DIY Puzzle Feeders Help Bring Out TheTrue Nature of Cats

Help bring out your cats natural instinct as hunters

Annie Hunting PlatformOur Cat Power Tower has a hunting platform and it is quite popular with Annie and Eddie.  Annie especially likes to reach inside the platform and find the hidden toys and treats.  You see, it isn’t just about what you feed your cat, but how you feed your cat matters too.  Puzzle feeders are a great way to help bring out your cat’s natural instinct as a hunter.  This mental stimulation during feeding time will help keep your cat healthy and happy.

Our friends at Purina ONE  asked me to create a puzzle feeder from something that is commonly found  in the average home.  Puzzle feeders don’t have to be expensive and they can be simple to make too.  I looked around the house  for something  I thought I could use for an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) puzzle feeder.  Here is what I found.

Simple Egg Carton Puzzle Feeder

 Purina ONE  True Nature of Cats on the Road

Recently the Purina One team went to Maker Faire in New York, the “greatest show and tell on earth” to demonstrate how to enrich your cat’s feeding experience with DIY puzzle feeders.  My simple puzzle feeder was just one of many ideas.  Here is a short video from Maker Faire and how to make DIY cat toys.

How To Make DIY Cat Toys with Purina ONE at Maker Faire

You can find more ideas for puzzle feeders that you can make at home at   I think you and your cat will enjoy the experience and I am going to bet you are more crafty than me when it comes to creating a puzzle feeder.   If you would like to try making the mouse puzzle feeder you saw in the video you can get the template here;  DIY Mouse Puzzle Toy Template.


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  1. I never thought of making things like that. Some great ideas. The egg carton is so simple and it’s something I always have on hand.
    Sue B