Global Tiger Day ONE Thing You Can Do to Save our Big Cats

Tigers Today on Global Tiger Day

Gracey's Promise to Tiger

Gracey’s Promise

The Tiger (Panthera tigris) is our world’s largest cat and is also the cat most threatened with extinction.  Just 100 years ago, there were as many as 100,000 wild tigers living in Asia but today fewer than 3,200 remain.

We have already lost three of the subspecies to extinction in the last 80 years; the Javan, last recorded in the 1970’s, the Caspian, lost in the 1950’s and the Bali lost in the 1930’s. Of the six remaining,  the South China subspecies is thought to be extinct in the wild. There have been no signs of this tigers in the wild over the last 10 years.  The Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, Siberian and Malayan are the only remaining   wild tigers and are fighting to survive in just 7% of their historic range. Tigers only live in 13 Asian countries now having gone extinct in 11 countries already.

4  Primary Threats to Tigers Survival

  • Wild tigers are hunted to meet  demands of the illegal wildlife trade market. Tiger parts are consumed for traditional medicinal purposes across Asia, with a heavy demand in China. The international illegal trade in wildlife products is estimated to be over $6 billion a year.
  • Not only are tigers hunted, but their wild prey, like deer and wild pigs, are overhunted by people.  A depleted prey base means that tigers will often attack livestock to feed themselves and their cubs, incresing human-tiger conflict.
  • Due to  increasing human population, humans and tigers are living in close proximity in many places across their range, which far too often results in human-tiger conflict situations. Wild tigers are  persecuted when humans take retaliatory measures to protect their livestock.
  • Tigers need intact habitat in order to survive but their habitat is increasingly  being destroyed or fragmented from agricultural developments, especially large monocultures like palm oil plantations.


Promise to Care!  The ONE thing you can do today to help save the tiger.

Annie's Promise to Tiger

Annie takes the pledge to care. Will you?

Gracey’s The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club cares for all cats, big and small.  We know that small paws united can make a big difference.  If one person cares about the future of the tiger and that person get’s just one more person to care, we can start to make a difference in our world and help save the tiger.

Gracey promised to help save her big cat cousins.  Annie has big paws to fill as she contemplates the responsibility of being a voice for all cats big and small.    Will you promise to care on Global Tiger Day?

Thank you for being a member of The Tiniest Tiger community.

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  1. Hokiebrat says

    I promise to continue to care about Tigers as well as other big cats. It greatly angers and saddens me to see the numbers of big cats in the wild continue to plummet as Asians continue to believe Tiger (and now Lion) bones cure everything from hair loss to impotence!! YES – I CARE!!!

  2. Today — and every day — I care about the survival of the tigers! It hurts my heart to see their numbers continually declining, and I hope that we can turn that around with all paws united. Thank you for all you do to raise awareness for the big kitties!

  3. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Yes! We will care on Global Tiger Day, as we do everyday for the Tigers. Tigers are pawsome. Our Momma has also been voting for *Since You’ve Been Gone Our Message to Gracey* each day. We are purrraying for your beautiful post to win for her.

  4. You got it! 🙂

  5. I promise to care! It’s so sad to hear about the tigers. I love tigers. They are so beautiful. I have been voting daily for you.

    Sue B