Cat Seeks Advice on How To Survive Living With Kittens

How Does a Cat Survive Living With Kittens?

Maggie St. Francis

Maggie is asking St. Francis to guide the kittens towards taking more naps.

Maggie is doing her best to acclimate. Some days are better than others for her as is to be expected.  A new home, mending her broken heart from losing Marie, new humans and kittens too is a lot of adjusting for any cat. She has made  progress since her days of hiding under the night stand and now Maggie keeps me company in the office. Right now she is curled up on the desk beside me helping me write.  I think if Maggie could speak, she might ask me, “How am I to survive living with those two kittens?”

Annie and Eddie have a lot of energy.  And Annie especially loves to chase after Maggie.  Maggie runs and then turns and hisses at Annie.  Then Maggie chases after Annie but I think that is exactly what Annie wants her to do.  When Maggie grows weary of the kitten games she hisses a little louder and gives a little growl signaling that play time is over. Annie is a smart little girl and she knows when to back off.


This Sunroom Might Not Be Big Enough For Three Of US

Maggie looking at Annie

Hey Annie. This is my sunshine.

Poor Maggie walks around the house like an undercover spy looking over her shoulder wondering if she is going to be pounced on.  Just when she finds some sunshine and begins to relax she glances over her shoulder to  find Annie stretched out in the same patch of sun.   Maggie sighs and relocates across the sunroom and lays down for an afternoon nap.

Is There No Peace?

Annie wants to play with Maggie

Hi Maggie! Want to play?

No rest for the weary  with kittens around. Maggie just drifted off to sleep when Annie peers over the table to see if Maggie wants to play.
Exasperated, Maggie ran into my office with Annie in chase. I bent down to console Maggie and told her. “Maggie, you are just going to have to ask Katie how she adjusted to living with Waffles.” And Maggie thought that was a good idea.

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow’s Guest Post and Giveaway!

Katie Thought Bubble Waffles

Katie and Waffles, the kitten that invaded her home

Cat to Cat Chat: Katie From Glogirly on Living with Waffles.

Tomorrow, Katie from Glogirly will advise Maggie on how to survive living with Annie and Eddie from her experience with Waffles.    The cats have put together a nice giveaway for two friends that might also be in need of some relaxation.
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  1. Don’t worry, Maggie. I’m here for you. And if all else fails, there’s always ebay.
    ; ) Katie

  2. Been voting for you. Oh we have our youngest who never knows when to give it a rest with the other cats. He has extra energy. LOL. Some days I just have step in between to stop him. Then he gives me that innocent look. He is 3 and still acts like a kitten. Sounds like Maggie lets them know when she’s had enough.
    Sue B