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Global Tiger Day ONE Thing You Can Do to Save our Big Cats

Tigers Today on Global Tiger Day

Gracey's Promise to Tiger

Gracey’s Promise

The Tiger (Panthera tigris) is our world’s largest cat and is also the cat most threatened with extinction.  Just 100 years ago, there were as many as 100,000 wild tigers living in Asia but today fewer than 3,200 remain.

We have already lost three of the subspecies to extinction in the last 80 years; the Javan, last recorded in the 1970’s, the Caspian, lost in the 1950’s and the Bali lost in the 1930’s. Of the six remaining,  the South China subspecies is thought to be extinct in the wild. There have been no signs of this tigers in the wild over the last 10 years.  The Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, Siberian and Malayan are the only remaining   wild tigers and are fighting to survive in just 7% of their historic range. Tigers only live in 13 Asian countries now having gone extinct in 11 countries already.

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CritterZone Air Naturalizer Giveaway Farewell to the Smell!

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Miranda! Our winner of the CritterZone Air Naturalizer!

Say Farewell to the Smell!

In March when we returned from Global Pet Expo we talked about the amazing CritterZone Air Purifier. This compact, filter-less, chemical free air purifier is a must for all cat parents.
Now that we have tripled the potential for cat box odors we remain amazed at the power of the CritterZone.  We are so happy with ours, that in honor of The Tiniest Tiger’s Anniversary we are giving away a CritterZone Air Purifier to one member of The Tiniest Tiger’s community.  Gracey would have said Super Hurrah!!!  To read our original product review of the CritterZone with more details about this fabulous product Pounce here:  Cat Parents Save $10 on Amazing CritterZone Air Purifier



Do You Want One Now?  Here is How you can get $10 off the Retail Price!

Summer Blues Our Message to Gracey after 8 Weeks

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 We have the summer blues without you.

It is near the end of July and on this Sunday afternoon my heart broke all over again.  We were cleaning  the house and it was time to wash the Slankets.  It seemed like such a menial Bad Kitty tells kittens a storytask but when I picked them up I remembered how much you loved to snuggle on them and the wave of sorrow crashed over me. I hid in the office so your dad wouldn’t see me and I had a good cry.  Later when he saw me I told him that my red eyes were due to allergies.  He pursed his lips and nodded.

This first summer without you is also the first summer in four years that I am not heading out into the field.  I miss the adventure and learning at the Sea of Cortez,  in Kenya and in Namibia.  And to make matters worse, this is the first summer that the city didn’t open the swimming pool.  The best part of summer for me was being able to swim every morning. Fresh air, cool water and  a mile of meditation laps to start the day. But this summer, no field work, no swimming and worst of all no Gracey.

Annie and Eddie are both very sweet kittens and they sure have a lot of energy.  They make us laugh and force us to keep up with them and that is a good thing. We are so lucky that they rescued us.  Earlier today both kittens were in the office with me and they seemed to be fascinated with Bad Kitty.  I think he was telling them a story about you.

Maggie is trying to adjust to her new home but I get the feeling like me, she might think this is the worst summer ever.

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TipsyNip Tames the Kittens Tickle Gherkins Giveaway

The Tiniest Tiger Giveaway Winner Image

Super Hurrah and Congratulations to Wavie! Our winner of the TipsyNip Tickle Gherkins!

TipsyNip Organic Catnip Tames the Kittens

Annie and Eddie like all kittens are full of energy.  Eddie loves to play with toys and Annie loves to run and leap onto things.  When Paul and I are relaxing in the evening our view from the sofa is Maggie running from Annie towards the office and then Annie running from Maggie towards the bedroom.  Eddie joins in sometimes but for the most part is happy playing with his stuffed mice and his Tickle Tassell Ball.

Gracey loved her Tickle Pickle so much that I thought the kittens might like the new TipsyNip™ Tickle Gherkins.   Milia from TipsyNip™ Organic Catnip Products is so nice, she not only sent the Tickle Gherkins for Annie and Eddie but she sent a pair for us to giveaway to one member of The Tiniest Tiger community!  Here is what happened in our habitat when the Itty Bitty Tickle Pickles were presented to the kittens.

Annie and Eddie Ready to Rumble!

Eddie and Annie ready to rumble

Hey you two, settle down we have two Tickle Gherkins

Before I could get the second Tickle Gherkin out of the package, Annie and Eddie were getting ready to rumble. I had to hurry and show them we had two.

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New Cat In the Home Acclimating Maggie

Acclimating Maggie, Marie’s Cat into our Home

Maggie on her bench

Maggie on her bench and blanket from Marie’s hous

Maggie came into our lives after we lost our dear friend and neighbor Marie.  We had just adopted Annie and Eddie and were still trying to get two kittens adjusted to their new home when we brought Maggie home.  Maggie is only four years old so we hoped being around the kittens wouldn’t be too tough a transition.  But Maggie was used to living as an only cat and spending her time with Marie.  This was a big adjustment for her.

We brought the bench with the blanket that Maggie liked to sleep on beside Marie’s bed, a comforter that she liked to curl up on at the foot of the bed, her food and water bowl, her toys and the food she was used to eating.  We prepared our master bedroom for Maggie.  We placed her litter pan in the master bath and her bench in front of a window so she could watch the birds in the tree outside.

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Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

Tiger in the Taiga

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Vote For Gracey’s Conservation Cub Club for Best Blog Post

2013 Gracey and her Pettie Award


Thank you so much!

You did it! The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club is a finalist for Best Blog Post in the 2013 Petties.  We are proud to be a finalist for our blog post Since You’ve Been Gone  Our Message to Gracey.  This post is very important to me as we work through our grief from losing Gracey.

We have been honored  for the past four years, since the Petties began.  We were thrilled to win the Pettie for Best Blog Post in 2012 for our Cat Obituary, Farewell Eastern Cougar,   I wanted the post to be a voice for the big cats and the trouble they are having surviving in human dominated landscapes. Winning the Pettie helped amplify that voice.

In 2010 we were a finalist for Best Cause Related Blog,  in 2011 for Best Cat blog, in 2012 we won for best blog post and in 2013 we are a finalist for best blog post.

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Who Will Provide a Home for your Cat? Do You Have a Plan?

Who Will Provide a Home for your Cat?

Maggie in sun room

Marie’s Maggie in the sun room

Do you have a plan in place in case something happens and you are no longer able to provide for your cats?  We became Maggie’s godparents for Marie and we took that promise to heart.  Even though we had hoped Maggie and Marie would live many more years together it was not to be.  We had just adopted Annie and Eddie so adding Maggie presented a slight challenge but one that we were prepared to meet.

Years ago we also welcomed Hazel into our home when Ed was no longer able to stay in his home due to illness.  Hazel and Gracey never became best friends but they lived peacefully together until Hazel crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Currently we are godparents to Hobbes part of my sister Barbara’s family and  of course our Mercy, who is adored  by Paul’s mom.

One of the biggest worries I had was what would happen to Gracey if something happened to both Paul and I.  Gracey was a special needs cat requiring ProZinc injections twice daily, glucometer readings, and a special diet.  Paul and I didn’t even take trips together because one of us needed to stay close by home for Gracey.  This didn’t feel or seem like a burden to us because we loved her, but asking someone else to look after her seemed a burdensome thing to ask.  If something would have happened to us, Barbara would have taken care of Gracey.

Do You Have a Plan?

As we were moving Maggie into our home, I began to think once again about the importance of making a contingency plan for your family members.  I remember our friend Ingrid writing a post about this topic on her site  The Conscious Cat.   Ingrid details steps that you should take to plan for your cat just in case.  She points out that nobody wants to think about becoming ill, or dying but we owe it to our little loved ones to plan for their care just in case we can no longer remain in our homes.  Ingrid reminds us to  find one or two responsible  friends or relatives that you trust will keep their promise and legalize the arrangement.

There are a few other things you can do to ensure continued care for your cats in the event that something happens to you:

Carry a wallet alert card with contact information for your emergency care givers.
Make sure that emergency care givers know how to contact each other.
Post emergency contact notices inside your front door. Include favorite hiding places for your cats on this listing – depending on your cat’s temperament, he may be scared when a stranger enters your house.

You can find Ingrid’s post here: Who will care for your cat if you can’t?

You will have peace of mind knowing that you made arrangements for your loved ones.

Thank you for caring for all cats big and small.

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Welcome Maggie. Our Hearts Will Heal Together

Our Friend and Neighbor Marie

Our neighbor Marie was a wonderful person, so full of warmth and laughter.  She was always happy to see me and I was always happy to see her too. She had the kind of smile that warmed your heart the moment you saw her. You always felt better after chatting with Marie.  Years ago when I started up the bakery part of the business, she was the first to buy a loaf of English Muffin bread.  I have a photo somewhere, but that was before digital images.  Marie was super excited about The Tiniest Tiger.
She held the book close to her and said she would cherish her copy.  And I know she meant that too.

Marie and Maggie at the vet

Marie and Maggie waiting for the nail trim.

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