Come on Spring Fling-ama-String Giveaway

 We Play Fling-ama-String While We Wait on Spring!

fling-ama-string in action

Eddie especially loves the Fling-ama-String toy.  He will play and play any time we turn the toy on for him.  This has been a great way for the cats to burn off some energy during these cold months when the sun room is off limits due to the freezing temperatures.

About The Fling-ama-String

The Fling-ama-String hangs on any standard door knob, is battery operated  and when is turned on  is an automated string-flinging machine.

One end of a long silky brightly colored cord is attached to a white, flat, elastic “conveyer belt” which is constantly rotating. The cord flings in and out for  non-stop pouncing action.  Cats can nip, paw, pounce, and ultimately stop the string, but as soon as they let go, the string automatically starts to rotate again and again and again! It’s like having a personal trainer for your cat. The fling-ama-string has 2 speeds for fast or slow flinging.

There is no assembly required and  the toy just takes 3 AA batteries (not included).

Award Winning Cat Toy!

  • Best New Cat Product (Global Pet Expo)
  • Editor’s Choice Award (Cat Fancy)
  • Product Excellence Award (Pet Age)
  • Best in Show Award (Global Pet Expo).

Fling-ama-String Giveaway sponsored by the ASPCA

Just in time for the holidays when we cat might get extra treats, and need to increase our exercise, our friends at the ASPCA  generously gave me  5 Fling-ama-Strings to giveaway to members of The Tiniest Tiger community!Can’t Wait? Purchase the Fling-ama-String and Support the ASPCA!

Support our friends at the ASPCA with your Fling-ama-String purchase.  40% of the purchase price goes toward supporting the ASPCA.  Pounce here to purchase the Fling-ama-String

The Fling-ama-String Giveaway

Two member of our The Tiniest Tiger Community will win a Fling-ama-String.  Because of the size and shipping this contest is open to residents of the USA only.  Sorry about that.

To Enter:
Enter your information in the contest widget and leave a comment below telling us which door you will put your fling-ama-string on to entertain your cats.

The Rules:
This contest will end on March 10, 2014. Please one comment per person. I will enter all names in to The winner will be notified by email or through facebook depending on the contact information you provide. If you connect through facebook, check your Other messages not just your main messages. Make sure you are watching for an email from us. The subject line will say fling-ama-string winner! Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. I’d like to put this on our bathroom door

  2. I would put it on my bathroom door

  3. susansmoaks says

    i would put this on our bedroom door

  4. tinareynolds says

    I would put it on my front door

  5. I would put it on the hall door

  6. Danielle Sweetie Hall says

    id put mine on the closet door

  7. KimberlyReid says

    I would put in on the living room door, thanks!

  8. This would end up on the bedroom door or the closet door

  9. Lisa D Acord says

    If I win, I’ll put it on the coat closet door.

  10. Crystal Morgan says

    I’ll send mine to my boyfriend so his new baby kitty has something fun to play with. 🙂

  11. Erica Carnes says

    Living room

  12. Debra Hall says

    i would put it in the living room that’s where most of there toys are

  13. Michelle says

    front door

  14. Paula Ball says

    I would put it on the bathroom door. I have a little homemade toy hanging there now, and my cats have grown bored with it. They need to get moving because lately their main concern is the food bowl and it’s starting to show.

  15. Mihaela Day says

    Mine would go on the laundry room door

  16. On the inside of the bedroom door… I’d have to take it down at night though.

  17. On our second bedroom door.

  18. amry still says

    I would put it on my back door.

  19. I would put it on the laundry room door. Thank you for another super giveaway opportunity and please continue with the terrific blogging.

  20. I’d hang it in the central doorway so that both my cats have plenty of room to run and jump.

  21. Linda Szymoniak says

    Well, my daughter just got a new kitten and he plays more than our two older cats (although he has my Maine Coon boy playing more than he has in a long time). So that they would have room to play, I’d likely put this on the door to our coat closet in the living room. There’s more open area around it than the front door. I know Arata would love it!

  22. Diane Therkildsen says

    my front door

  23. sandy weinstein says

    dont have cats, would donate to the safe haven cat rescue

  24. My cats are 9 and 11 and could use this toy to get more exercise as i can only fling the string so long. I would hang it on the bedroom door.

  25. Mary Jo Krause says

    That toy looks awesome. I hope we win, my cats will have great fun!!

  26. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says

    On the “Tigger” room door so he can bounce and pounce on it too!

  27. My cat would love this!! I would put it on the front door 🙂

  28. sarah oswald says

    I would put this on my front door, my cat would love this thanks for the chance to win it!

  29. Judie Cooper says

    Mine would go on the laundry room door. The cats love the room since that is not only where the food is but also the “warm perch” otherwise known as the drier.

  30. Patricia Byron says

    Front door – that is where Lucy sits waiting for me to return – as I go out the door she comes to see me off, when I open the door, she is there.

  31. I would have to put this on the front entrance door, as far as my cats are concerned that is the only door in the house.

  32. I would put this on my front door. My cats are love the front door cause they can hear the stray cats(that we feed) meowing at times.

  33. Bathroom door, for sure. My cat is obsessed with the bathroom door as it is! Lol

  34. jalapenomama says

    I’d put it on the outer bathroom door.
    The cats would love this!
    Thank you,.
    form name Barbara Montag

  35. The exercise room door 🙂

  36. Richard Hicks says

    I would put in on the door in our den

  37. elines acevedo says

    I would hang it on the back door by the kitchen.

  38. Connie KittyBlog says

    My foster kitten room..

  39. I would hang it on my office door. I think my cat would enjoy it.

  40. I would hang on front door. I think my kitty Tubby would love this toy. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  41. christinasinger says

    on the basement door because she loves to be close to us and that door is visible from the kitchen and the living room

  42. michele c. Hollow says

    I have one. I would donate it to a shelter.

  43. I would probably put it on the Utility Room door .

  44. Stephanie Jameson says

    I would probably put it on one of the many closet/cabinet/doors in our basement since they love being down here. It’s a finished basement so it’s like their “hangout.”

  45. Danielle Murgia says

    I would put it on the bathroom door in my house.

  46. Janet Collins says

    Probably the french doors that lead out to the deck…as they all hang around and watch birds there, this might encourage a little extra activity for them 😉

  47. I’d put it on the back door.

  48. Mt two girls would love this toy. They are so active and they tire me out!!

  49. I would either put it on the front door or, I have a door separating the kitchen from the living room, I might try it there.

  50. Inside our front door which is the center of our house. The kitty playroom is our whole front room so it would be perfect there! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  51. Melissa White says

    If I win I will put the Fling ama String on the door to the upstairs guest room, which is hardly ever used and the cats have taken over.