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It seems almost every day something curious about cats pops up in the news.  I often find myself reading the cat news and wondering what you might think about some of the interesting new products, trends and ideas that surface on the internet.  So we started the Reader Opinion Poll  where  post a couple of cat topics and then we can all weigh in with what we think about them.

At the end of each topic summary, there is a poll that asks you to vote by selecting Purr, meaning you like this idea, Hiss, meaning you don’t like this idea. and Yawn, meaning you are indifferent; you neither like nor dislike the  idea.  Here is the first topic.

Brides Throwing Cats

The site’s about me section states:


original photo Bryan Aulick

(Bride-Bouquet+Cat)*Photoshop=Brides Throwing Cats.
The description goes on to say “It’s all a bit of fun, photoshopping cats in place of bouquets for brides to throw. No cats were harmed in the making of this tumblr and we certainly don’t encourage anyone to throw a cat ever, let alone on their wedding day. Still reading? Well one last time, seriously, this is fake.

The site the knot posted Brides Throwing Cats Is The Hottest Internet Meme Right Now.  The post on the knot begins with, “Before you call PETA, no cats were actually thrown by brides.”

So, we are super curious.  What do you think?

Cats Wearing Tights

Cats Wearing Tights is another new internet trend.  Meowfit of the Day on Tumblr gets the credit for starting this posting photos of cats wearing tights and typically a pair of stylish footwear.     Katja Wulff  and her boyfriend Dan, who live in Gothenburg in Sweden, claim they are a ‘crazy cat couple’ that like to take photos of their cats. The couple have three cats, Gucci, Iggy and Zappa, but only 16-year-old Gucci tolerates being dressed in the tights.

cats wearing tights

Courtesy Meowfit/Tumblr

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  1. I don’t care for either one. I agree the brides one is mean even though it fake and the other one is just weird to me.
    Sue B

  2. Ingrid King says

    The brides throwing cats meme infuriates me. When did this kind of thing become funny?

  3. Patricia Larrimore says

    Its mean and cruel.

  4. Christine Johnston Dutton Beeh says

    Hate it … crazy people don’t need encouragement, but they’ll take it from these photos 🙁 People need to spend their energy preventing animal abuse instead.

  5. Maria Kamieth says

    i hope the cats scratched them really good, they deserve itr, not funny or cute at all