Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instinct. AiKiou Stimulo Giveaway

AiKiou Stimulo

Satisfy Your Cat’s Hunting Instinct

Your cat is hard-wired to hunt yet many cats living indoors might find themselves bored and that is when they get into mischief.  Cats need to explore, chase, pounce and prey to be happy.  One way to help satisfy your cat’s true nature is by introducing an interactive feeder.

The AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Feeder

The AiKiou Stimulo cat tube feeder has 9 different openings that are adjustable with different tube lengths.  This simulates a natural game for cats like searching for prey. The interactive feeder was designed to help your cat maintain a healthy activity level and slow down their ingestion which helps reduce vomiting.

This interactive feeder is easy to fill and is made of food grade plastic that is dishwasher safe.  The AiKiou Stimulo was redesigned this past year reducing energy for transport by 20%, plastic by 10% and cardboard by 17% making the new eco-design  better for the environment.

The AiKiou Stimulo was one of Gracey’s favorite play time activities.  I had video of Gracey playing with her interactive feeder that I hadn’t shared and thought why not put it together to demonstrate how the AiKiou Stimulo can bring out and satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct.

The Aikiou Stimulo Giveaway

We  are giving away one AiKiou Stimulo Interactive Feeder  to a member of our The Tiniest Tiger community.AiKiou Stimulo

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  1. Melanie Comello says

    We actually use a remote controlled toy that our cat chases all over the place lol.

  2. We have lots of play toys laying around for him. Thank you

  3. Stephanie Jameson says

    Aside from the facts that ALL cats AND dogs in our household love the lasers (we also use the mouse shaped one) we will also hide “mice” around the house covered in catnip. They love it.

  4. Its the Hunger Games in my home, 5 cats go in, 1 comes out, keeps her hunting instincts sharp.

  5. susansmoaks says

    i let the cats hunt in the yard.

  6. Janet Collins says

    Well, I use the laser lights, flash light, and toys I throw for them…Rerun flies into the air, and always makes a wild catch 🙂 I also play tag/hide and seek with them…I run, and duck behind a piece of furniture, as they come to find me 🙂 Lots of fun!

  7. I satisfy my cat’s hunting instinct by leaving lot’s of toys lying around for her to stalk. I also bring out her favorite toy which is a wand with dangling feathers and play for a bit each day making her chase it around and leap at it.

  8. I’m a bad pet parent, all I do to reinforce the hunting instinct is to throw treats and have them chase them. I know, I’m treating them like dogs. But they like it.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  9. Kathy Campany says

    I have always wanted something like this to keep my 9 rescue cats active throughout the day. This looks like a great design to make my kitties have fun while getting their treat. Thx for bringing out new products for the happiness & health of our pets

  10. I use the laser light and take it across the floor, then behind the cat to make it like he needs to chase something. 🙂

  11. Angela Carrigan says

    I hide treats in a drawer then close the drawer most of the way. The cats have learned to fish them out. I also bought them a toy with sound effects so it squeaks when played with.

  12. My cat loves his “da bird” wand toy! When we are done playing, he drags it all over the house with him and buries it under the rugs.

  13. Jeanne Owens says

    Shadow enjoys playing with his wand toys, especially the one with the long ribbon on it

  14. Karen Drake says

    I have a toy mouse on a string my cats love to “hunt”.

  15. our cat chases shoelaces when we drag them along the floor

  16. We have feather wand toys and a million of those furry little mice all over the house. I also found the small chirping bird and squirrel toys are a big hit, they go nuts stalking and “killing” those.

  17. Erica Carnes says

    We play with wand toys.

  18. My cat loves to hunt ice! Anytime anyone uses the ice dispenser he runs out and attacks any loose pieces.

  19. Heather Bigler says

    This feeder is a great idea to keep cats engaged in their meal times. It would keep my Whiskers stimulated in his advancing years. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  20. This looks really cool and I bet the cat would love going crazy with this.

  21. Collette Reece says

    I made an interactive feeder using empty plastic water bottles with cutouts and put my Tiger’s favorite treats in them and roll them all around the floor. He rolls them around and goes crazy trying to get his favorite treats.

  22. We tie a hookless feather lure on fishing line, toss and retrieve. The cats love it.

  23. I allow myself to be hunted, and encourage my kitten by trailing things behind me.

  24. tinareynolds says

    are crazy cat loves stuffed animals hiding and jumping from the corner strings you name it he is a ball of energy

  25. Eugenia Hall says

    We recently added the “red dot” to our arsenal of toys to keep our cat’s happy and hunting.

  26. stellacadente says

    We hide the catnip toys in a box. They either have to turn the box over, or open the flaps. My older cat can’t eat any dry treats, so we don’t sit them on the windowsill anymore.

  27. Usually a toy on a string, dragging it around a bit then letting it stop and then slowly creep so the cat thinks he has a chance to get it.

  28. My cat likes to hunt and play with a laser light she actually thinks she is hunting something.

  29. Linda Gabbard says

    ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)
    Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    We don’t have to do to much to get them to hunt. We live in the country surrounded by crop fields and in the fall when the crops are harvested we tend to get a few field mice in the house. We the cats hunt and capture and play with the mice until they are dead.

  30. Vicki Andrew says

    I have 2 pole type kitty toys that really get the kitties leaping

  31. We call it the cat fisher. It’s a mini-fishing pole w/”bait” at the end. The cats love this when we throw out our line for them to chase.

  32. My sister climbs on the floor and plays with her cat. I would like to win this for her.

  33. We have several different toys that we use. They really like the “feather on a stick” toy.

  34. I make different toys with cardboard boxes. I make a hole in the front that is big enough for the cat to get in, and then poke a hole in the back and thread pieces of twine or felt to the inside. I jerk it around while scratching on the back. They love it.

  35. We hide the toys of our feline overlords (Gandalf, Bansidhe, and Preston). We also toss toys for them to chase around. Every once in a while, one of us will put treats on a part of the fence they can reach from the ground.

  36. Raine Dawson says

    I use interactive wand and string toys, my girls love the red dot.

  37. Marilyn Hamill says

    I toss treats around and make the boys scramble for them.

  38. Jessica Whitehouse says

    Our cat and dogs chase each other around. We also play with the cat with ribbons and string. He loves to shred paper.

  39. My cats love to hunt each other and play with wand toys and feathers.

  40. I hide Shadow’s treats and she has to hunt and find them. She also loves playing with her toys and getting to jump, bat and catch them.

  41. April Brenay says

    My cat stalks our dog, she hides behind things and swats him in the butt as he goes by

  42. I make aluminum foil balls for her to bat around and chase.

  43. katboxjanitor says

    I tuck her favorite sparkle ball just out of sight or if she has brought it downstairs I will toss it up the stairs until she decides to pounce – in her old-lady pounce.

    I would like to give her something a little more sedate, since she has arthritis and a lung tumor.
    Plus, when the day does come…this would be a fantastic way to enrich the lives of a new pair of furry rescue friends. In honor of my dear rescue kitty.

  44. Shannon Baas says

    by throwing toys.

  45. Judie Cooper says

    We have a variety of toys for the cats to play with, depending on their preferred form of play. Two really get excited about the balls spinning around a circle, another loves hunting for the ball and another likes playing in boxes.

  46. My two girls have totally differently playing styles. The momma (3yr) loves this toy I got her that has a ball that spins around a big circle. In the center is a scratching post. The baby (going to be 3 on Feb 23rd) prefers to play fetch. I tie up plastic bags into balls (sometimes I fill them with treats) and toss them down the hallway. She brings them back, drops them by my feet, gives me a look that demands pettings for being a ‘good girl’ and I throw them again. =)

  47. Lauren Eggers says

    We try to bring out her instincts with feather toys, balls of different shapes & sizes, and crinkly papers

  48. Joe_in_Jersey says

    Balls. Different textures, sounds, and colors.

  49. Several of my gang hunt for the “blanket monster” every night at bedtime 😉

  50. Carolyn Schellhardt says

    Cali likes old empty toilet paper rolls!!!!! Go Figure!!!!!!

  51. sandy weinstein says

    have a stick toy with felt feather and catnip in the felt feathers

  52. PsychoChick966 says

    I use a shoelace, well, it’s actually from a hoody..but you get the idea. We call it the dangly. We put it under something but have it stick out so that as we pull it towards the object part of it is under, the rest will follow. The idea is to pull it slowly and stop often. The cat LOVES it. When it gets to the point it’s all under the object, the really digs in and tries to pry it out. It’s fun to watch her target, lock-on, stalk, then pounce!!! Then, she has to learn how to root her “prey” out of it’s hiding place. Works everytime. True dat, that a box always catches a cat. But it’s also true, that a cat can’t resist the call of the dangly. 😉

  53. Pat Thompson Dugan says

    I make a ball from aluminum foil (she likes the shine and sound) and toss it. She goes insane.

  54. Throwing crinkle ball and mice and the feather on a stick 🙂

  55. I have two very young, active rescue kitties who would love to give this a whirl!!!!

  56. Milene Mittelhauser says

    Paisley and I play with da bird almost every night.

  57. Rebecca Hendricks says

    I would love for our 5 cats to try this. Some of them are older and could use more play time.

  58. Danielle Murgia says

    We have this toy called “Da Bird” that is made out of pheasant feathers that both Sissy and Reese’s love to play with!