Relieving Pain in Pets by Dr. Robin Downing from #BetterwithPets

better with petsOne of the speakers during Purina’s Better with Pets Summit, 2013 was Dr. Robin Downing. Dr. Downing has devoted her career to studying pet pain. She discussed myths about pain and aging and what we can do to help our aging pets mature gracefully.
Dr. Downing’s talk really hit home for me. I couldn’t help but think about Gracey and hoping that I had done everything possible to help her remain pain free. We all have moments where we wonder if we did all we could for our loved ones.

Listen to Dr. Downing talk to us about how to prevent our pets from suffering. She reminds us that aging is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Dr. Robin Downing: Relieving Pain in Pets from Purina’s Better with Pets Summit


Purina’s Better with Pets Summit

Purina  has made Dr. Downing’s talk along with the other 15 inspiring speakers from the Better with Pets Summit. Purina’s Better with Pets Summit featured 16 dynamic presentations, live demonstrations and speeches from pet experts. Recognizing that pet owners are thinking about pets in new ways, and integrating them into their lives more closely than ever, the Better With Pets Summit tapped into a conversation that is already happening about the life-changing relationships pets and people have.

You can learn more about the Better with Pets Summit and watch all the presentations on The Purina Network on youtube. Better With Pets Summit 2013


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  1. She is a very good speaker. Was very interesting. Makes me want to ask more questions when I go to vet with my older cats. When Squeaky was with us I felt he had athritis and I kept asking about it. Was always wondering if things could be better for him.
    Sue B