrate cat adoption, they have offered to give a special Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat gift pack to one lucky member of The Tiniest Tiger community!

ASPCA gift Pack


The gift pack contains:

  • an ”I Love My Shelter Cat” jumbo tote
  • a bag of Popchips Katy Perry’s Kettle Corn
  • a cute cat hat
  • an ASPCA orange wrist band
  • an ASPCA keychain flashlight
  • an ASPCA.ORG logo magnet
  • a  Catster litter scooper

How to enter:

This contest is now closed.  Don’t worry, we will have other great giveaways soon.

Just leave a comment below this post telling us your favorite item in the gift pack and why

This giveaway is open to everyone everywhere!

The Rules:

This contest will end on June 26, 2013 at 8 am EST. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say Adopt a Cat Month Giveaway  Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. MzKitty20 says

    I really need that cat litter scooper, I keep misplacing ours!

  2. Ann Gatita says

    I just love the hat!!! My best friend always jokes because I am so cat like. With the hat you could see it on the outside 😀

  3. Kimberly says

    I love the tote. Another way to spread the message. Adopt, don’t shop!

  4. Carla Wolf says

    LOVE the tote…But the scooper has caught my eye! Love the shape! I have 2 rescued babies…they watch me scoop the box daily…LOL!

  5. Tammy Dusenberry Cole says

    I love the tote !!!

  6. Dianne Feere says

    The bag ! Why?? I can take my cat’s health records to the vet in it..LOL

  7. Linda Walker says

    The tote bag is my favorite item. I am a bag aficionado, and I love my two cats, who I adopted from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. What a great combination!

  8. SykoFanGurl says

    I love both the bag and the cat hat, but I especially like the cat hat because it is black. Combined, those two items can bring awareness to not only cat adoptions, but black cat adoptions as well!

  9. Bindy Montoya says

    It’s all great. I can always use another litter scoop since we have 7 litter boxes! I guess it would have to be the tote though, because it helps get the word out. =^..^=

  10. Carol A. Mathews says

    Everything!!!! But if I had my choice it would be the keychain/flashlight. The flashlight will help when locating one of my cats in the dark.

  11. Although I love everything, the tote bag is my favorite. it is universal, I can take it anywhere, and everyone can read the encouragement for adoption. I love my shelter cats.

  12. Nicole Gallarza says

    I really love the cat hat because what cat lover wouldn’t want cat ears of their own lol 😛 But all in all, it’s wonderful to help promote this cause of getting cats and kittens, that are currently in shelters, into loving forever homes <3

  13. Jennifer says

    I love everything, but if I have to choose one, it would be the tote because I have 5 shelter kitties and love each of them.

  14. Everything in the bag! All 5 of my cats were adopted 🙂

  15. davisesq212 says

    The bag! Everyone will know my two cats are adopted from a shelter when using this bag!!!

  16. I used to volunteer at the cat & dog shelter in W. Palm Beach and loved caring for the cats since I can’t have my own. Some cats especially black cats have it so tough getting adopted because people generally don’t like their color. I’d love the tote so I can promote the message wherever I go publicly for people to go and adopt shelter cats!

  17. Lisa D Acord says

    I would love to win this! The tote is perfect.
    BTW, I’ve been wanting to send my condolences over your loss of Gracey, but it’s been too painful for me. Tomorrow (6-26-2013) is the three-year anniversary of the loss of my dear Manx, Baxter. We lost him to kidney failure brought about by the negligence of his vet. He was 12-years-old and if I had another 12 years it wouldn’t be enough. I could go on, but there’s no need, as I know you understand. I’m happy that you adopted Annie and Eddie and that they will have such a wonderful, caring home. We now have six cats, but nothing fills the void of my baby in my life. Two of our cats are kittens though, and at least their antics keep us laughing. I wish you and your babies all the best.

  18. Josie Corichi says

    The cat hat!! Because you can never have too many of those! My cat puked on my old one…

  19. robin pedersen says

    The tote bag is my favorite. A nice place for kitty to play, a good bag to take to the store . Not only does it bring my groceries home but it tells the world that adoption is a good way to find a best friend.

  20. Allison Colony says

    I really like the keychain flashlight – it would be really helpful at night when needing to unlock the front door or the car door. I have a shelter kitty from the Siamese Cat Rescue Center – even though I didn’t get her from the SPCA she was still a shelter kitty who needed a forever home!

  21. I love the tote bag! I’m sure 1 of my 6 cats would love hiding in it also! 🙂 And the flashlite I could use to find them when they hide lol Oh and the black hat would match perfectly with my black cat Shadow!!!!

  22. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Oh, that hat is too cute.

  23. Tiffany Moore says

    I love the bag! Since I work in animal rescue and all of mine are special needs rescues I love having it on a bad so people know to adopt and not shop! Do you know how many bottle kitten supplies I could fit in that when carrying the babies around? Bottles, milk, toys, wet wipes, towel, and on and on and on….

  24. BarbaraT says

    I love the tote bag. I would use it to go shopping and bring awareness to others to adopt a shelter cat. It brings home a great message to adopt at a shelter. Plus I would be stylin while wearing that hat.

  25. Jenni Lamb says

    That tote bag looks like the perfect hiding spot for my playful kitty! 🙂

  26. the tote bag

  27. Danielle Ayrer says

    I love that hat!! It’s adorable and I could look like my black kitties. 😉

  28. Allison Rasa says

    I love the hat! I think I would look purrrrfectly adorable in it! Love all things cat! 🙂

  29. I love the bag! I’d take it shopping 🙂

  30. carol bletl says

    I love the hat, and of course the bag.