Win Hill’s Ideal Balance All Natural Treats! 20 Winners!

If you would like to try Hill’s Ideal Balance All Natural treats for your cat or dog, we have the perfect opportunity for you.  Twenty friends of The Tiniest Tiger will win a gift package of three treats sent directly to you from Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Ideal Balance Treat Giveaway

Twenty Friends Will Receive a Gift Package that includes the following:

Ideal Balance All Natural Treats for Cats!

3 packages of Ideal Balance Crunchy Naturals with Real Tuna.

Ideal Balance  All Natural Treats for Dogs

1 package of Oven-Baked Naturals with Chicken & Apples

1 package of Oven-Baked Naturals with Turkey & Cranberries

1 package of Soft-Baked Naturals with Beef & Sweet Potatoes

To Enter:

Enter your information in the contest widget below.  Make sure you specify if you would like cat or dog treats.  Leave a comment below telling us if you give your dog or cat treats, and how often.

The Rules:

This contest will end on November 30, 2013. Please one comment per person. All entries will be entered into The winners will be notified by email or through Facebook depending on the contact information you provide. Make sure you leave your first and last name in the contact widget for shipping purposes. Make sure you watch for an email from us. The subject line will say Hill’s All Natural Treats Winner.  Void where prohibited by law.

We have been compensated for this post. Hill’s Pet Nutrition is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. http://Shelley%20P says

    My cat and dogs get treats 1 -2 times a day.

  2. http://Annette%20Mayer says

    We give our cat treats 2 or 3 times each day.

  3. http://Darlene%20Carbajal says

    I give my dog treats everyday. 🙂

  4. http://Natalie%20yeoman says

    We give her treats more then once a day

  5. we love to treat our cats when ever possible.. but most after nail clippings..

  6. http://Cindy%20Loohoo says

    My kitties are getting tired of Greenies. I would like a new healthy treat alternative.

  7. http://Elines says

    I give my cats and dog treats pretty much everyday or a few times a week.

  8. http://Lisa%20F. says

    My cat’s pretty picky about treats, but my dogs get them all of the time.

  9. http://Jeanne%20Owens says

    Cinnamon always wants a treat after having been taken out for a walk

  10. http://Sarah%20Walker says

    I give my dog treats once a week.

  11. http://Nicole%20Nance says

    I use the ‘hide-and-seek’ treat method for my cats, a few times a week. Keeps them interested, and off the couch (for a while anyway).

  12. http://Marilyn%20Hamill says

    My boys get treats when I get home from work or when they come in the house for the night. They never let me forget.

  13. http://disqus_0S16OLSCOR says

    Yes, I give my puppy treats a couple of times a day.

  14. http://Danielle%20Murgia says

    I do give treats. Usually they get them (the cat and the dog) when we get back from a walk. It is usually in the middle of the day.

  15. http://OliviaRubin says

    I give my dog Zukes treats as a mid day snack and a few after dinner, and if I win, will be giving these to her bestie boyfriend for xmas.

  16. http://Theresa%20Spaid says

    Every morning Mushu waits for his treats and so do our dogs Kota and Shunta. Every night Sneaky Pie gets his little bit of canned cat food, he’s not a treat lover. They are my kids since I am a empty nester. It makes their day to get their treats!

  17. http://Lauren%20E. says

    We give her treats when she stays off the table, maybe 1 a night

  18. http://sandy%20weinstein says

    i give my 3 girls healthy treats, varies from cow ears, lambs ear, no gluten, no grain, healthy veggies, they get treats when i leave the house after house, and dinner they get a dental treat.

  19. http://francesmary says

    I give my 2 cats Henry & Nigel treats only occasionaly. Henry has food allergies and it’s hard to find treats that he can eat and that he likes (he is a very picky eater). Nigel, on the other hand, has yet to meet a food item that he doesn’t like & want to eat so I have to watch his weight.

  20. http://Sarah%20Marshall says

    My dogs get treats more often than they should! They are both convinced that they deserve a treat every time they come inside from going out to do their business and I struggle to tell them no! We do use small treats though.

  21. My Titan gets treats dialy. In the morning he gets a couple, this is part of my “off to work” return and be back” for him. Then right before bed he’ll get a teeny one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. http://katboxjanitor says

    Marbles gets a couple different kinds of treats each day. A few G-Zees for glucosaminechondroitin and a few of another kind of crunchy…generally poultry based.
    She has a lung tumor and has lost a lot of weight since summer, so we are managing discomfort and she can eat as much as she wants right now.

    If she is awarded the goodies, she would want me to donate the packages to the kitties at MEOW Cat Rescue….where we first met.

  23. http://Chris%20DuPont says

    I give my two kitties two treats a piece per day, no more. I am teaching them to sit on my lap during treat time.

  24. http://Shadow%20Dance%20Ranch%20Kittehs says

    We love treats! Some of us get them in the morning and some of us get them in the evening.

  25. http://Laura%20Davis says

    My cats usually get treats when we are sitting on the sofa in the evening.

  26. http://Denise%20Pechinsky says

    My cat’s get treats probably every half an hour. They love treats. I buy about 5 bags every 2 weeks. My cat’s can’t live without their treats!

  27. http://Kristen%20B. says

    I normally only give treats every 2 days. I make a point to not “treat” them every day as I am watching their weight.

  28. http://Lisa%20Cochran says

    Of course. My dog and cats get healthy treats everyday!

  29. http://MzKitty20 says

    My Kitties get treats about three to four times a week .they also get some as rewards like after I trim their nails , give them flea treatments or when I have to give them a pill.

  30. http://katsrus says

    My cats get treats about 3 times a week. They go nuts for treats. LOL. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  31. I feed my cats treats regularly especially my epileptic cat who gets one after she takes her meds.

  32. http://Cheryl says

    I don’t feed my babies treats b/c I don’t know how healthy they may be. I do trust Hill’s, I feed WD to my diabetic girl Tyke.

  33. http://Lisa%20D%20Acord says

    I would love to win treats for my half-dozen kitties! We have a nightly treat ritual, and everyone comes running to make sure they get theirs. I also sneak them a few after anything unpleasant, like when Maggie gets a nebulizer treatment, or after toenail trims, or trips to the vet.

  34. http://Patchycat says

    We ring what we call the “Pounce Bell” – all the dogs and cats are trained to come over when they hear the bell and get their treats!

  35. http://Milene%20Mittelhauser says

    The cats get treats when they let me trim their nails or brush them. Sometimes they want them so bad they almost stick their paws at me. LOL

  36. http://Kat%20Douma says

    I give the Twittens treats after doing something they don’t like , like flea treatment, or nail trimming. And sometimes when they give me that ‘look’!

  37. http://Julie says

    I give my cat treats everyday 😉 she asks politely

  38. http://Nicole%20Gallarza says

    I give my dog a treat about 1-2 times a day, depending on how good he is lol

  39. http://emily%20reynolds says

    i very rarely give our cats treats but when i do its just because

  40. http://Brenda says

    I have two cats and I give them treats when they are groomed like nail clipping and when they are training with the clicker.