Cats Stalk the Clock Waiting to Spring Forward

Stalk the Clock

Stalk the Clock!  We Are About to Spring Forward

Daylight Savings time is about to end and that means we are going to spring forward and an hour is going to disappear.  Just go away, like it was never even here.  So we are stalking the clock to see if we can pounce on it and drag that hour back.  We cats don’t like change.  We just don’t. And this change in time might make us feel anxious.

You see, we might eat at what feels like a different time,  lights out at night will feel a little different and perhaps worst of all, we will lose an hour of sleep!  SLEEP!  This makes me feel nervous.  So I am going to watch this video by our friend Jackson Galaxy

Why Your Cat Goes Crazy During Daylight Savings Time

Well, I feel better now.  I hope this helps you and your cats adjust a little better too.

Now back to stalking the clock.  Just in case we see that hour take off.    Meow for now.   Annie

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  1. Love Jackson’s videos. We are still trying to get used to the time change at our house.
    Sue B