Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

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Our Message to Princess Gracey after 5 Weeks

Gracey Pets in TiarasIt is hard to believe it has been five weeks yet at the same time it seems longer. I looked outside from the sun room and every bird feeder was empty.  Not a morsel.  So I went out into the sunlight loaded down with seed, suet and peanuts and started making the rounds.  By the time I made it to the feeder hanging from a branch on one of the big pine trees, I already began to feel better.  The pine branches have really grown. I had to separate the branches to reach the feeder.  The smell is glorious and the needles on the new growth are soft as they brush past my cheek.  I smile thinking that your dad would be worried I was wearing my sandals and no hat.  I took a deep breath of pine air and  worked my way over to the big maple tree that holds the squirrel feeder and where Bossy Backyard Blue Jay prefers to pick up his peanuts.  I see the chipmunks burrows and carefully walk around the entrance.  Filling the feeder and looking up through the leaves of the maple I realize how important being outside is to me and even if it is only for just a few moments today, it helps.

I thought about the book by Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder.   Louv’s book is about how the replacement of open meadows, woods and wetlands by manicured lawns, golf courses and housing developments has led children away from the natural world. What little time they spend outside is on designer playgrounds or fenced yards and is structured, safe and isolating. These spaces offer little opportunity for exploration, imagination or contemplation. The author discusses the restorative qualities of nature and  recommends that we reacquaint ourselves with nature through hiking, fishing, bird-watching and disorganized, creative play.

That is how I spent my childhood.  Outdoors.  Swimming, playing in the backyard, walking barefoot for crying out loud, barefoot!  Drinking water from the hose in the backyard, laying in the grass looking at the clouds and not thinking  a few mosquito bites were going to make me ill.

I miss Africa.  The smells, the sky, the sound of the ring necked dove.

It was still daylight, so I finally got a few tomato plants into the container garden and a basil plant too of course.  This year I planted lavender.  I thought it would smell nice when the breeze blows into the sun room.

I almost forgot to tell you a few days ago a young red fox was in the yard. His front right leg was injured and he looked pretty thin.  He had his eye on three baby raccoons but they were too quick for him.  This fox came and sat outside the office door. I  worried because I was standing at the sliding door and he had to see me but he didn’t move.  He looked so tired.

I called a wildlife rehabilitation center but he limped off and we haven’t seen him since.

I picked up your water fountain, washed and dried it and put it in the cupboard. I washed your little rug where you liked to eat your food too.  A beautiful pastel drawing came in the mail from Jill at Pets In Tiaras.  The green is just perfect, just like your eyes.  Our little princess Gracey.

Your dad is recovering from his first kidney stone. It gave us quite a scare.  We are doing our best.

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  1. Sherri H says

    Joanne, your posts mean so much to me … sharing stories of Gracey and the love you all shared is a privilege, and you share those stories beautifully. And they touch me so much, especially now that my little Trixie is so ill with CRF. She’s hanging in there, and I am making every minute with her count. Her brother, Claude, is a little confused, but he is also benefiting from the tasty meals I am giving her! Still, here I am, tearing up again, as usual, for Gracey, for Trixie – but also I’m so happy to see the picture of that spunky little Annie! I’m sure Gracey had a paw in this. She’s watching over you and the new kids on the block. >^..^<

  2. I still miss the little Gracelet and I cry when I see that sweet little picture of her looking up at us. You guys take care; I’m glad you’re continuing this site in the sweet pea’s honor. Thank you.

  3. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    Bless you, Joane, for continuing on. And two new kittens!!!! What a wonderful way to remember Gracey!!! I have that key chain hanging on the front of my fridge. I look at Gracey every day.

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. What an uplifting post.

  5. Joanne that was such a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue B

  6. Thank you so much for taking us along on your healing journey. You posts so eloquently capture the loss, the healing, and most of all, the love felt for Gracey. Through your words, memories, photos, and love, she’ll live forever. {hugs}

  7. Joanne, We all miss Gracey too, and we send you lots of love. I also read Last Child in the Wood. It is so true. When I take my son to the park, many of the tweens and teens are looking at iPads!

  8. Hugs from Baylie, Smoki and me 🙂

  9. Robin Olson says

    Awww…HUGS! I know it’s tough to keep moving forward, but you honor Gracey every day. I hope the fox comes back and gets help, too. xoxoxo

  10. KittieDanger says

    I too cry still & grieve w/you for Gracey. She touched so many lives & will continue to do so, keeping her memory alive to help & love all creatures big & small.

  11. Beth Dickson Cunard says

    Joanne,I cry every time I read your letters to Gracey. They are so touching and heartfelt…I know what heartbreak you must be enduring.
    We miss Gracey so much!
    My prayers for your heart to heal but always have the memories of dear Gracey…

  12. I still miss little Gracey 🙁

  13. Amy Palmer says

    The tone of today’s post sounds much lighter. I hope your heart is beginning to heal. I’m glad that being outside felt so good for you. Which reminds me, I need to water Sebastian’s memorial garden this evening. *hugs*

    • Thank you for reading Amy. As you well know, the pain begins to transition to an ache that remains. Hugs to you and the memory of your sweet Sebastian.