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It seems almost every day something curious about cats pops up in the news.  I often find myself reading the cat news and wondering what you might think about some of the interesting new products, trends and ideas that surface on the internet.  So I decided to start a new column here  in our community where  we will post a couple of cat topics and then we can all weigh in with what we think about them.

At the end of each topic summary, I have included a poll that asks you to vote by selecting Purr, meaning you like this idea, Hiss, meaning you don’t like this idea. and Yawn, meaning you are indifferent; you neither like nor dislike the  idea.  Here is the first topic.

Wine for Catscat wine

B&H Lifes, a Japanese company, has begun to sell a wine made specifically for cats.  “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” is a non-alcoholic wine for cats made from Cabernet grape juice, catnip and vitamin C.  Nyan Nyan is the Japanese equivalent of Meow Meow.

Masahito Tsurumi, the chief executive of B&H Lifes said the cat wine was created in response to cat owner requests. “Cat owners were complaining there was no gift they could give their pets, while dogs could get sunglasses, raincoats, and boots.”

“Even though cats may not drink the wine, owners still want it for them,” Tsurumi said, admitting that cats  show little interest in liquids with unusual flavors. In fact, only one in ten cats were willing to taste the wine during the B&H Lifes taste testing.

Only 1,000 bottles of the wine for cats were produced and will hit supermarket shelves in the middle of November.  A 180 ml bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau will cost about 399 yen ($4.10) and is the newest product in a line of non-alcoholic beer, wine and sake already available for dogs.


Purr Therapy Available at Cat Cafe in Paris

Cafe des Chats located in Marais, a trendy part of Paris, is home to twelve cats who offer purr therapy to the customers who can’t keep pets in their tiny city apartments.  As many of you know, the vibrations from purring have been known to help relieve arthritis and rheumatism, lower blood pressure and your

Le chat du Café Rostand

Le chat du Café Rostand (Photo credit: Arria Belli)


The Cat Cafe offers coffee and croissant while the twelve cafe cats roam about providing comfort to the customers.  All twelve cats were strays that were adopted from rescue centers. The cafe owner said her top priority was the overall hygiene and welfare of the cats.  She chose them carefully to determine their social skills

Cafe des Chats officially opened its doors at the end of September and  is already so successful they’ve had to turn away several hundred customers.

Cat cafes already exist in Japan, for  residents who aren’t able to keep cats in their tiny apartment.


Cat News Tuesdays!

I hope you like our new idea for discussing cat news.  If you have a cat topic, product or concept you have read about, please feel free to message me and we can include it in our next Reader Opinion Poll on Cat News Tuesdays!

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  1. Wonderful idea as I had not heard of either of these.
    Sue B

  2. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    Think this is great! Get to learn about stuff we may have missed. Thanks for thinking of it.