Annie and Eddie Follow Gracey’s Paw Prints in the New Year

The new year has arrived and with it came a new responsibility for Eddie and me.  It is time for us to follow Gracey’s paw prints caring about all cats big and small.  Even though we are still kittens, we have grown a bit and learned a lot from Lazy Leopard and Bad Kitty.  They have been guiding us and with their help we feel we can begin. After all, small paws united can make a big difference.

I am going to let Eddie go first.

We want to tell you a story…

Eddie on green chair


 Eddie’s Story

Annie and I are super lucky to have been adopted.  I am especially grateful that Donna at Grayson County Humane Society decided to let the two of us share a crate.  I know our parents were planning to adopt Annie so I feel extra lucky that when they saw Donna’s video  they decided to adopt me too!  Over the last few months, we have been busy growing and playing but we have also been learning about Gracey and our big cat cousins.

Eddie listening to Lazy Leopard

Lazy Leopard telling Eddie about Gracey

Lazy Leopard has a lot of knowledge.  You might think he is just stuffed full of mischief but he is a great storyteller and  loves to tell us about Gracey.  You see, Gracey was Lazy Leopard’s best friend and she kept him company ever since he came to live with our parents too.  But Lazy Leopard told us a secret.  He told us that if we listen really close, we will be able to hear Gracey whisper to us.   You might wonder how Lazy Leopard can tell us these things because when you look at Lazy Leopard you see him like in the photo above.  So Annie and I decided to try and show you what we see when we look at Lazy Leopard.

Eddie and Leopard

Eddie with Lazy Leopard

Now you might understand what a great storyteller he is and why we love to visit with him in the sun room.  I asked him if this was how Gracey saw him too and he laughed and said, “Of course Eddie!”  Then he told us to always remember that amazing things can happen when you believe.

Annie on Green Chair


Annie’s Story

I already let you in on my secret that I hear Gracey whisper to me when I am sleeping or daydreaming in the sun room. And just like Lazy Leopard told us, amazing things happen when you believe.  Gracey had another best friend and I am sure you know him too.  Bad Kitty always seems to have the answers to help us out when we are confused. We think Bad Kitty likes to have us around  because his heart was broken when Gracey went away.

Annie and Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty telling Annie a story about Gracey

You might think that Bad Kitty is very strict and rigid and wonder why we like to visit with him so often when you look at him.  But just like Lazy Leopard, we see Bad Kitty in a different way than human eyes see him.

Annie and Cheetah

Annie and Bad Kitty

Now you can see that Bad Kitty is quite an animated story teller. He really puts his whole body into the tail tale.  We love to race into the office and ask Bad Kitty to tell us a story.  He told us that only one human came close to seeing him like we do, and that was the Federal Express Delivery Man.  Pounce here if you want to read that story.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us

Eddie and I can’t thank you enough for continuing on this journey with us.  Gracey is so proud and happy to know that you care about our cousins big and small.  I  want to tell you another secret.  When I looked outside tonight, this is what I saw. Do you see what I see?

New Year Tiger, Gracey and Annie

Lazy Leopard and Bad Kitty are right.  We simply have to listen when loved ones whisper in our ear and believe what is in our heart.

We wish you a Happy New Year and are so happy you are our friend.



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  1. Nice story! The photo is great you even got Annie and Eddie in the window!! Happy New Year!!

  2. katboxjanitor says:

    You two have clearly learned a lot from both Bad Kitty and Lazy Leopard.
    I hope you help your Mom and Dad have wonder-filled times during 2014 as you learn lots and share with us.

  3. Happy New Year. May 2014 bring many blessings to you.

    Sue B

  4. Oana for Marley says:

    Oh you guys! You made me tear up at the end!! Love you all soo much! Keep believing! <3

  5. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    a happee healthee N blessed 2014 two ewe eddie, annie, bad kitty & lazy leopard N yur food serviss peepulz az well !!!
    frum boomer, dai$y, tuna
    and gram paw dude N sauce two 🙂

  6. Melissa White says:

    Happy New Year to all of you from Serrawac, Pixie, Digit and Roger the Shrubber!

  7. Riley0100 says:

    Happy New Year Annie, Eddie, Bad Kitty and Lazy Leopard! We are looking forward to the wonderful things you will accomplish!