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I really like this video, A Cat’s Guide to Taking Care of your Human because it portrays cats in a more authentic way as  affectionate, caring beings.  I think I can speak for most cat lovers when I say we are sick and tired of the  aloof,  unconcerned stereotype that keeps being echoed throughout the media.

Gracey would have said Super Hurrah to Purina for this video.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here is the video.

A Cat’s Guide to Taking Care of Your Human

Pretty great video, isn’t it?

Tidy Cats Coupon Giveaway

Tidy Cats Coupon

Now that we have Annie, Eddie and Mercy, we have more litter pans.  And let’s be honest, cleaning the litter pan is not one of anyone’s favorite things to do. So to help you out just a bit we are giving away 10 $5.00 coupons good on any of the Tidy Cats Litter.  Whether you would like to try the new Tidy Cats Lightweight or Pure Nature, these coupons will allow you to try them inexpensively.   And these coupons come compliments of The Tiniest Tiger with our logo.

To Enter:
Enter your information in the contest widget and leave a comment below telling us what one thing you would do to improve your cat litter.

The Rules:
This contest will end on January 3, 2014. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say Tidy Cats Coupon winner! Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. http://Cathy%20Keisha says

    I’d want the humans to clean it more.

  2. I need good odor control I live in a small space and it hard to keep the smell down

  3. http://kaligirl896 says

    I would love to have dustless cat litter with a better odor control.

  4. http://CandieL says

    I don’t like the immediate smell. Thank you

  5. http://Chris%20DuPont says

    I would love to try the lightweight. My back needs a break!!!

  6. http://Sheree says

    The odor

  7. http://Jennifer%20Reed says

    The one thing I would like to improve about my cat litter is for the lightweight litter to be a longer-lasting scent and the same price as the original.

  8. http://Alisha%20L. says

    I wish it had a better scent

  9. http://Richard%20Hicks says

    the dust…the dust….the dust!

  10. http://Raine%20Dawson says

    I am always trying to find the most dust free litter I can, two of my crew are prone to respiratory problems. We also like litters without heavy smells.

  11. http://lilshuga2001 says


  12. We wish the little pieces wouldn’t stay in our feet and go all over the house. Our human mommy sweeps around the litter box constantly, even though we have mats around it. She could be using that time to give us more chin scratches!

  13. http://Nikki says

    Reduced tracking…

  14. http://Sumer%20B says

    I would have it make less of a mess on the floor

  15. http://Billie-Renee%20Knight says

    I want the little grains to not stick to the pads of my feet and follow me out of the litter box!

  16. http://K%20Sheffield says

    Good odor control WITHOUT lots of perfumes that the cats DO NOT like would be great in a litter product!

  17. http://Christine says

    Include someone in the bag who will scoop for me twice a day 🙂

  18. http://Joy%20Q says

    The clump because sometimes it just falls apart.

  19. http://Joy%20Q says

    The clump because sometimes it just crumbles.

  20. http://Betty%20Curran says

    I would keep it from tracking. It seems like I have litter 3 or 4 feet away from the litter box.

  21. http://Laura says

    Well, if I can’t have the litter and additions just disappear altogether, I would still improve the dust free and less tracking qualities.

  22. http://Shannon says

    Less dust, better clumping

  23. http://Kyhere%20Here says

    Formulate it so the cats learn to scoop, sift, bag and discard of their own waste.

    you might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  24. http://Michelle%20C says

    I would like better odor control. And way less Dust.

  25. http://Donna%20Kellogg says

    Multi cat odor control needs improvement

  26. http://Nellie%20Curry says

    The odor…

  27. http://Sarah%20Walker says

    I would like less smell and more clumping.

  28. http://Janet%20T says

    The smell needs to be controlled better

  29. http://Sarah%20J%20Jackson says

    odor control and weight for sure , not just lugging it home but when emptying the box also can be heavy

  30. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    The weight. Sometimes I struggle with the large containers.

  31. http://tinareynolds says

    better odor control is the main improvement I want

  32. http://susansmoaks says

    i would like it to control the odor better

  33. http://samf36 says

    better order control and less dust would be nice.

  34. The stink! I have never found a litter that controls odor well

  35. http://kristy%20thiel says

    I’d love to control the odor!

  36. http://Paula%20Tavernie says

    I would like to improve the odor control!

  37. http://jules%20mcnubbin says

    i wish it would clump better and control odor

  38. http://channallocks says


  39. Would like litter that stays together when scooped and doesn’t smell too strong of perfume

  40. http://Samantha%20Daleo says

    I would love our cat litter to clump better. It makes it so much easier to clean!

  41. http://Sheila%20K. says

    I would like for there to be far less dust from the kitty litter!

  42. http://skynkatesmom says

    I would love better odor control!

  43. http://Jennifer says

    I would make it track less around the house.

  44. http://Gwennie says

    I’m pretty satisfied with my litter, but I like what another poster said earlier about making a more lightweight litter. It’s the litter by far that constitutes the heaviest part of my trash.

  45. http://Daniel%20M says

    keep the smell down

  46. http://Nicole%20Ann%20Newby says

    I have a toddler that is interested in the cat litter, so safety is an issue of mine.

  47. http://Nadine%20L says

    Make it self-cleaning? No, OK, how about more odor control

  48. http://Joni%20Dolniak says

    The odor needs improvement.

  49. http://joegersh says

    i would like to improve theodor

  50. http://Michelle%20Fosnaugh says

    I wish the scent lasted longer in my cat litter

  51. http://Katie says

    i’d like more odor control with less dust!

  52. http://Kimberly says

    I’d like it to clump better and be easier to scoop.

  53. http://Jennifer says

    The odor control

  54. http://Jessica says

    I would like it to clump better.

  55. http://debbie says

    I like the less dust.

  56. http://Jennifer%20Dunaway says

    I’d like it to go longer without smelling.

  57. http://Deborah%20Tabor says

    Odor control

  58. http://Dani says

    Less dust!

  59. http://shsc82 says

    So it doesn’t stick to the box.

  60. http://Kim%20Henrichs says

    Clumping!! Nothing makes me crazier than when it all falls apart.

  61. http://Amy%20Orvin says

    I ‘d like better odor control and less dust

  62. http://Megan says

    That is does not stick to the cats paw so she doesn’t carry it out of the box

  63. http://T%20Michelle%20Trump says

    odor control

  64. http://sksweeps says

    odor control could be better
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  65. http://mickeyfan says

    Ok, I have one cat that it seems NO litter can make the smell stop. I’d love to have a house that didn’t smell like cat poo! (and if there was a way to also keep it from being tracked all over the house, I’d be in total heaven)

  66. http://Annabellainla says

    I wish it had a stronger fragrance but not too strong
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  67. http://katboxjanitor says

    When the perfumey scent makes ME wince, I can only imagine how it strikes a cat’s more sensitive nose! I always pop the lid for several hours so it is less intense.

    Tracking runs a close 2nd to this issue.

  68. http://April%20Brenay says

    the smell, it can be horrible smelling

  69. http://Rhonda%20Petersen says

    too much dust

  70. http://Lauren%20Eggers says

    I want good odor control, but I dont want it to make my house smell like its filled with soap or laundry detergent

  71. http://hawkshoe says

    Better odor neutralization.

  72. http://cole says

    Let dust would be nice

  73. http://Sally says

    That is covers odor better and has no dust!!

  74. http://Crystal%20Ward says

    Definitely the scent! I’m allergic to a lot of scented products, so finding litter that doesn’t make me sneeze can be a challenge!

  75. http://Shannon%20Baas says

    wish it was less messy

  76. http://kristina says

    we don’t use tidy cat litter but I will donate to Cats r us (cat rescue), cant tracked around, lighter, sent free and dust free, they go though Lots of cat litter, they really can use these coupons

  77. http://sandy%20weinstein says

    i dont have cats, but i would like cat litter that cant be tracked around the house. i am entering to donate to safe haven cat rescue..

  78. http://alycep says

    The wet/used litter is so heavy and I have to carry it a ways to the communal garbage dumpsters. I need something lighter

  79. http://katsrus says

    Make it less messy on the floor when they come out of the litter box.
    Sue B

  80. http://Allison%20Colony says

    Since I live on the 3rd floor of my building, a lightweight litter is a must when I have to bring it in from my car – the coupon would really be a great thing. I hope it comes in a scent free version!

  81. http://Janet says

    I also, would improve the weight of the litter…always a great workout, with several cats 🙂

  82. http://Mags says

    with my five cats we go through ALOT OF litter.. sure could use this prize.. 🙂

  83. http://Patchycat says

    Love the odor control & clumping but would really, really love less dust!

  84. http://Eric%20McKnight says

    Definitely want a dust-free, lighter weight litter that is just as strong and absorbent as regular litter. I live in an apartment on the second floor and carrying the used litter to the dumpster when changing the box once a month is extremely heavy!

  85. http://RumpyDog! says

    What I hate is when the cats knock all the litter to back of the pan, then pee in the front of the pan. Then what little litter that’s there has to be scraped up. Is there an easier way to get that litter up from out of the pan?

  86. http://Alyson%20Amsterdam says

    I would like kitty litter that eliminates odor but isn’t too perfumey.

  87. http://Michelle%20S says

    I would definitely want reduced dust! I have to dust every single day, and I absolutely hate it!

  88. http://Lisa%20D%20Acord says

    I wish the dust could be better controlled. I have asthma and so does at least one of my cats (one diagnosed, one suspected but not yet diagnosed). The dust really makes cleaning up the litter areas difficult. However, we LOVE the lightweight litter in our house. Six cats and six litter boxes = a lot of litter!

  89. http://Danielle%20Murgia says

    I would improve the weight of my cat litter. It is a struggle to carry it up a spiral staircase when it weighs 40 lbs.

  90. http://Kimberly says

    I will donate the coupon to a friend who is a foster mom for our local rescue.

  91. http://Lj%20Baehr says

    We have five fur babies and boy would this help!! I love that it eliminates odors fast but would like the scent a little less bold!

  92. http://RubyMaeN says

    I would like cat litter that was not as heavy so I could lug more up the stairs.


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