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Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men is the Cat’s Meow!

Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men is the fragrance used to lure cats to remote cameras in the jungle.  Footage released by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) shows an African golden cat checking out a camera trap in a protected rainforest in Uganda.  WCS scientists say they drew the cat out with Obsession for Men, which is commonly used in the field.

Scientific American also reported on the Obsession phenomenon, claiming that biologists use the fragrance to attract jaguars in Nicaragua.  The cologne is said to contain civetone, which is from the scent glands of a nocturnal animal called civets. The civetone is what gives Obsession for Men its musky note, but the scent is similar to a territorial marking, piquing the jaguars’ curiosity and encouraging them to leave their own scent

The African Golden Cat is a secretive species thought to roam the tropical rain forests across equatorial Africa. Most scientists working in these jungles have never seen a live golden cat in the wild. Scientists with Panthera, a big cat conservation organization, recorded the first footage of the African Golden Cat in Gabon in 2011.

More camera traps with a splash of Obsession might lure more cats and these images could help scientists understand the species and address its conservation needs.  Already, the images have led to the discovery that African golden cats are active both night and day, not strictly nocturnal as previously thought.

Check out the African Golden Cat on the Stealth Cam


Do you think Obsession for Men could lure a cat into a carrier?


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  1. that’s crazy! only you would find this! Love it!

  2. That is pretty interesting. Love the video.
    Sue B