Safe For Cats! Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap

Tiny Timmy the cat

Our Friend, Tiny Timmy

Tiny Timmy’s Story

Friends of The Tiniest Tiger know  our friend  Tiny Timmy but just in case you are new to our community, we will share a little bit about him.  Timmy was rescued while he was having a severe reaction to a harmful flea & tick treatment.  He suffered neurological damage from his exposure to the toxic products.

Timmy’s first year was very difficult but with the love and care of his new parents, not only did Timmy survive, be began to thrive and love life.  He is a happy, playful and loved cat.  Timmy has accomplished many things that no one ever thought he would be able to do. He is now able to climb his tall scratching post, run and turn, and he can play and keep up with the other cats.

Timmy won Week 8 of the Bissell Most Valuable Pet Contest the same year that Gracey won the Bissell contest.  Back in the early days of facebook it was easier to keep up with all of our friends because we could see them in our news feed.  Now it takes more effort to keep up so I wanted to try to help spread the word about Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap.

Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap

Tiny Timmy's Dirty Flea SoapTiny Timmy had a dream to make a flea soap that was safe for cats. He wanted to make a flea soap that was non-toxic, non-GMO and sustainable.  He wanted the soap to be safe for use for cats, dogs and  people.  Tiny Timmy’s Healing Journey has been educating people about harmful flea and tick products and now is starting a company to sell non-toxic flea soap safe for cats, dogs, kids, adults and the planet.

Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap on IndieGoGo

Check out Timmy’s IndiGoGoCampaign here.

You can order your own Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap, protect your pets and help out a friend!

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  1. Everyone who owns a pet needs to know about this. It is so vitally important for the health and well-being of not only those pets, but also human family members. Sharing this!

  2. Thank you for posting this on behalf on TT. I know Claudia – we actually went to DC together and met with the EPA to have them improve labeling on existing over the counter remedies.

  3. Maria Appleby says

    Timmy’s flea soap is the BEST! We have used it and were so pleased with the results, and so appreciate that this soap is non-toxic and effective!

  4. =Ninja= says

    I sez we take da stores by storm & force em to take notice wif da PAWESOME safe alternative created by da peep & furriends of our dear TT!

    Innerwebs sensations like Gracie (& Homer & Vincent & Oliver, etc) is such purrific spokeskittehs dat Timmy (& Guido & Jimmy Jet & Blacky, etc) is purroud to continue CATvocating for our causes…we feel Dirty Flea Soap is very worthy & we thank you for halping spread da word about non-toxic alternatives to keep furbabies safe.

  5. Mandy Louise says

    I am definitely going to buy some of this soap. I lost a kitty once because of a dangerous dewormer, and am terrified to give them anything with chemicals!

    • TinyTimmy says

      Thomas Orange Ball!!! I have his pic in my folder. Such a sweet boy. Rip.

  6. Judy Simon says

    can you help us to help Timmy & his peep to get this soap campaign off the ground? Timmy didn’t have such good results this time on his kidneys, which is a direct result of the dangers of flea/tick meds & soaps before his peep rescued him….how many more have to suffer? Just a dollar? Please? Thank you!

    • TinyTimmy says

      Thanks Miss Judy!!! A $1 and a comment goes a long way to help us get higher in the browsing rankings!

  7. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says

    Thanks for sharing. Dirty Flea Soap sounds like a great change for using all those yucky chemicals.

    • Tiny Timmy says

      Hi Felissa – The yucky products won’t get off the shelves until more people have better options! Thanks for the kudos and for coming to The Tiniest Tiger’s online habitat! I hope you will come by our project on IndieGoGo and watch the video and leave a comment for us! ~ Tiny Timmy

  8. katboxjanitor says

    I ‘met’ Gracey through Tiny Timmy. What great spokescats for their causes.
    Dirty Flea Soap is an idea whose time has come.

    And ?Ifgv apparently it is bedtime for this human….before I am too beaten up by Marbles the grumpy tortie. If she would let me brush her, I would bathe her for anti-flea purposes…but alas…

    • Tiny Timmy says

      Good to see you!!! So glad you are now long time friends of Gracey now too! *headbonks*

  9. I think I missed hearing about this kitty. Glad he is doing better now. I used flea shampoo once(major name brand)and I had a kitty start to foam at the mouth many years ago. Luckily everything turned out alright but; I never used it again. Scared me. I don’t know why they sell bad products. Timmy’s soap sounds very good.
    Sue B

    • TinyTimmy says

      Timmy is going to be five this year! So sorry to hear about your kitty but glad to hear everything is okay.